7 Must-Try Thai Restaurants in Holland, MI | Best Thai Cuisine in Holland, MI

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Holland’s prominence in American culinary culture has grown in the last decade, as has its reputation as a hippy stopover.

Thai restaurants are among the most popular in Holland. With so many fine-dining Thai restaurants to select from, it might be difficult to narrow down your favorites.

I’ve done the legwork for you and prepared a list of seven restaurants in Holland, Michigan that provide the greatest Thai cuisine.

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The Finest Thai Cuisine in Holland, Michigan

Mekong Pho Restaurant

Holland, MI +16162988979143 Douglas Ave.

Pho Mekong Restaurant is a great spot for folks who want to test out new foods. The unusual environment alone is worth a visit.

It’s an excellent spot to experience Thai and Vietnamese food, and the chef is fantastic. Here you may have perfectly prepared pork spring rolls, Thai tofu, and cold pork roast.

This restaurant’s chef prepares delicious mango sticky rice, grilled pineapple, and ginger ice cream. Of course, it’s fantastic to order some tasty root beer or an excellent orange beer.

Among the beverages available at Pho Mekong are excellent jasmine milk tea, ginger tea, and soy coffee. If you want to enjoy the great meals at home, you may order dishes as takeout.

Asia’s Flavour

Holland, MI +16167963286520 Butternut Dr.

Taste of Asia, which serves Laotian and Thai specialities, will not disappoint. Dine here to enjoy traditional food at its best.

It may be difficult to decide what to eat since the menu has so many tasty options including crab soup, tomato basil soup, and chicken lemongrass.

If you’re still hungry after the dinner, try one of the various dessert options, such as watermelon salads, custard desserts, or sesame ice cream.

Get a beverage to go with your meal, and don’t forget to taste their coconut juice and soy coffee to get a sense of the culture!

Thai Rock N Roll

Holland, MI +161629887703006 W. Shore Dr.

Holland’s Rock N Thai restaurant is one of the city’s most popular and serves some of the greatest Thai cuisine in Holland. I believe it is a wonderful option for lunch or supper, and the menu is wide enough to keep most people entertained. That’s why it offers the greatest Thai cuisine in Holland, Michigan.

This restaurant has a range of Thai foods on its menu. The flavors of their crab soup, chicken lemongrass, and shrimp pad Thai will stay with you.

The Rock N Thai Café is well-known for its excellent service and pleasant personnel who are always eager to help. To get a good sense of Rock N Thai Café, try the grilled mango, ginger ice cream, watermelon salads, and grilled or raw mango.

A refreshing strawberry colada is the ideal accompaniment to a delicious supper. If you go here, be sure you get ginger tea, coconut juice, or jasmine milk tea.

Thai Lemongrass Sushi

+16163777440977 Holland, MI, Butternut Dr., Suite #3

Lemongrass Thai Sushi provides tasty and reasonably priced meals in addition to their famed house specialities and other client favorites.

They offer their dinners in a calm, pleasant atmosphere that you, your friends, and family will appreciate.

Whether you want to try something new or simply enjoy some old favorites, you’ll be blown away by their innovative dishes and excellent service.

On their menu, you may select a well cooked duck roll, spicy salmon, or steak wrap. Delicious foods include grilled pineapple, watermelon salad, and sticky rice.

Root beer, pia colada, and strawberry colada are popular drinks at this establishment. In addition, superb iced green tea and Thai iced tea are offered here.

Siri Thai Cuisine

Holland, MI +16163925990301 N. River Ave.

Sri Thai Restaurant is the place to go for delicious meals. There is something for everyone, including vegetarians and vegans, and they can cater to special events and gatherings.

Siri Thai Restaurant serves authentic Thai food. Whether you prefer Thai chicken, crab rangoon, shrimp pad see ew, or drunken noodles, this is the place to go.

Sri Thai Kitchen’s aim is to provide traditional Thai cuisine to Holland and the neighboring regions of Michigan, allowing you to sample the amazing flavor of Thailand without leaving the nation.

Panera Bread Company

W. Shore Dr., Holland, MI +161673824003067

Panera Bread’s menu features a variety of cuisines, healthful foods, and comfort food. The workers, who are quite kind here, have a big effect on the mood of hospitality at this establishment. You’ll also like the affordable pricing given here.

Take a break at this café and taste their Thai Chicken Soup, chicken salads, and various bread soups. You will also like their bagels.

This restaurant is well-known for its meal delivery service. Their fantastic team works hard, keeps happy, and contributes to the success of their establishment. Enjoy!


W. Shore Dr., Holland, MI +161673896873435

Zoup is a fantastic restaurant known for its excellent quick cuisine. The restaurant has a welcoming environment and delicious meals. These are some of the reasons why it offers the greatest Thai cuisine in Holland, Michigan.

They serve delectable Sweet Thai Chicken that will leave you speechless! Don’t miss out on the lobster bisque, chicken sandwiches, and hot sandwiches.

After a hard day at work, a nice cup of tea may be relished. Restaurants like this one provide a welcoming ambiance that makes you feel at ease and welcome.

The Best Thai Food in Holland, Michigan

I hope you’ve noticed that there are many excellent Thai eateries in the Holland region!

Despite the fact that many Thai restaurants in Holland provide the same cuisine, the minor things count.

Therefore, whether you’re looking for exquisite dining or a wonderful lunch from one of Holland’s top food trucks, this list has a number of possibilities for you. Have a good time!

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