7 Must-Try Universal CityWalk Restaurants | Top CityWalk Restaurants in Orlando, FL

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Are you interested in Citywalk’s best eateries, given the abundance of options?

While visiting Universal Orlando, one of the most important considerations is where you dine. Universal Orlando’s Citywalk cafes are a complete dream, and there are lots of wonderful locations to dine.

Although each establishment has its own unique style, from fine dining to all-you-can-eat buffets, there are a few tried-and-true favorites you should try on your next vacation to Orlando.

Here’s a list of all the best restaurants in Citywalk, along with suggestions on what to order from their most popular menu items and desserts!

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7 Universal CityWalk Restaurants You Must Try

Bakery Red Oven Pizza

Universal Boulevard

This is one of the top Universal Citywalk restaurants for a fantastic pizza pie, cooked fresh to order, baked hot and quick at 900F, salads (Arugula, caprese, or traditional Caesar), soft drinks (Coke products), beer, wine, or iced tea.

Prosciutto and arugula, Bianca, pesto, fennel sausage, rapini, roasted chicken, and Margherita are among the white pizza options.

Cheese, bigeye pepperoni, alla benno, mushroom, and Italian meat are among the toppings of their red pizzas.

The Margherita on a gluten-free crust, with my variation of a half and half iced tea, half sweet and half unsweet, is the ideal lunch for me in the middle of the day, sheltered from the scorching sun.

I’ve discovered that the finest waiters pour them in from two distinct pitchers, rather of placing half on the bottom and half on the top, which never blends as well. They’ve got it down to a science.

Cowfish Sushi & Burger Bar

Universal Boulevard

Whether you’re ready for a longer break, fusion speciality rolls, or Bento boxes, the Cowfish offers a menu to suit everyone.

Begin with crab Rangoon dip, tuna and avocado-tini, edamame (always a favorite), blackened tuna nachos, crispy calamari TNT (tubes and tentacles), crispy Brussels sprouts, spicy togarashi shrimp, Big ALS yellowtail, parmesan bacon truffle fries, crinkle cut fried pickles, spicy poke dip, or sesame chicken bites.

The panko-crusted sesame chicken bits are roasted in a sweet and sour sauce and served over a bed of pickled kale slaw sprinkled with sesame seeds. Excellent, and maybe the only reason this is one of the top Universal Citywalk eateries.

Salad options include Chinese chicken salad, seared sesame tuna salad, and a Goat In The Garden salad. The Chinese chicken salad is my second favorite dish here since it features grilled all-natural chicken, mixed greens, just the perfect amount of cilantro, green onion, peanuts, red bell pepper, Mandarin oranges, snow peas, crispy wonton strips, and a peanut ranch vinaigrette.

If you like something heartier, go for a burger. All are created with a half-pound of Creekstone Farm black Angus beef and seasoned fries, but you may replace seaweed salad, sweet and spicy Thai cucumbers, edamame, sweet potato fries, bacon coleslaw, or grilled veggies for a little extra. The burgers contributed to this restaurant’s inclusion on the list of the top Universal Citywalk eateries.

When I last went, they had 17 burgers or sandwiches to choose from. You may wish to pick the Cowfish has officially left the building, depending on your hunger. On a brioche bun, there’s a full-pound beef burger with creamy peanut butter, fried bananas, and applewood bacon.

If you’re not quite that hungry, they suggest going for a single hunka love, which has just a half-pound of beef in it.

There are eight typical makimono options, ranging from a California roll to a hot crunchy roll or rainbow roll. Check out the golden dragon roll, coconut shrimp, sushi Mayo, and scallions wrapped in sushi rice in a soy paper wrap, among the eleven fusion speciality rolls.

Served with eel, avocado, Sriracha, yuzu citrus tobiko, sesame seeds, and eel sauce, I believe theyve ensured ample sriracha supply, despite the nationwide scarcity.

With three sushi combinations, whether you want California rolls, sashimi, Nigiri, or spicy tuna rolls, you’re sure to discover the appropriate combination for you.

I prefer their adult Bento boxes since the combination meal contains a burger and sushi, offering families with that sort of taste a nice variety. These also come with my favorite edamame. If youre feeling daring, try their burgushithe Cowfishs burger and sushi combination. I’ll be honest: I’m not that fearless. Yet!

There is a sushi bar with sashimi and nigiri choices, as well as rolls and picks with bison, black Angus steak, avocado cream cheese, lobster and cucumbers, seared rare black and yellowfin tuna, or pulled pork. The High Class Hillbilly and the Whats Shakin Tuna Bacon sandwich are two of my favorite titles on the menu.

Choose one of the kids Bento boxes for the small ones. Serve with two sides of carrots, apples, oranges, edamame, or house season fries. The options are genuinely kid-friendly, including Dragon Bitez, Ninja Nuggets, Gorilla Cheez, and a PB&J sushi roll with no fish.

It’s just peanut butter and jelly wrapped on white bread and chopped into bite-sized pieces. Mac & cheese, Cowfish mini burgers, a California roll, tempura shrimp roll, and vegetarian roll are all available.

It’s entertaining to sit upstairs at this restaurant, looking over the river at Islands of Adventure to our left and Universal Studios to our right, and simply watching the folks go by.

Vivo Italian Restaurant

Universal Boulevard

The Vivo offers two levels of seats and a vast cuisine. It’s cool in both temperature and mood, and it’s a favorite hangout throughout the day, as well as one of the greatest Universal Citywalk eateries.

You can’t help but desire pizza the moment you walk in the door. They have Quattro Formaggio, Margherita, and Italian meat pizzas on the menu, as well as others on request.

Pasta options include a genuinely excellent chicken Fettuccine Alfredo with peas, linguine, and clams served in a white wine sauce, squid ink seafood, pasta Primavera, ravioli, a vegan sausage pasta, Eggplant Alla Norma, and a lobster ravioli with wild mushrooms in a Brandy saffron sauce.

Perhaps a Panzanella salad with arugula and kale as an appetizer or a lighter dinner on the go, tortellini in chicken broth, a traditional caprese salad, a classic Caesar salad, minestrone soup, or black truffle burrata. If you like artichokes, I prefer the latter.

The chicken fettuccine Alfredo is my favorite dish here. I always like learning more about the servers. Most of the people I’ve met have spent their whole lives in this area of Orlando.

You’ll pass Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville, which has an old aircraft that is now the Lone Palm Airport, if you proceed to the left, towards Islands of Adventure. Visit Big Fire, Fat Tuesday, Pat OBriens, and Bob Marleys as well.

Traditional Mexican Cuisine Antojitos

Universal Boulevard

You won’t want to overlook this hidden treasure amid the Universal Citywalk eateries. It’s a popular stop for families, thanks to the enormous catching sign on the building, the funky Volkswagen van parked out front, and the bathrooms to the left.

I didn’t mind that there was only one seat at the bar when I eventually dropped by.

My bartender, Michael, was incredibly attentive and swiftly took my order and gave recommendations. As the people swarmed to this bustling environment restaurant, I saw him and his coworkers keeping beverages flowing, taking orders, and washing glasses.

A tableside guacamole, nachos, queso fundido, shrimp tostada, tamales, taquitos Jaliscos, esquites, and shrimp Fritos are among their aperitivos. Here is where I got my taquitos, crispy corn tortillas with chicken tinga and four little buns with salsa, lettuce, cheese, sour cream, and guacamole.

Tortilla soup, Caesar salad, and Taco salad are among their soups and salads. If you want a fiery supper, get the chicken, beef, veggie, or combination fajitas.

Similarly, their street-style tacos come with cilantro rice and refried beans, as well as your choice of protein: chicken, grilled nopales, pork, carne asada, or braised beef.

Their enchiladas come in vegetarian, rancher (pork), and mole varieties.

The house dishes include guisado, chilaquiles verdes, chimichanga, pescado a la Yucatan, mar y tierra, burrito, trio (which contains enchiladas verde, pork tamale, chili relleno, black beans, and cilantro rice), quesadillas, chili relleno, and a Cabo Taco. It’s no surprise that this eatery made the list of Universal Citywalk eateries.

Request the day’s sweets from your waitress, and I hope you’re as fortunate as I was. Tres leches, seasonal flan, fruit pico de gallo, fried ice cream, and Mexican chocolate mousse were all mentioned by Michael. It was difficult to choose between the moose and the fried ice cream, but I decided with my personal favorite, the fried ice cream.

They make it differently than I have previously, with almond granola-crusted vanilla ice cream instead of the traditional corn flakes. On the side, there’s melted chocolate and a churro half stick. It’s definitely one of the tastiest garnishes.

Hot Dog Hall of Fame is a great place to visit.

While we observed many people enjoying their hot dogs, and the map of the United States (The United States of Hot Dog) is amusing to examine while waiting in line. If you enjoy vegan wieners, be sure to order them well done. Otherwise, it’s mushy and, from a vegan standpoint, not palatable.

Returning to Universal Studios, you’ll come across a plethora of eateries. One of the best picture locations is in front of the Voodoo Donuts pink sculpture. You’ll discover new and old favorites equally if you travel up the stairs to the right. Burger King and Panda Express are two old favorites.

Handmade Sandwiches at The Bread Box

Universal Boulevard

If you want a fresh deli melt, this is one among the top Universal Citywalk eateries. Their restaurant is modern, and their service is efficient. You can go in and out fast, or you can rest at one of the few tables inside, or you may sit on the stairs if you don’t want to obstruct traffic.

A Patty Melt, hot vegan, grilled ham and cheese, barbecue brisket, New York-style pastrami, steak and cheese melt, or hot turkey are among the options.

If you want a cold sandwich, choose the deli fresh BLTA (the A stands for avocado), tomato and mozzarella, Italian, chicken salad, turkey, tuna salad, or Buffalo chicken. I’ve been craving BLTs recently, and although I love avocado, the BLTA and chicken salad are my current faves.

Brew NBC Sports Grill

Universal Boulevard

This is one of the top Universal Citywalk eateries to be in if you want to be in a pub with outstanding TV coverage during the big game. They’ll keep you nourished with their starting lineup.

Crispy chicken sliders, loaded chili nachos, artichoke and spinach dip, chicken lettuce wraps with shiitake mushrooms, Wisconsin fried cheese bites, Cajun fried deviled eggs, Hawaiian barbecue brisket quesadilla, Margherita flatbread, large warm soft pretzels, and crispy calamari are some of the menu items. When we have the opportunity, we prefer to begin with the crispy calamari and soft pretzel.

To continue the sports metaphor, their Caesar salad is delicious with grilled chicken or fish, and their grilled steak wedge comes with a four-ounce rib eye and a romaine wedge with blue cheese crumble. Smoked chicken Cobb, grilled citrus chicken, and chopped BBQ grilled chicken with smoked gouda are all available. Burgers are required at all Universal Citywalk eateries, and NBC offers the greatest.

The bases-loaded beef burgers are a calorie-busting, stomach-filling solution. All beef burgers are cooked with a half-pound of Creekstone Farms premium black Angus meat and come with your choice of French fries or tater tots.

There are vegetarian variations, but I recommend sticking with the NBC staple without cheese. Tater tots are my preferred alternative. They also offer a smokehouse stack that comprises a beef burger, smoked brisket and smoked pig, Wagyu beef, a Beyond burger with puffed smoked jackfruit (my daughter’s favorite), an 8-ounce lamb burger, charro or turkey burger.

If you like wings, they’ll tell you about their championship-winning wings. I like that they provide both bone-in and boneless options. Orange blossom sriracha, garlic parmesan, barbeque, Buffalo, Nashville Hot, and sweet and spicy bourbon are among the six flavors available. For the bone-in wings, they are either conventionally fried or fire-grilled.

Grab it sandwiches come with French fries or tater tots and are ready for your football game. The French dip is my favorite, but their smoked beef brisket is very tasty. I don’t often get smoked gouda or horseradish, but it’s still delicious. Its char-grilled chicken and smoked pork are also quite popular.

I prefer their fish tacos, grilled cod, and flour tortillas with grilled pineapple salsa and mayonnaise on game day. I don’t mind the avocado, but I do request that the beans and rice be held (I hate wasting food, and youre not going to find any homeless people to feed in this area with your takeaway box). Service is unquestionably a bonus, which is why it made the list of the finest Universal Citywalk restaurants.

They serve ribs or a rib and biscuit combo, cedar plank North Atlantic salmon, which is also my favorite, 10-ounce New York strip, Bang Bang chickena Thai dish with flavors of curry, peanut chili, and coconuta tomato goat cheese chicken option, grilled vegetable pasta, smoked half chicken or smoked pulled pork, or smokehouse Angus beef brisket.

Get the chicken pot pie or the Buffalo baked Mac & cheese for some genuine home comfort, particularly if your team is losing.

They name their dessert area Final Play, but I think it should be dubbed Overtime since I’m usually overstuffed if I don’t start with it. Strawberry cheesecake, hot fudge brownie sundae, and my personal favorite, apple crumble, are all available. Their menu is simple to understand and clearly differentiates between vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free selections.

The servers are often youthful and athletic, as youd expect given the establishment’s name, and are more than willing to talk sports with you.

Bridge the lake to view the Hard Rock Cafe (make appointments in advance and expect to wait an hour for your meal during dinner service) and the ever-popular Chocolate Factory.

The Savory Feast Restaurant and the Toothsome Chocolate Emporium

Universal Boulevard

Most visitors seldom make it beyond the first portion, which has dessert delicacies to the left and take-away baked items (try the macarons!). Go straight down the central hallway to uncover more delicious meals.

Warm chocolate almond bread with salted caramel butter, crab and artichoke dip, truffle fries, Philly cheese steak rolls, avocado bruschetta, pork belly sliders, baked Brie en croute, totchosfried tater tots with spicy green chiliclassic Mediterranean hummus, kettle chip nachos, roasted Brussels sprouts, fried zucchini, coffee and chocolate stout chicken wings, or potato croquette are among the appetizers available.

I like their potato croquettes, albeit I’m not a great fan of the truffle oil. The vegetable succotash, like the roasted garlic aioli, lightens the fried pork belly.

Salad options include Waldorf chicken salad, Sedona BBQ chicken salad, Caesar salad, and superfood salad. two thumbs up Nisswa is their take on the French classic, with citrus-crusted tuna, fingerling potatoes, olives, eggs, asparagus, red onion, and tomatoes in a citrus vinaigrette. French onion soup is frequently served with gruyere cheese. It’s a hidden treasure among the Universal Citywalk eateries.

When it comes to flatbreads, you’ll usually find a half-dozen options here, ranging from BBQ chicken, four cheese, or a traditional Margherita, to pepperoni, short rib, or even forest mushroom. They do an excellent job, as always, of clarifying whether goods are gluten-free, vegan, or vegetarian.

Do you want a sandwich? Try the Red Rubin, Croque Monsieur, southern fried chicken BLT (even without the mustard aioli), fork and knife grilled rib-eye steak sandwich, veggie press, chicken Cordon Bleu, tuna melt Madame (with or without a sunny side up egg), or chicken Caprese sandwich. A multitude of alternatives at one of Universal Citywalk’s greatest eateries.

Choose from any of their six burgers crafted with 100% fresh Angus beef, with current flavors including teriyaki, cheddar bacon, Tour De France, Blue Plate, Pub It Up, or May Contain Bacon.

Their pasta is well-known for its fettuccine Alfredo, but they also serve gnocchi, shrimp macaroni and cheese, veggie pasta, and wild mushroom chicken risotto. It is one of the few Universal Citywalk restaurants that provides this caliber of food.

It’s probably not a good idea to try one of their entrees before a rollercoaster, but if you’re leaving the parks, you might be able to eat the sizable portions served with their chicken Bercy, grilled teriyaki salmon, braised short rib, brisket, and wild mushroom meatloaf, cocoa pork tenderloin, or chicken bourguignon.

Their steak selections include a toothsome trademark beef filet mignon, a 6-ounce filet from which I request that they retain the sherry mushroom cream but double up on the Yukon gold mashed potatoes, pearl onions, and grilled asparagus, which I request that they dry-fry before adding the shallot jam.

Their grilled 10-ounce New York strip steak comes with Lyonnaise potatoes and grilled asparagus, and they also serve their famous flounder amandine with French green beans and Lyonnaise potatoes.

This is one of the few Universal Citywalk restaurants that serves a significant breakfast, featuring options like as waffles, French toast, quiche, and crepes.

Keep in mind that if you book the Universal VIP access tour, assuming it is a semi-private tour, you will enjoy breakfast at the Café la Bamba at Universal Studios. If you book a private tour, you will have breakfast and lunch at Café la Bamba, as well as supper at one of the Universal Citywalk restaurants.

Overview of the Top Universal Citywalk Restaurants

Whatever you decide, prepare ahead of time and, if feasible, book reservations. While Universal CityWalk is often crowded, it is best to avoid making last-minute judgments.

Universal CityWalk is a fantastic spot to dine. There are plenty of alternatives for friends, dates, family, and others on the walking streets. Therefore, whether you’re looking for quick food, fine dining, or anything in between, you’ll find it here.

Universal is believed to be the only destination where you can bring the whole family for an inexpensive vacation and have everyone have a good time, so make a point of visiting Universal CityWalk and trying out each of these eateries while you’re there.

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