8 Amazing Tulsa Things to Do | Top Tulsa Things to Do

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If you want to achieve amazing things, the fascinating city of Tulsa in Oklahoma, USA, is the place to be. Tulsa offers something for everyone, and the city includes attractions for people of all ages.

Oklahoma is an excellent pick for your next vacation since it is inexpensive and filled with exciting things to do instead of simply sitting around wondering what to do.

Dig deeper into this one-of-a-kind metropolis! Tulsa, one of the world’s most intriguing cities, is thriving because to the oil sector. A trip to this Oklahoma treasure would be well worth your time.

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Tulsa’s Top 8 Things To Do

Performing Arts Center of Tulsa

+ 1 918-596-712210 E 2nd St

Their magnificent edifice is a sight to see, with works of art that take influence from the Statue of Liberty and the Manhattan skyline. It has four theaters, an art gallery, and a studio, each with its own distinct experience.

Whether you’re there to witness music, dancing, a musical, or a comedy performance, the amazing architecture and cutting-edge projection technology will leave you dumbfounded.

It is a world-class arena in its own right. It has been named one of the top 25 music halls in the United States, including blockbuster concerts and Broadway roadshows. With equal flair, this 5,000-seat venue holds small opera, symphony, and dance performances. If you get the chance to see a show here, take advantage of it.

The Tulsa Performing Arts Center, which houses the Tulsa Ballet, the Tulsa Symphony Orchestra, and the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame, is definitely worth a visit.

The Aquarium of Oklahoma

300 Aquarium Dr, Jenks, OK 74037, USA +1 918-296-3474

The award-winning Oklahoma Aquarium attracts visitors from all around the globe. They hold every kind of marine life from throughout the world, with a focus on the Oklahoma region.

It’s simple to see how lovely and varied the undersea world can be when you visit the Oklahoma Aquarium. This aquarium encompasses an amazing 72,000 square feet and is home to over 1,000 different species and 35 habitats. From joyful sea lions to fragile coral reefs, there are hundreds of species to awe you.

Guests may get up up and personal with sharks, nurse sharks, stingrays, and a variety of other fish species, as well as participate in interactive educational displays. This shark adventure experience has the world’s biggest indoor bull shark display and a fully immersion setting.

Oklahoma Jazz Museum and Hall of Fame

5 S Boston Ave.

The Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame is a museum, library, and fine music venue dedicated to Oklahoma’s outstanding musicians. Every Thursday through Sunday, the facility provides live performances by national and local artists, as well as exhibitions on various musical forms.

This is a fantastic chance to hear local musicians perform in a live concert where everyone can enjoy their work. If you’re seeking for fun things to do in Tulsa, why not listen to some good music?

This museum features exhibitions, performances, a lecture series, and other activities. While in the vicinity, the Birthplace of Tulsa Headquarters Museum is a must-see.

In Tulsa, you may understand exactly how essential Oklahoma was to the genres growth. The Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame is a fun place to visit. There’s even a cafĂ© where you can listen to live music while sipping coffee and eating dessert.

Whether you’re a jazz connoisseur or new to the genre, the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame is a terrific place to start learning about America’s most recognized art form. Sam Phillips, Carl Perkins, and B.B. King were all found in Tulsa, which was an important element of the city’s contribution to the development of jazz.

Gilcrease Museum

400 N Gilcrease Museum Road +1 918-596-2700

The Gilcrease Museum is the biggest of its type in the state of Oklahoma. The Gilcrease is an intriguing site to find art, with galleries brimming with treasures. This remarkable museum consists of three different buildings, each with its own individual collection and architecture.

A visit to the Gilcrease Museum will introduce you to the world of art. This Tulsa museum has an impressive collection of western American art.

Its extensive collection includes paintings, sculptures, sketches, and other works from from the nineteenth century to modern works. It also has an amazing collection of Native American art.

Tulsa has a lot to offer, and the Gilcrease Museum is one of the greatest. This museum has about a quarter-million historical items and is known as a hub for American art.

The museum isn’t simply about the United States after the Brits left, or even just about North America. Pieces from pre-colonial periods, dating back to twelve thousand B.C., as well as ones from South America, may be found here.

The Tulsa Zoo

E 36th St N, 918-669-66006421

This zoo was founded in 1920 and received accreditation from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) in 1980. The Tulsa Zoo is well-known for its contributions to animal care and conservation.

The Tulsa Zoo is an 85-acre (34-hectare) zoo in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The purpose of the zoo is to save species, educate people, and encourage responsible management of the natural environment.

The Tulsa Zoo is the region’s finest zoo, with numerous African and Asian species on display. The Tulsa Zoo’s collection includes over 1,000 mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians, as well as over 1,500 rare or endangered species.

Museum of the Air and Space

N 74th E Ave, 918-834-99003624

The Tulsa Air and Space Museum has a number of hands-on, interactive displays. The museum, which is located in the center of downtown Tulsa, contains various aircraft, including the Spartan Executive Model 12, the Bell 47-K Helicopter, and the Rockwell Ranger 2000. Visitors may also have a look at the Space Shuttle Endeavor, which is on exhibit outside the museum.

There’s a lot to see and do at the Tulsa Air and Space Museum! Several amazing tales have been told about aviators and astronauts, including their spacesuits, rockets, and radios.

There are also flying simulators, robotics, and even miniature aircraft! The museum is on Woodland Hills Blvd., just across from Tulsa International Airport.

The TASM (Tulsa Air and Space Museum) includes a broad range of displays. Science exhibitions, math projects, and an art gallery are available. This museum has a lot to offer as you go around the hallways.

For a day excursion, I definitely suggest it. You may observe historic airplanes up close and enjoy the museum’s vibrant atmosphere.

Philbrook Art Museum

918-748-53002727 South Rockford Rd

For art connoisseurs, the Philbrook Museum of Art is a must-see. This museum displays works of art displaying features of the African desert throughout the building and grounds, including beautiful mosaics depicting animals and humans.

One of Tulsa’s most gorgeous and exquisite museums also happens to be one of the city’s most historic. Waite and Carrie Phillips created the Philbrook Museum of Art in 1933 to preserve the family collection together through hard times.

Since 1939, this museum has been a center for education and learning, and the permanent collection chronicles the narrative of global civilizations. Exhibits from China, Nubia, and Egypt, to mention a few, are available to visitors.

Sherwin Miller Jewish Art Museum

Tulsa, 2021 E 71st St, +1 918-492-1818

A memorial commemorating the Holocaust is located in the heart of downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma. The Kaiser Holocaust Monument serves as a somber warning to never allow genocide to occur again. The memorial has thousands of miniature bronze feet, one for each child slain in the Holocaust.

The Tulsa Jewish Museum welcomes you to a world of history and culture. The Tulsa Jewish Museum is a facility full of things to do in Tulsa, from exhibits that commemorate Jewish American experiences to themed movie evenings and cultural festivals.

To summarize the things to do in Tulsa,

When you visit Tulsa, you will find a city rich with art deco architecture, an underground arts culture, and cuisine and drink that rivals the coast.

Tulsa is a lively city recognized for busy urban areas, outstanding restaurants, an unsurpassed appreciation of the arts, and a collection of art deco architecture unparalleled in the country, with its cosmopolitan charms and Southern friendliness.

Participate in the performing arts at Tulsa’s famous venues and learn about the city’s strong cultural history. Your toes are in the home of Western Swing as the sights and sounds of Tulsa entice you into beautiful city tours.

Tulsa is a forward-thinking and innovative city that nevertheless has a strong sense of history and legacy. If you are flying, the view will be much greater since the airport was rated one of North America’s top ten best-run airports.

Tulsans are polite and inviting, and they like meeting new people and sharing their culture with tourists. Tulsa, Oklahoma’s biggest city, is just 90 minutes away, making it an ideal weekend escape (also home to Barry Manilow).

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