8 Florence AL Restaurants You Must Try | Best Places to Dine in Florence, Alabama

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Alabama is known as the “Heart of Dixie” because of its rich agricultural diversity, with products available all year. There is always a crop ready to be picked, from herbs, nuts, and sweet potatoes in January to citrus, persimmons, and squash in December. It comes to reason that superb cuisine can be found at every turn at Florence AL restaurants.

Florence, Alabama is located in the state’s northwest region, near the Tennessee River. It is home to the University of North Alabama, the state’s oldest college. Here is where you’ll discover a lovely Italian fountain as well as the George H. Carroll Lion Habitat. Indeed, there is a genuine lion that acts as the campus mascot.

This city of little over 39,000 people boasts a plethora of fantastic attractions. See the cabin where W.C. Handy, the Father of the Blues, was born, or the Rosenbaum House, Alabama’s sole Frank Lloyd Wright-designed home. The Indian Mound and Museum, as well as Popes Tavern, are rich in history and have very experienced interpreters who are eager to answer any of your concerns.

Photo opportunities, boutiques, murals, and other attractions abound in historic downtown Florence. Wilson Park on Tuscaloosa Street has a beautiful fountain and a big picnic space, as well as a variety of musical performances. The Kennedy-Douglass Center for the Arts is nearby. There are lively exhibitions, events, and seminars here, as well as a gift store and outdoor art.

You will undoubtedly build up an appetite after experiencing the various historical and cultural treasures. Make your way to Court Street to explore Florence’s gastronomic center. Each of my top eight destinations is virtually flawless in its own unique manner.

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The Top 8 Florence AL Restaurants


764-222-5311 N. Court Street

FloBama, founded in 2011 by brothers Bart and Drew Davis, has been described as a BBQ joint, a pool hall, a music venue, and the loudest and most entertaining area in Florence. It’s everything of that and more. This is a large establishment with a large concept of Eat-Listen-Enjoy.

FloBama was created to be a smoke-free, family-friendly environment that extends beyond music and cuisine. The range of live music is certainly a regular surprise. The hickory-smoked barbecue, wings, wraps, salads, and potato skins are the mainstays of the cuisine. All meats and sides are also available in take-home containers big enough to feed the whole family.

There are plenty of chilled draft beers, bar specials, and dessert deals. Monday through Saturday, they open at 11 a.m. and close between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. The group Outlaw Apostles delivered such an incredible version of Keep on Rockin’ Me, Baby the night I was there that I now find myself humming it and appreciating the moment. FloBama is the place to go for a rocking good night of Florence, Alabama cuisine and excitement!

YUMM Thai Sushi and More Dishes

N. Court Street (256) 349-2074117 N. Court Street

Proprietor Paul Visuthikosol is originally from Thailand and has partnered up with Chef Mark Jaquette to open Florence, Alabama’s first genuine Thai and sushi restaurant. YUMM is a refined, delectable, and reasonably priced option for a wonderful supper.

The owner suggests the clay pot steamed mussels, while the chef prefers the green curry dishes. I highly recommend the salmon craving sushi roll. It is a visual as well as a gustatory delight. Fresh salmon, crab stick, avocado, cucumber, eel sauce, wasabi aioli, and siracha mix to create some wonderful and fantastic meals.

Simple and sophisticated elements like black linen napkins, white plates, and stunning zhezhi artwork elevate YUMM above many other possibilities. This is the place to go for a quick lunch or a sophisticated dining experience that focuses on the cuisine and includes pricey beverages.


256-349-5219120 N. Court St.

When owner Celeste Pillow teamed up with Chef Josh Quick, the resultant Odette restaurant offered farm-focused eating in a modern and friendly setting. The ambience and cuisine are both excellent, as is the selection of bourbons and well picked wines.

Odette, according to Chef Quick, is a genuine labor of love in which he trains his workers how to prepare fresh in-house things such as potato buns and sauces. The cuisine is southern with foreign influences and changes seasonally to include responsibly produced local meats, fruit, and grains.

My fish meal came with sweet peas, baby carrots, black-eyed pea falafel, mint butter, and a dash of zhoug and harissa yogurt. The strawberry-rhubarb cobbler was followed by an almond-oat crumble and caramelized honey ice cream.

Breakfast was a disaster.

N. Court Street (256) 415-8545315 N. Court Street

So a well-known area chef opens a breakfast joint and hangs a 1946 Cessna aircraft fuselage on the wall for no apparent reason. It should give you an idea of what to expect from this eccentric eatery. The decor and meals are popular among the locals. I have a strong feeling you will as well.

You may have traditional breakfast foods or ones with a distinct New Orleans flavor. What about a Creole omelet and a cold brew with chicory coffee? Maybe you want French toast with Andouille sausage on the side.

When owner John Currence is attending to other businesses or busy producing articles and recipes, manager Rena Smith is in charge. Locals and travelers alike often line up at the door when she opens at 7 a.m. They all like the complete tastes, which results in full bellies and contented grins.

The Boiler House

N. Court Street (256) 693-0074313 N. Court Street

What would be a memorable night out in an unusual setting? Let me recommend an ancient boiler room that has been converted into a cozy tavern replete with a four-lane bowling alley.

The Boiler Room, situated in the basement of the Stricklin building, has a variety of games. It is open from 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday and serves delicious beverages and snacks. Several residents love loaded fries and chicken tenders while playing darts or skeeball. Maybe a shrimp po boy and a skillet cookie would be preferable than shuffleboard or foosball.

Several comedians, singers, and composers have gotten their start here. The Boiler Room offers a wide range of entertainment, beer deals, and no admission charge. You are cordially welcome to attend and explore classic games and new sounds, as well as food and entertainment. That might be the finest place to unwind and be yourself.

Ricatonis Italian Restaurant

N. Court Street (256) 718-1002107 N. Court Street

Rick Elliott launched Ricatonis in 1996, and many Florentine residents claim it has the greatest Italian cuisine ever. They seem to be fans of his alter ego Ricatoni Boom Boom Valentino, who appears in strange and ridiculous TV advertisements and unusual, eccentric promos.

The custom-made Italian brick pizza oven is maybe part of the allure. Maybe it’s the mood of the cushioned booths next to the stunning brick walls. They provide catering and custom-ordered pizza, but no bookings are accepted. Hours of operation are known to change, so it’s best to contact ahead to make sure.

Ricatonis provides all of the basic pasta meals as well as a variety of sandwiches. Their veal marsala is delicious, especially when accompanied with Tagliarini Piace Pellerossa. If you want to try something else than cannoli or tiramisu for dessert, consider the sogno di cioccolata or Italian cheesecake. In this great Italian restaurant in Florence, Alabama, each option is a good one.

Mexican Cantina Rosies

N. Court Street (256) 767-5599302 N. Court Street

No, not all Mexican eateries are the same. Some, like Rosies, are great for simple tacos for lunch. Just wait till dark in Florence and simply take in the sights. The biggest crowds in town are gathered at the intersection of E. Tombigbee and N. Court, eager to enter Rosies Mexican Cantina.

When I inquired why, elderly residents informed me about the fish tacos. The college kids informed me about the combination platters and margaritas. Tourists informed me that Rosies had a wonderful reputation and delicious photographs on social media.

They were all OK. The mahi-mahi fish tacos are excellent and visually appealing, with purple cabbage and red onions on top. The renowned Mambo Taxi margarita, frozen and blended with Yago Sangria, oh my! Rosies is a fantastic Mexican cantina.


256-764-1503316 N. Court St.

Trowbridges is often described using words like classic, vintage, nostalgic, lunch counter, soda fountain, and ice cream. As you step beneath the green awning and through the front door, you are transported to a happier time and place.

Trowbridges, which opened in 1918 and is famed for its orange-pineapple ice cream, is a reasonably priced piece of history that will delight hungry people of all ages. A visit to Florence, Alabama would be incomplete without a stop at this lovely eatery and a snack or three.

Try the egg and olive with lettuce for a savory sandwich. If you want something sweeter, opt for the banana and peanut butter. This famous spot is very attractive and is available Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

So there you have it: your list of the top eight restaurants in Florence, AL. Good luck!

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