8 Greatest Things To Do In Ludington MI | Ludington Michigan Fun Things To Do

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Ludington is a traditional port town on Lake Michigan’s eastern side, bordered by the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.

It provides guests with a relaxed, laid-back way to spend their summer vacation. Ludington is nestled between two state forests (Manistee and Pere Marquette), and has miles of sandy beaches.

Apart from biking, jogging, or strolling along Lake Michigan’s coastlines, visitors may fish, paddle, or kayak from public docks and beaches, swim in the summer, or ice skate in the winter at the Pere Marquette Park Ice Arena.

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The Top 8 Things to Do in Ludington, Michigan

Climb the Big Sable Point Lighthouse.

N Lighthouse +123184574175611 N Lighthouse

On the western edge of the Lower Peninsula, the Big Sable Point Lighthouse marks the entry to Lake Michigan. A two-mile stroll through the woods leads to the lighthouse from Ludington State Park.

The tower is somewhat shorter than its counterparts on Lake Michigan, but the view from the top of the dunes to Lakes Michigan and Huron is well worth the trek.

The lighthouse is open from dawn to sunset. Visitors may spend the remainder of the day seeing historical museums, fishing, shopping, or picnicking at Ludington State Park.

Participate in the Community Beach Bonfire

Your Michigan vacation does not have to be costly. Whether you’re planning a day trip from Grand Rapids or spending the weekend in Ludington, you’ll find plenty of free beach bonfire performances and other activities in the region. While you plan your trip, keep in mind that there are many free activities in the region that will help you to not only save money but also have a great time on your holiday.

You may purchase wood from the city and build your own fire (or stop by early and find wood already collected). Afterwards, snuggle into a beach chair in front of the fire and listen to live music. Or, join in on the singing with other attendees and musicians.

Sandcastles Children’s Museum

Ludington, MI 49431 +12312339326129 E Ludington Ave

Sandcastles Childrens Museum was founded in 2006 as a one-room summer sampling museum. It has evolved into a wonderful environment with several opportunities to study and play. Around 20,000 visiting youngsters each year attest to its popularity.

Several concerned parents and groups make frequent contributions to keep the museum’s operations running. Several seminars focusing on the development of children’s talents, creativity, and abilities are organized by the most experienced specialists and volunteers.

Stop Motion Animation, Remotely Controlled Underwater Vehicles, Mud Painting, Campfire Stories, Puppet Performance, and many more exciting activities are available for youngsters to enjoy.

There were several stations for activities such as pretend play, dress-up, and handicraft, but the little pizzeria, Play-Doh table, and grocery store were perhaps the most popular with children.

Pay a visit to the historic White Pine Village.

Ludington, MI 49431 231-843-48081687 S Lakeshore Dr

A visit to the Old White Pine Village would be an excellent way to spend a full day for history buffs. It is set on 13 acres with a view of Lake Michigan and has 30 museums with Mason County antiquities and historical objects.

You’ll start your trip at the Visitor Center, which has souvenirs, art exhibitions, and a gallery of local artists, as well as information on the region’s history and culture. The grounds include more than 30 historic houses and museums, which display artifacts such as turn-of-the-century domestic goods.

The Entrance Building is the only one that charges admission, however many other museums are free to visit. From early May through late October, the hours of operation are Mondays through Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Sundays from 12:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Maritime Museum of the Port of Ludington

+12318434808 Maritime Museum of the Port of Ludington

This Ludington museum allows visitors to go back in time and not only learn about, but also experience, the city’s maritime heritage. The museum, housed in a former United States Coast Guard Station that is now a designated historic structure, unravels all kinds of information in an engaging method.

The scale model diorama of the Elberta railyard is one of the primary attractions, followed by a 110-foot panoramic painting of Pere Marquette Lake from the 1800s and a life-size diorama of Ludington Port as it looked in the early twentieth century.

I traveled around the harbor, saw the lighthouse, and then stopped at the Coast Guard station to look around and learn about the history of this unique area with several waterfronts when I visited the Ludington Port Maritime Museum.

It was thrilling to discover this place since it is a window into the past, teaching us everything about maritime history from an ancient train diorama (Elberta) to a 110-foot panoramic painting of Pere Marquette Lake in the 1800s; you get to dig back into Ludington’s past.

Wilderness of Nordhouse Dunes

W Nurnberg Rd Free Soil +180082162636496

The Nordhouse Dunes Wilderness is a one-of-a-kind terrain resembling a little desert or beach coast. Its dunes and oak, pine, and cedar trees all add to the place’s awe-inspiring ambience.

Despite having over 3,500 acres of land, the dunes nevertheless dominate the visual environment. This is because vegetation prefers to form clusters or bunches rather than spreading uniformly over the wilderness.

It’s a terrific area to relax while simultaneously participating in a variety of outdoor activities. Nordhouse Dunes Wilderness is the world’s biggest body of freshwater dunes. This wilderness region, which contains huge woodlands and a four-mile length of Lake Michigan coastline, provides unique and breathtaking vistas.

You’re going to love the view from the beach!

Visit the National Father Marquette Monument.

Blvd Dr. +19066438620592

The plaque bears homage to Jacques Marquette, a 17th-century French priest, missionary, and adventurer. He was the first European to travel and document the northern Mississippi River Valley, and he brought French culture to North American Native Indians. Father Marquette National Monument has a rich history that depicts the creation of a new civilization in northern Michigan.

Father Marquette National Museum picture {image}

The history of this monument is what originally attracted me in. Father Jacques Marquette was a Jesuit missionary who arrived in New France in 1666 and was directed by the tribes of Miami, Ottawa, and Ojibwe. His legacy means a lot to Lydon County, which is why it’s a pity that so few people know about him.

Brewery Company of Jamesport

S James St +12318452522410 S James St

If you want to try the greatest beer in town, go to the Jamesport Brewing Company. The brewery has been located in the basement of the building since 1864. The James Taylor Family was the original owner, and it all started with a simple trade of horse grain for bread and beer. From those modest beginnings, it has evolved into the first microbrewery in Northwest Michigan and one of the state’s oldest.

The Jamesport Brewing Company now offers a restaurant and bar where you may eat and drink.

You may also see and learn how brewers create the most popular beers preferred by locals. You can also see brewers like Head Brewer Pat Saxton hard at work brewing beer.

Additionally, if you’re hungry, read the Best Restaurants in Ludington Michigan post, which can help you fulfill your appetite while you’re here!

Outsiders may not think of Ludington as a tourist destination, yet it has a lot to offer. If you’re looking for a relaxed vacation that combines all of Michigan’s outdoor activities, Ludington is the place to go.

Because you’re reading this, I’m assuming that Ludington has never been on your list of locations to visit. You may not be aware of all the exciting activities available in the area, but that is about to change. I’m here to provide amazing ideas and assist you locate something exciting to do right immediately!

Which of these Ludington Michigan activities do you want to try first? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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