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Flagstaff, Arizona, at an elevation of 7,000 feet above sea level, is known as the City of Seven Wonders due to the proximity to seven amazing experiences within 10 to 80 miles of the city. Several fascinating feasts greet the adventurous visitor along historic Route 66, with 200 Flagstaff eateries ranging from gourmet dining to picnic-to-go professionals.

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Route 66

Route 66, one of America’s most iconic roadways, was founded in 1926. It is also known as the Mother Road or the Main Street of America. Route 66, which runs from Chicago, Illinois, to Santa Monica, California, has inspired a song (Get Your Kicks on Route 66), a television series (Route 66), and a book (John Steinbeck,The Grapes of Wrath).

Route 66 originally ran for 401 kilometers in Arizona. Route 66 memorabilia, not to be forgotten, keeps the memories alive in Flagstaff.

I had a great time on Route 66!

Check out our list of the 11 greatest eateries along Route 66 by clicking here!

The Brewery Trail

Flagstaff has earned the right to boast about its thriving Brewery Trail as a premier Arizona Craft Beer City. The nine craft brewers in town have received national acclaim, including awards from the World Beer Championships and the Great American Beer Festival.

Visit all of the breweries and pick up a souvenir pint glass at the Flagstaff Visitor Center to commemorate your stay.

Mother Road Brewing Corporation

300 E. Butler Avenue, 928-774-04921

This passionate craft beer manufacturer lives on a section of Route 66 that represents the Marquess family’s adventure in beer, driving, and history.

Mother Road Brewing Company, on the other hand, does more than just brew great craft beer. They are true land stewards, building community one pint at a time. They provide a percentage of the earnings from every can of Conserve and Preserve Golden Ale sold to the Arizona Game and Fish Department to aid with on-the-ground conservation of over 800 species. If it isn’t enough cause to pour a pint, the somewhat fruity taste and excellent head wrapped in an eternally recyclable can make it worth a try.

Pedaler of the Alps

928-213-9233 Hops on Birch or Collins Irish Pub are the starting points for tours.

A tour guide, a music system, LED lighting, water to drink, cup holders, and a cooler are all included. Look at the fun here! During the historic downtown Flagstaff tour, you may bring your own beer or wine. The Alpine Pedaler is a fleet of human-powered pedal bicycles, either in the form of a trolley seating 7-14 persons or a smaller six-passenger bike. Every bike comes with a driver.

Tours take around two hours and include three stops that you choose when you arrive. Alpine Pedaler has teamed with various downtown Flagstaff pubs, stores, and restaurants to offer you savings.

Lumberyard Brewery and Dark Sky Brewing Co. are also included here.

Restaurants in Flagstaff

I was shown around several Flagstaff restaurants and hosted for a few meals. Others, I found and arranged my visits ahead of time. These Flagstaff restaurants are not listed in any particular order and are not ranked in any particular way.

My views are entirely my own.

Check the websites provided for hours of operation, since they may have changed since my visit.

The Silver Pine Restaurant and Bar

Little America Hotel 928-779-7950 2515 W. Butler Avenue

The ease of eating at the same location where a nice and relaxing hotel room awaited at the end of the day was a huge bonus. Moreover, the vast Silver Pine Restaurant menu at this upmarket restaurant was both welcoming and enjoyable. The service was outstanding and friendly.

The Dine-In Cocktail Menu at Little America’s Silver Pine Restaurant was one of the highlights of my visit. It was an unexpected joy to have no driving limitations after such a delicious supper and specialty beverages.

When faced with a choice between all of the specialty drink options, I went with the Arizona Mule. On the menu are locally made beers on tap as well as bottled beers. Wines by the glass are provided from Italy, California, and Argentina.

The Chicken Picatta with Lemon White Wine Butter Sauce was my supper selection. The recipe was delicious, flavored with capers and served with pasta and steamed veggies.

Chocolate cake, bread pudding with rum sauce, and my personal favorite, Crme Brule, rounded off the delicious feast.

In the morning, I picked a simple meal of poached eggs with microgreens and avocado toast dusted with poppy and sesame seeds. It provided an easy, nutritious, and tasty breakfast to get the day started.

Excellent Food on Highway 66

928-679-98182400 E. Rt. 66

Order online and pick up your order before leaving town if you require a picnic lunch for your trip to the National Monuments situated a short drive outside of Flagstaff. Grab one for your bag lunch on the go.

The original breakfast and lunch menu is fresh, local, and delectable. Good Eats on 66 does not cut corners when it comes to food preparation; soups and dressings are created from scratch, smoothies are produced with fresh fruits and vegetables, and coffee is roasted locally.

The Neta Beea Lavender Latte, made with espresso, honey, lavender syrup, and milk, spoke to me. A variety of drink additions and milk options allow for the right blend.

Fruit salad, avocado toast, and an Italian sandwich all on the menu. Other menu favorites are the Waldorf Salad, Mexico Chop Salad, and the Hog Wild Waffle .

Walnut Canyon is the greatest picnic spot if you visit the landmark triad of Walnut Canyon, Sunset Crater Volcano, and Wupatki. Following a strenuous climb on the Island Trail, pack a lunch and unwind at one of the numerous picnic tables near the ranger station.

Tinderbox Cooking

S. San Francisco St. 928-226-840034 S. San Francisco St.

Tinderbox Restaurant provides a dining experience unlike any other. They place a premium on precisely crafted dishes and take great satisfaction in delivering them at the table. The waitstaff is very informed and skilled at providing high-quality service.

The meals are designed to be shared (small plates and entrees for two) and are matched with the ideal wine (over 100 wine options).

Cocktails are brilliantly titled, such as the non-alcoholic Jail Bird, Youth Lagoon, and Kill of the Night. I went with The Gardner, which arrived in a martini glass and had a distinct and pleasant flavor. Gin, shochu, blanc and dry vermouths, green apple, absinthe, and yuzu make up the potion.

My tablemates and I had Warm Brie with Stone Fruit, Burrata with beets, pistachio, and elderflower balsamic, and Marinated Olives with Marcona almonds during the Small Plates meal.

Our group was served the gorgeous Bistro Filet with truffle parmesan frites, asparagus, and soubise, as well as the Seared Scallops with red curry, pineapple, cilantro, and sesame. The Rack of Lamb with baby carrots, sheep yogurt, and pine nuts was my choice. The beef was tender and succulent when cooked medium-rare.

Annex Cocktail Lounge

The phone number is 928-779-281150 S. San Francisco St.

The Annex, once the abandoned building next door to the Tinderbox Restaurant, serves as the Tinderbox’s waiting area. When the entrepreneur, Kevin Heinonen, built the fine dining restaurant next door in 2009, Annex Cocktail Lounge has taken on a life of its own.

Operating everyday at 3 p.m., Annex Cocktail Bar provides world-class cocktails, exceptional bar cuisine, a large terrace, and high standards of hospitality. Alluring bar appetizers, dinners, and desserts pair with a craft cocktail menu that matches anything from New York to San Francisco.

Shandies are beer and liquor combos that I wish I had tried.

The Lumberyard Brewing Co.

The phone number is 928-779-27395 S. San Francisco St.

Lumberyard Brewing Co., a tiny independent brewery and brewpub in downtown Flagstaff, offers nine beers on tap, an Ace Blood Orange Space cider (light, aromatic, and refreshing), and a distinctive menu with a variety of nosh options.

Chicken wings with or without bones, as well as breaded cauliflower, are served dry with a choice of nine sauces. The quick section of the menu has eye-catching appetizers like as flash-fried Brussels sprouts, mac & cheese balls, nachos, chili, and a soup of the day.

The Specialties (five of which are fascinating variants of Mac and Cheese), Fish & Chips, and Sausage Platter coexist with a vast assortment of burgers and sandwiches (I had the Vietnamese Burger).

Flights of six beers, chosen by the guests from nine options, are a great opportunity to taste the craft beers on tap. The beer names and descriptions are listed on a laminated sheet and are numbered according to their location in the innovative cupcake pan used to serve the flight.

Modern American Bistro Josephines

N. Humphreys St. 928-779-3400503 N. Humphreys St.

Josephines serves American cuisine. Seasonal seafood and veggies are used to create Modern American Bistro. Chef of the Year, Tony Cosentino, entices customers with a constantly changed cuisine and an extensive wine selection.

Josephines’ Craftsman bungalow is on the National Historic Register for its architecture. I was encouraged to explore every area, and the wonderful decor captivated me. Our dining room’s light buttery yellow paint and antique floor lamps added a softly illuminated mood to the informal and friendly environment.

Little appetizers like soups and side salads precede the entrees. Dishes like Clams and Mussels Josefina or Baklava Baked Brie might be a dinner in and of itself. The Achiote Smoked Pork Osso Bucco, a smoked and slow-braised pig shank in Achiote Demi-Glace, was my favorite. The flesh melted in my mouth as it slipped off the bone.

Assume you had space for dessert after such a delicious supper. In that instance, you may get Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie, Limoncello Cheesecake, Zeppoles (ricotta Italian doughnuts with house-made wild berry jam), and other delectable treats. Coffee drinks are available alongside ports and dessert wines, Cognac and Brandy, 12-year-old Scotch and Whiskey, and top-shelf versions of the same.

The Arizona Daily Sun Readers picked Josephines Modern American Restaurant Best of Flag 2020. It is open everyday and brunch is first come, first served.

Dark Sky Brewing Co. serves pizzicletta.

117 North Beaver St.

In Downtown Flagstaff, Dark Sky Brewing Co. does what they do best: make and serve artisan beer. The craft beer selection is as distinctive and gorgeous as every star, meteor, and comet viewed from their backyard, an homage to the famed First International Dark Sky City. The front of their facility is adorned with a detailed Dark Sky artwork commemorating astronaut contributions to the area.

Dark Sky Brewing Co. collaborated with Pizzicletta, a pizza restaurant that also provides craft beer. Service is swift and courteous since both companies are in the same building. Each table is served by two waiters, one for beer orders and one for pizza orders. New clients are given an explanation of the link between beer and pizza by the waiters.

There are eleven beers on tap, including lagers, pale ales, IPAs, barrel-aged stouts, and porters.

Dark Sky Brewing Co. is open everyday from noon to 10 p.m. and was chosen Best of Flag 2020 by Arizona Daily Sun readers.

Salads, roasted olives, focaccia, and prosciutto with house pickles are among the Pizzicletta appetizers. Pepperoni, mushroom, vegan, Margherita, and the Bees Knees pizza with mozzarella, mascarpone, sausage, sage, and local honey are among the pizza options. Pints of Gelato are also available.

When the day came to an end, I ate a fantastic Pizzicletta combo pizza with my travel companions at an outdoor table.

Thai Pato Cuisine

928-213-182520 E. Highway 66

This wonderful Thai food restaurant has an eye-catching ambience thanks to its unusual interior decor of painted aged doors and a crystal chandelier.

Pato Thai Cuisine includes typical Thai meals such as curries, fried rice, hot noodles, and pad Thai with spice levels ranging from 1 to 5. Pad Thai, my personal favorite, is always a must-order. My order did not let me down. My lunch partners enjoyed their vegetable dumplings and green curry meals as well.

Four pieces of Satay Chicken, grilled and marinated chicken on skewers, are among the appetizers. A nutritious lunch option coupled with a seaweed salad makes a fantastic low-carb meal.

Chef Specials include tasty chicken, short ribs, spaghetti, fish, and shellfish.

Pato Thai Food is available for lunch and supper and was selected Best of Flag 2020 by Arizona Daily Sun readers.

Starship Robots at Northern Arizona University

There’s a mobile app for that!

Food may be purchased via the app and delivered straight to you if you work, teach, or study at the NAU Flagstaff campus. With a collaboration between Starship Technologies and Sodexo (who supervises food services at over 700 schools and universities), a fleet of 30 robots delivers meals and snacks from on-campus eateries. Deliveries were restricted to the area surrounding the college commons while I was there.

Although Starship Robots are not directly linked to open-to-the-public Flagstaff eateries, they are worth noting because to their distinctiveness and rising appeal. The entertainment component alone made me feel like I was watching Lost in Space or robots operate beautifully in a Star Wars film.

At the City of Seven Wonders, there are several excellent food choices. This country of exploration and beauty is only rivaled by its many casual and excellent dining offerings in Flagstaff eateries.

Which of these Flagstaff eateries do you want to try the most? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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