8 Saratoga Springs Restaurants You Must Try | Best Places to Eat in New York’s Spa City

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If you’re planning a trip to Saratoga Springs, New York, this year, you may be seeking for Health, History, and Horses. After all, that’s our tagline, and we live up to it. Saratoga provides health in a variety of ways, but the therapeutic mineral waters are the most popular. We also have a wealth of hot locations exhibiting our rich history around every corner, and one just has to speak the term racetrack to hear anecdotes about the country’s oldest organized athletic arena. What about the eateries in Saratoga Springs?

The Spa City’s cuisine culture has also flourished over the years: Southern Louisiana fare, Italian, Mexican, pub meals, hole-in-the-wall treasures, BBQ, Sushi, Indian, Steak Restaurants, Farm-to-Table you name it, we’ve got it. These are eight eateries that you should not miss while in town.

The 8 Best Saratoga SpringsRestaurants

15 Church 

Church Street

Locals like Saratoga, in part because constructors prefer to restore old structures to their former beauty rather than demolishing them and beginning over; it’s wonderful to see numerous restaurants and other companies find new homes within.

One of them is 15 Church.

The waitstaff is very pleasant and eager to offer the day’s specialties as well as their favorite meals. The mood is warm, and people lean in for chat. Or, you may eat on The Patio at 15 Church, a wonderful open-air location immediately next door.

Their Prime Filet Mignon Center-Cut with gorgonzola butter, garlicky spinach, crispy onions, red onion marmalade, and bone marrow demi is a terrific option. They also provide fresh fish dishes, as well as chicken, rabbit, and duck from their comprehensive menu.

Along with brandy, Scotch, and Port, their wine collection includes a variety of bottles and by-the-glass alternatives.

Caf Country Corner

+1518583788925 Church St

In our Spa City, there are a few excellent breakfast establishments. But, my favorite is the Country Corner Caf, situated just off Broadway in another beautiful structure approaching its 200th birthday. You may dine downstairs or upstairs in an open environment with lots of tables and antique objects of interest.

Everything is organic and locally sourced. The restaurant provides breakfast bowls, make-your-own omelets, eggs benedict, pancakes, waffles, rancheros, yogurt, and lunch choices such as sandwiches, salads, and soups.

The staff is helpful and courteous, yet they leave me alone between eats and speaking with friends who have joined me for breakfast.

Mix it with a combination of orange and cranberry juice for a really refreshing beverage that’s a step up from the norm.

Il Ristorante Chianti

+1518580002518 Division St, Saratoga Springs, New York 12866, USA

Chianti Il Restaurant is the place to go if you want a relaxing environment and delicious quality dining. They provide a wide range of classic Italian dishes, pizzas, and fresh seafood.

Shrimp scampi, handmade pasta, and a range of sauces that vary daily are among their delectable specialities.

The environment at Chiantis was romantic, classy, and definitely on the pricier side.

The dinner was just delicious! We ordered a bottle of red chianti from their wide wine selection, as well as a carpaccio appetizer with gorgonzola and truffle oil and two duck dinners.

The duck was accompanied with a black cherry reduction that complimented both the meat and the veggies.

The waiter was kind, conversational, and outgoing. We had a great time and truly appreciated every element of our eating experience! The waitress was kind and helpful, as did our bartender.

If you want to dine at a terrific Italian restaurant with a fine dining feel in a very pleasant and peaceful town, Chianti is highly recommended!

The musical Mamma Mia!

+15185837783185 Avenue Ballston

The finest shocks may often be found in the most unexpected locations. Mama Mias is an Italian restaurant like that, nestled away in a plain Saratoga strip mall. When you first go in, it seems to be a little pizza business. Nevertheless, if you take in the walls painted with landscapes from Italy and the aromas of Italian meals boiling in the kitchen, you will realize it is so much more.

Giuseppe, the owner, monitors every detail, often visiting the tables to ensure everyone has a good time. Among the many options on their large menu are handmade pasta, shellfish, chicken, veal, and hand-tossed gourmet pizzas.

Their eggplant rollatini fresh eggplant folded with ricotta cheese and topped with melted mozzarella cheese and marinara sauce is my favorite. Make space for dessert, which is also handmade!

The Mrs. Londons

+5185818100464 Broadway

Mrs. Londons Bakery is one of the Saratoga Springs eateries I always take visitors to. The bakery is my favorite stop for the freshest desserts and makes me feel like I’m in a Parisian shop at the same time. It not only serves a great tomato and cheddar soup, salad, and several fantastic sandwiches, but it also serves a great tomato and cheddar soup, salad, and several fantastic sandwiches.

The queue is often outside the front door and sometimes stretches down and around the sidewalk, particularly on busy weekends on Broadway. But, remain! You will not be sorry.

I normally select one (or three) of their renowned sweets, which are available on stores. These go well with a hot cup of coffee or, if the weather is nice, iced tea.

If you prefer the open air and people-watching along town’s main road, the bakery provides many comfy tables inside as well as a terrace for outside sitting.

Philadelphia Fusion Noodle Bar

+518226040054 Philadelphia Avenue

Phila Fusion is one of my favorite Saratoga Springs restaurants for a variety of reasons. It’s on one of the city’s most historic avenues, featuring restaurants, music venues, retail stores, and sports bars on both sides. Therefore it’s a convenient pit break on a day of touring the region.

Phila specializes on noodle meals, fresh sushi, specialty drinks, and the piping-hot Crab Rangoon, which is a must-order. I’ve eaten several of their menu dishes and like them all, but for your entree, I recommend the pad-thai with chicken and additional peanut sauce. If you like fruity drinks, my personal favorite is the flying iguana.

Apart from that, there is another restaurant just next door. Sushi Thai offers a more formal atmosphere than its sibling.


+1518584019244 Lake Street

Scallions Restaurant is a fantastic, trendy restaurant located just off Broadway. The artwork is displayed throughout the comfy room on the walls, cabinets, and even carved into the bright and colorful tables. It’s one of Saratoga Springs’ hippest eateries.

If you like gourmet cuisine that combine tastes and ingredients that other restaurants may not combine, this is the place for you. Everything is fresh and filling, including handmade soups, delectable salads, seafood, and more.

Try their salmon salad, which has a well cooked filet on greens with a lovely dressing drizzle. The side dressing has a creamy, zesty taste. Pour this over the meal or dunk each fish bite in it, like I do.

Benelux Brasserie

+5186826950390 Avenue Broadway

When I first stepped into this Belgian restaurant in Saratoga Springs, I wondered how close it would be to the cuisine I recalled my mother preparing when I was a kid.

To begin, everything on the menu seemed delicious; sharing meals, fresh salads, fish and poultry dishes, and sumptuous desserts; I especially wanted to taste one that recognized my German roots.

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My entree was the world-famous Jager Schnitzel. The pork loin was breaded and fried on both sides after being hammered thin. Chef Armand Vanderstigchel (the son of a Dutch immigrant born in the United States) coated this generous quantity with a creamy hunting mushroom sauce, home potatoes, and a side of red cabbage. I felt like I was in Paradise!

For dessert, I picked a freshly baked apple-blueberry bread pudding with a dollop of vanilla bean ice cream. Since the menu is broad, I will return (many times) to sample other specialty things at this Belgian treasure among Saratoga Springs eateries.


What is Saratoga Springs, New York famous for?

This fascinating historical and cultural town is only minutes from Albany and a short drive from most other parts of the Northeast. It is well-known for the Saratoga Race Track, horses, mineral springs, and excellent dining and shopping.

Is there a downtown in Saratoga Springs?

If you like shopping, Saratoga Springs is the place to go. Many tourists to this busy downtown section come for the shopping.

What is the most renowned meal in Saratoga Springs?

Peanut Butter Saratoga

You’ve had peanut butter before, but it wasn’t like this. Saratoga Peanut Butter Company has been on a roll since its inception in 2005, when the firm set out to make a tasty and healthy peanut butter.

Conclusion: The 8 Best Saratoga Springs Restaurants

When it comes to dining in Saratoga Springs, there are over 200 options. There is something for everyone, from fantastic tiny hole-in-the-wall cafes to sophisticated 5-star restaurants. The tastes are varied, and many different nations are represented. Thus, whatever kind of cuisine you want, chances are the Spa City has it. I’ve been here since 2000 and haven’t tried them all. It’s a pleasant issue, and I’m more than eager to fix it!

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