8 Top Restaurants in Bentonville AR | Must-Try Restaurants in Bentonville

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Bentonville is located in Northwest Arkansas, just over the Missouri state boundary. It is a lovely town with a vibrant arts scene and the mountain bike center of the world.

The Bentonville square is nostalgic, as its well-maintained buildings harken back to a time when the town square was the community’s centre for shopping, meeting, and dining.

Bentonville’s culinary scene is amazing, with southern comfort cuisine, bakeries selling delectable sweets, and crepes that equal those found in Paris.

If you ever find yourself in Bentonville, and I hope you do, make a point of visiting these excellent eateries.

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The Top 8 Restaurants in Bentonville, Arkansas

The Beehive

+14792866575200 NE A St

The Hive restaurant is located within the 21c Museum hotel, approximately a block away from Bentonville Square. Beehive sculptures are cleverly exhibited on the walls around the restaurant, as are the distinctive 21c penguins, which are brilliant green.

The Hive features a relaxed atmosphere that is ideal for a supper with friends. Breakfast and lunch menus provide a variety of alternatives while paying homage to southern comfort cuisine.

Bring your hunger to the Hive for brunch and order the Hive burger. The Hive burger is a beef burger served on a soft brioche bun with pimento cheese, tomato jam, and house pickles. The pimento cheese is prepared in-house and is a cheesy treat, while the tomato jam complements it well.

Get the peachy keen beverage to complement your southern dinner. It’s made iced tea with peach and vanilla flavoring added in. The tea is not excessively sweet, but the peach and vanilla taste complements a conventional iced tea well.

Paulette’s Crepes

+14792501110100 SW 8th St #4 +14792501110100 SW 8th St #4

During travels to Paris, a crepe was one of my favorite street snacks, and Crepes Paulette, nestled away in Bentonville, Arkansas, produces crepes that can compete with a French crepe any day. The business began as a food truck and expanded to a brick-and-mortar location in 2016. The inside is beautiful, with yellow umbrellas creatively suspended from the ceiling and an outside sitting area for additional room.

It will be difficult to pick between sweet and savory, so do yourself a favor and choose one of each. The Crepes Paulette menu is enormous, so take your time reading through it to choose your favorite. I suggest the La Spinach, which is served on a thin buckwheat crepe with an egg, cheddar cheese, and fresh baby spinach layer.

For a sweet choice, go with the Nutella and strawberry crepe, which is presented in a thin and sweet crepe. The chocolate and hazelnut spread with fresh strawberries is a traditional taste combination that will appeal to people who like their food sweet.

The crepe is presented in a little metal tin that retains the crepe if you need to rest it between nibbles. The container is brilliant since it keeps the crepe erect and all of the crepe ingredients together while you take a break.

Sweet Liberty Cheese

+14792685867801 SE 8th St, Suite #1

Sweet Freedom Cheese is located within the 8th Street Market, which is both an indoor and outdoor food hall. The market is a wonderful area to walk around and dine, with some fantastic artwork and lots of terrace space.

Sweet Freedom Cheese serves a variety of sandwiches and charcuterie incorporating various types of cheese. To begin, order the ploughman’s lunch, which contains cheddar cheese and salami on baguette pieces.

The meal is attractively packaged for you and includes spicy mustard to go with your cheese and meat. You will not be disappointed if you are seeking for grilled cheese. The menu includes everything from Caprese with pesto sauce to French raclette. The raclette sandwich is made with ham, pineapple pepper jam, and crunchy potato chips.

Sweet Freedom Cheese offers a huge case of meat and cheeses ready for purchase, so it would be a wonderful alternative if you want to get a snack for later.

Table Mesa Bakery

East W Central Ave +14797156706110 East W Central Ave

The Bakery at Table Mesa is conveniently placed in the Bentonville plaza, making it easy to wander around to local stores or see the beautiful murals decorating the buildings surrounding the square. With exposed brick walls and brilliant white paint, the bakery is visually appealing.

The menu is displayed on smart shelves with menu cutouts sitting on them. Bakery shelves are brimming with delectable treats, such as cannolis waiting to be filled with cream and pieces of cake begging to be your next sweet treat.

Cake dishes with covered glass lids showcasing cookies and scones line the counter, and deciding what to eat may take some time. I’ll return to Bakery at Table Mesa for the delicious doughnuts.

While the tastes fluctuate, the lemon old-fashioned was a delightful surprise. The lemon glaze added an acidity to each bite without being overbearing. Within the bakery, there is little seating.

There are lots of benches in the plaza if the weather cooperates. You may enjoy the fountain while watching others discover Bentonville’s beauty.

Mesa Bistro Table

East W Central Ave +14797156706110 East W Central Ave

A restaurant serving Latin food for breakfast, lunch, and supper is located next door to the bakery. Outside, there are Parisian-style caf tables and chairs, while inside, there are numerous tables and cozy seats.

Breakfast is served from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., with a decent selection of sweet and savory alternatives. Check out the morning tacos if you’re searching for a spicy meal.

You have the option of chorizo, eggs, cheddar, potato, and salsa, or avocado, eggs, potato, cheddar, and salsa. If picking only one selection is challenging, request one of each since the entrée contains two tacos. A great morning dish is created by filling soft taco shells to the full with spicy chorizo toppings. On the side, a jar of fruit offers a delicious flavor of freshness to your morning.

If you order a scone or doughnut, it will be from the nearby Table Mesa Bakery. If you want to keep exploring Bentonville, the restaurant will gladly pack you the delicious treat to go.

The Trash Creamery

+47 (0) 14793672412401 SW A St Suite 101

I chose the sweet dreams, which are comprised of a mix and topped with vanilla ice cream. Oreos, black walnuts, peaches, cherries, and caramel were incorporated in the mix. Blended with more Oreos and caramel sauce on top.

Next, choose the Pour Some Sugar on Me combo, which includes ice cream with Trix, Fruity Pebbles, Nerds, and Jolly Ranchers for an additional sugar rush. To be honest, it’s a childhood fantasy ice cream treat.

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If the mix menu selections aren’t your thing, you may add any mix-ins you like to a vanilla or chocolate ice cream base, including candy and fruit. The staff is kind, and the atmosphere is vintage, with white walls adorned with 80s movie and music posters.

Pedaler’s Pub

+14792683285410 SW A St

The Pedalers Pub pays homage to Bentonville’s bicycle culture, and there are plenty of bike racks in front of the restaurant if you’ve just finished a ride. The restaurant serves wood-fired pizza and has an open kitchen arrangement, so you can view the massive oven. Pizzas are cooked in two minutes at a temperature of 800 degrees Fahrenheit.

The pizza features a thin crust that is crunchy on the exterior yet chewy on the interior. The pizza varieties are unique, such as the Arkie, which is made with ham, mushrooms, and jalapeo peppers on a tomato foundation.

Over an olive oil and roasted garlic base, the Alpe pizza has ribeye steak, spinach, feta cheese, onions, and sundried tomatoes. Bring a buddy or plan on some leftovers since the pizzas will feed more than one person.

Try the loaded fries if you want to pop in for an appetizer. The fries come with a large helping of house beer cheese, ranch dressing, spicy sauce, and bacon crumbles.

You’ll definitely require a fork since the toppings are ample, but even with the toppings, the fries don’t go soggy. The wonderful meal and easygoing environment seemed like a genuine peek of Bentonville. Bentonville is a city with a soul, and Pedalars Pub will provide an unforgettable experience.

Biscuit with Butter

SE Moberly Ln +147931948221403 SE Moberly Lane

The Buttered Biscuit is a popular breakfast spot for both residents and travelers. I had to circle the building twice to get parking, and professionals know to get their names in early since there will be a wait. Grab some patience because the restaurant is worth the wait for a very filling southern breakfast.

The Buttered Biscuit is a charming restaurant with white walls and booths and tables accentuated with blue and white. There is also patio seating, which is perfect when the weather is nice. The menu includes everything from breakfast sandwiches to pancakes.

To begin, order a cinnamon bun and split it with the rest of the table. The cinnamon roll dough has the consistency of a biscuit and covers a breakfast-size dish with caramel sauce and a hefty dollop of cream cheese icing. If you’re searching for a savory meal, biscuits and gravy are a must-try.

The meal includes a massive biscuit with sausage gravy on the side, eggs cooked to your liking, and fried potatoes. The gravy is flavorful with just the proper amount of sausage, and the potatoes are cooked to perfection, with a little crunch on the exterior. It’s simple to understand why the Buttered Biscuit is so popular in Bentonville. Good appetite!


There are so many local eateries in Bentonville, Arkansas that you will never go hungry. But, be aware that many establishments shut on Sundays, so if you’re visiting over the weekend, you may need to do some research to see what’s still open. It will be exciting to arrange your gourmet excursion, which will include anything from delectable crepes to freshly baked pizza.

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