8 Top Restaurants in Brno – Where to Dine and Drink in Brno, Czech Republic

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On our TBEX FAM trip, I was lucky to be sent to Brno, the Czech Republic’s second-largest city. During our stay, we were able to sample several of Brno’s greatest eateries, ranging from fine dining to Vietnamese cuisine!

We also visited a few of Brnos drinking places. We visited relaxed rum bars, upscale wine bars, and even a pub with one of the most unusual ideas I’ve ever seen!

I’d like to thank Holiday Memories for showing us around their town and assisting me with this list. They are professionals in organizing tours of not just Brno, but the whole South Moravian region. Check out their website if you need assistance arranging your trip!

When in Brno, don’t miss out on the following activities that will let you immerse yourself in the city (get them while they’re hot!):

  • Brno: Historic Downtown Walking Tour

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My Favorite Brno Restaurants and Bars

Jean Pauls Restaurant

+420 608 152 221 14 Zelny trh (ground floor)

For lunch, our guide took us to one of his favorite Brno eateries. That seems to be one of his usual haunts.

The cuisine is largely Italian, with superb pasta (try the carbonara), risottos, lasagnas, and salads.

The relaxed atmosphere makes it ideal for a quick lunch while touring the city.


+420 607 005 905 6 Jezuitsk

Pavillon is one of the top fine dining restaurants in Brno. The restaurant is stunningly contemporary without being arrogant. The open kitchen idea appealed to me. During our visit, we were able to see the workers assembling our meals.

The service was incredible—always there but not overwhelming, and very knowledgable about the meal and correct wine pairings.

Their menu varies regularly, but I recommend trying their tasting menu, which we did. I like all of the meals, but my favorites were the seafood ones. They do excellent seafood, and the plating and accompanying wine were also excellent.

Cocktail Bar & Bistro Atelier

+420 739 401 086 2nd Koblin

Our tour guide suggested Atelier as his favorite restaurant in town for both dinner and drinks. Before coming in Brno, Ateliers chef cooked in both London and Berlin.

Their seasonal cuisine features products found locally. It serves meals including mussels grilled in coconut milk and served with long beans, chicken in a Mexican mol sauce, and some of Brno’s most beautiful desserts.

The drinks, however, may be the highlight of this establishment. You may order them off the menu or tell your waitress what you prefer in a drink and they will happily construct an off-menu cocktail for you.

KOISHI Sushi & Fish

+420 777 564 744doln 11

With good reason, KOISHI is now ranked as one of the greatest restaurants in Brno. KOISHI employs a true Japanese sushi chef and exclusively utilizes the finest quality ingredients.

Other fish items on the menu are created with the same love and care that the sushi is, and the presentation is equally stunning.

If you’re not in the mood for shellfish, the restaurant also serves veal tenderloin and roasted lamb. If you like oysters, be sure to try them. We all enjoyed it, particularly when combined with a glass of local prosecco!

Consider going Vietnamese.

Bhounsk 115 +420 720 021 5754

Go Vietnamese is a great place to go if you’re hungry Asian cuisine. Our tour guides informed us that this establishment has been popular from the day it opened!

Authentic Vietnamese cuisine produced with fresh ingredients are available here at very inexpensive pricing!

I didn’t get to taste the pho (next time! ), but the bun bo Nam bo I did get was one of their most popular, and I immediately saw why.

Coffee Pilt

+420 603 974 496Kapucnsk nmst 5 nmst 5 nmst 5 nmst 5 n

Caf Pilt is a little hidden away, but that only makes it a better location to start your day with a calm cup of coffee. Our caffeine-addicted party gushed, unanimously agreeing that it was the finest coffee among the Brno eateries we visited. The lovely atmosphere makes it a great location to spend a languid morning savoring the cafe’s intricacies.

If you’re hungry, try the lamb shawarma and lemon baked potatoes served over red lentils, spicy meatballs served with bulgur, Moroccan lamb soups, and shakshuka for breakfast!

There are also lots of vegetarian alternatives, such as housemade falafel, hummus, and stuffed eggplant.

Consistorium Retro

+420 543 210 175Meov 4

With one of the greatest wine collections (270+ bottles!) in Brno, they have something for everyone.

Its weekly menu includes foie gras terrine with apple chutney and crostini, seared ahi tuna with vegetable caponata, and some very outstanding steaks.

Bonus: Now that you’ve figured out your meal alternatives, check out these dessert and drink ideas!


Svobody 21 +420 732 985 829

What better way to end your meal than with some award-winning cupcakes?

The cupcakes are as beautiful as they are tasty, and they come in a variety of flavors such as red velvet, Oreo, marscapone, and even a chocolate chili cupcake!

They also have vegan and lactose-free alternatives available.

Petit Cru Wine Shop

+420 774 497 787doln 11

Petit Cru offers a superb assortment of wine and is run by a very experienced store owner who is glad to take you on a wine tour. What more could you ask for from a wine bar?

Even better, you can taste wines before committing to a glass! This is a terrific spot to meet friends for a glass of wine (or two!) before dinner next door, since it is located adjacent to KOISHI.

Koka Pivarium Zelen

Dvokova 3 +420 775 566 602

Because of their extensive collection of craft beers, this establishment is usually recognized as the greatest beer bar in town. Anything from local brewers to IPAs, APAs, summer ales, golden ales, and so much more can be found here.

They’ll even give you drafts to help you decide which one you like most.

There’s also a range of robust beer munchies to go with your drinks. The pork ribs and handmade chips were delicious.


+420 732 871 995 3 Jezuitsk

Cubana is a laid-back rum bar with over 300 different types of rum. The courteous and educated staff will walk you through the menu to assist you determine which drink you’ll like the best.

They serve all of the Cuban classics, such as mojitos, daiquiris, and caipirinhas, but many of their cocktails have wonderful updated variations on the original recipes, such as fresh fruit and in-house star anise syrups.

The Great Panda Circus

+420 734 878 6033 257 Shilingrovo namesti

This is one of those locations where you’ll have to take my word for it and go see for yourself.

It has the greatest cocktail menu and cocktail bar in the Czech Republic, so you know it’s real. Super Panda Circus has won the prize for best-designed bar.

The premise is a little out there and difficult to describe, but you’ll roll dice to select your beverages, spin the wheel placed on the wall, or have your cards read to discover what you should be given.

You can’t really go wrong with whatever drink you choose. They exclusively make super-premium handmade cocktails, many of which are prepared with local liquors. We even tried a butter-infused Czech booze!

Nothing makes sense, according to their slogan, and they say We don’t have a set menu; instead, we have tales. So go ahead and check it out for yourself. You’ll be happy you did.

I should also mention that non-alcoholic beverages are available for individuals who want to participate in the event but do not want to drink.

Which of these Brno restaurants or bars do you wish to try the most? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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