9 Best Vienna Restaurants | Where to Eat in Vienna, Austria

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In the one week that I was in Vienna, it was quite unlikely that I would have been able to dine at each and every one of the city’s most acclaimed eateries. However,

I would be pleased to recommend a couple of my go-to eateries in Vienna to you. You may discover information here on anything from the restaurants in Vienna that provide the greatest schnitzel to those that serve the best traditional cuisine from Austria to upscale dining and vegetarian alternatives.

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9 Best Vienna Restaurants

Heuer am Karlsplatz

Treitlstr. 2 // +43 1 8900590

We had our very first lunch in Vienna at this restaurant, which came highly recommended by a number of the city’s residents. This stunning garden restaurant bar was wonderful, and we very much enjoyed it. Flatbreads with roasted veal were served, and we tried a number of the regional beers.

My intention is to come back the next time so that I may sample something from their supper menu, which seems very amazing and includes handmade drinks and meals made with ingredients obtained locally.

In addition to having an extensive wine selection, Heuer am Karlsplatz also offers a number of vegetarian alternatives, as well as roasted duck, fish, and fried chicken prepared in the manner of Vienna.

Motto am fluss

Franz Josefs Kai 2 // +43 125 255 10

This eatery presents itself as serving contemporary Austrian cuisine alongside other modern international dishes. After celebrating my birthday here, I can say without a doubt that the aforementioned description is accurate.

The restaurant Motto am fluss, which overlooks the Danube Canal and can be found in the very center of Vienna, is an excellent choice for hosting important events. The service was impeccable, the views are breathtaking, and the food was delicious.

We were particularly impressed with their selection of seafood and meat, including this appetizer of octopus served over puréed peas.

In addition to that, we came across this sheatfish fillet that was roasted to absolute perfection.

Because the restaurant is so well-known for its desserts, you shouldn’t forget to save room for them. Take a look at this homemade summer fruit pastry that comes complete with fresh berry sorbet and cookie crumble.

Fischer Brau

Billrothstrasse 17 // +43 1 3695949

During my time in Vienna, I enjoyed my time at Fischer Brau so much that I went there not once, but twice. The atmosphere here is relaxed and enjoyable, making it a great place to sample upscale interpretations of traditional regional dishes.

Even after trying goulash made in Hungary, I can say without a doubt that the one they serve is the best I’ve ever had.

While you wait for your meal to be served, if the weather permits it, you can sample some of the local beer on the patio that is outside the restaurant. Unquestionably regarded as one of the finest restaurants in Vienna.

Gasthaus Rebhuhn

Berggasse 24 // +43 1 319 50 58

A number of natives in the area recommended that you eat at Gasthaus Rebhuhn if you are looking for a traditional pub diner in Vienna that serves traditional dishes.

The menu was not particularly extensive; however, all of the food was prepared exceptionally well, and it was offered at prices that were fair along with generous portions in a genuine atmosphere.

Make it a point to sample the dishes featuring roasted meat or even the traditional Viennese schnitzel. There are also vegetarian options available, which is not something you see very often in Austria.

It is strongly suggested that you make a reservation because it might not be possible to get a seat during peak hours if you don’t have one.


Sankt-Ulrichs-Platz 1 // +43 1 9612782

Even though brunch doesn’t appear to be as big of a deal in Austria as it is back home, we were still able to locate a fantastic restaurant that served it on Sundays while we were there.

Croissants, pancakes, and omelets are just some of the sweet and savory items that can be found on the menu that Ulrich has meticulously crafted. Make it a point to sample one of the fresh lemonades that are made right there in the establishment. Coffee is always an option for those who require a source of caffeine.

One of the patron favorites at this establishment is the flat Caesar, which is served on flatbread.

On the menu, you’ll also find options that are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.


Weihburggasse 3 // +43 1 5120996

With options for burgers ranging from beef and steak to chicken, pork, and vegetarian patties, as well as other meats. Everyone can rest assured that they will find a burger to their liking at Rinderwahn. In the event that you are particularly hungry, you may even select a burger that comes with two meat patties to satisfy your cravings.

There are a variety of side dishes available, including the well-known onion rings and fries, as well as macaroni and cheese, Cajun onion rings, salad, and sweet potato fries.

IKO Dining

Wipplingerstraße 6 // +43 1 8904200

We happened upon IKO Dining, a great place that advertises itself as serving contemporary and healthy Asian cuisine; however, Austrian cuisine is not traditionally served there. And I concur with that in every possible way.

There are a variety of dishes available to choose from, such as five-spice crunchy chicken, Massaman curry, braised pork don, and fried rice.

Make sure you get some of the beef bulgogi because that was hands down my favorite dish.

IKO Dining also has an impressive sushi menu that includes all of your favorite rolls in addition to a few options that I hadn’t seen before, such as a vegan option for the sushi roll.

1516 Brewing Company

Schwarzenbergstraße 2 // +43 1 9611516

In spite of the fact that it is open throughout the day, our favorite time to eat at 1516 is late at night, when we can also indulge in the infamous “one last drink” before heading home.

The restaurant serves a wide variety of beer snacks, such as their “habanero suicide hot wings,” which a friend of mine described as having a moderate level of heat.

You can even get crepes here in addition to the traditional sausages, salads, and schnitzels.

After a night out drinking, we decided to stop in, and while we were there, we ordered bacon burgers, fries, and brews from their selection of craft beers.

Cafe Anzengruber

Schleifmühlgasse 19 // +43 1 5878297

It goes without saying that a trip to Vienna would be incomplete without at least one genuine schnitzel.

When we inquired, several of the locals recommended Cafe Anzengruber as the top establishment in the area. I have to admit—it didn’t disappoint.

The portion is quite large, and despite the fact that it was fried, I didn’t find it to be as heavy as I had anticipated. Be sure to try it with a beer that’s been kept very cold, and don’t forget to give the lemon that it’s served with a squeeze before you eat it!

Make sure you order a side of potato salad if you want to keep things as authentic as possible when you eat it!

Which of these Vienna restaurants do you most want to try? Let me know in the comments section below!

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What is the national food of Vienna?

Vienna Schnitzel
Vienna Schnitzel, also known as Wienerschnitzel, is considered to be the national dish of Austria. A layer of sliced bread is used, and it is topped with a veal cutlet that has been pan-fried.

What time is dinner in Austria?

Between 8 and 9 o’clock in the evening, gourmet food is served in France, as well as in other European countries and cities, such as Belgium, Austria, and Vienna.

What time is dinner in Vienna?

Because Vienna is such a huge city, you will have no trouble finding cafés and restaurants serving a variety of cuisines in any of the city’s districts. Breakfast is often provided between the hours of 7 and 10 in the morning, while lunch is served between 12 and 2 in the afternoon. Between the hours of lunch and dinner service, which typically begins at 6 pm and ends at about 11 pm, many restaurants lock their doors.

What you should eat in Vienna?

Wiener Schnitzel

Food at the top of the Vienna to-do list. The Wiener schnitzel is considered to be one of Austria’s national dishes, and it can be found on the menus of virtually every restaurant and eatery in the country. It is prepared by pan-frying a thin cutlet of veal, pork, or chicken in butter or oil. Breadcrumbs are also used in the preparation.

What is a typical breakfast in Vienna?

Bread rolls, jam, a hard-boiled egg, ham, and cheese are traditional components of the traditional Viennese breakfast, which is traditionally accompanied by a melange.