9 Fun Things to Do in Amelia Island | Top Things to Do in Amelia Island

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Amelia Island is one of the Sunshine State’s best-kept secrets. This small oasis is located just off the coast of Jacksonville, Florida.

Amelia Island, a bustling coastal village, is blessed with mild weather all year, lovely historic neighborhoods, and natural beauty.

Amelia Island’s stunning beaches and brick alleys provide a plethora of activities for all visitors! Arrange your own vacation to Amelia Island, or learn about some of the activities available there!

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Amelia Island’s Top 9 Things To Do

Make Plans For A Beach Day

Amelia Island is the ideal destination for a beach vacation without crowds and with all of the local character. Select from an incredible thirteen-mile length of beaches along Amelia Island’s shore.

Come Main Beach Park for a sunrise, then unwind with a picnic lunch while watching the surf and taking in the scenery. If you prefer water activities, Main Beach Park has both public swimming and beach volleyball facilities.

Sit on the sandy coastline at Peters Point Beachfront Park in the evening and watch dolphins. A trip to the beach is always enjoyable, regardless of the time of day.

Amelia Island’s gorgeous white beaches are ideal for soaking up the rays. Thus, if you’re wondering what to do on Amelia Island, make the most of the natural beauties. This beachfront getaway will not disappoint!

Riding on Horseback

+190475317001600 Peters Point Rd.

Enjoy a beautiful day in the sun by joining a horseback riding tour around Amelia Island.

Ride into the sunset with Amelia Island Horseback Riding. There are daily rides, dawn rides, and sunset rides available, all of which give stunning views of the ocean as the horses amble along.

Do you prefer to see the dawn or the sunset? Then try going for a bike in the morning with your camera. The guide will tell you tales about the region throughout the horseback riding session to improve your riding trip.

If you chose to explore with these gorgeous animals, it will undoubtedly be a fantastic experience. Relax on a horseback ride along the shore while admiring the surroundings of this lovely location!

Fernandina Beach’s Historic Downtown Area

Florida zip code 32034

Take a walk around the 50 blocks of cobblestone streets in old downtown Fernandina Beach to see why Fort Clinch is one of Florida’s finest historic monuments.

The dramatic grandeur and pleasant ambience of Victorian-era buildings have contributed to the city’s inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places. Moreover, with over 350 historic buildings on Main Street, it is a favorite destination for history buffs.

You may stroll down the docks and watch the boats pass by before stopping for a drink or lunch at one of the eateries.

Visit historic Fernandina Beach by foot or by bicycle, sampling seafood specialties and enjoying the Victorian architecture along Centre Street. The environment will undoubtedly make you feel fantastic.

Go to the Amelia Island Museum of History.

+19042617378233 .S 3rd St.

Exhibitions at the Amelia Island Museum of History provide an intriguing glimpse into Florida’s history. This museum has exhibits on Amelia Island, the Civil War, shipwrecks, and other topics.

It is housed in the former Nassau County jail, and tours provide tourists with an insight into life behind bars. There is also a reconstructed jail cell where visitors may tour and learn about life as a prisoner.

Every room in the museum has information about the area’s history as well as an orientation screen representing various decades.

The museum offers an interactive children’s section with a footbridge zip line that is ideal for parents with small children. Take a guided tour to learn more about Amelia Island’s fascinating history!

Amelia Island Charters Offers Boat Tours

South Front Street Dock E +190433511621

Take a picturesque boat cruise to see Amelia Island from a whole new angle! It will enable you to witness natural animals and portions of the island that you would not normally be able to see.

You may select between a family fishing excursion or a private nature tour to view Florida’s lovely east coast while relaxing on a boat.

Amelia Island Charters offers a range of charter cruises throughout the season. There are also family fishing trips, private wildlife nature tours, eco-tours at the Great Florida Birding Trail, dolphin watching cruises, Cumberland Island snorkeling tours, Amelia Island Plantation historical tourism tours, and the Johns Pass Heritage Experience.

Taking a tour of the island allows you to learn about its history while appreciating the stunning sights. Bring your lunch and board your preferred cruise!

Have a Paddle Adventure.

S. Front St., Fernandina Beach, FL 32034 +190455753073

If you are the adventurous sort that is always looking for entertaining things to do, Amelia Island has a lot to offer. Amelia Island Kayak Excursions can help you enjoy your day on the water whether you are a beginner or an expert paddler.

On a guided trip, paddle across the tranquil waters of the Amelia River and discover the area’s salt marshes. Together with half- and full-day river adventures, two- and six-hour overnight excursions are offered for individuals who prefer to paddle alone.

Enjoy a day in nature while being shown to some of the most picturesque sites under the leafy shadow of gigantic cypress trees. This is one of the top things to do in Amelia Island for experienced paddlers as well as first-timers searching for excitement.

SALT Restaurant

Fernandina Beach, Florida 32034, 17 N. Fletcher Ave.

SALT is the place to be when youre here, so dont forget to book a reservation while youre in town. This restaurant is noted for its inventive meals in addition to being one of Florida’s five-diamond restaurants.

While eating or drinking, take in the view of the Atlantic Ocean. The expertise with which Richard Laughlin constructs his meals is a beautiful art designed for eating.

They make wonderful cuisine using local products. Despite the chef’s imaginative menu varies periodically, did you know he also creates one-of-a-kind meals for each guest?

With the Dine with the Chef experience, visitors look forward to eating at the chef’s table in the kitchen. You will be able to try several delicacies one after the other. Moreover, the restaurant offers customers the option to try the Chefs Adventure Tasting Menu, which features seasonal foods.

The foie gras terrine wrapped with pickled mullet belly and topped with hamachi mousse is a must-try for those who like textural and savory foods.

Visit the Marlin and Barrel Distillery.

+19045563837232 South 8th Street, Fernandina Beach, Florida 32034

After lunch at one of the eateries, take a tour of the Marlin and Barrel Distillery. See how Venture Vodka, rum, and gin are manufactured and sample some of its distinct tastes.

Apart from grapefruit and orange liqueur, they also create a Smoked Pepper Vodka perfect for Bloody Marys and a somewhat sweet Vanilla Bean Espresso Rum.

The tour allows guests to taste the distillery’s speciality spirits while also learning how and where they are manufactured. Witness the distillation of vodka from wheat and sugar cane, the production of rum, and the production of liqueurs from Florida’s best citrus.

Guests may also try these one-of-a-kind delicacies fresh from the stills before they are matured in barrels. They will also be able to witness some of the oldest stills in operation. You’ll want to take a bottle home to remember your visit to the distillery before long.

Visit The Palace Saloon For A Drink

Centre St., Fernandina Beach, FL 32034 +18444412444117

The Palace Saloon is located on Crockford Road in the heart of downtown Fernandina Beach. Established in 1879, the saloon was one of the original bars in Florida, offering as a fantastic window into the communities past. The structure has seen various noteworthy occurrences, including two fires in the late 1800s.

It was formerly a gambling hall hidden behind an ancient boarding house frequented by intellectuals, celebrities, and previous presidents. Despite its eerie past, it still serves beverages and is as popular as ever!

This ancient saloon is a nice location to stop for a drink before going out for dinner or a night on the town. The Palace Saloon features live music and local comedians searching for a fun and intimate setting to showcase their skills six nights a week.

If you’re looking for a historical drink, go to Florida’s oldest tavern, where spirits of outlaws and soldiers lurk. There’s a lot of history to learn!

The Top Ten Things to Do on Amelia Island

From art and history buffs to nature lovers, there are lots of things to do in the Amelia Islands that will keep you entertained for hours.

You will leave with wonderful recollections after seeing the natural beauty here. There is something for everyone here, from miles of unspoiled beaches ideal for surfing to ancient houses and vast gardens.

There are several ways to spend your time on Amelia Island, so come and experience for yourself what Amelia Island has to offer, and come and see one of the finest spots for seafood, sports, and fun!

It’s easy to become lost in Amelia Island’s wealth of leisure, excitement, and adventure, losing sight of its rich history and legacy. Thus, when you visit this lovely barrier island off the coast of northeastern Florida, be sure to stop by some of the historical places to properly enjoy this unique location.

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