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Surprisingly, the Boise eateries in Idaho weren’t all about potatoes, fries, and other traditional American fare. The streets and restaurants in town provide such great tastes that Boise quickly became one of my favorite foodie destinations.

It was difficult to narrow down the best restaurants in Boise to a single digit; the city’s culinary scene exceeded my expectations.

Quietly emerging as Idaho’s and America’s prominent culinary hotspot, the town will give you delectable farm-to-table food, locally produced wines, foreign delicacies, and their town specialties in the most scrumptious presentation.

Despite the fact that I am not a fan of chain eateries, Boise was a hearty and exhilarating vacation. They not only served locally made wines, but they also excelled at creating wonderful and unusual meals.

Eat and go exploring! That’s what I like about this town: it has down-home cuisine that will satisfy any culinary fanatic tourist. These are my top Boise eateries that everyone should try.

Restaurants in Boise’s Downtown

Bittercreek Alehouse (Bittercreek Alehouse)

+12083451813246 N. 8th St.

Instead of looking to the culinary guides, I generally prefer interviewing locals for their favorite Boise eateries. Nevertheless, as it turns out, half of Boise’s populace opted for Bittercreek Alehouse restaurant for all the right reasons.

The restaurant, which is located downtown, provides a nice ambience with calming background music in which to enjoy your lunch or supper. Bittercreek topped the culinary game as well as the aesthetics.

I started with their peppery Lamb Burger. Next, for the main course, I ordered their well-known Poutine. Both meals became among of my favorites in town.

Something about Idaho potatoes never ceases to astonish me. Poutine, made with mac cheese (Ballard curd), fries, brown sauce, braised pork, and scallions, was a crispy-crunchy treat. Every taste was well-balanced and stood out nicely.

Don’t miss out on their Polenta Poutine, spicy lamb burger, and legendary Trout Board.

ten barrels

W. Bannock St.

On a busy Thursday, the 10 Barrel Brewery has several wonderful local beers to offer, particularly the Black Magic. The pub-and-grub, located downtown, has a busy eating scene and superb cuisine.

They have a terrific beer variety, and Brian Augello (their brewmaster) recommended his favorites as well as pretzels as side items.

At approximately 10 p.m., I went to the bar, and the dining room was still hopping with regular customers and some food tour fanatics. I ordered the fried chicken Sando and fish tacos; my meal arrived quickly!

The fried Sando has all of my favorite elements, including their handmade cheese and buffalo sauce. Sando will spice up your night if you like spicy meals.

Following that, I finished my day by enjoying the Boise night with some Red Cap beer. I must add, 10 Barrel has a beautiful vibe both inside and out, where theres a patio with water facilities for the dogs.


800 W. Idaho St. +12082864410800 W. Idaho St.

Following Big Juds, my second favorite would be the Eureka on Weird Alley downtown, most likely because I could get a drink with it. Despite being a big franchise restaurant, Eureka serves amazing burgers, fries, and all-American cultural cuisine.

Fries, nachos, wings, and sandwiches are also available at Eureka. The eatery serves bourbon caramel cake and non-alcoholic drinks to sugar addicts.

The restaurant’s hand-breaded chicken tenders and truffle cheese fries are must-order items. I bought both with wheat beer, and their sauces are delicious!

YES! Locally produced cheese and hand-made sauces enhance the taste of regional cuisine. If you don’t mind chain restaurants, Eureka is a fantastic venue for an evening date due to its beauty, atmosphere, and outdoor terrace for sunset supper.

While most local Boise eateries do not provide meal delivery, this one does. You may order meals from them online via uber-eats or other services. Nonetheless, if you want to have a pleasant evening, I definitely recommend going to the restaurant.

The Big Juds Burger

+120834344391289 Protest Road South

Big Juds will provide you enormous burger challenges and flavor if you value superb taste and stomach-filling meals above appearance.

I attempted the one-pound burger challenge and failed miserably, but it was wonderful! Big Juds is one-of-a-kind and, in my opinion, the greatest in town.

They provide a variety of toppings like as mayo, mustard, ketchup, onions, tomatoes, and so on. Sorry about the ketchup and onion rings! You may, however, change the components to your liking.

The double mushroom bacon burger is my particular favorite. It was enormous and could easily feed the whole family. We topped the burger with additional avocado, and it was delicious!

Sandwiches, fried steaks, enormous fries buckets, and ice cream are all on the menu. I ordered the huckleberry ice cream since everyone raved about it.

Huckleberries and huckleberry deliciousness are renowned in Boise eateries. This taste may be found in a variety of candies, cakes, ice creams, and sweet nibbles.


W Grove St +12083834300981

Of course, I had to sample Chandler’s steak and seafood; it’s what everyone in town is raving about! Chandlers was easy to locate, because to its popularity among residents.

Chandlers serves more than burgers and fries, particularly grilled steaks and seafood that seemed to be sizzling! These were just the beginnings! Everything on the menu sounded amazing, from the tuna tower to the seafood platter, fresh oysters, prawn cocktail, shrimp scampi, and more.

For the main course, I chose Oscar-style crab meat, Filet Mignon (American Wagyu beef), Day Boat Scallops, and Ahi Tuna. I also requested fresh Oyster Rockefeller and crab cake as appetizers (we were a group of people).

As side dishes, roasted veggies with cheese and Burrata salad are also excellent choices. Choose their renowned Chocolate Souffle and speciality wine for dessert. Such a wonderful dinner party! If you like exquisite dining, Chandlers will provide a delectable cuisine at a convenient location.

Chandlers, with its live music and comfortable environment, is ideal for a sumptuous evening date. The cuisine wasn’t sparse, but it wasn’t too full either; each dish delivered generous servings.


+12082871700199 N. 8th St.

While dining out, always order the main dish rather than quick food. The main meal exposes you to the tastes, unique recipes, and taste of the restaurant. The local and well-known restaurant Fork in Boise has some delicious meal plates to offer.

Mexican-style meals, Barbecue, appetizers, samples, seafood, meaty deliciousness, kids platters, and dessert are all on the menu.

tortillas. I was fortunate to visit Fork on Monday. Slow-smoked BBQ short ribs were served as a main course supper. Barbeque meals are my favorite, particularly when they include bread.

Barbeque short ribs with green beans, handmade cornbread muffin, and orange honey butter are served on a fork. A delectable mix!

I also got vegetarian enchiladas Mexican style with black beans, salsa verde, chevre crema (served all week), Tomato Basil Fondue & Grilled Cheese, and soup of the soul to go with the ribs. I chose Forks’ trademark warm butter cake for dessert.

When I think of ambience, I think of Forks terrace eating, with the golden light swinging at the top in the open night.


W. Idaho St. +12087801100807 W. Idaho St.

Discover the world’s most excellent Italian cuisine at Alavita in Boise. It was difficult for me to choose between Forks BBQ short ribs and Alavitas braised short ribs, but I went with both and dined twice at each location.

With Alavita’s unrivaled Italian cuisine and vintage culinary scene, you are sure to experience one of the most delectable pleasures in the world.

Alavita has a distinct old-school ambiance, elegant architecture, and golden lighting set to calm music.

I normally go to restaurants at night, and Alavita has a beautiful view. I got the house-special Black Ravioli, pappardelle to try their Italian specialities. I also had meatballs, burrata, grilled chicken house salad, and Pan Seared Alaskan Halibut.

The supper was fantastic; every Italian taste shone out so nicely that I was taken aback! Not only was their Italian delicious, but their chicken deliciousness was divine! I could eat this clever mixture for years and never get tired of it!

The Basque Marketplace

W. Grove St. +12084331208608 W. Grove St.

The people of Boise guided me to the Basque Market for one of their on-site patio food events featuring Valencias Chicken and Shrimp Paella. On a sunny Friday, I went to The Market for lunch based on a suggestion.

The big Paella plates on the terrace looked delicious, and I couldn’t wait to sample them! Spain, Valencia Paella is a unique blend of pork, fish, and rice. During the occasion, you may eat a lot of paella; it’s wonderful and satisfying! I was relieved to learn that The Basque Market has paella dinners on the first Thursday of each month.

Cheese from the Basque region. Get Arroz With Leche, a classic rice pudding, for dessert. I decided to return at night to sample their Spanish-style food. First, try their Gazta Eta Haragia, a chorizo and Spanish sausage mix.

Thai Mai

W. Idaho St.

I must admit that, albeit little hot, Asian food is a taste paradise! Its rich culture includes not just excellent cuisine but also beneficial herbs and spices. Among Boise Restaurants, Mai Thai was a cultural haven.

This establishment offers some fantastic sushi recipes on the menu. I ordered drunken noodles with Panang curry and moo ping and street-style Thai stew.

The tastes were distinct; I liked my uncommon Asian dinner of the day, particularly the noodle combo with moo pingcrunchy and hot!

Thai cuisine is particularly light, and you may easily follow your meals with two desserts: matcha Lavaa warm chocolate cake and Thai Banana roti. Desserts that are both delicious and comforting!

It would be a travesty to go to a sushi restaurant and not order some cold sake. You should get a sake bottle as a keepsake since it looks so traditional. But, this routine visit was delightful! I like ethnic cuisine, and Mai Thai was both tasty and creative!

Finally, these are the 9 Best Restaurants in Boise.

I had no idea Boise was so rich in traditional cuisine! The town boasts some wonderful Spanish and Thai food, as well as American pop delights and international variety.

Boise is a fantastic city for its food, breathtaking scenery, contemporary ambience, and comfortable atmosphere.

I had a great time here, and these Boise eateries further added to my enthusiasm for the place. Therefore, whether you’re traveling here for business or a brief getaway, note these places on your itinerary!

Check out my other tips for the top places to dine and wine in if you’re going throughout the surrounding states!

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