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Spartanburg, South Carolina, is recognized for its beautiful springs, gentle rains, and mild winters. It is a city of quiet candlelight meals, vibrant nature reserves, children’s playgrounds, and a wealth of history.

A trip through Spartanburg will reward you with the enthralling Hatcher Garden and Woodland Reserve. The city center will lead you through the historic section of Spartanburg, with history driving you at every step.

Spartanburg offers several playgrounds and parks with gorgeous paths and colorful flowers to offer families with children. Big Air Trampoline Park, Cleveland Park, 295 parks, and other popular attractions for children are included here.

Do you have a thing for history and historical stories? Spartanburg is known as South Carolina’s hub city due to the hundreds of railway lines that run through the city. The Spartanburg Art Museum, The Johnson Gallery, Spartanburg Regional Museum of History, the Childrens Museum of History, and many more attractions can be found throughout the city.

The city, which combines history and modernity, also provides quiet evenings and nighttime picnics at the Glendale shoals preserve, the Croft State Park lake, the Milliken Arboretum, and the Clifton Park waterfall.

Spartanburg offers it all if you’re looking for a healthy getaway in South Carolina. I’ve compiled a list of nine exciting things to do in Spartanburg, SC for you!

9 Fascinating Spartanburg SC Activities

Woodland Preserve & Hatcher Garden

832 John B. White Sr. Boulevard

Beginning with this breathtaking tranquillity, the Hatcher Garden and Woodland Preserve is a therapeutic stop for Spartanburg visitors. This garden includes twelve acres of greens and has over 10,000 trees, bushes, and 30+ wildflowers flowering all year.

While the Hatcher garden is most beautiful when it is in bloom (season), it nevertheless provides tourists with flowers and foliage all year. They say you may enjoy it from sunrise to dark, 365 days a year, for free!

The garden includes animals, woodland, and trees, as well as stunning ponds, a lively and colorful ambience, paved vintage walks, a pavilion, miniature waterfalls, wooden vintage bridges, and other features. The Hatcher Garden and Woodland Reserves plan includes many destinations:

  • Garden of hope and healing 
  • Thomas W. Bartram Trail
  • Water-wise demonstration garden
  • Butterfly garden
  • Conifer display garden
  • Altrusa native plant garden.

People commonly use the spot for pre-wedding photoshoots and romantic outings. Moreover, it is a location that is always collaborating with many health organizationsAlzheimer group support, victim aid group, mental health group, to assist individuals in healing via nature.

This month’s bucket list contains items that are usually found at events:

  • 2021 Summer plan sale
  • Art in the garden—meet the artists, the ideologists behind the beauty. Then, celebrate the evening with live concerts, music, and nature. 

Spartanburg Museum of Art

200 East St. John St.

If you want to recognize art, the Spartanburg Art Museum has a lot to offer. Offering painting displays every day of the year, this art gallery also offers educational tours, art lessons, and events on occasion.

At the museum, visitors of all ages may learn more about the art of pottery molding, needle felting, jewelry making, sketching, and painting. Spartanburg Art Gallery has a steep creative learning curve.

  • Art school: Whether you prefer onsite workshops or online art tutoring, the museum has multiple virtual and real art classes for enthusiasts alike. The programs include to-go courses, tours, art school classes, ceramic studio, etc. 
  • Events throughout the year: Spartanburg Art Museum hosts 40+ events in the gallery throughout the year. Most of the events held are free of cost, but you need to reserve your presence before the affirmed date. Currently in the town? Visit the curatorial events for a free exhibition. 
  • Exhibitions in the museum: The museum is open throughout the year except for Sundays, Mondays, and any required public holidays. In fact, on Thursdays, the museum is open until 7 PM for you to enjoy art peacefully in the evening. 

The Spartanburg Art Museum welcomes all artists, regardless of notoriety, and promotes modern art.

Similar places to visit:

  • Chapman cultural center: Theatres, aesthetics, live ballet, art, educational classes, tours, exhibits, etc. 
  • The TJS Gallery—Johnson collection: A cozy gallery to witness and learn the art. 
  • Hub City Railroad Museum: Experience the beautiful railroad lines of the city and restored artifacts, caboose, and railway depot free of cost. 

Park in Cleveland

141 North Cleveland Park Drive

Want to spend a romantic evening with your loved one by a lake, complete with candles and wine? Cleveland Park in South Carolina is undoubtedly one of the most relaxing places to visit. The park, which is surrounded by a lake and ducks, has something for everyone.

The park is a terrific spot for an exciting family day, with so many amazing adventure zones, including hiking, climbing, swinging, and built activities on rubber-coated surfaces.

There is also a 1.5-mile path that covers the whole of Cleveland Park for anyone wishing to increase their daily step count.

What could be more romantic than sitting beside the ocean on a romantic date with your partner? The Island gazebo on the lake is ideal for couples, children, families, and open picnics.

Cleveland Park’s endless greenery, brightness, flowers, wooden arches, and lake make it a favorite wedding and photography destination.

Cleveland Park, with its clubhouse, grills, paved pathways, and greenery, is one of South Carolina’s most popular tourist destinations.

Cottonwood Path

Cottonwood Path

The famed Cottonwood walk is best visited early in the morning or late in the evening. The route has 115 acres of vegetation and a 1.5-mile wooden walk that encompasses Lawsons Fork streams, over 50 tree species, and an incredible spectrum of fauna.

While the route is gorgeous all year, it is most vibrant and lush during the spring and monsoon seasons. You may trek, hike, bicycle, or walk your dogit’s a terrific way to get away from the city’s hustle and bustle.

Apart from the concrete road, the cottonwood trail offers a limited path through the forest that will bless you with towering trees, dispersed sunshine through a thick canopy of trees, greenery, animals, flowers, and a deeper relationship with nature.

Edwin M. Griffin Natural Area

It is a portion of the lengthy Cottonwood Trail and is sometimes confused with it. This natural reserve, on the other hand, is closer to the ocean and permits recreational activities like kayaking and canoeing in addition to riding, racing, or strolling.

Spartanburg has several excellent trails, the most of which are free. Starting the morning deep inside the forest with your dog will fill you with happiness and a natural atmosphere, whether you are a traveler or a native.

Additional paths to explore in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Spartanburg has numerous wonderfully designed trails. Some popular places for a lengthy walk include the Black Foundation Rail Trail, which is 1.9 miles long and lets you to explore the town from rail to trail conversion, and the Milliken Arboretum, which is a corporate-designed greenspace comprising 600 acres of land. An arboretum is surrounded by open land. It is home to hundreds of trees, biodiversity, and well-maintained paths.

Another well-known path may be found throughout Croft State Park. It’s a fantastic spot for camping, sightseeing, campfires, fishing, trailing, walking, biking, and other outdoor activities. The location has a large watercourse.

Historic District of Spartanburg

Spartanburg, South Carolina 29306

The Spartanburg Historic District, located downtown, is a treasure for history buffs. The location is almost famous and refurbished, with late-nineteenth-century and early-twentieth-century architecture.

The bulk of the historic structures are one storey height. The historic Cleveland Hotel and the Masonic Temple are among the highest.

The neighborhood, which was built atop Morgan Square, has a focal point known as the Daniel Morgan monument. Every historic structure has been restored to its original appearance. If you are a fan of architecture, you will like our extended location!

In 1983, the Spartanburg Historic District was also included on the National Register of Historic Places. This downtown section is especially beautiful at night. Experience the nightlife that surrounds the town, which includes superb food, night scenes, clubs, and beauty.

RJ Rockers Brewery and Restaurant

226-A West Main Street

Do you like aged beer and other brewed beverages? RJ Rockers is a tiny family-run establishment that serves beers that are 22 years or older and are housed in large barrels of rum and whiskey imported from the US Virgin Islands.

While in town, RJ Rockers offers sampling excursions on Fridays through Saturdays. With live music concerts, open mic nights, and big game nights on TV, the pub and restaurant provide a wonderful nightlife and excellent cuisine.

RJ Rockers, located in downtown Spartanburg, serves artisan beers. To encourage environmentally sustainable use, the whole restaurant is solar-powered. Nothing beats a relaxed night with beer, soothing lighting, live music, and company. Have a small gathering or party at RJ and spend the night in the city.

Similar locations to go:

  • Mote and Sons Bootlegging Co.: Another great brewery that produces fine rum, whiskey, brandy, and vodka. 
  • Wade’s restaurant: For delicious, southern-tasting food, visit this restaurant. Wade’s restaurant is another antique spot serving delicious food in a warm interior. 

State Park Croft

Croft State Park Road, 450

Croft State Park is a popular adventure destination for those who appreciate outdoor activities, wild camping, waterways, and wildlife. This natural sanctuary covers 7000 acres and was once an army training camp.

The brook provides hours of enjoyable fishing. Apart from offering low-cost boat rentals, the setting is ideal for site camping. Consider evenings in the wilderness, stargazing, or just relaxing by a fire. You may first hike throughout, then fish for a few hours before setting up tent for the night.

Croft State Park stretches over 165 acres of Lake Craig. It is regarded as one of the cleanest lakes in town, and residents enjoy fishing there. The park has chairs for sitting and is a favorite spot for youngsters and family picnics.

Croft State Park contains wooden pathways, a family cemetery, church cemeteries, mountain hiking routes, and other amenities in addition to the lake. As a result, it is an ideal spot for adventure.

During my stay, I took part in geocaching, a game in which you search for containers containing a wood log using GPS services. We had a great day hunting for treasure hunts.

Large Trampoline

660 Spartan Blvd, Suite 200

Although it may seem that Big Air Trampoline is just for kids, it is also a great place for adults seeking for a crazy night out. Imagine spending a whole day with your pals jumping, bull riding, fighting, climbing, and just having fun.

If that’s your thing, Big Air Trampoline offers some amazing group package prices. Visit their official website to learn more about reservations and fees.

Not only that, but the Big Air Trampoline also provides cosmic evenings with colorful neon lights, loud, upbeat music, bass, lasers, and showdown! The whole area’s lighting is dimmed and replaced with neon blues, purples, and pinks.

  • Every adult is allowed an entrance with fair ticket rates ($25/night). 
  • Kids below 15 must visit with their parents. 
  • The cosmic night starts around 7 PM and goes long until 10 PM. 
  • It’s enjoyed every Friday and Saturday on the premises. 

Your child’s birthday celebration. It’s entertaining, safe, and imaginative. When you order a Big Air Trampoline birthday package, you will get a designated party room, a party host, printables, disposals, huge pizzas, ten guests (jumpers), and full access to the whole gaming zone. Big Air Trampoline is an excellent spot for a group outing.

Trampoline, party wherever, start cosmic night whenever you like, buy and dine at the restaurant, and so forth. From 12 a.m. until 7 a.m. Following that, you may get a room and sleep on a sofa. When you schedule a lock-in party, the night becomes crazy. After 10 p.m., the whole establishment locks you inside.

You may use the facilities whatever you like during this lock-in event; the night is long, and the Big Air trampoline is crazy!

Clifton Park

River Drive No. 160

Spartanburg is a warm city where you should spend time on the water. Clifton Park provides full access to the creek, allowing you to swim, relax, fish, and float for as long as you like.

Clifton Park features a tiny yet lengthy waterfall that provides lovely views to admire. Many particularly like the view from the bridge over the waterfall. The bridge leads to a lengthy route suitable for walking, biking, and hiking.

It’s an excellent picnic place for families, friends, and children. You may cook just next to the waterfall. Explorers may enjoy a beach-like experience thanks to the stream that runs beside it.

To summarize the 9 Interesting Things To Do In Spartanburg,

Spartanburg has lots of things to do away from the commotion. Nature to calm your spirit, adventures to climb, and handcrafted beer to enjoy the night are all available in the city.

If you’re in South Carolina, this is a must-see city! Begin your day with the Cottonwood hike.

My agenda had me driving throughout the city. So here’s a little tour of Spartanburg. Enjoy the day in Clifton Park’s waterways. Drive downtown to the historic area in the evening and taste RJ Rockers beer. Go on to Hatcher Garden and Cleveland Park the following day. Following that, grab supper at Wades and go around the city.

Spartanburg is best visited during the winter, spring, and rainy seasons. So put on some warm clothing and wait for the city to reveal itself to you. North Carolina is a fantastic place to visit after South Carolina. If you are planning a vacation to North Carolina, here is a list of 13 must-try eateries in Mooresville, NC. Likewise, if you visit Fayetteville, be sure to dine at one of these seven greatest Fayetteville restaurants.

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