9 Must-Try Decatur Alabama Restaurants | The Top Decatur, AL Restaurants

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Can a little town in North Alabama really be a gastronomic destination? Can there really be enough amazing Decatur Alabama restaurants to warrant a separate article? Consult the locals. They will tell you that this is correct. Excellent cuisine is the number one reason proud residents and hungry people from miles around go to Decatur, Alabama eateries, but when you delve a bit deeper, additional reasons to visit the city emerge.

History, leisure, the arts, the economy, civic pride, and exceptional chefs with cherished recipes have all come together to create an appealing, dynamic location to live and visit. Although we will discuss these topics, our main focus will always be on the restaurants in Decatur, AL.

Since the early town along the Tennessee River was named Decatur in June 1820, it has benefited from a fantastic position. As a major railroad hub was created there, the population and economic possibilities skyrocketed. Because of the river and the railroad, Decatur became such an important piece of real estate during the Civil War that just three structures remained intact after the conflict finished. The determined folks had to rebuild everything else.

In 150 years, Decatur’s population has grown to about 55,000 people. The river and railroad, as well as the nearby International Airport in Huntsville, Alabama, make Decatur an appealing location for industry, pleasure, and the arts. United Launch Alliance, Nucor Steel, Daikin America, and 3M, as well as several local enterprises, contribute to the area’s economic prosperity. The Tennessee River hums with barges, boats, skiers, and anglers all the time. Point Mallard Water Park, which is also located along the river, was the first wave pool created in the United States and is a popular summertime attraction.

The Alabama Center for the Arts has degree programs in both visual and performing arts, and the Princess Theatre for Performing Arts is a beloved location for concerts, plays, lectures, and films. The Princess Theatre building was constructed in 1887 as a horse barn for the Casa Grande Hotel. It was converted into a theater in 1919 and has been renovated multiple times since then. It’s easy to visualize the colorful vaudeville acts that formerly packed the stage.

The Cook Museum of Natural History has been included to the city’s historic downtown attractions. Since its inauguration in the summer of 2019, it has attracted thousands of visitors with cutting-edge exhibitions and hands-on, immersive educational experiences.

Numerous major events bring tourists to Decatur each year. The first is the Alabama Jubilee Hot Air Balloon Classic during Memorial Day weekend, followed by the Spirit of America festival on July 4th.

At the ceremony, a new Miss Point Mallard is crowned, and she goes on to compete for the title of Miss Alabama. During the year, the third Friday of each month is blocked off for music, artisan merchants, and auto exhibitions.

With so many reasons for travelers to come to Decatur, it’s only natural that exceptional restaurants have built a reputation for themselves. Some Decatur eateries have been serving locals and guests for centuries, while others are emerging culinary stars. All are worth a try and willing to serve hungry customers. If this is your first visit, they are presented below in the order in which they originally appeared in Decatur.

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The 9 Greatest Restaurants in Decatur, Alabama


+1 256-350-6969 1715 SE 6th Ave

Big Bob began cooking barbeque for his pals while still working for the railroad in 1925. His smoked meats were so famous that friends advised him to leave his day job and focus only on barbecue. By the early 1950s, he and numerous family members had joined the effort and constructed a shop on 6th Ave SE near the current site. By 1987, the restaurant’s popularity had increased enough to warrant the opening of a much bigger restaurant next door with a much enlarged kitchen.

Its high-quality pork and ribs are famous menu items, but the smoked chicken smothered in white sauce is what most people associate with Big Bob.

The Brunswick stew and massive filled potatoes, as well as the pastries with massive heaps of meringue, are renowned. The most popular flavors are coconut and chocolate, followed by lemon icebox and pecan. These pies are so popular that 725 were prepared and sold over a recent Thanksgiving week. The baker’s supervisor has been coming every morning at 6:00 a.m. for the last 45 years to produce her creations. The recipes have been handed down through generations, so the constantly pleasing flavors stay the same.

Big Bob’s grandsons and grandchildren-in-law have also won a slew of significant honors in barbeque contests around the nation. The trophies are displayed on the walls at the main door. You can’t miss them and must be cautious not to knock one down. When you first visit Decatur, put this on your list of must-try local restaurants.


+1 256-822-2229109 2nd Avenue NE, Decatur, AL 35601, USA

Josies is conveniently located across the street from the Princess Theatre, making it ideal for a date night of supper and a live performance or viewing of a classic film while only needing to find one parking spot.

Josies serves supper Tuesday through Sunday, as well as brunch on Sunday. Simp McGhee is owned by the same folks as Simp McGhee.

Josies has a Mediterranean food, and the restaurant’s name was inspired by a song by the rock band Steely Dan.

Pizza, spaghetti, wraps, salads, paella, tacos, falafel, chicken shawarma nachos, tiramisu, and a limoncello martini, among other less unusual meals, are available.

As an appetizer, we ordered Chicken Shawarma Nachos, and for my meal, I got the Chimichurri steak frites.

Everything was delicious, and the steak was delicate enough to cut with a fork! I will surely return!!! If you haven’t gone, you’re missing out!


6th Avenue SE +1 256-350-02112400

Since 1977, the scent of Italian herbs and spices has filled the kitchen and dining area at Alfonsos. Dad still comes in every morning to create the sauces, but the restaurant is now run by daughter Marie Barbee. The new site has a considerably bigger kitchen and dining area, but the same fantastic pizza, pasta, and salad dishes. That’s great news for the numerous people who come to this famous Decatur eatery for lunch every day. The lunch specials, in particular, are fantastic values. I particularly recommend the Spaghetti Bake, which is served on Tuesdays. It costs $6.50 and comes with garlic bread. Very wonderful.

Create your own pizza, calzone, or try one of the pasta-heavy entrees. All are delicious, but leave room for dessert. Cannoli, cheesecake, and Coca-Cola cake will be difficult to pass up.

Alfonsos is open from 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and until 10:00 p.m. on Friday and Saturday.


725 Bank Street NW

Simp McGhees, which has been open since 1986, is widely regarded as Decatur’s top luxury restaurant. It is only open for supper Monday through Saturday and closes on Sunday. The lunch menu emphasizes seafood and steaks with New Orleans flair, but it also has spaghetti, duck, lamb, and hog.

Simp McGhees has live music on a regular basis, but the most fascinating connection is from the mythology of the restaurant’s namesake, riverboat captain William Simpson (Simp) McGhee. Stories abound of his daring escapades on his boat, frequenting bars with his pet pig, and putting up his closest girlfriend as the madam of a major brothel. Everything comes together to make this a top Decatur, AL restaurant. The cuisine is superb, the environment is vibrant, and everything comes together to make this a top Decatur, AL restaurant.


6th Avenue SE +1 256-306-09101735

Actually, this renowned candy store is not a restaurant, but you will be sorry if you do not stop in to try some of their specialities if you visit Decatur. Starting in 1987, Mary Morgan began preparing her father’s secret praline recipe, and the public reacted with chants of “More! More!” The most popular tastes are currently English toffee, brittle, and chocolate-dipped cherries, and in the summer, there is a range of housemade gelato varieties that will blow your mind.

The lovely shop displays a large choice of gift products, and you can see into the open candy kitchen. I defy you to leave without a bag full of sweets. When it comes to the greatest places to dine in Decatur, you will quickly realize that it isn’t all about typical fare.


608 Holly Street NE 256-355-1045

Benny Perrin, a local sports star, launched B.B. Perrins in 1988, with his brother Braxton serving as the second B in the restaurant’s name. Benny was a football, baseball, and basketball player at Decatur High School, as well as a football and baseball player at the University of Alabama. He played in the National Football League for four seasons before retiring and returning to Decatur. He died in 2017, mostly as a consequence of injuries incurred while playing football. The sports motif, commitment to Alabama football, and superb cuisine, however, continue at B.B. Perrins.

Ribs and wings are perhaps the most popular and renowned menu items, but there are many additional appetizers, salads, entrees, and desserts to choose from.

With 20 flat-screen Televisions surrounding the walls, you’ll be able to watch your favorite team while dining at this popular Decatur restaurant.

Brick Deli and Tavern

+1 (256) 355112 Moulton St E, Decatur, AL 35601, USA

Josies is just around the corner from Brick Deli. It’s open for lunch on Mondays and Tuesdays, lunch and dinner from Wednesday through Saturday, and closed on Sundays.

The Brick Deli is located in a structure that is over a century old. It was an office building and a furniture store before becoming a restaurant, but it was also a speakeasy and a bordello.

The majority of the menu consists of sandwiches, salads, and soups, with potato salad and banana pudding receiving wonderful reviews.

I stopped by for lunch. I sat at the bar and was promptly given a menu and a list of suggestions.

The Downtown Hoagie, which arrived with a fresh hoagie baguette and delicious deli meats, was my choice. The homemade potato salad was wonderful! I hope to return the next time I’m in town.

The beer variety was also outstanding. They provided a variety of local draft options as well as a few national minor brews. I definitely suggest going there if you’re in the area!


+1 256-580-5707209 SE 2nd Avenue

Tyler Jones and Chef Bill Harden established their restaurant in September 2015, and it has already gained devoted customers and excellent reviews. They seem to have a finger on the pulse and culinary desires of Decatur customers, as they describe their cuisine as farm-to-fork comfort dishes. Jones, after all, is a Decatur native whose parents and ancestors have been prominent in the town’s various commercial operations.

The $4 kids menu options make this a family-friendly establishment, and desserts like Kentucky Derby pie and toffee crack pie seem simply delicious. The main courses are seafood and steaks, but the lunch dish of Morgan County Tomato Pie is quite appealing. Fresh ingredients are used in a variety of inventive burgers, sandwiches, and salads, and vegetarians will appreciate the Black Bean Burger alternative.

RailYard is open Monday through Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., and is closed on Sunday. Visit this popular Decatur eatery.

Tacos and Such & Such Burgers

US-31, Decatur, AL 35603, United States, +1 256-686-35982614

Any restaurant that has a giant smoker parked right outside their door is certain to be a winner in my book, and that is exactly what I encountered inside Such & Such.

Considering the menu includes a variety of burgers and tacos, I relied heavily on an employee’s recommendation for what to get. I ordered the Steakhouse, Loco, and Bora Bora taco trio.

I also had the Island burger, which was made with smoked brisket patty, cheese, cinnamon sugar, bacon, grilled pineapple, and Js red sauce.

Such-N-Such was a big success with me since I love excellent dishes and blending uncommon components.

I was quite pleased with the lady who took our order. She was amusing and kind. Overall, excellent service! This is an absolute must-see!

Four of these restaurants provide dishes on the list of 100 Meals to Taste in Alabama Before You Die. At this best of Decatur restaurant, they will all give you a tasty and fulfilling dinner (or sugar treat) with a hearty dose of Southern charm.

Which of these Decatur, Alabama restaurants do you want to try the most? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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