9 Must-Try Pier 39 Restaurants | San Francisco’s Top Pier 39 Restaurants

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Pier 39 in San Francisco has an exuberant attitude. Action, entertainment, wonderful cuisine, and education are all together in one location that the whole family will enjoy.

First, some context before we go into the greatest Pier 39 eateries.

The Docks

The piers along the Embarcadero in San Francisco stretch into the Bay from this reclaimed barrier. The Ferry Building, a ferry station and office structure, is located in the heart of this eastern coastal highway. Odd-numbered piers face north on Market Street, while even-numbered piers face south. Market Street is San Francisco’s principal street. The terminal has been named a landmark in San Francisco and is on the National Register of Historic Properties.

The Port of Call

The port of San Francisco is known as one of the world’s three major natural ports because it can accommodate all of the world’s fleets. It is located near the Golden Gate, a channel that links the Bay to the Pacific Ocean, on the western shore of San Francisco Bay.

The Port of San Francisco oversees the port infrastructure and the waterfront region, including Pier 39.

Parking at Pier 39 in San Francisco

Although I took BART into the city and then a rideshare to Pier 39, there is a nice parking facility immediately across the street from the Entrance Plaza. Pier 39 Parking Garage is the greatest parking option in San Francisco’s Pier 39. A few discount schemes provide flat pricing and advanced bookings. Parking is validated at several full-service restaurants.

Pier 39

Pier 39 is a 45-acre seaside meeting spot for both residents and tourists. Pier 39 is a retail area that has one-of-a-kind stores, street entertainers, restaurants, a video arcade, virtual 3D attractions, and views of California sea lions. The Aquarium of the Bay, musical steps, whale watching excursions, the Blue & Gold Fleet for sightseeing cruises, and many other attractions make this family-friendly facility one of the finest in the city. Pier 39 offers views of Angel Island, Alcatraz Island, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the Bay Bridge.

Pier 39 got the most-visited attraction ranking in San Francisco by the San Francisco Tourism Association in 2010, 2014, and again in 2017. Pier 39 won my favor this spring after I spent an enjoyable day touring the waterfront and San Francisco Bay. I didn’t want the day to end like a child. But it did conclude on a high note, with a lunch overlooking the Bay at Fog Harbor Fish House, one of San Francisco’s top restaurants.

Although Pier 39 officially opens at 11 a.m. every day, certain eateries open earlier to allow you to enjoy a wonderful breakfast before starting your eventful day.

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Pier 39’s Best Restaurants

Pier 39 is home to thirteen full-service restaurants, cafes, snacks, and sweet delights.

Prominent franchise eateries or specialist hot spots satiate the hungry. You may either see your meal being prepared or sit back and wait for it to be served to you.

Having just one day on Pier 39, these are my favorite locations to eat that kept me going all day.

Mini Doughnuts Trish’s

+14159814318 Building B, Floor 1 of Pier 39

These delectable tiny mouthfuls are soaked in sugar and cinnamon and are lighter than air and warm from the fryer. These little donuts are often included on Best Donuts in San Francisco lists. I know exactly why!

See the manufacturing of these delectable little donuts from outside the window of Trishs Mini Donuts. They are available with or without cinnamon and sugar. The automation of transforming batter into bits is both interesting and simple. People are there at both the beginning and conclusion of the process as the batter is deep-fried to perfection on a conveyor. Finally, the cinnamon and sugar are applied. I look forward to the flavor on my tongue as I deftly grab buckets full of doughnuts and sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on the pile.

Trish Conklin, the originator of the micro donut recipe, comes from a carnival business family. She attended carnival school as a youngster and worked in games and carnival food kiosks throughout her childhood and college years. Since 1994, she has been making her renowned little donuts on the Pier.

How can one individual devour a whole bucket of doughnuts? I tried, but in the end, I just had to share them with the other people I met on Pier 39 that day. A fantastic brunch establishment on the Pier.


Beach St, Building A, Level 1 +141539147372

Every time of day is appropriate for a warm cup of handmade clam chowder served in a bread bowl. Large pieces of clams and nutritious veggies in a thick soup base are the ideal location to dip the bread bowl’s top.

Make Chowders your first stop on a Pier 39 tour for a hot supper since they open early. Chowders is a lovely establishment with a nice and kind staff that is also known for its fish & chips. Its a nice spot to enjoy the cuisine, sights, and family time.

Chowders on Pier 39 is a family-run establishment that just marked 35 years in operation. Chowders owner Kelly Murphy is pleased of her long-term staff.

On my visit, I began my dinner at their outside dining area. But, as the sourdough bread bowl top almost blew away, I dashed inside to complete the meal. Since the bread dish preserves heat, each exquisite mouthful remained warm and flavorful.

Fish House in Fog Harbor

+14154212442 Building A, Level 2 of Pier 39

Fog Harbor Fish House, a full-service Pier 39 restaurant, is located on the second floor and overlooks the West Marina. Views of the Marine Terminal’s Blue & Gold Fleet and Rocket Boat tourist cruise vessels are available via the picture windows. Looking out the right picture window (yep, I had the greatest seat in the house), I could practically reach out and touch Alcatraz Island just beyond the sea lions.

The vast menu was tempting, but the Seafood Plate drew my attention. Crab, mussels, clams, shrimp, and oven-roasted fingerling potatoes were among the ingredients. As the sun fell across the Bay, I savored the textural mash-up of delectable shellfish.

Thinking on the ideal day, I was not hurried and relished the great dinner experience at one of Pier 39’s top restaurants.

Caf Crpe

+14153181494 Building D, Level 1 of Pier 39 D

The Crpe Caf prepares crpes in front of your eyes, bringing a flavor of France to California.

While I watched with rapt attention, luxurious chocolate was dripped over sliced bananas from above. How could I possibly resist such enticing, delectable craftsmanship? Is there a better match than chocolate and bananas?

You may order from the menu for breakfast, lunch, or supper, or you can create your own meal. I had to get one after seeing the banana and chocolate crepe being made on the hot griddle!

Sweet crpes are available with jams, fruit, caramel, and whipped cream, as well as the ever-popular smores. I discovered that Nutella and Ghiradelli chocolate are used in more than one delicious crpe.

Try the Turkey Pesto with avocado and Monterey Jack cheese or the Hawaiian with ham, pineapple, and cheese if you like savory crpes.

The Eagle Caf

+14154841282 Building A, Level 2 of Pier 39

The Eagle Caf opens at 8 a.m. for early risers. They’ve been serving breakfast, lunch, and supper on the Pier since 1928.

My favorite breakfast, corned beef hash, was competing for my attention with the banana pecan pancakes. Who can resist Avocado Toast with Egg? So you like Eggs Benedict, omelets, or anything from the griddle. You have a lot of options!

Warren Simmons, the creator of Pier 39, intended The Eagle Caf to be among the first restaurants to operate in this magnificent site known as Pier 39. After 40 years, the restaurant is still managed by the Simmons family, including the eldest son, Scooter, and grandson Ryan, as well as a number of long-term staff.

The Eagle has been frequented by veterans, current military, and longshoremen working on the San Francisco harbor since 1928. The decree commemorates and pays respect to these special visitors. This is a fantastic brunch spot on the Pier.

Taqueria & Cantina Mangos

+14157570609 Building P, Level 2, Pier 39 #255

Mangos Taqueria & Cantina is a casual full-service restaurant and bar that serves tacos and other traditional Jalisco Mexican food. They specialize on small meals and snacks that complement cocktails nicely.

Mangos provides a welcoming atmosphere because to the warm and rustic furnishings and dĂ©cor brought from Mexico. A sunny terrace offers views of the East Marina and San Francisco Bay. It’s a terrific way to try their signature drinks. I appreciated the heaters on windy and chilly days like the one I visited.

Did you know you can drink your tequila neat? That is how I like it Mangos carries over fifty 100% Agave tequilas one of the greatest collections in San Francisco.

The handcrafted red and green salsa is a family recipe that pairs wonderfully with chips and Mangos’ distinctive Mango Guacamole. Mangos is one of the greatest places to dine on Pier 39 in the Bay Area for a flavor of Mexico.

Tiki Bar at the Luau Lounge

+141598163002 Beach Street, Buildings L and M, Level 1

Tropical drinks and Hawaiian music made me want to go to a luau. Although the Luau Lounge will not be roasting a pig in the ground, you may bring your ukulele and join in the fun.

The Luau Lounge, located at the extreme end of Pier 39 on the East Marina, has magnificent views of San Francisco Bay that are so close to the ocean that you can actually feel the Americas Cup boat races. It is the greatest spot in the world to view world-class sailboat racing.

The menu features All-American staples such as fresh seafood, steaks, salads, and burgers, as well as a children’s menu.

Inside Players Sports Restaurant & Arcade is the Luau Lounge. They have rare games and 200+ sports channels on 35 HDTVs.

Players is a great destination for the whole family, with 85 arcade games and gifts for kids. The arcade games are appropriate for all skill levels. Air hockey, my personal favorite, shares room with pool tables, Wheel of Fortune, NBA Hoops, and many more games.

Hot Dog Wipeouts Cart

If you can’t pull yourself away from the beautiful outdoors on Pier 39, stop by Wipeouts Hot Dog Cart for a delicious Nathans Hot Dog. They also provide soft beverages with their hot dogs, which include the Gigantic Dog, Polish Sausage, Chili Cheese Dog, and Foot Long.

Nathans Famous Hot Dogs has been in business for over 100 years and is known for the quality and flavor of its dogs. When you’re searching for a fast bite on Pier 39, try one of these.

Fruit Orchard Vlahos

Fresh fruit fromVlahos Fruit Orchardon Pier 39 is often used as the backdrop for guest selfies. Make Vlahos your healthy pick for a grab-and-go, self-contained snack. Chocolate is optionally offered for dipping your fruit choices. They are open from May through September on the Pier.

Last Thoughts

Pier 39 is a one-stop shop for San Francisco sightseeing, eating on local food, family entertainment, and San Francisco gift shopping. If you’re short on time, here is the place to be.

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