9 Must-Try Restaurants in Atlantic Beach FL | Top Restaurants in Atlantic Beach, FL

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Atlantic Beach, Florida, is one of the Jacksonville Beaches neighborhoods in Duval County. And it’s a fantastic neighborhood for Jacksonville residents and tourists to enjoy.

We braved the combination of a King Tide and Noreaster to get out and about, away from a lovely beach hotel, One Ocean Resort & Spa, to bring you these great restaurant options while in town for a publishers conference and additional promotion, thanks to the original Shark from Shark Tank, Kevin Harrington.

As you drive into town, you can see Atlantic Beach to the north and Neptune Beach to the south (for more information about Neptune Beach eateries, read my next post!). These two seaside communities offer fantastic eateries along the beach. And there’s much more a few streets inland.

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The Top 9 Restaurants in Atlantic Beach, FL

Azurea Restaurant at One Ocean Resort & Spas

Phone: (904) 249-74021 Ocean Blvd.

Walking through the door of this restaurant and bar seems like you’re entering Neptune’s playground or the most expensive fish tank you’ve ever seen.

As you move towards a sculpture floating in the middle area, floor to ceiling, planes of silver reflecting the light, you will encounter a coral blue tube with speciality blue lighting and stones placed on wires.

The restaurant was open all day, and the bar is regarded as one of the finest in the region. They prepared a dinner for us when we worked through lunch, chicken breast or beef sandwiches, or curried hummus for the vegetarians.

I ordered the achiote marinated mahi-mahi tacos, served in a double soft tortilla with mango pico de gallo, cabbage slaw, cilantro-lime cream, and a house-pickled jalapeƱo since I don’t like sandwiches. That was a bit sloppy, but there was enough time during the break to go the lavatory, and my hmmmms were quiet enough not to disrupt the meeting.

We relaxed at the pub for a few hours after the second day of the conference. The service was sometimes sluggish, but everyone was pleased with what we had achieved.

And while the storm raged on, it was nice to have an amusing cause to remain inside and network.

If you’re in the neighborhood, they have a Thanksgiving special. Check it out on any holiday.

Joe’s Pizza

The phone number is (904) 270-112230 Ocean Blvd.

On a chilly, windy, wet day, sometimes all you need is a slice. The girl working the lunch counter the day I came informed me that the most popular item she sells is a slice, but on days like today, the garlic knots are a huge seller. Strangely, she had not yet tried them.

She should, though. I ordered and got the garlic knots many minutes before my piece of cheese pizza arrived, and they were some of the best I’ve ever tasted.

Warm and yeasty with a wonderful garlic butter combination, you may eat them with your fingers or with a fork and knife.

The cheese pizza slice appeared, and it was loaded with mozzarella. Even though it was a decent piece of pizza, it couldn’t compete with the garlic knots.

The woman did remark that the lasagna is one of their best-selling Italian meals, and it is made with beef rather than sausage. When I return, I’d want to give it a go.

Sauteed mussels, stuffed mushrooms, an antipasto platter, fried mozzarella sticks, fried calamari, chicken or tuna salads, the traditional Caesar or Greek salad, or Josephs Antipasto Salad are all offered on this menu.

Homemade meatballs, steak in a bag, pastrami, handmade Italian sausage, and chicken salad are among the sandwiches available.

The aroma of the freshly made Italian bread merges with that of the pizza dough, making it difficult to distinguish between the flat rolls and the braided sesame loaf, for example, but the garlic knots are the nicest Ive tasted in a long time.

Frozen Custard Whits

Ocean Blvd.

The key to know about Whits ahead of time is that they offer two types of custard, vanilla and chocolate, plus the flavor of the day. So go early in your stay to organize your day around how often you need to return. This leaves you with the necessary amount of time, calories, and money to budget.

For example, on the day I visited, they didn’t have a flavor I was interested in. The following day, though, they were selling Buckeye with peanut butter and chocolate, as in The Ohio State University’s taste.

So I went back the following day (after Ragtime Tavern, Seafood & Grille) and brought a waffle cone with me to the conference.

The ice cream melted quicker than anticipated in the rain, resulting in a sweet and lovely mess all over my hands that a decent wash couldn’t cure after the dessert was over.

It was much creamier than Id imagined, this mixture of peanut butter with a little of chocolate. The majority of the chocolate was discovered in the base of the waffle cone and was even better than a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup.

In addition to the cup or cone, you may have your frozen custard served in a number of ways. Beach craziness, cold coffee, grasshopper, Hawaiian luau, mud pie, river city pleasure, rocky road, sea turtle, shark bite, and smores are some of the flavors available. I’m glad I didn’t start matching and mixing their candy, nuts, fresh fruits, bits, and preferences. I may have been escorted out of town.

On my first visit, the special was mocha toffee. Other flavors were sea salt caramel, samoas, and mint chocolate chip. Nice to have on the way out of town (after your car is packed).

Ragtime Seafood and Grille

207 Atlantic Blvd.

As you step inside Ragtime, you’ll find a rustic western saloon serving comfort cuisine with a seafood flavor. There were seven of us at Ragtime, so it was interesting to see how everyone else’s dinner compared to mine.

The water in this location does not agree with me, which is not unusual in coastal places, as I’ve discovered. Thus the options are bottled water, lemonade, tea (unsweetened or sweetened), or soda. Since I can’t readily blend sweet tea and water, I learnt on this trip to have the tea mixed half and half (unsweetened on the bottom of the glass, I discovered) to form an acceptable mixture.

Others were happy with their sodas, iced tea, or lemonade.

From baked brie, Cajun crawfish dip, and pretzel stix to gumbo, hand-cut filet mignon (mine next time), fresh linguini, shrimp and grits, and grilled salmon, the menu has something for everyone. To cover all the bases, get a Poboy, fish wrap, cheeseburger, or blackened mahi sandwich.

I wanted the steak but didn’t have time during our lunch break, so I settled for the mahi-mahi instead. Instead of the sandwich on the menu, they were gracious enough to wrap it in corn tortillas for me, a dark wrapped in a light.

The seared well done mahi was accompanied by a slaw of Cajun remoulade sauce, shredded lettuce, and tomato.

Others featured chicken, fish, or beef, with one wrapped in a rich miso sauce.

The fries are waffle cut here, with plenty of room for their signature sauces.

Coop 303

03 Atlantic Blvd. (904) 372-4507303 Atlantic Blvd.

There was time to join up with other acquaintances in the region after the conference, including a screenwriting colleague and her daughter, a realtor who knew the area well.

Coop is a new eatery that opened around a year ago. And something fresh for all three of us. Their Happy Hour runs from 2 to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. Every Friday and Saturday, live music begins at 9 p.m.

Enter a peaceful entryway with sitting to the left and kitchen vistas. For the complete bar experience and outside terrace, use the stairs (or elevator).

We selected a table near the bar on the inside.

I was so pleased to see chicken and waffles on the menu following my trip at the Breakfast Klub in Houston that I had to inquire.

They provided a mix of leg, thigh, wing, and breast, as well as a boneless alternative. Well, not with the waffle. So I went for the boneless chicken and two sides. Since Brussels sprouts were the vegetable of the day, I chose the two potato options: tater tots and French fries.

The Our Famous Coop Benedict three delicately balanced sandwiches with poached egg, BBQ pulled pork, fried green tomatoes, crispy onions, and Florida gold hollandaise on a toasted English muffin that practically glistened in the sunlight were ordered by Joyce Davidson, a screenwriter who also works as a realtor and structural engineer.

I felt a bit terrible for not eating veggies, but I did get to exercise and go to the beach. During the storm, the pool heater must have lost electricity. Thursday night was warm, but not Saturday, so no swimming that day. The remainder of my stay in Florida would be spent working out and eating healthier!

Morning bubbz, mimosas and poinsettias, Aperol spritz, House bloody Mary, Jalisco es Mexico, Bourbon Root Beer Float, and 56 Reasons a Jgermeister Cold Brew with vanilla vodka, turbinado sugar, lemon juice, and half and half were among the cocktail offerings for a Sunday brunch.

Salads include baby kale and arugula, buttermilk fried chicken, pear salad, and a build-your-own option.

When I return, beloved daughter will most likely have the Impossible burger, and if I’m hungry enough, I’ll order the Angus Beef Burger, which has fresh house-ground Angus beef, lettuce, tomato, quickles (not pickles), and Coop sauce on a brioche bun.

Diner on the Beach

501 Atlantic Blvd.

My final day in town, we had a time change, and I was out before the eateries opened. So I continued walking away from the shore until I came to the Beach Diner.

It’s all a beach restaurant should be (except the sand). Indoor or outdoor seats, attentive staff, and a diverse menu. That was a terrific spot for an unexpected breakfast. It is open Monday through Sunday from 6 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and also provides event space and catering.

Take the opportunity to go around the eateries and look for beach signage. The triptych to the right of the register is really appealing to me. Anything with a surfboard in their work is OK by me.

One group was exchanging their finest egg jokes, which I overheard. It’s all made up to be the finest laugh.

Breakfast specials and morning specials (6-8 a.m.), pancakes, French toast, waffles, omelets, old house classics (including eggs benedict and eggs on the Bayou, as well as biscuits with sausage gravy), breakfast sandwiches, a kids menu (8 and under), and Bubba Specials that I had to try.

Mama Helens Fried Chicken and Waffles is delicately breaded, with juicy and flavorful chicken breast, a fluffy Belgian waffle, syrup, and blueberry butter. The latter was delicious, reminding me of the BLT on blueberry bread I had at The Pharm in Buffalo, Texas (see my Midtown Houston article).

They sell Coca-Cola goods and were happy to satisfy my request for water. They pulled it right from the soda machine here, thus it was by far the nicest tasting water I tasted.

They also provide delicious salads. Tossed shrimp and crabmeat, stuffed avocado, Mediterranean, Greek, Caesar, or grilled chicken cobb salad are all options.

And their take on the BLT is BETTER. That’s correct, an egg salad with crisp bacon and a juicy tomato with fresh greens may be served in a pita pocket.

I couldn’t pass up the French Dip. It was lean and well-grilled, with just a hint of salt. The potato salad was the blandest I’ve ever eaten, despite the fact that it included nice mayonnaise, potatoes, and eggs. There were no additional spices discovered. I improved it by adding a pinch of salt and pepper from the table (I didn’t believe the jellies or spicy sauce would make much of a difference).

They do provide mimosas and wine, which includes poinsettia, Bellini, pinot grigio, and chardonnay.

If you’re ever off-cycle for your meals in the middle of the day or very early in the morning, this is an excellent location to stop.

The Poes Tavern

Suite 1 (904) 241-7637363 Atlantic Blvd.

This rustic restaurant caters to both literary types and everyday people. There is space both inside and outside for people to participate, dispute, learn, live, and love, as shown by the colorful tortoise at the entry and another on the tile floor. And then laugh. Yeah, there’s a lot of laughing.

Begin with chips and pico de gallo or queso, then go on to Edgar’s nachos. Tortilla chips topped with Edgars Drunken Chili, cheddar, and Monterey jack cheese. I had no idea Poe had such a keen sense of flavor.

Next try one of the four quesadillas, a soup, or a salad. Tavern Salad consists of mixed greens and grape tomatoes, as well as onions, carrots, cucumbers, red and yellow peppers, and fresh basil.

Beef selections include the Raven, a simple burger, and the Beef Hop Frog, which includes Migs BBQ sauce, applewood bacon, and Monterey Jack cheese. There’s also a beef black cat, grilled onions, Edgars drunken chili, applewood bacon, and pimento cheese on the menu. Never before has a burger smelled so good. And you can tell the chef and proprietors have a sense of humour when you read that the tell-tale heart and the rue morgue are popular sellers.

They have all of the same recipes but with chicken instead of beef, so they cover all of the bases.

The same goes for the vegetarian selections. They even have a vegetarian Annabel Lee.

Since we’re near the water, we love that they’ve provided tacos with mahi or tuna, a buffalo shrimp taco, or a shrimp salad sandwich. The crab cake sandwich was a hit with the guy next to me. He waxed lyrical over the dish’s flavor, fragrance, and feel.

They provide Coca-Cola products, lemonade, fruit juice, ginger ale, water by the bottle, and milk as drinks. They provide red bull and ginger beer, as well as mocktails and a virgin bloody.

It’s a wonderful place to be, literary or not. And a wonderful spot to wander about.

Homemade Kitchen

Suite 2 (904) 372-4059299 Atlantic Blvd.

Although serious about their espresso, Atlantic Beach’s health-conscious residents visit this nutritious, tasty, fast-made cuisine from scratch to receive a wonderful start or boost in their day.

Attracted by the froyo, smoothies, and acai bowls, power snacks and sweets are conveniently accessible at the front counter.

And they dislike making anything commonplace. The first thing I noticed were the unusual breakfast wraps. The Phoenix Breakfast wrap is described as being filled with freshly cooked organic eggs, aged cheddar cheese, organic black beans, organic salsa, spicy sauce, and a splash of their own flavor. Once it’s been pressed in the grill, it’s served in a whole grain wrap. Every step or component may be changed.

They also have egg and cheese, medium egg, sweet heat, and the Hippie Chick. The latter is served in a whole grain wrap with locally sourced tempeh, avocado, organic spinach, organic carrot, homemade balsamic vinaigrette, and house spice. It would be my favorite daughter’s pick.

They are huge espresso fans. They are committed to Bold Bean, which sounds lovely but falls flat on tea drinkers’ ears. They also said that they had several teas that I could pair with my steel-cut oats.

Meat & Drink ABBQ

Atlantic Blvd.

If the bull on the restaurant’s side doesn’t deter you, the aroma of a rich, fragrant Barbeque should. They’ve been providing food to go or for delivery, but for the most authentic experience, spend time on the deck when music is playing. The camaraderie is fantastic, particularly during live music.

I especially love their table service, which is available Tuesday through Sunday. Proteins include duroc pig, pork ribs, turkey, and ABBQs handmade sausage in addition to beef. My personal favorite is the prime brisket.

Discovering their four handcrafted smokers straight from Dripping Springs, Texas, where you know they must know BBQ.

Everyone’s toes were tapping along with the music the first time I passed by with throngs on the back deck. The brisket, pulled pork, ribs, and house sausage served as a background to the fantastic environment.

As you go over the menu, you’ll see that meats may be ordered by the half-pound (8 oz. ), which makes for a healthy quantity (okay, maybe healthier if two of you share, but its big and delicious). CAB Prime Brisket (can I repeat how delicious it is? ), pulled pork, and smoked turkey breast are among the meat selections. You may also purchase ribs by the rack or half rack. The house sausage and the cheddar jalapeno house sausage are offered by the link.

Meat plates, Barbacoa chicken, and The Texas Trinity, a half-pound of brisket, pig spareribs, sausage, and two single sides, are available. They themselves confess that the Trinity serves two to three people.

But wait, there’s more: sandwiches, shareables like a loaded baked potato that won me over (without the cheesy sauce), and Frito Pie.

The Frito Pie got me thinking, as I imagined my fellow foster parent giving out single-serving boxes of Fritos and adding a meat sauce to create pocket tacos. It’s accompanied with cowboy beans, lime crema, white cheddar, and pico de gallo. You may add any protein and choose whether or not to include the cheese sauce.

It was much better with the cab prime brisket than the pocket tacos. It’d be a terrific meal to share and an excellent excuse to bring some brisket home with you. That was almost as wonderful as Great Aunt Eileen’s. She was legendary in Pittsburgh!

M Burger is no longer offered in Atlantic Beach, however it is still accessible in Jacksonville Town Center and Nocatee.

Which of these Atlantic Beach FL restaurants do you want to try first? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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