9 Top Florence SC Restaurants | Must-Try Florence, South Carolina Eateries

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Florence, South Carolina is nestled in a perfect place midway between New York and Florida. This picturesque southern town was originally noted for being at the crossroads of three railroads, and it is today at the crossroads of Interstates 20 and 95.

With a population of over 40,000 people and a recently refurbished downtown, this all-American community lives true to its slogan, Full Life Full Forward. The Florence County Museum, Florence Veterans Park, and the Pee Dee State Farmers Market are among the most popular attractions. Francis Marion University and Florence National Cemetery are other worthwhile visits.

Stock car aficionados choose Florence Motor Speedway, while NASCAR fans prefer Darlington Raceway for the renowned Southern 500. Some good parks inside the city borders, in addition to Florence Veterans Park, are Jeffries Creek, Lucas, Maple, and Timrod.

Most visitors like learning about other cuisine cultures and customs. It would be the South Carolina Pecan Trail in Florence. Several Florence SC restaurants and specialty retailers are happy to use pecans in a range of unusual drinks and dishes. These are my top nine Florence restaurants.

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The Top 9 Florence, South Carolina Restaurants

Lulas Coffee Company Inc. (Downtown)

843-407-1033160 S Dargan St

Every Tuesday through Saturday until 7 p.m., you may discover delicious coffee in a comfortable and relaxed setting. Pick between a barstool, a sleek silver straight-back chair, or a plush black wing chair.

What else will you discover in Lulas downtown location? Nice employees and customers, brick walls, and one-of-a-kind art. Look up since some of the artwork may be seen on the ceiling. All alternatives, including sugar-free, may be explained by the skilled baristas.

Not to mention the frappes, smoothies, bagels, croissants, and other items available at Lulas. It’s a great place to smell the scent before heading over to Andrew H. Griffin Plaza to see the fountain and the Lorax.

The Tubbs Shrimp

799-55791500 2nd Loop Road

Via his grandpa, owner Kyle Hardee was heavily inspired by seafood and beach life. When you see Tubbs, he is more than willing to tell wonderful anecdotes about all of the above. He is, in fact, one of the most personable and amusing restaurant proprietors you could wish to meet.

Tubbs Shrimp & Fish Co. is situated in a remodeled gas station and is decorated with seafood and beach decor. Take a look at the tempting menu and you could find yourself filling up on she-crab soup, crab rangoons, or Hoppin John. And try the Hispanic hush puppies.

All of that was followed by an incredible sweet potato cheesecake topped with crushed nuts. The dessert is pure gastronomic heaven. Tubbs offers an abundance of seafood that is obtained as locally as possible and is always fresh.

There are several specials, as well as live music and other surprises. Our restaurant is the result of a lot of love and hard effort. Many regional honors have been given to the cuisine, beverages, and service. Kyle Hardee describes it as a really fulfilling enterprise, and he would love for you to be one of the next friendly visitors to come through his doors.

Brewing Seminar

665-9200551 W Lucas Street (843) 665-92005

The first commercial craft brewery in Florence, South Carolina, offers a constantly changing range of over a dozen beers on tap. It’s intriguing to learn about the different brews. General Manager Vincent Preteroti often takes visitors on tours and discusses the technology, procedure, and some small changes in flavor.

If you desire to know more about ale, lager, porter, and stout then Seminar Brewing is the best location to learn out. This is the place to go if you want a wide array of entertainment alternatives. Axe throwing, billiard, and arcade games are all available for a dynamic spin on a good night out. The inside room is vast and commanding, whilst the outside beer garden is a nice and comfortable setting that is also tidy and charming.

Seminar Brewery has now opened its own kitchen. Although conventional pub fare such as burgers and pretzels are available, there is a deliberate emphasis on healthier options. Consider a Chickpea Sloppy Jo with cauliflower nuggets and pasta salad as a side dish. According to Vincent, the Seminar routinely features live music as well as community-building activities. It ranks first among the greatest Florence sc restaurants.


W Evans St (843) 665-0846126

There are occasions when an elevated ambience appeals to you. Victors has established a valued place in the hearts of dedicated consumers by providing upscale cuisine and service to highlight signature occasions and festivities. They excel in creating a refined and memorable dining experience.

Victors is open from 5 p.m. on Tuesdays through Saturdays. Artisan drinks and wine complement steak and shellfish. My dinner began with mashed potatoes and was followed by asparagus. This was topped with a medallion of beef tenderloin, fresh shrimp, and cajun cream. When you come, be sure to inquire about their pecan-inspired selections.

After the lunch, it is enjoyable to stroll around Victor’s wonderful terrace and the stunning outdoor art at the neighboring James Allen Plaza, which is located in the center of regenerated old downtown Florence. Without a doubt, one of the top Florence SC restaurants!

Julia Belles’s

W Lucas Street (843) 407-46862106 W Lucas Street

Julia Belles was named after Fran Snell’s great grandmother, who always made meals seem like a family reunion. That is precisely what Fran hopes to achieve at the restaurant. Vibrant yellow, blue, and green chairs surround basic tables with blue and white tablecloths. A vivid flowery wallpaper covers one area of the wall, while others are blocks of red, green, and blue.

As if it wasn’t enough to make you happy, Fran’s sparkling eyes and genuine grin will make you feel like you’ve known each other for years. She really cares about everyone that comes in. She ensures that they are well nourished. Monday through Saturday, 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., you’ll discover generous amounts of delicious cuisine at a fair price.

The blue platter or chef specials are popular choices. Others like the sandwiches and salads. Others, on the other hand, enthuse about the famed White Russian Pecan Pie. Breakfast options are considerably more appealing to me. The Carolina Crab Cake Benedict, along with buttermilk biscuits and fried potatoes, is hearty and filling.

Barn Farmers Market & Grill

W Lucas Street (843) 407-42052513 W Lucas Street

Wonderful news, everyone! Fran and Warren Snell have just started a second restaurant. The Farmers Market Barn & Restaurant is located in the Pee Dee State Farmers Market in the historic great red barn. They are open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. The barn is nearly a century old and was initially used to keep mules.

Menu staples such as fried green tomatoes, grilled shrimp salad, pecan chicken breast sandwich, and seafood combination basket delight both locals and visitors.

The proprietors like having such easy access to fresh vegetables. Everyone that walks through the door is given hope, pleasure, and some of the greatest cuisine in the neighborhood. The Farmers Market Barn & Restaurant features a relaxed atmosphere with both indoor and outdoor dining. The cuisine is prepared to order, presented with a kind grin, and is simply fantastic.


(843) 662-24542005 Lane, Babar

Pecans grow very well in South Carolina’s Pee Dee area. Youngs has been growing, shelling, and selling pecans for over a century. Youngs Premium Foods has survived and thrived despite a few growth surges, ownership changes, and rebrandings.

Consumers may place orders in whatever way they see fit. The most pleasant and friendly method is to visit the business in Florence. Try pecans in 16 different flavors. In addition to the pecans, you’ll be blown away by the charming present items.

Inside, speak with Judy at the bakery and purchase a sandwich for lunch (10 am-2 pm Mon-Sat). She gave me some wonderful advice on how to make pralines and sourdough bread. She enjoys working at Youngs and experimenting with bread and cookies. Youngs is an intriguing place to visit in person for presents, lunch, and, of course, pecans. Is it one of the top restaurants in Florence, SC? Definitely!

Teas from Top Hat

W Evans St (843) 629-8326234

This is really a one-of-a-kind location! The pinkness of Top Hat Special-Teas on the exterior will draw you in before you even step through the front door. Once inside, your eyes are attracted to the cabinet displays of Royal Doulton teapots and tea accessories that might adorn a museum. You’re wondering whether this is going to be delicious and instructional or fun and imaginative.

The simple answer is that it is both! Laurie Crouse works hard to make her beautiful tearoom welcoming and entertaining. Lunch favorites seem to be tuna puffs or chicken salad. I had quiche with potato chips and a piece of watermelon. My tea of choice was a refreshing mint. This was followed by an incredibly delicious pecan scone with lemon curd and Devonshire cream.

Come in casual and feel like family on weekdays from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Or go all out and have a Victorian tea. There is a four-course tea option as well as a six-course tea option. Laurie also caters, and the tearoom is available for private gatherings. Florence is blessed to have such a lovely person and such a delightful tearoom. One of the Florence, SC restaurants to remember and return to!


N Dargan Street (843) 702-2023114 N Dargan Street

What does chocolate resemble? If you imagined a drab brown rectangle bar, Chocobella may welcome you to a bright and imaginative new experience. Ranny Starnes, an artist, and co-owner Marvin James are making waves in central Florence with their inventive gelato and bonbons.

Their handcrafted gelato and speciality Belgian chocolates are visually stunning. Consider eye-catching and jaw-dropping combined with ethereal and exquisite. Chocobella masterpieces are available in every hue of the rainbow. Cotton Candy and Mango Sorbet are two of the gelato flavors. The lovely bonbons range from cake batter to key lime pie, passion fruit to pistachio.

Although the manufacturing process is highly scientific, the end result is entirely artistic. You have to come in between Wednesday and Saturday to witness what these amazing people can accomplish with milk, sugar, and cocoa butter. Inquire about their most current pecan-inspired offerings. You’ll enjoy sweets in a whole new light.

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