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During a recent road trip across Central California, I found a number of excellent Visalia eateries that cater to both residents and tourists. Visit this gourmet haven by beginning with the enticing downtown Visalia restaurants listed below.

When picking which Visalia restaurants to visit, build up an appetite by strolling around walkable downtown Visalia and marveling at the historical elements on numerous streets.

Despite the fact that horses are no longer used for transportation, granite curbs with inset horse rings can still be seen along Main Street.

Take the Self-Guided Tour of Early Visalia to see these and other areas of interest. A brochure is available at Visit Visalia, 112 East Main Street.

What is the location of Visalia?

Visalia lies in Central California’s San Joaquin Valley, which is known as the world’s breadbasket. Sweltering, dry summers and delightfully warm winters marked by heavy ground fog provide an ideal growing season for a variety of crops including nuts, fruits, grapes, and cotton, among others.

Visalia, the nearest city to Sequoia National Park in the Sierra Mountain Range, is about three hours northeast of Los Angeles. This historic town provides visitors with appealing and picturesque experiences, as well as a variety of food alternatives.

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9 Must-Try Restaurants in Visalia

Bee Hive Bakery

+15597136464110 W. Main

Go inside the Bee Hive Bake Shop for a wonderful sugar infusion of speciality cupcakes if you need a break from seeing downtown Visalia. According to Michelle, a new client, “This lovely bakery is truly a hidden treasure!”

Buy a dozen of a selection of cupcakes or take advantage of a discount if you get a dozen of the same flavor.

Bee Hive also sells cookies, Danish, brownies, fudge, hand pies, bundt cakes, and cinnamon buns in addition to their fantastic cupcakes.

If you want icing on your cupcakes, Bee Hive offers three options: Italian Meringue Buttercream, Cream Cheese, and American Buttercream. Order ahead of time if you want to make your own mix.

Give your sweet tooth a treat by visiting one of the greatest Visalia eateries.

Brewbakers Brewing Company Inc.

+15596272739219 E. Main

Following a full day of travelling and sightseeing, Brewbakers Brewing Co., Visalia’s first brewing firm, provides a much-needed good beer and wonderful food.

Brewbakers Brewing Co. is situated on Main Street, where the first beer gardens were established in the early 1900s. When the present owners began construction on their building in 1999, archeologists unearthed items that showed inhabitants in ages past flocked to this place to drink excellent spirits. Local artisan beer is still available here.

While I was there, the waitstaff made certain that I was satisfied with my beer pick. The waitress generously served me samples of several beers till I found the one I liked best.

Soup of the Day, Blackened Salmon Chowder, Homemade Chili, and Fish and Chips are among the brewpub favorites on the menu. I choose the fish and chips. What goes better with artisan beer, after all? Appetizers, salads, pizzas, and a children’s menu are also offered.

Growlers and Grunts offer you to take some of Visalia’s best hand-crafted brew home with you. Thus, whether you drink in or out, be sure to stop by one of the greatest Visalia restaurants.


+15596255300333 E. Main

Crawdaddys is an appealing eating choice because of its New Orleans flare. The joy flowing from the open windows lured me as I drove by the restaurant while getting my bearings in town. I made a mental note to eat there!

Creole cooking I knew this was the location for me a number of years ago in New Orleans. Cajun cuisine was introduced to and liked by me.

The large bar, big-screen Televisions, and party atmosphere downstairs cater to a more casual demographic. Real tablecloths, napkins, and club-style furniture in the upper dining room give this restaurant an expensive and formal feel. That reminded me of the formal lunches I had in New Orleans.

My server suggested a light white wine to start the meal and to go with the artichoke appetizer for dinner. The Pasta Jambalaya had shrimp, chicken breast, and Andouille sausage sautéed in Holy Trinity sauce and mixed with penne pasta. Dessert was a superb Crème Brule, which rounded off my experience.

Crawdaddys is one of the greatest Visalia restaurants for a casual or formal Big Easy experience.

to the left of the center

W. Center +15597332582699

Everybody who pulls up a chair at our table is family; we have a space reserved for you. This testimony from Left of Center is backed up by a slew of favorable evaluations. They celebrate with imaginative Southern cuisine infused in Latin tastes, boasting that they are a touch odd.

You may taste delectable LOC Signature Drinks like Serrano Cilantro Margarita, Downtown Donkey aka Moscow Mule, or Andrews Lemon Drop during happy hour every Wednesday through Saturday.

The traditional chips & salsa, nachos, and other refreshments are available to the left of the center.

The Latin Rice Bowl, which features black bean puree, Spanish rice, guacamole, queso fresco, tomatillo avocado salsa, or chile de Arbol salsa, is a standout on the snack menu. To make it a full supper, add chicken or steak.

Pasilla Filled Sliders are another wonderful snack that has Pasilla peppers blended with the patties, cheddar cheese, and chipotle aioli.

Each eating choice will be satisfied by a range of elegant salads, empanadas, tacos with rice and escabeche, burritos, sandwiches, burgers, lettuce wraps, and a vegetarian sandwich.

The Mac & Cheese with Street Corn will take you to the South. The Onion Straws are a little messy, but oh so delicious!

The House Made Cheesecake, on the other hand, is the finest deal. You may buy a complete cake or a little cake. Pistachio is the most popular flavor. If you’re seeking for Mexican cuisine, this is one of the best Visalia restaurants to visit.

Mediterranean Pita Kabob Gastropub

N. Court +15596272337227 N. Court

Since 2014, the main location of Pita Kabob Gastropub has been in downtown Visalia. For me, this restaurant was the most highly recommended eating experience in town. I was not let down.

The rustic environment is unique in Visalia, with 31 beers on tap, a large assortment of bottled and canned beers, and numerous exquisite wines.

Although the restaurant is on a street corner, a tent encloses the outside eating area, providing a nice and clean environment.

Whether you choose vegan, vegetarian, or traditional Mediterranean cuisine, PK’s colorful dishes will please all of your senses.

With my Fiesta Bowl of Chicken Shawarma & Brown Rice, I had a bottle of Ros wine. It was a light, refreshing, crisp, and tasty dinner.

This is one of the greatest Visalia places to eat if you follow the Mediterranean diet, or even if you don’t.

Sushi Kuu’s

+15597359680509 E. Main

If you’re searching for Japanese food in Visalia, Sushi Kuu provides a classic dining experience with a contemporary twist. Albert and Andr Utomo, brothers, deliver kitchen life and knowledge to their consumers.

Chef Albert began his career in Las Vegas before moving to New York City. He realized a longstanding ambition when he opened his own restaurant in Visalia. He runs the sushi bar and works with the kitchen.

In his sushi creation, Albert values fresh ingredients and applies expert methods. He likes informing his guests about the seafood he serves and encourages them to ask questions.

Chef Andr is in charge of the kitchen. He began in Los Angeles kitchens before moving to New York City. In Visalia, he collaborated with his brother to bring kitchen objects to life.

Clarissa said that this is one of her favorite Visalia sushi and ramen places in the 559. I must concur.

The Milling Machine (formerly The Planing Mill Artisan Pizzeria)

+15597130818778 Center Avenue E.

The Planing Mill, a local pizza shop with a gourmet twist, brought the finest components of the West Coast’s most notable pizzerias to Visalia.

The restaurant was named The Planing Mill Artisan Pizzeria because it was situated in the historic Visalia Planing Mill.

The pizzeria paid homage to the artisanship of the produced specialized wood goods that generations of Visalians enjoyed from the roughly 1851 structure. As a result of their relocation, they have changed their name to The Mill.

In this bustling setting, you can anticipate wonderful cuisine, fantastic drinks, and superb service. As you wait for your dinner, play cornhole. It may become noisy, but it will be entertaining.

There are 24 craft beers on tap that you may try before ordering. In addition, canned and bottled beers and four varieties of wine have been introduced.

Kimberly describes [The Mill] as “the most incredible location in downtown Visalia.” We have yet to come across a finer pizza. The Greek salad was enormous and delicious, and it was served with bread and additional cheese.

The Kitchen Sink Pizza is a Visalia favorite, and the Mussels from Brussels pizza is a local favorite. Could there be a better taste combination?

The crust for this one-of-a-kind pizza is created fresh every day and proofs for 24-48 hours. It might be one of the keys of The Mills’ appeal.

Others rave about the Three Little Pigs and Funky Chicken pizzas, as well as the Thai Chicken Wings and Artichoke Fritters. How could you not have a good time with these amusingly titled treats? The Mill is a must-try for the tastiest pizza in Visalia.

Restaurante Vintage Press

N. Willis +15597333033216

The Vintage Press, one of Central California’s most sophisticated dining experiences, makes each occasion unique. Since 1966, the Vartanian family has been offering unique California cuisine in the Main Room (traditional), the Garden Room (spacious with a 100-year-old fresco), the Savoy Room (elegant and intimate with booths), and the Rose Room (informal with historic Brunswick Bar).

Grilled Pacific Red Snapper, Filet Mignon or Lamb Chops, Traditional Meatloaf, Chicken Sauteed Garlic and Candied Meyer Lemon Peel, Seared Scallops, and Medallions of Veal are among the classic favorites on the menu.

My personal favorite, Crème Brule, begins the dessert menu. Cheesecake, tarts, and cake are among the pleasures available.

The Wine Cellar, which has a sommelier on staff, features a large range of domestic and foreign red, white, and sparkling wines, as well as champagne, dessert, and the unique Sine Qua Non California selections.

On their website, you may Ask the Sommelier questions and get tailored suggestions the following day for different wine pairings and other enquiries.

I adore everything about this location, adds Sean. The atmosphere is fantastic, and the personnel is fantastic. Above all, it offers a superb dining experience without being arrogant.

This is one of the top restaurants in California and the Central Valley. Don’t miss it if you’re within 50 miles. The trip is really worth it.

We agree. This is one of the greatest Visalia restaurants for exquisite dining.


W. Center +15596272113314

Valhalla has been serving clients in Visalia since 1984, when mother Elsie Casida and daughter Kim Payne paid tribute to their Danish roots. Several of the Danish dishes utilized in the restaurant originated in Kim’s grandmother’s kitchen and have now become menu standards. Rande, Kims husband, joined the crew after Elsie retired.

Valhalla is well-known for its high-quality cooked dishes, baked products, and sweets, as well as its family-friendly ambiance. Valhalla is presently owned and maintained by a three-generation family.

Breakfast is served at Valhalla; try the Biscuits and Gravy or Kim’s Special (my personal favorite one large biscuit topped with two eggs covered in gravy). A morning Burrito or Avocado Toast cooked with Daves Killer Organic Bread also features on the menu alongside other Viking favorites like omelets.

Aebleskiver, a Danish pancake ball prepared in a cast iron Aebleskiver pan with handmade Danish sausage, takes you to the Danish breakfast table.

Danish pancakes are crepe-style thin pancakes that are rolled and served with lingonberry jam, fresh blueberries, and whipped cream. Valhalla teaches you how to create Aebleskivers so you can enjoy the delicacy.

Experience your vacation to Northern Europe by visiting this traditional breakfast Visalia restaurant.

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