Austin’s Top 10 Italian Restaurants

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Austin’s Italian food includes real Neapolitan pizza, fresh, springy pasta, and eateries offering Italian-American red sauce.

Austin’s wealth of Italian restaurants might be overwhelming, but in the best way imaginable. Austin is lucky to offer a wide variety of Italian food.

Anything from family-run food carts to lovely terraces with city views to delectable red sauce can be found here.

I’ve produced a list of 10 of Austin’s top Italian restaurants, each with its own particular taste and degree of brilliance. I hope this list helps you choose the best Italian restaurant for your requirements, whether you want pasta and pizza or something a little different.

You will undoubtedly find something you like, and I am certain you will enjoy visiting one (or more) of these outstanding establishments.

Austin’s Top 10 Italian Restaurants

Restaurant Vespaio

+151244161001610 S Congress Ave. S, Austin, TX 78704, USA

Vespaio, a restaurant noted for its handmade pasta, bread, and pastries, has been located in South Congress for over twenty years.

They are well-known for their handmade, gluten-free pizzas and organic pasta, but they also provide some tasty non-carbohydrate choices.

The traditional Italian menu items, such as antipasti, pizza, and first and second-course Italian pasta and meat meals, are offered. Everything is made with the passion and attention required to keep a successful restaurant open for almost two decades.

We started with calamari and a Caesar salad. The calamari was really well prepared, lightly cooked, and delicate. Some of the finest I’ve tasted. As one could expect, the Caesar was delicious.

Our entrees were delicious. While the short rib in the risotto was not as tender as I liked, it was nonetheless delicious, as was my friend’s shrimp and pasta lunch.

The waiter was really friendly and informative. Our meal was wonderful. This place is highly recommended since it is one of the top Italian restaurants in Austin!

Red Oak

+15123792906 Colorado Tower, 303 Colorado St., Suite 200, Austin, TX 78701, USA

Red Ash is a popular hangout and one of Austin’s hottest Italian eateries. The highlight of this Austin Italian restaurant is their grill component, so try anything from the wood-burning grill, such as osso buco or wood-roasted halibut, in addition to the exquisite handmade pasta.

The Italian country bread, the vine tomatoes and Burrata, the bone-in fillet, and the Frutti di Mare were all ordered by my party. Every dish was expertly done from tip to finish.

Given the size of the platter, the Italian bread was excellent; the butter had a strong taste. Bread with olive oil is usually rather heavy, particularly in Italian places, but this was wonderfully tasty and light.

The grana and garlic brought spiciness to the dinner, but they did not overpower the other tastes since there was a lot of garlic and olive oil utilized. The crust had just enough crunch without being overdone.

Both the Burrata and the vine tomatoes were quite fresh. The fire-roasted tomatoes’ richness contrasted well with the burrata’s deep creaminess and milkiness. When paired with the bread and the balsamic vinegar, the dish came together perfectly, providing a rush of bitter and sour taste without being overpowering.

The bone-in fillet was insanely tasty. The meat was astonishingly delicate and soft, with a taste profile that was almost barbecue-like from the dry age, and the shallot butter was the perfect compliment.

The meal was boosted by the outside char and smoky taste, which contrasted perfectly with the meat’s freshness and softness.

The Frutti di Mare pleasantly pleased me. This dish’s sauce perfectly harmonized the two tastes, allowing each to shine without being too biased toward one; in my experience, pasta and spaghetti meals in Italian restaurants are either excessively creamy or have a strong tomato flavor.

The spaghetti had the ideal texture: soft yet springy and not mushy. The dish’s greatest surprise, though, was its seafood. None of the shellfish in this recipe seemed watery or fishy, as is sometimes the case with seafood in pasta recipes.

The shrimp were cooked to perfection, hard with a bounce yet tender and delicious. The clams and mussels were wonderful and lacked the unpleasant taste that is common with normal clams, indicating freshness and proper cooking. Everything was properly seasoned, and the lobster was deliciously fresh. Go no farther if you’re seeking for a genuine Italian lunch in Austin!

It serves Italian cuisine.

+51248286551500 S. Lamar Blvd. #110, Austin, TX 78704, USA

Its Italian Cucina is one of Austin’s most recognized Italian restaurants. If you want a real Italian meal, this place will not disappoint. They provide a broad variety of regular meals, pizzas, and specialized pasta dishes produced with top ingredients. They produce fresh tomato sauce every day and offer it with several types of cheese.

This location was incredible! I wasn’t sure what to anticipate because of the simple name, but I was pleasantly pleased.

Our first entrée was calamari, which was delicious. They covered it in cheesecloth to prevent the lemon seeds from falling on the squid. With the breading and the aioli, it was one of the best calamari meals I’ve ever had.

My entree was the Salmone, which included a large filet of grilled salmon, a grilled artichoke, and pasta in a garlic cream sauce. The garlic cream sauce was delicious, with entire chunks of sautéed garlic that were tender but not overpowering.

My companion ordered the osso buco, which was recommended by the server as one of his favorites. Since it was so soft, the polenta complemented the meat nicely. You may use the little spoon supplied to retrieve the bone marrow.

Despite the fact that we were stuffed after the appetizer and the meal, we went ahead and ordered the Torta di Crème. It was an Italian cream cake with an amaretto biscuit on top. Give it a go!

Mandolas Italian Restaurant

+151241997004700 W. Guadalupe St. #12, Austin, TX 78751, US

With so many Italian restaurants in Austin, it may be difficult to believe. Mandolas Italian Restaurant, on the other hand, is one of the top Italian restaurants in Austin, whether you’re looking for simple pasta dishes or a full pizza pie cooked in the oven.

This restaurant features a warm, relaxed, yet classy atmosphere. It’s a great spot to spend an evening sipping wine with family or friends.

The design is nice, with an open view of the kitchen. There is a gelato bar and an open cooler with take-out cuisine. The bar was modest, but there were some excellent wines available by the glass and bottle. There was another sitting space off to the side.

As we were waiting, I ordered some garlic bread with cheese, which came quickly and was delicious.

My partner ordered spaghetti and meatballs, while I had fettuccine alfredo with grilled chicken.

The fettuccine was undeniably fresh and well prepared. I enjoyed the chicken since it was so well-seasoned. I really recommend seeing their inside since it is fantastic! This is an excellent place to start if you’re seeking for pasta in Austin.

Vespaio’s Wine Cellar

+151244176721610 S. Congress Ave. S., Austin, TX 78704, USA

A great restaurant with a classy, romantic, and friendly environment. The wine selection of Austin’s charming Italian restaurant Enoteca Vespaio is extensive.

It’s tough not to fall in love with the restaurant’s atmosphere. It offers wonderful food and service, and I can’t get enough of it!

We started with stuffed bell peppers and marinated mushrooms, which blew my mind. The heat is just right and not overbearing, making them a must-try.

The bread was fresh, and it came with butter and a delicious hummus sauce. After that, we had an arugula salad with a lemon aioli dressing and fresh mozzarella with a smoky tomato puree. Another meal that stood out for me was the incredibly rare smoked garlic bread, which tasted like mesquite wood.

The lasagna, made with green, yes, green noodles and unlike any I’d ever eaten before, was the highlight of the dinner.

I couldn’t stop eating the pasta since the sausage that came with it was cooked to perfection. As a consequence, I see why it was regarded as award-winning when it was suggested.

During the dinner, I sipped Moscato, which was pretty sweet, obvious, and perfectly flavored with grapes, which is sometimes lacking in other varietals.

Simply said, it is one of the greatest Italian restaurants in the Austin region, and I wholeheartedly recommend it. While the cost is high, it must be justified. Excellent for a date and unquestionably one of Austin’s greatest Italian restaurants.

Sammies Italian Restaurant

+15124742054807 W. 6th Street, Austin, TX 78703, USA

If you’re new to Austin, you may be looking for some great Italian food. So where do you go? Sammies is a fine Italian restaurant from the MMH restaurant group. Sammies serves pizza, salads, sandwiches, and fresh pasta meals and entrees.

This Jersey-proud red sauce business from local hospitality giants McGuire Moorman Lambert serves Italian-American favorites in a refined setting. Smothered pork chops, chicken parmigiana, and linguine vongole are some of the dishes to look for.

Our server was fantastic, offering several tasty meal options and directing us in the right direction. We eventually opted to share the fried calamari and the Caesar a la Tommy, the most delicious Caesar salad I’ve ever had.

For our main meals, we chose chicken piccata, pork chop, lasagna, and chicken parm. They were all fantastic. The chicken parm was the finest of the meals.

Because of the wonderful noodles, two dishes that came with side pasta could have been eaten on their own. This location is a must-see!


+151222094212400 E. Cesar Chavez St. #304, Austin, Texas 78702, USA

Make a reservation at Juniper if you’re looking for an exquisite option among Austin’s Italian eateries. It’s a hidden gem in east Austin that offers northern-Italian-inspired food.

Juniper serves traditional Italian fare in an attractive, contemporary setting influenced by Northern Italian cuisine. Dine and watch a performance at the chefs’ station. Not to be missed are the focaccia and exquisite pasta dishes. There are indoor and outdoor eating choices, as well as one of the greatest gin selections in town, superb service, and fantastic Italian cuisine.

A well-planned meal. Each dinner was fantastic and distinct in its own way. My favorites were the stracciatella and the risotto with tomato leaf pesto.

I’m not sure whether the foods were presented in a logical sequence, but the tastes and textures were so unique that everything created an impression.

The cuisine was deliciously creative. Juniper took chances and was successful. This is what makes it a terrific destination in Austin for quality Italian food. Thank you to the server who enquired about the experience. Bravo!

The Golden Location

+173721218761900 Simond Ave., Austin, Texas 78723, USA

This lovely restaurant in Austin’s Mueller area is one of the city’s most attentive Italian establishments.

They are a farm-to-table restaurant that sources ethically and responsibly, and they take pleasure in giving a livable wage to its staff.

Indulge on delectable Italian appetizers, meat dishes, vegetables, house-made pasta, and a large wine list.

We had a few of Amaro Argento Spritz since some of their liquors are made in-house.

We began with the Fresh Mozzarella, Wagyu Sirloin Tartare, and Beet Cashew Dip, all of which were delicious.

The dip has an unexpected taste; even if you don’t like beets, I promise you’ll appreciate it. Our main meals were Cavatelli al Pomodoro, Bucatini, and Rigatoni alla Amatriciana. It was fantastic once again.

We anticipated the Rigatoni to be thicker, but it was surprisingly light without sacrificing any of the cream sauce flavors. The citrus taste of the Bucatini enhanced the meal.

The service was fantastic; it was clear that their staff likes working there and is enthused about the cuisine. We did not leave space for dessert, but we will back to try more, and I encourage you do the same!

The Brutto

+151258087791601 E. 6th St., Austin, TX 78702, USA

Il Brutto is just a fun night out in east Austin! It’s a gorgeous restaurant with a huge rectangular bar (a good location to stop in east Austin for a beverage even if you’re not eating here) and one of my favorite patios in the area.

The formaggi with crostini and honey, as well as the trio flavor, paired nicely with the cheeses. We had the Agnototti, which was fantastic, and the Lamb Scottadito, which came with great fried artichokes, for our main courses.

We had to try the gelato; my favorite flavor, pistachio, was fantastic, as was the trio. The wine selection complements all of the meals.

While their drink selection is rather good, I would suggest a digestive. They did, however, send our check along with a complimentary house limoncello, which was extremely nice!

It has a great feel, but be aware that it is a tiny place. I would consider sitting on the terrace when the weather is cooler. That was a delicious Italian lunch. Try it out!

Olive and June

+151246798983411 Glenview Avenue, Austin, TX 78703, USA

This Italian restaurant has one of the nicest ambiances in Austin! Olive & June is a multi-level restaurant surrounded by a 200-year-old oak tree.

Their terrace is lovely. Needless to add the cuisine is delicious. Try the Texas peach bruschetta, the superb corn and truffle risotto, or any of the house-made pasta dishes.

For starters, we enjoyed Texas peach bruschetta and basic Caesar salad. For the second course, my companion picked the seared scallop, while I chose the seared gulf snapper.

For the main dish, we had Pappardelle and Campanelle. We finished with a lemon custard torta della nonna. Everything was delicious, and the portions were ample.

Our waitress was really helpful and attentive. She gave us multiple wine samples since we couldn’t decide which one to try. After we completed our lunch and left the restaurant, our vehicle was waiting for us at the door. I will undoubtedly return. I strongly advise you to visit this great location! It’s one of Austin’s best Italian eateries.

Final Thoughts on Austin’s Finest Italian Restaurants

Without a doubt, Austin offers a plethora of wonderful Italian food. The city is filled with restaurants that offer the meal, ranging from well-known classics to highly anticipated newcomers.

Whether you choose a quiet neighborhood restaurant or a sophisticated fine-dining experience, the city has plenty of alternatives to please every palate.

Italian restaurants in Austin are available in a variety of styles, sizes, and pricing ranges. As a result, trends range significantly, from classic red sauce outlets to chef-driven pizza and pasta establishments to contemporary, innovative Italian eateries.

Thankfully, you can get almost everything you desire in terms of style and price in Austin’s Italian eateries.

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