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Searching for the greatest seafood in Baltimore? Then you’ve arrived to the correct location!

Baltimore is a seafood-obsessed city with excellent local-vore restaurants serving seafood from all around the east coast.

With so many choices, it’s difficult to decide which fantastic seafood restaurants in Baltimore will stand out from the crowd.

Restaurants in Baltimore each develop their own type of cuisine and eating experience, resulting in a diverse selection of excellent and fascinating meals.

In Baltimore, there is a lot of controversy about which restaurant provides the greatest seafood. There are also numerous inquiries, since many people have never eaten the city’s seafood and find it difficult to pick where to go.

Seafood restaurants aren’t always inexpensive, so some people worry whether they should even try them. If you’re one of those folks, don’t worry; I’ll give you more than enough reasons to taste the seafood in this city.

I’ve produced a list of eleven of the top seafood restaurants in a city known for its seafood.

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Baltimore’s Finest Seafood

Oyster House on Thames Street

Baltimore, +144344977261728 Thames St.

Thames Oyster House, situated in historic Fells Point, specializes in oysters and offers a prime port front position.

On several times, Baltimore Magazine has named them one of the top 50 best restaurants in the city.

With their raw bar, you may choose from a range of oyster types, raw seafood, and raw fish. If you need more oysters, I suggest the house oyster shooter.

Thames Oyster House is not only for oyster enthusiasts. An old bay shrimp salad roll and a cast-iron crab cake are two of the seafood selections.

Seafood by Faidleys

Baltimore, +14107274898203 N. Paca St.

A crab cake is the epitome of Baltimore food, and Faidleys may very well be the greatest crab cake in town. Their firm was founded in 1886, so they’ve had plenty of time to refine the formula that has earned them several honors across the globe.

The relaxed atmosphere of Faidleys within Lexington Market adds to its allure. Their eatery has three distinct sides. You’ll know where to go for fried crab cakes since the queue is usually the longest on that side.

On the raw side, there are lots of wonderful oysters and clams. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even try raccoon or frog legs!

Oceanaire’s Seafood Room

+14438720000801, Aliceanna St, Baltimore, MD 21202, USA

This upscale seafood restaurant delivers flown-in fresh, ethically sourced fish and shellfish every day. Excellent setting, excellent service, and a delectable lunch.

The waitress was outstanding!! And she was wise enough to guide us through the menu, noting that the menus are printed daily so that the Chef may structure the menu around the fresh cuts of the day! It is amazing!

We ordered a couple of drinks when we initially arrived. The Raspberry Sparkling Sangria I ordered tasted like effervescent raspberry lemonade! That was very good! My buddy had an Oceanair 2.0 and enjoyed it.

To begin, I bought one of each half-shell oyster available. They were all delicious and fresh. Glacier Point and Oceanair Pearls were two of my favorites.

I picked the Chef’s Special Sea Bass as my entrée. The entrée was accompanied with creamed spinach. I liked it very lot. After I finished, my plate was joyfully empty!

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My companion chose the Buttermilk Battered Calamari. It came with a flavorful, spicy sauce.

As an entrée, he picked the Blackened Rockfish. It was served with shrimp. That left a lot to be desired in his opinion, but it tasted nice. He just sensed that something was lacking.

Dessert was the last course. We choose the Vanilla Bean Creme Brle and the Chocolate Torte. Overall, we had a great experience. We would definitely return! Give it a go!

Refined & Unrefined

Lighthouse Point E., Baltimore, +141038743772723

Raw & Refined’s fresh seafood and stunning vistas of boats arriving and leaving from the dock will have you salivating.

Their restaurant is a short walk from Canton Park, and its deck bar is the city’s biggest.

Baltimore’s classic seafood is hard to beat, but it’s wonderful to branch out every now and again. As a result, Raw and Refined serves a broad variety of Caribbean and South American-inspired cuisine.

Among other delectable delicacies, they provide Lobster Tail Tacos and oven-roasted oysters with chipotle crema.

Additionally, if it doesn’t come with them, get the truffle Parmesan french fries for your table.

On the Half Shell Mamas

Baltimore, +141027631602901 ODonnell St.

Mamas On the Half Shell debuted in 2003, yet it is housed in a charming edifice that transports you back in time. Mamas’ huge fish and side dishes are my favorite feature.

This restaurant is popular with casual dining aficionados on Saturdays and Sundays for brunch. In case there were any worries, they also offer fish on their brunch menu.

Its seafood soup, which is loaded with shrimp, scallops, clams, and potatoes, has nothing superfluous. They add applewood smoked bacon for a little more taste.

Nick’s Fishery

Insulator Dr., Baltimore, +141034741232600

In Baltimore, Nicks Fish House is the place to go for crabs. This bustling eatery is located in a gorgeous area on the Patapsco River and is popular with both residents and visitors.

If you want to dine there on a Friday, you must listen to live music as you eat your seafood.

I’m not going to argue that Nick’s has the greatest steamed crabs in Baltimore.

It may be the mood of sitting on the beachfront terrace and staring out at fresh crabs collected earlier that day.

Restaurant & Bar Rusty Scupper

+14107273678402 Key Highway, Baltimore, MD

If you get over the epithet “rusty,” there is no question that Rusty Scuppers seafood is some of the finest in Baltimore. For lunch and supper, there is a modest menu of beautifully cooked seafood dishes to pick from.

They are well-known for its chargrilled fish assortment, which comes in three varieties.

I suggest trying the Maryland-style crab. Rusty Scupper provides outstanding evenings in addition to its legendary breakfast. Raw oysters and fresh seafood are available. It’s making me hungry!

The African Black Olive

Baltimore, +14102767141814 S Bond St.

Baltimore’s seafood has a lot of attraction, but so does Greece’s. You may experience the best of both worlds by savoring Maryland seafood and Greek dishes at The Black Olive.

Its position in Fells Point’s historic hub complements The Black Olive’s classy yet easygoing environment wonderfully.

Despite the lovely architecture of the old general store, you may have difficulties picking from the vast menu at the bar. It will be simple if you choose a whole fish meal. At the table, it will even be filleted and cooked.

Because you’re in a Greek restaurant, make sure to get an olive starter. They serve it with handcrafted organic sourdough bread.

Crabhouse, Captain James

Baltimore, +141067518192121 Aliceanna St.

Captain James Crabhouse caters to your demands whether you’re looking for the greatest seafood in Baltimore or a one-of-a-kind dining experience.

The restaurant is fashioned like a ship and is located on the Baltimore Waterfront Promenade.

Captain James is a fantastic alternative for breakfast, brunch, or supper, however it does not serve lunch. Instead, Seafood Palace has a menu that caters to these three eating alternatives.

From scallops and grits to blue crab frittatas and seafood alfredo, there’s something for everyone. There is also a raw bar.

Seafood in Baltimore

Baltimore, +141062451662324 Boston St.

The Baltimore Waterfront Promenade is home to this seafood restaurant. At this supposedly run-down restaurant, there is wooden furniture, dark lighting, and fishing-themed decor. This restaurant, on the other hand, is a fantastic diner-style restaurant where you can have fried, fresh fish without breaking the budget.

On their short and basic menu, you may buy fried oysters, fish, shrimp, or other seafood baskets. Nonetheless, they are most known for their Big Catch.

You may customize your basket by selecting various varieties of seafood. Then, be ready to enjoy this three-pound fish dinner with corn, potatoes, and dessert.


Jimmy’s Famous Seafood Restaurant

Holabird Ave., Baltimore, +141063340406526

Jimmys is famed for its cuisine, which you will undoubtedly appreciate. The relaxed restaurant is situated north of Dundalk’s historic centre and serves some of the greatest crab cakes in town.

In fact, Jimmys is such a popular neighborhood hangout that it is an official partner of the Baltimore Ravens.

If you look at Jimmys casual decor, you may think it just serves the essentials of Baltimore seafood.

The restaurant is always experimenting with new cuisines. The restaurant, for example, just debuted a crab cake roll with spicy mango and cream cheese!

Final Thoughts On Baltimore’s Finest Seafood Restaurants

Baltimore is famous for its blue crab. Some claim it is the finest available. Baltimoreans and tourists are fortunate in that the city has a broad selection of seafood restaurants to accommodate all tastes and budgets.

Therefore, if you’re planning a vacation to Baltimore, try some of the local cuisines at these incredible eateries.

For seafood, a restaurant bill in Baltimore may be extremely pricey. Thus, I would suggest finding a restaurant distant from the ocean if you are on a budget.

Don’t worry, you can burn off all those calories later by visiting the port. Have a great time!

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Which of these Baltimore’s greatest seafood restaurants do you want to try first? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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