Best Breakfast in Puerto Vallarta | Puerto Vallarta’s Top 19 Breakfast Spots

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Whether you have a huge Americano and a croissant or scrambled eggs with crispy bacon at your hotel, you must recharge for the day.

There is much to select from in Puerto Vallarta, whether you want to taste a traditional Mexican breakfast or a complete American-style meal.

This guide will assist you in making the finest breakfast selections while in Puerto Vallarta. The top 10 breakfast venues in Puerto Vallarta that you must visit are as follows.

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The Most Delicious Breakfast in Puerto Vallarta

Restaurant La Palapa

Plpito 105-3, Zona Romntica, Emiliano Zapata +523222225225

La Palapa is one of Puerto Vallarta’s oldest eateries. As you step through the door, it is clear why it has survived. This welcoming resort is located on one of Puerto Vallarta’s most coveted beaches, Los Muertos Beach, which is breathtaking in its charm.

It’s a nice coastal restaurant that’s been there for almost 40 years, and both residents and travelers come here for breakfast and lunch. Huevos Rancheros and Chilaquiles are among the hearty choices on the menu.

Nothing beats the soft shell crab eggs Benedict with chipotle hollandaise or the green or red chilaquiles with Oaxaca cheese.

Coco’s Restaurant

Plpito, Olas Altas 122, 48399 Puerto Vallarta +523222230373

Cocos delivers a superb breakfast in one of the Romantic Zone’s greatest courtyards. The cuisine is usually excellent and fairly priced, but what I like most about this restaurant is the relaxed environment.

Even on the warmest days, it always feels comfortable and cool. During peak season, however, there is often a wait to be seated.

Cocos offers a fantastic breakfast and brunch menu that includes chile Relleno omelets, churro pancakes, and savory Huevos Rancheros.

The Azul Bistro

Ignacio L. +52 322 260 4474Ignacio L. Vallarta 372, Romntica Zone

This breakfast restaurant is a local’s hidden treasure, nestled in the heart of the Romantic Zone. It’s a beautiful small restaurant with a welcoming environment, outside dining, and great service.

Their pancakes are well-known for being huge, fluffy, crispy, and thick all at the same time. Their French toast is also well-known.

Blue Eggs (Huevo Azules) are their most famous delicacy, consisting of two boiled eggs fried and breaded with spinach, potatoes, and fresh fruit. They also serve one of the greatest Chiles en nogada in the neighborhood, as well as an excellent Eggs Benedict.

The Azul Bistro is a nice family-run restaurant in a lovely homely environment that I always suggest as one of the finest breakfast spots in Puerto Vallarta.

Fredys Tucan Restaurant

Basilio Badillo 245, Zona Romntica +523222230778

Freddy’s Tucan is a Puerto Vallarta icon that is popular with both residents and visitors. This restaurant’s popularity may be attributed to a number of factors.

From the moment you walk in until you depart, the staff will welcome you with a grin.

There’s something for everyone on their menu, whether you want something sweet or salty, American or Mexican, traditional or unique.

You’ll be shocked at how quickly Fredys Tucans serves you, and the greatest thing is that the quality of their meal remains unaffected.

As soon as you seat, you will be offered with delectable options, such as chipotle chicken tips and eggs Benedict with salmon.

Additionally, if you intend on visiting Fredys Tucan, bring cash since they do not take credit cards. In any case, it comes highly recommended as the greatest breakfast in Puerto Vallarta.

Pancakes & Waffles Mr. Cream

+523222210868 Marina Vallarta Condominiums Marina Sol Int. 3y4

If you’re missing home, Mr. Cream Pancakes & Waffles will make you feel at ease. The greatest American-style breakfast in town is served here.

They provide delicious waffles and pancakes, as well as a huge selection of eggs and omelets with a Mexican twist.

Traditional Mexican breakfast meals like chilaquiles and molletes, a delicacy created with a toasted bun, beans, melted cheese on top, and your favorite toppings like chorizo or bacon, are also available.

The Golden Horse

Espaa 325 D, Versalles, +523225960089C

Tacos in Mexico vary depending on the time of day and day of the week, which is why this taco shop is only open from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., delivering the greatest late morning tacos in town!

These tacos will also make you feel energized after a long night of partying. What makes these tacos so unique? The meat is all pig belly; crispy fried pork belly. You may also have their pork belly in the form of a quesadilla or torta.

If you’re coming on the weekend, aim to arrive before 1 p.m., since they usually run out of pork belly about that time. The restaurant is in the fashionable Versailles district and is well-known for serving the greatest breakfast in Puerto Vallarta.

The Andariego

+523222220916Av Mxico 1358, 5 de Diciembre, México

El Andariego’s facade is adorned with beautiful Buganvilias. Historic wall paintings, as well as comfy chairs, embellish the interiors.

They offer a fully stocked bar that is both cozy and clean. Mexican breakfast favorites such as chilaquiles, eggs with chorizo, and Huevos Rancheros are available in both Spanish and English. The omelets are large and fluffy, with crispy bacon.

They also provide delicious coffee and fresh fruit! Pricing are reasonable, quantities are big, and the majority of the staff is fluent in English! A must-visit for the greatest brunch in Puerto Vallarta!

Superfood Salud

+523221399398Olas Altas 534-A, Romntica Zone

Salud delivers vegetarian versions of traditional tacos and burritos in addition to vegan brunches and Thai tofu bowls.

If you want to detox from Puerto Vallarta’s tasty but frequently fatty meals, go to Salud Superfood.

You may take a break from the hot and oily meals in town at this Puerto Vallarta super-food establishment without compromising any greatness.

This Puerto Vallarta super-food place offers taste, quality, and wellness. I’m not sure how they do it, but the food here is delicious!

The Pancake Shop

Basilio Badillo 289, Zona Romntica +523222226272

In a calm ambiance filled with plants, Pancake House provides pancakes, omelets, and Mexican breakfast with refried beans.

This renowned breakfast establishment in Puerto Vallarta is handled by welcoming proprietors that will make you feel right at home. The Pancake House, as you would expect, specializes on pancakes.

Their classic stack includes corn tortillas and handmade jam. Mexican staples like chilaquiles and enchiladas are also available, along with pico de gallo and free-range eggs. Sip on their home-brewed coffee as you contemplate your alternatives.

Beach Club Mangos

+523222220796 Uruguay 109, 5 December

The Mangos Beach Club is immediately on the Malecn, and its outdoor sitting area offers amazing ocean views.

Tropical fruits, freshly baked bread, chilaquiles, chicharrn, and tortas ahogadas are among the brunch options.

This restaurant’s brunch buffet has numerous items that you won’t find on other brunch menus, particularly with such magnificent views. Amazing!

Smoothie Bowls and Café ONO

+523226886960 314B, Zone Romantica, Emiliano Zapata, Basilio Badillo

ONO is a terrific destination to have amazing vegetarian meals within a short walk from Puerto Vallarta’s beautiful beaches.

ONO, which is located in Galeria Olinala, has a really welcoming attitude, and you will like the design and openness. The gorgeous brown and white color scheme gives the space an exquisite air.

This excellent breakfast and lunch spot is located on a side street. Fresh juices, a variety of vegetarian alternatives, whole-grain pancakes, avocado toast with cashew cheese, dehydrated chocolate mousse cake, and much more are available in the café.


+523222932393 Versalles, 137 France

The comfortable and relaxing environment provided by this eatery is what makes breakfast so great. Natureza is a restaurant that should be visited. It is well-known for its wonderful bagels and smoothies.

This shop ensures superb taste with their delectable bread, cakes, and pastries.

Natureza is ideal for a relaxing breakfast or lunch, and it also serves a superb smoked salmon sandwich and tuna salads.

While enjoying your morning, you may also sip on delicious chai latte, tea, or frappes.


+523221156647 Versalles, 148a Hamburgo

Coffee is one of the most delicious liquids you may consume all day. Yet, there are some secret gourmet jewels for coffee in Puerto Vallarta that you must explore. Cha Cocina Libre is one of them!

Cha Cocina Libre is an excellent choice for World Cuisine, with a varied and delectable menu of American and Mexican cuisine cooked with an interesting twist.

Moreover, Cha Cocina Libre offers a range of coffee beverages, including Mexican hot chocolate, that should not be overlooked.

The Green Zone

Honduras 309, 5 de Diciembre +523226884173C

The Green Spot is a fantastic destination for romantic dating because of its unique position. The restaurant is well-known for its excellent service and courteous employees at all times.

The Green Spot is a nice vegetarian restaurant with a large menu. It is well-known for its delicious vegan pancakes.

This restaurant also serves delectable salads, tofu, and lentil soup. The most popular drinks at this establishment are cappuccino and chai latte.


+523223651888 Emiliano Zapata, Pulpito 196-A Colonia

Pasteleria Cafetalito is a must-see for delicious pastries. Cafetalito uses high-quality coffee beans and cooks them in high-end coffee equipment.

They take pleasure in having a nice working environment, pleasant personnel, and one of the greatest breakfast locations in Puerto Vallarta.

In Puerto Vallarta, Cafetalito is the greatest option for breakfast or lunch. For breakfast, they serve delectable chicken pesto omelets, and their carrot cake is unquestionably the finest in town. Popsicles and fruit drinks are also available at the cafe.


+523223488482Venustiano Carranza 457, Emiliano Zapata, Zona Romntica

If you haven’t tasted Macareno yet, put it on your bucket list.

Macareno, with its bright hues and easygoing, friendly ambiance, is a wonderful spot for a drink or fantastic Mexican cuisine. After touring Isla Cuale, pull up a bar seat and satisfy your wanderlust.

Tacos and quesadillas are available, as well as smoothies, chilaquiles, fresh juices, and waffles.

Café Olla

+523222231626Basilio Badillo 168, Zone Romntica, Emiliano Zapata

Café de Olla is one of Puerto Vallarta’s most popular eateries. This establishment draws a lot of tourists because of its wonderful location and basic interior. Its employees are well-trained and fluent in Spanish, English, and French. Isn’t it incredible?

You may sample expertly prepared chilaquiles, omelets, and much more here! And their machaca is a must-try—my normal order!

Their cafe de olla, Mexican coffee, and americano are all delectable! You may also choose inside or outdoor seats.

Café de Paris

+523222228472 Emiliano Zapata, Pino Surez 158, Zona Romntica

The café, located in a colonial-style mansion in Old Vallarta, is an ideal spot for breakfast or lunch.

The colorful French proprietor creates delectable sweet and savory treats such as clairs, fruit tarts, quiches, and chocolate-almond croissants.

Regrettably, there is no sitting in the café, so you will have to carry the lovely hot coffee and pie with you.

Yet, with plenty of handmade treats to take with you, you may sample them on the way back to your hotel.

Casa Nicole Restaurant

+523222232444 Emiliano Zapata, Pino Surez 207, Zona Romntica

Casa Nicole, with its friendly staff and pleasant setting, is an ideal spot to spend time with friends and family. Their delectable cuisine will undoubtedly entice you to return.

Casa Nicole offers a pleasant ambience that will leave you feeling refreshed and calm.

Casa Nicole’s specialty is expertly cooked salads. Their flans, key lime pie, and cheesecakes were also delicious. Believe me, it’s well worth the trip!

Overview of the Top 19 Locations in Puerta Vallarta to Get the Best Breakfast

Puerto Vallarta is a renowned peaceful holiday resort. It may not be clear to you, but the locals like going out for breakfast.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day in Mexico, and there is always time to stop for a short snack while travelling about.

Since I want you to enjoy your morning, I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite breakfast locations in town.

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