Best Burgers in Portland | 10 Must-Try Burger Spots in Portland

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Portland is located at the junction of the Columbia and Willamette Rivers, on the historic Multnomah territory, where the Multnomah people lived in communities around the rivers’ beaches. Portland, located in the shadow of Mount Hood, boasts a plethora of parks, gardens, and open places to explore.

The state’s biggest city is known for its vibrant brewing industry and diverse group of outdoor lovers. Portland is a joy to explore, with a really pleasant and inviting environment.

Experience the unique, avant-garde culture of the city, as well as its outdoor amphitheaters, microbreweries, coffeehouses, restaurants, and excellent boutique shopping. Being one of the country’s most bike-friendly communities, it provides several options for day and night exploration. If youre searching for the finest burgers in Portland, youre reading the perfect post.

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The Greatest Burgers in Portland, According to Locals

The burger is the classic Portland food item, embodying the city’s gourmet food cart sector, busy restaurant culture, and neighborhood atmosphere.

Sometimes all you need is a fantastic burger, which Portland has in plenty. Whether it’s a classic with the daily special at a dingy pub or an unique house speciality at a famous restaurant, this article will introduce you to some of the city’s greatest burger producers.

In a city like Portland, it’s impossible to choose a favorite burger. There are hundreds of restaurants that serve excellent burgers, yet identifying those that stand out from the crowd is difficult. There are many of good burgers in Portland, but few stick out from the crowd. When the hunger for an all-American hamburger arises, this guide includes ideas for where to satisfy it. Find out the best places in town to get a burger on a bun!

Hubers Restaurant

Portland, OR 97204 +15032285686411 SW 3rd Ave.

Hubers is a historic restaurant that first opened its doors in 1879, making it the city’s oldest, and it serves one of the greatest burgers in Portland. This elaborately adorned restaurant in the center of the city, replete with a rich history, is recognized for its traditional-style turkey dinner. Hubers has been providing traditional American fare for almost a century. Its menu includes a range of seafood, salads, and meat platters, among other things. The finest part, though, are the burgers, particularly the Traditional Hamburger and The Beast Burger.

A relaxed, welcoming environment and a cuisine inspired by the best foods of the season make the ideal setting for memorable events and peaceful nights out with close friends. They’ve done all they can to recreate the vintage ambience of another period, whether you’re having an after-work beverage or a formal dinner. Visit them now to get a taste of Oregon’s history as well as some of the greatest burgers in town!

The Slow Bar

Portland, OR 97214 +15032307767533 SE Grand Ave.

Welcome to the first coordinated multi-sensory food experience. Slow Bar is the perfect meeting spot, a place where burgers and drinks meet peace and quiet. As you come in the front door and take a seat at the zinc bar or a booth, you will notice a genuine pub ambiance combined with a very warm, friendly ambience. Its menu includes a range of dishes, but their Slow Burger is a must-try and one of the reasons it is on the list of the best burgers in Portland.

Their objective has been to bring the American dream to life by serving up amazing burgers, fries, and beverages in a chic little dive since 2004. Their prime steak is ground fresh and cooked to order, their fries are hand-cut and perfectly seasoned, and their drinks will rock your world. They also have a good assortment of beer and wine! Slow Bar’s steaming delicious burgers will fill you up!

The Killer Burger

Portland, OR 97204 +15039468946510 SW 3rd Ave.

At this vibrant neighborhood burger spot, sit back and enjoy one of Portland’s finest burgers while socializing with friends and family. Killer Burger’s standard options are created with 100% natural prime beef and crispy fries, while their craft and specialty burgers are made with free-range chicken and fresh, locally sourced ingredients. To add to the pleasure, they offer a fantastic selection of local craft beers on tap as well as a rockin’ radio to keep you company.

Every burger with bacon and fries? Done. They wanted to provide their consumers with the next great burger experience, so they turned to their favorite local butchers, chefs, and vendors. Their motivation is what drives all they accomplish. As a consequence, the menu gives guests an incredible assortment of burgers created with the type of quality that is difficult to find nowadays. Keep an eye out for daily specialties that highlight their chefs’ innovation.

Burger in Portland

Portland, OR 97204 +19712428725304 SW 2nd Ave.

When it comes to freshness, Portland Burger makes no compromises. Their burgers are handcrafted utilizing 100% fresh, high-quality meat, hand-sliced fresh toppings, and handmade sauces. They feel that Portland Burger should be joyful and inviting, as well as proud of the cuisine they offer. There is no greater thrill for them than creating a burger to share with friends and family.

Why are they so enthusiastic about burgers? Because they like cooking. They care about people. And the burger is their favorite meal. That is why they founded Portland Burger: to bring family and friends together via delicious cuisine, fantastic music, and a pleasant ambience! Choose anything from their normal menu or one of their daily special burgers today.

Pearl District Small Big Burger

Portland, OR 97209 +15032749008122 NW 10th Ave.

Portland, Oregon, was the origin of Little Big Burger and where the mythology started. In 2010, Little Big Burger established its first store in Portland, Oregon’s lively Pearl District. It began with the simple notion of serving great, fresh cuisine that is both high-quality and enjoyable. Hand-crafted burgers prepared with 100% natural, locally sourced beef patties, house-made toppings, and a range of delectable appetizers and sides are on the menu.

The idea was developed with a simple purpose in mind: to offer huge burgers and truffle fries to the public for everyone to enjoy. It debuted to rapturous reviews and huge lineups. Things have altered, but not dramatically. Their burgers are still juicy and delicious, prepared with beef that has never been treated with antibiotics or hormones, and their fries are still hand-cut and liberally dusted with rosemary truffle salt.


+150328935571760 NE Lombard Pl., Portland, OR 97211

Roakes Burger Shack is fantastic and has earned its place among Portland’s greatest burger places. It is a bustling restaurant with excellent quick cuisine at reasonable costs. On bright days, they also feature outside seating. A welcoming, fast-casual burger restaurant is a good choice for quick, excellent meals and upbeat ambience. Not only is the food delicious, but the service is second to none.

They provide hot dogs, hamburgers, assorted fries, and dips. On a sesame seed bun, all burgers are created with 100% pure beef, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and onions. Sauces may be ordered upon request. This restaurant offers milkshakes and soft drinks in addition to its menu offerings. Be sure to look them up!

Burger Monster Smash

Portland, OR 97215 +150399548984500 SE Stark St.

Monster Smash is a fast-casual restaurant that serves high-quality, fresh, organic dishes at a reasonable price. Monster Smash is known for its smash burgers and fries. Each burger is prepared to order and includes their signature house-made Monster Sauce, cheese, and brioche bread. They also made a vegan version, which turned out to be even better. If you’re searching for something new, come here for soups and salads!

Here is the place where you may discuss the burger. You may remark about how huge and wonderful it is, or how simple and delicious it is. Monster Smash serves local and fresh burgers for lunch, with selections to suit every palate! This gastronomic institution, located at the Belmont station, serves the tastiest burgers in Portland and beyond!

The Portland Sports Bar and Restaurant

+150322220271811 South River Drive, Suite 200, Portland, OR 97201

This is their area, and because is your location, they want you to feel completely at home when you be-leaf. Everyone is welcome, whether you’re a sports lover, a plant-based dieter or vegan, vegetarian, or just plain hungry! Since 2007, they have been family-owned and run, and they have worked hard to adapt to the changing demands of the community. Salads, gyros, sandwiches, and wraps are on the menu, but the main attraction is their unique gourmet burgers, which come in a variety to suit every palate. I’ll let you judge whether or not this is one of Portland’s greatest burgers.

Youre family at Portland Sports Bar and Grill, from the warm welcome from their hosts to the grins on their service team’s cheeks. They want you to feel welcome when you walk in, comfortable while you remain, and, most importantly, happy when you leave. They believe they have something unique there: a group of friendly, entertaining individuals who enjoy sports (and life) as much as you do.

The Super Deluxe

Portland, OR 97209 +19712795064870 NW 13th Ave.

Super Deluxe is a restaurant brand dedicated to the highest levels of sustainability. They believe in using fresh, seasonal products to create exceptional culinary experiences that feed the taste, link communities, and encourage environmental sensitivity. They are committed to doing their share to create a happy, healthy future from farm to fork. Their quality meats are obtained locally and responsibly, so you may dine with confidence.

The menu includes a number of classics, including one of Portland’s greatest burgers, the SuperDeluxe burger with melted cheese, secret sauce, grilled onion, lettuce, and tomato served on a soft toasted bun. Milkshakes and fizzy water are on the menu. Whilst we all like being out and about, it’s good to have a location where you can relax with friends and family and take it all in.

The Hobnob Grill

Portland, OR 97214 +150344536653350 SE Morrison St.

A decent cheeseburger is like a soul hug, and no one does it better than Hobnob. Hobnob, the brainchild of Jason Heller, was launched in 2008 and is committed to offering the ultimate comfort meal, the burger. They take great satisfaction in serving meals made from just the freshest ingredients accessible to their visitors. Soups, salads, mac and cheese, and snacks are on the menu. But the greatest thing is that they have a lot of burgers!

They have put their hearts and souls into the restaurant and the tiny neighborhood they call home. Join them for delicious cuisine, pleasant people, and a warm, inviting environment. The purpose of Hobnob Grilles is to bring friends together in a comfortable environment to laugh, eat, and drink. Swing by today and let us raise your spirits. Probably one of Portland’s greatest burgers.

Portland’s Finest Burgers Finish up

Praise be to the burger and the wonderful (and perhaps strange) brains that introduced it to us throughout history. The patty. The condiment. The bread. All of it in one palm, as separate flavors combine into one delectable whole. Build that ideal foundation and let the rest of the components to shine for the ultimate burger experience. It’s the epitome of American cuisine, laced with lethargy and assertiveness, the need to pour on too much. It’s a dish that never goes away, that lives within all of us, and that demands fulfillment at every meal.

The burger is vegetarian. It can never be vanquished; it can never be halted or stopped. It is the most potent force in the food cosmos. The burgers are just enticing. They’re the ultimate gastronomic comfort, easy to make and much easier to consume!

Each city can provide a tasty burger. Yet there’s a difference between a regular burger and a properly cooked patty with American cheese and crispy bacon on a soft bun baked just as you like it. Nothing beats a good old-fashioned burger and fries. The American hamburger, in its various forms, remains a Portland favorite, as it has been for Americans for generations. Visit these establishments to reignite your passion for this American favorite!

Which of these Portland burger joints will you visit first? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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