Best Chinese Food in Mequon | 5 Must-Try Mequon Restaurants

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Mequon, a quiet Milwaukee suburb, recently underwent an economic development plan that resulted in an inflow of several new, independent, and excellent eateries in this tranquil midwestern town.

Despite being one of the finest towns in the area, Mequon remains underappreciated. It’s lovely for residents looking for a fast commute to downtown Milwaukee, and it has some wonderful food options.

There are several outstanding Chinese restaurants nearby that you should try, which is one of the best (if not the only) reasons to visit.

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Mequon’s Finest Chinese Cuisine

The Hong Anh Palace

+1262241776810046 N. Port Washington Rd., Mequon, Wisconsin 53092, USA

The dining room of the fairly tiny restaurant Hong Anh has twenty tables. A small bar with a few chairs is located in the front walk-in area. They often include a buffet that looks to be well-stocked and in decent shape.

I’ve never ordered from the buffet since I’m obsessed with their dinners. But, their egg rolls and white rice are also excellent. I’ve gone to maybe twenty Chinese restaurants, and Hong Anh is by far the greatest.

All of their chicken is white flesh, and they offer MSG-free choices. It is served hot and fresh, and it tastes more handcrafted and real than at other Chinese restaurants.

The meat at this restaurant stands out from the crowd because, unlike other Chinese restaurants, the meat at Hong Anh is of good quality, and you can tell what you’re eating.

It was spicy and cooked evenly; look at all those beautiful flavors! We also ordered a massive platter of egg rolls with plenty of veggies, incredibly orangey orange chicken (not syrupy), cashew chicken (the celery bits were really distinctive), and chicken with snow peas.

Despite the fact that the setting was so busy, the greatness shined through, leaving me dumbfounded. Make a point of visiting this Chinese restaurant in Mequon. It serves some of Mequon’s greatest Chinese cuisine.

Mequon Vietnamese Noodles

+126224119991380 West Mequon Road, Mequon, WI 53092, USA

The interior design is nice but not ostentatious. Smooth jazz was the evening music of choice, and there was a muted TV on one wall. Excellent service was given. The ideal venue for a memorable evening of Chinese cuisine in Mequon.

I ordered tendon pho, rare meat, and medium-rare beef. We also ordered pig spring rolls, and my father ordered a dish of sautéed beef over vermicelli that I can’t remember the name of.

The sole criticism leveled about the pho was that the soup lacked taste. However, it was rather delicious. It wasn’t terribly oily, but it was rich; nonetheless, I like stronger spice tastes.

The vermicelli and spring rolls were delicious. The spring rolls range in price from $5 to $6, while both entrees are $8. Both the beef and the lamb

Asian Cuisine New Fortune

+12623760198W62N547 Washington Ave, Cedarburg, WI 53012, USA

New Fortune serves the greatest Chinese cuisine in Mequon without a doubt! While it is pricey for Chinese cuisine, it is excellent. Even when purchasing takeaway, the staff is quite kind.

You have the option of dressing officially or informally. On a busy Saturday night, we were promptly given a server, and our meal came shortly.

We purchased a significant number of items, knowing well well that we’d have to carry a large number of them home since we wanted to try a range of things. For starters, we tried the crab rangoon and dumplings. Each of these hefty recipes comes with six servings.

The rangoons and dumplings had generous quantities of filling and were without a doubt the best we’d ever had. A salty-sweet sauce was served beside the dumplings. Our server advised us to have chicken with veggies, sesame chicken, and garlic shrimp, all of which were quite hot.

Each of the entrees is offered as an entree or a la carte. When you purchase as an entree, you also get an egg roll and a cup of egg drop soup. My companion was almost full by the time our meals came, but he gobbled all of his garlic shrimp and couldn’t stop raving about how delicious it was!

My chicken and vegetable dish’s veggies were nicely cooked and had a delightful crunch. Another thing to highlight is that all of the food we ordered was brought hot and fresh. Talk about high standards!

The Peking Chef

N. Port Washington Rd., Fox Point, WI 53217, USA +141422882228673

One of the nicest Chinese meals I’ve ever had in Mequon. Its cuisines span from Thai to Vietnamese and are all delectable. The restaurant is more of a family affair with a few tables than a fine dining place.

The staff is exceptional and warm, always treating their clients with respect and a smile. Even though I don’t visit this area very frequently, this is one of my favorite locations to stop.

A friendly waitress greeted us and told us that they provide the best Indonesian cuisine and that the owners are Indonesian nationals. My companion selected the medium-spicy Bali Beef, while I got the Singapore Rice Noodles with chicken and shrimp.

Our orders were freshly cooked and presented to our table in approximately 10 minutes. We sipped our beverages as we waited for more folks to come. The hot foods were served family style, with white rice on the side. Both meals were delicious and had just the proper amount of heat without being too hot. This is excellent Chinese cuisine.

Hung Hao Chinese Restaurant

+12622503968N112W15800 Mequon Rd, Germantown, Wisconsin 53022, USA

My companion requested the Hoisin Shrimp with more shrimp, not spicy. They cost her $4 for the additional shrimp, but they provided her a lot of huge, fresh shrimp, so the extra money was well worth it. The sauce had a dark brown color with a sweet, rich hoisin aroma. One of Mequon’s best Chinese restaurants.

Her husband’s Kung Pao Chicken smelled and looked fantastic (a dark reddish-brown sauce). They next split an order of egg rolls, which looked substantial and supposedly good with a little peanut taste.

My vegetable stir-fry was loaded with excellent, fresh veggies. Instead of the baby corn, I requested that they add additional garlic, onions, and mushrooms. I appreciate that this is a lot to ask of Chinese-speaking phone representatives, and placing the purchase took much longer, but they did an excellent job.

The dinner had just the right amount of ginger and garlic taste and was delightfully saucy, despite the fact that it used very little oil. Wonton soup contains bok choy and has a stunningly clear, tasty broth.

A List of the Top Chinese Restaurants in Mequon

If you prefer Chinese cuisine and are heading north of Milwaukee, Mequon is worth a visit. If you like noodles and Chinese food, this little neighborhood is quickly moving to the top of the list of the best locations to find the greatest Chinese restaurants.

The nicest part about living in a distant region is being isolated from the noise and bustle of large cities. It is ideal for holidays and is now known as Little China to reflect this. During weekends, Mequon, Wisconsin, has a number of restaurants to choose from. As a result, whether you’re looking for warm hospitality and wonderful cuisine, or just want to get out of town without traveling too far, Mequon is home to several of the top Chinese restaurants.

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