Best Hangover Treatments From Across the Globe | 20 Ways to Get Rid of a Hangover Quickly!

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Indeed, we all know that avoiding drinking too much is the greatest way to avoid a hangover. But what if that’s too late? What should you do if last night was just too much for you? Maybe you’re lying in bed, Researching the best hangover treatments, feeling like death and frantically trying not to vomit.

You’ve come to the right place! I’ve collaborated with a group of blogging pals to offer you these hangover remedy recommendations from across the world!

Some are insane, while others are disgusting. I guess I’d prefer simply remain hungover, but if you’re on the verge of death, you may be prepared to try anything!

The German Hangover Cure

Maria of Maria Abroad recommends

Maybe it’s the food’s amusing moniker that makes you forget about your lingering frontal lobe headache after a night out with one too many.

Maybe it’s the right combo of salty-sour bliss on a bun that soaks up your stomach’s leftover liquor.

I’m not sure why, but eating Rollmops is the go-to hangover treatment in Germany, particularly in the north. In Hamburg, for example, you may witness inebriated individuals making their way directly from the Reeperbahn (Hamburg’s party district) to the fish market, which opens at 5 a.m. to get their Rollmops dose. So just what are Rollmops?

Long before every home had a refrigerator, salting and pickling were among the finest methods to preserve food. Rollmops combine these two mechanisms of preservation.

Salted Herring is wrapped around a pickle or onion with a toothpick and pickled in a glass or clay pot. You may preserve this combination for a long time if you want to have it on hand for hangover situations.

How do you consume Rollmops? You may eat one as is or pile a couple on a fresh, flaky bread roll and enjoy it like a sandwich. If you’re feeling bold, wash it down with a sip of pickling juice from the Rollmops jar. Enjoy!

Bulgaria’s Best Hangover Cures

Bilyana and Owl Over The World both recommend it.

If you’re visiting Bulgaria and came on this site after one too many rakias, don’t worry, we’ve got a remedy for the dreadful headache you’re in for tomorrow!

I’m not sure what people do in other nations, but I know some are startled by our ways. These are a few popular Bulgarian hangover remedies:

The king of hangover treatments is tripe soup, also known as Shkembe chorba.

The soup is produced from cow gut. If that sounds awful to you, don’t worry; you can forgo the meat and just have the broth. The tripe soup is usually accompanied with garlic and spicy chili peppers (these two are served separately so you can flavor to taste). Tripe soup also pairs well with beer. Expect to see Bulgarians eating shkembechorba and sipping beer after a night out.

Sour cabbage juice is another popular Bulgarian hangover remedy. Throughout the winter, this drink may be found in people’s basements. Another drink we consume to get rid of a hangover is ayran. Yogurt, water, and salt are used to make the drink. Believe me, it works!

The English Breakfast- a Classic Hangover Cure

Suggested by Megsy of Food Fun Travel

The one and only full English breakfast, colloquially known as a fry up, is the king of hangover treatments.

After a night on the town, the best way to cure a hangover is to give it fried eggs (ideally two), bacon, sausage, grilled tomato, sautéed mushrooms, hash browns, and (of course) baked beans! If you prefer, you may toss on a few slices of bread to soak up all the eggy muck left over at the conclusion of your feast.

The national dish goes back to the 13th century, when it was an Anglo-Saxon hospitality practice to give lavish breakfasts for visiting friends, family, and neighbors.

Why is the fry-up such an effective hangover remedy? Because it has all of the protein, vitamins, and minerals you need to recuperate. A healthy dose of fat doesn’t harm either!

All of this contributes to you feeling better faster and ready for another night on the town! In fact, an English egg firm conducted study on this hangover remedy and discovered that more than a third of those who ate a full English breakfast recovered in less than three hours. This was much higher than the 19% who used pain relievers and the 3% who remained in bed all day.

What further evidence do you need that it works?

How to Get Rid of A Hangover in Korea

Sandra of The Smarter Writer recommends

You’ve had a wild night. And now you have to pay for it. Headpounding. Stomach ache. Allday. You’re still feeling nauseated by the time nightfall arrives. You want to remain in bed, keep close to the bathroom and watch Netflix while you whine about why you had the 7th, 8thand 9thdrinks last night. Or maybe you had ten, but things went blurry after number eight and you’re not sure how many you had. Nevertheless, your banking app informs you that there were more. Your gut feels the same way.

Then you recall samgyetang, or Korean ginseng chicken soup, Korea’s magical hangover remedy.

You drag yourself to a restaurant that only offers samgyetang; there’s one in every Korean hamlet. You savor the delectable hotpot of chicken soup. It contains a whole little chicken filled with rice, a jujube, and, most importantly, a stick of ginseng. The ginseng is bitter, but you know it will be worth it. You chew it rapidly and swallow it without inhaling through your nose.

You immediately feel fantastic. Your headache has subsided (or maybe the Nurofen you took before leaving has kicked in), and you are no longer nauseated. You decide that you want to do it all over again. Pass the Soju, please!

The Swedish Solution

Suggested by: Alex from The Swedish Nomad

Bakis is a traditional Swedish hangover remedy. I might be mistaken, but I haven’t seen anything like that anywhere else. It is essentially a mineral-rich rehydration solution, however it is much superior than a standard rehydration solution. Bakis is also lightweight and portable. It comes in the form of a tube containing circular tablets that you dissolve in water.

Consume it before going to bed after a night of partying or drinking alcohol, and you won’t be dehydrated or deficient in important minerals when you wake up. It’s an excellent technique to avoid hangovers, and it also works well the following day when you wake up, even if you forget to drink it before bed.

Overall, this product should be marketed all over the globe. It’s the hangover remedy that’s worked the best for me both abroad and at home in Sweden.

How They Cure Hangovers in North Carolina

Carl of NC Tripping recommends

Hangovers are a problem in North Carolina, owing to the plethora of craft brewers and tasty spirit-filled beverages available at many restaurants and pubs.

A chicken biscuit is one of the finest ways to cure a hangover after a night of heavy drinking in North Carolina. They’re available at any Bojangles or Biscuitville (Spicy Chicken & Honey FTW! ), but for the best, go local.

One wonderful example may be found in Downtown Winston-Salem at Krankies Coffee, a small batch roaster and caf. Although most people come for the coffee, which is delicious any day of the week, the weekend brunch menu is also worth a look. Get a chicken biscuit with Texan Pete and prepare to have your hangover melt away.

To be honest, a little spice on top rounds out the dish. I’m sure the biscuit is delicious without the extra kick, but why not?

Order a Bloody Mary!

Danny of Coddiwomp recommends

The Bloody Mary cocktail, which is said to have originally delighted the palates of partygoers in 1920s Paris, has become a beloved hangover treatment drink in the UK and many other areas of the globe!

Regardless matter how old the recipe is, a Bloody Mary is still an acquired taste.

To prepare one, combine vodka, tomato juice, a splash of Lea & Perrins (a famous anchovy-based sauce often known as Worcestershire sauce in the UK), and season with salt and pepper to taste. You’re finished: one Bloody Mary!

This dish has been adapted by several persons and establishments. They may garnish with a celery stick or use other seasonings. Nonetheless, the vodka and tomato juice foundation stays the same. Unless, of course, you choose a Virgin Bloody Mary, which includes everything except the booze.

Love it or loathe it, whatever you choose to consume it, this cocktail is guaranteed to alleviate those dreaded hangover mornings! Go ahead and try it!

What Cures a Hangover in Northern Thailand

Allan of Living Less Ordinary suggests it.

My particular travel interest is strange meals and alcohols, therefore it’s only natural that I’ve tried and tested a few hangover treatments. And the finest to date (apart from Hair of the Dog) are the hot soups of Thailand, which I consume almost every day while I’m in rural Isaan.

Consider what I ate this morning. I awoke after a night of rum, gin, Smirnoff, and beer. Of course, I stuck to my tried-and-true method. I began my day with a strong black coffee and a hot drink made with freshly squeezed lime and honey.

Next I made Tom Saap soup, an Isaan-style pork bone soup with loads of chilies, kaffir lime leaves, and lemongrass. This soup is similar to Thailand’s more well-known Tom Yum hot and sour soup, and both serve the same purpose. So I like to think of eating this as a shower for my insides, an internal colon cleansing that leaves me feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

I did, however, return to bed for a little snooze. It was still early in the morning.

Indian Hangover Treatment

Somnath of Travel Crusade recommends

Mutton Bansh Pora is a classic Indian dish that is exclusively offered in a few eateries. The smokey and fragrant meal is comprised of boneless herb marinated mutton packed within a bamboo stalk and grilled in the tandoor oven. The mutton is served within the bamboo stalk, tribal style.

Photographer: Santas Fantasea

This dish is popular with non-vegetarian customers in India, and it has been offered in top hangover cafés and restaurants around the nation. This unusual taste combination is a great method to relieve a hangover quickly!

 Hangover Cure Drinks From Russia

Liza of Tours Get recommends

If you’re hungover in Russia, you should think twice before drinking kefir (soured milk) or drinking pickle juice.

These are two independent treatments, and it is best not to mix them (otherwise you will spend more time in the toilet, not less), but they both work as fantastic hangover cures.

Being a Russian, I can tell you that, although these hangover recovery cocktails taste quite well to us, very few outsiders like sour milk or pickle brine.

If you don’t want to try them, don’t complain to your Russian friends since they could force you to!

How to Get Over a Hangover In South Korea

Marie of Be Marie Korea recommends

Haejang-guk(), also known as hangover soup, is a popular dish in South Korea after a night of drinking. Traditionally, the meal is cooked with cabbage and meat in a beef broth. It may include sliced ox blood pudding, blood sausage, or other forms of intestines, depending on the variant.

The Goryeo Dynasty (918-1392), one of Korea’s early kingdoms, is credited with inventing the soup. But, it was created with significantly different components back then. The meal was enjoyed not just by commoners, but also by high-ranking officials from the royal court.

The soup is available in restaurants around the nation as well as traditional marketplaces such as Gwangjang Market in Seoul. The soup costs around 8000 Korean won (8 dollars).

How the Icelandic Cure a Hangover Fast

Kris of Nomad by Trade recommends

If you find yourself hungover in the Nordic capital, Priki Kaffihuis is a Reykjavik eatery you must visit. Their Hangover Killer breakfast is excellent whether you have a pounding headache or not.

With a massive ham, cheese, tomato, and bacon sandwich with garlic sauce and topped with a fried egg, a pile of steaming hot fries, and a boozy milkshake named after Bruce Willis made with Jack Daniels whiskey, espresso, and caramel sauce, it’s exactly the hangover cure you’ll need to feel human again.

Whether you’re hungover or hungry, this meal is amazing. You couldn’t ask for a finer location for a supper like this than smack in the heart of Reykjavik’s historic district. Priki also comes life at night as a bar, so it might be both the source and cure of your hangover.

The Ecuadorian Hangover Remedy

Lisa of TheHotFlashPacker recommends

Fish ceviche is the finest method to treat a hangover in Ecuador: a wonderful combination of raw fish, loads of lime juice, cilantro, tomatoes, pepper, and salt to taste.

Photographer: Peruano

Unlike some of the other ceviche meals in South America, this one is significantly lighter on ketchup and tomatoes, but some tomato juice is generally incorporated.

Ceviche is accompanied with fried plantains, roasted corn kernels, and popcorn. The greatest ceviche restaurants are near the shore, although they are also available in the downtown. My favorite was a few of blocks from the Quito Airport.

Chuchaqui is the greatest term for hangover in Ecuador (pronounced chew-cha-key). I’ll confess that I’ve used the term Estoy chuchaqui a few times!

The Sure Fire Scottish Hangover Cure Drink

This Travel Guide’s James recommends

Although Scotland is well-known for its whiskey, few people are aware that the country has also developed a remedy to the inevitable hangover.

Scotland’s other beverage, Irn Bru, includes caffeine, quinine, enormous quantities of sugar, and the contentious ingredient Sunset Yellow FCF. When these components are combined, they create one of the finest hangover treatment cocktails in the world.

However, obtaining this miracle worker has become more difficult. Because of the Sunset Yellow, the traditional Irn Bru formula has long been prohibited in the United States. In the United Kingdom, health concerns and tariffs on high-sugar items have also compelled manufacturers to alter the formula. However, the new formula lacks a substantial sugar content, which is essential for hangover recovery.

Nonetheless, original recipe Irn Bru may still be found in Scotland. Several pubs and businesses advertise that they still carry the excellent stuff, and you can even find it on eBay and other internet marketplaces. Since that both the UK and the US are attempting to outlaw it, it’s generally best not to consume it on a regular basis.

If you do have a hangover, there are few things that will get the job done better.

The Colombian Hangover Cure

Suggested by:Danielle of Two For the World

You might be excused for being wary of a soup dubbed levanta muertos: raiser of the dead, particularly if you’re suffering from the stomach-churning aftereffects of a heavy night out.

Not to worry! Caldo de Costilla, Colombia’s favorite morning soup, will gently entice you back to the world of the living while leaving you yearning for more.

Caldo de Costilla is a succulent beef rib stew. It’s an Andean specialty, a simple stew of beef ribs simmered with potatoes, onion, garlic, cumin or ginger, and copious amounts of coriander.

That’s all there is to it, but when the flavors infuse on the stovetop, a hot bowl for breakfast is a foolproof method to cure a hangover. Additionally, unlike other hangover cures, it works regardless of your location.

Caldo de Costilla is a must-have after a night on the town for Colombians. Youll find eateries in towns like Bogot offering the soup until the early hours to accommodate for bar-hoppers seeking a midnight refresh. Step it up (if your excesses allow) and enjoy this wonderful reviver with sides ofarepa and hot chocolate like the natives. Chao has a hangover!

The Georgian Hangover Cure Drink

Kay from Jetfarer recommends

Youll see this hangover cure everywhere in Georgia (the nation, not the state), from the fanciest restaurants to the deepest hole-in-the-wall convenience shops. Many consider it a mainstay of Georgian cuisine and a part of everyday life. It comes in glass bottles, plastic bottles, and, if you’re fortunate, straight from Georgia’s mountains. No, it’s Borjomi, not fairy dust.

Borjomi is a naturally carbonated beverage derived from glacier springs high in Georgia’s highlands. Water has been collected from these rural springs for over 1,000 years, until Russians popularized it in the 1800s. Tourists from all over the globe now visit the original Borjomi springs to discover where their favorite drink originates from. With a long history of drinking on both the Georgian (wine) and Russian (vodka) sides, it’s no surprise that people in both nations rely on Borjomi water as a hangover cure.

Borjomi is merely sparkling mineral water, as we already said. We’ve all heard that simple old water can cure a hangover. Borjomi is no different. Nonetheless, the fact that people go to Georgia only to view the spring that generates Borjomi water demonstrates how much it is appreciated. If you have a bad morning after drinking too much Georgian wine, do what the Georgians do and grab a bottle of Borjomi.

How the Vietnamese Recover After a Big Night Out

Emily of Wander-Lush recommends

Whether your hangover is the result of a bia hoi binge or too much rice wine, a large bowl of ph (noodle soup) is the ideal Vietnamese breakfast for the morning after.

It’s all about the salty, life-affirming soup in good ph. Cooked low and long with beef bones and aromatics, the broth goes down so smoothly that you’ll think it’s body temperature and pH-balanced in your hungover condition. There’s enough salt in there to soothe your headache, and there’s also a blast of chile and lime juice to get you going again. Light rice noodles, slivers of beef (b) or chicken (g), and fresh herbs are simple to digest. If you dare, soak it up with a bnh du cho quy (deep-fried dough stick).

Hanoi has a few legendary joints but the greatest marijuana is the sort you can simply roll out of bed and onto a plastic chair for. It’s worth noting that many booths open early in the morning before shutting for a few hours around 10 a.m. N Cocktail Bar in Hanois Old Quarter provides the ultimate hair of the dog: a ph drink created with gin, Cointreau, cinnamon, anise, and cardamom.

The Tropical Cure

Christine of Christine Abroad recommends

When I’m hungover in a tropical nation (such as Thailand), I usually drink a fresh coconut before retiring to bed and the next day.

The water contained inside a fresh coconut is high in salt, potassium, sugar, and electrolytes. Coconut water can replenish your body’s electrolytes and hydrate you during a hangover.

Some claim that coconut water relieves hangovers, while others claim that it does not. I get the worst hangovers, and the only thing that helps for me when I party in tropical nations is coconut water. It’s fresh, sweet (but not too sweet), and truly relieves your thirst, not to mention that it’s delicious!

Another Ecuadorian Hangover Solution

Ayngelina of Bacon is Magic recommends

Soup for breakfast is prevalent in South East Asia, but many people are unaware that it is also a cornerstone of Ecuadorian cuisine. Encebollado is a national cuisine of Ecuador, and many Ecuadorians believe it is the finest method to treat a hangover.

Encebollado is a fish soup brimming with pickled onions. I understand that pickled onions for breakfast may seem unusual, but it is just what you need the following morning when your stomach is upset.

The soup is often prepared with nutritious albacore tuna, but it may also be made with other local fish or seafood depending on the season or what is available. It’s usually served with fried plantain chips and costs between $1 and $2 depending on where you go.

Consider it Ecuador’s response to soothing chicken noodle soup, except much, much nicer. If anything, it’s the one benefit of a hangover.

Hair of the Dog — the American Hangover Remedy

Being a resident of the United States, I can tell you that the best method to treat a hangover quickly is with dog hair. To put it another way, we simply keep drinking!

Hair of the dog, or a hair of the dog that bit you, is a phrase derived from an ancient way of treating rabies in which hairs from the infected dog that bit you were applied to the wound.

To halt death, you literally add a little of what is attempting to kill you. Check it out for yourself.

Yet, if your headache goes away, does it mean your hangover is gone, or are you simply intoxicated again? Nobody knows, but does it really matter if you no longer feel like you’re on the verge of death?

Start with a morning beer if you went all in on the hard things the night before (shots, etc.). There’s no need to dive straight back in. A cold one in the morning should do the trick, at least until happy hour!

Have you tried any of these hangover cures before? If so, what works and what doesn’t? Let me know in the comments section below!

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