Best Places to Dine in Kiev, Ukraine | 21 Top Kiev Restaurants & Bars

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While visiting Kiev, Ukraine, you should not overlook the delicious cuisines available at many of the local restaurants. Kiev restaurants provide something for everyone, from traditional Ukrainian cuisine to sophisticated Chinese cuisine and even their twist on American cuisine.

During my month in Kiev, I noted that restaurants offering traditional Georgian foods and (surprise) Vietnamese food were both highly popular.

I’ve compiled a list of 21 of the greatest places to eat in Kiev for you so you don’t have to waste your time looking for anything to eat. You will not be disappointed if you choose a restaurant from this list.

Kiev, Ukraine’s 21 Best Restaurants

The Last Barricade

+38 068 907 1991 Independence Plaza, near the Lyadsky Gate

Ostannya Barykada (The Last Barricade) is a restaurant inspired on three of Ukraine’s most popular revolutions: the Student Revolution on Granite in 1990, the Orange Revolution in 2004, and the Dignity Revolution in 2014.

To enter, you must provide a password (BORITESYA E POBORYTE), after which you will be taken on a narrative eating journey unlike any other. When you taste local Ukrainian and European foods, you’ll learn about the history of these revolutions and the individuals involved at the storytelling restaurant.

We didn’t anticipate much from the restaurant since it is so popular with visitors. We were pleasantly surprised—all of the things we had were delicious, and the majority of the amounts were substantial enough to split.

Not only can you enjoy traditional Ukrainian meals at The Last Barricade, but they also offer an excellent assortment of steaks.


+380 68 068 6975, 4 Vladimirskaya

100 is one of the top gourmet fine dining establishments in Kiev, as well as one of the best venues to enjoy Kiev-inspired cuisine. The chefs strive to develop new classic favorites by combining cultural and traditional Ukrainian meals with current culinary approaches.

Enjoy your favorite Ukrainian cuisine in fresh and delicious ways while also enjoying the companionship of people around you. The personnel is also extremely warm and inviting, and they are eager to serve. A really high-end restaurant that is ideal for a date with your special someone.

Cucina e Vino

+380 44 499 14 13Str. Sagittarius, 82Str.

There is no greater Italian restaurant in the world than Vino e Cucina in Kiev. Classic antipasta, handmade pasta, pizza, and a broad variety of Italian meat and fish meals await your palate.

The fact that Vino e Cucina has three levels is what sets it apart. The first level has a large main eating room with live music in the evenings. The cellar houses around 1000 wines and 100 champagnes, as well as a separate cheese room. Finally, the lower level houses the pizza magic, complete with a genuine wood-burning pizza oven and stove.


Vasylkovska St. +380 44 390 39 02114 Vasylkovska St.

Odessa is a prominent culinary restaurant and one of the top Kiev restaurants, thanks not only to its original architectural design (influenced by Odessa City), but also to the restaurant’s famed chef, Yurii Pryyemsky.

Yurii mixes the greatest local foods and vegetables with innovative culinary skills (Sous Vide technology, Big Green Egg ovens, and more). Pair your meal with one of their delectable trademark drinks.

Genuine Burger

+380 99 010 9993 42 Khmelnytskoho Bohdana St.

Real Burger in Kiev provides the greatest American food selections that you won’t get at home if you’re travelling from America and want a small taste of home one night.

Savor handcrafted burgers cooked from your favorite meat, such as beef, turkey, chicken, or fish (yep, fish burgers!). They also provide a veggie burger for individuals who don’t consume beef. Get juice or coffee, or try one of their distinctive cocktails created by Ukraine’s greatest bartenders.

On weekends, this is a terrific spot to party with friends or gather the family for breakfast.

Vietnamese Tin Tin

+380 97 828 7878 15 Lipinskogo St.

Tin is one of Kiev’s best restaurants for Asian and Vietnamese food prepared and presented with a European flare. They provide nutritious and tasty meals for any health-conscious individual, including vegetarian alternatives, and are located directly on the Kiev bike track.

Take a seat and, while you wait for your lunch, you can watch the Kiev cyclists train or watch a cycle polo play. The interior design even includes bicycle wheels.

Make space for the dessert Soi Xoai, which comprises of sticky rice, mint-infused coconut milk, mango, candied mango, and coconut chips.

Whisky Spot

+380 50 480 3803 16 Sofiivska vulytsia

Whisky Corner not only serves the greatest whiskey and spirits in Kiev to whisky aficionados, but it also serves the best Scotch food. With over 900 whiskey variations to pick from, the servers will meticulously blend spirits and cuisine for you, ensuring a flawless match every time.

Check out their magnificent dry-aged steak cabinet at the rear of the restaurant.

In fact, Whisky Corner was where I celebrated my birthday. Our waitress was really educated and took us through the menu, allowing us to make excellent selections not just in terms of cuisine, but also in terms of Ukrainian craft beers and the appropriate whiskeys to round off the evening.


+380 44 425 45 48Andriyivsky Uzviz Str., 19 A

Kanapa serves the finest native Ukrainian food with a contemporary touch. All seasonal items utilized are acquired locally in Kiev and the surrounding areas, providing you with the freshest cuisine available only in Kiev. When you come, be sure to grab the wildfowl and the Butter Candle.

Taste traditional Ukrainian meals prepared in an open kitchen. The crimson cushioned chairs and hardwood eating surfaces in the dining area make this restaurant one-of-a-kind.

Dnipri’s Hutorets

+38 067 209144410A The Naberezhno-Khreshchatytska Str.

We would be remiss if we did not include Khutorets na Dnipri on our list of the greatest restaurants in Kiev.

This wonderful restaurant is located directly on the Dnieper River, providing stunning views of the riverside while serving contemporary interpretations of classic Ukrainian foods. There is also a vodka lounge with over 50 different varieties of vodka from all around the nation available for you to enjoy with your meal.

Every weekend, they offer children’s entertainment as well as live music for evening meals.


+380 68 873 7878 23A Yaroslaviv Val St.

Come to ChiChiko and enjoy one of Kiev’s greatest Georgian restaurants. The people and service are outstanding, and they speak English well. The menu even includes an English translation so you know precisely what you’re getting.

Whether Georgian food is your favorite or you’ve never tasted it before, ChiChiko has something tasty and gratifying for everyone. They provide chicken liver salad, Georgian vegetable salad, lamb kebabs, mushroom soup, and other dishes like as khinkali and khachapuri, which are two of my favorites.

Uncle Who Is My Favorite

+38 097 540 90 Pankovskaya 20 Str.

You’ll feel as though you’ve been invited to someone’s house for supper the minute you walk inside Lyubimy Dyadya (Favorite Uncle). The inside is well lighted, pleasant, and inviting.

Every area of the room contains something from wherever the owner has traveled or wants to visit. There’s also a library with his favorite books, beautiful birds in birdcages, a moped, and other items.

With its European and Middle Eastern cuisine, the meal provides even more comfort. Warm veal salad, pumpkin soup, or poached eggs with spinach and salmon are all excellent choices. Several popular meals from Greece, Israel, Turkey, Egypt, and Morocco are available.

Milk Shop

Shota Rustaveli Street

The Milk Bar serves the greatest breakfast, pastries, and shakes in Kiev. On Mondays, breakfast is served all day, so you can have your favorite waffles, cheesecakes, and more from open to close.

Try their pancake lasagna or lobster waffles for a delectable treat you’ve never had before.

Yet, they do not just provide breakfast. You may order your favorite sandwiches, soups, or salads for lunch or supper. Try lavash with teriyaki chicken or beef and broccoli paste.

Dogs and Tails

+380 44 353 0907 Shota Rustaveli vul. 19

Dogs & Tails provides a variety of loaded hot dogs with a cola to drink and a side of fries or onion rings for a unique spin on an American classic. They also provide a variety of drinks that have been professionally mixed for your enjoyment.

For dessert, try the out-of-this-world handmade churros or doughnuts with caramel sauce.


Sagaidachnogo, 41

Seafood lovers would enjoy eating at Naprosecco, Kiev’s premier seafood restaurant. They provide fresh and locally caught seafood and are well renowned for their oysters and prosecco wine. Langoustine, shrimp, and mussels are also available.

The menu selections are limited, but the cuisine and wine are so exquisite that you’ll want to return again and again.

NAM Vietnamese Contemporary Cuisine

Velyka Vasylkivska Street, 48 +38 096 758 58

Ector Jimenez-Bravo, the originator of Nam, was inspired by Asian and Vietnamese food and chose to update and personalize dishes he discovered there. Nam will provide your favorite Asian foods (classic pho, seafood dishes, savory mute, and more), but they will be prepared Ector-style, particularly for you.

The cuisine provided here is both excellent and artistically attractive, like eating pieces of art. Speaking about art, the inside walls are covered with paintings reflecting Asian and Vietnamese culture.

BAO Contemporary Chinese Food

+380 (67) 693 98 981 Mechnikova 14 Street

BAO is one of Kiev’s greatest restaurants for outstanding contemporary Chinese food. Meals are produced and served from an open kitchen for visitors. Traditional dim sum, fashionable shu mai, and real Peking duck are all available.

The large community table in the middle of the room is a Chinese practice of not only dining near to one another, but also sharing and tasting one other’s cuisine. This practice is popular among Kiev’s Ukrainians and provides a warm and pleasant environment for all visitors.

Nikala Cafe

+38 044 425 20 01Horeb 1aStr.

This traditional Georgian restaurant in Kiev is ideal for hosting casual birthday parties, business gatherings, and wedding feasts. They can easily handle any huge celebration while still looking to their regular dining visitors, since they have three distinct venues to select from.

Savor your favorite Georgian meals here, together with authentic Georgian wines. Select from their barbeque menu, main meals, soups, salads, and desserts. Make space for irresistible Georgian sweets (pancakes with cheese or apples, or maconi).


38 Pushkinska St, +38 044 234 13 00

Antwerpen, a restaurant serving traditional Belgian and European food, is located in the center of the Belgian courtyard in Kiev, Ukraine (including the Belgian Waffle). Artwork, paintings, and sculptures by the top Flemish, French, and German painters may also be found in the restaurant.

Kiev’s Best Bars

The Dictator’s Bar

+380 50 346 163644 Khreschatyk St

Dictator Bar, also known as Barman Dictat, is tucked down in a basement like a speakeasy and may be difficult to discover. But once you do, you’ll be rewarded with delectable wine and spirits, steampunk atmosphere, and live jazz music.


1 Tarasa Shevchenko Boulevard

Loggerhead Pub is another well-kept secret in Kiev, hidden behind an unmarked entrance in a dark alley in the heart of the city. To gain entry, you must be able to deduce the password from the things on the door. As you walk in, you’ll be greeted with a live jazz club and an experience of flavors you never imagined.


1319 Velyka Vasylkivska Street +380 44 235 24

The Paravoz is the last stop on our brief speakeasy tour. To be able to offer you and your guests beverages, bartenders must first complete the Parovoz Mixology Course at the bar school. A kitchen provides spaghetti, seafood, and your choice of appetizers beyond the bar and delicious beverages.

Verdict on Kiev’s Best Restaurants

If you’ve ever wondered where to dine in Kiev, look no further. This comprehensive list includes the top restaurants and pubs to visit during your trip to Ukraine. Please let us know which ones you tried and how they turned out!

Which of these Kiev restaurants and pubs do you wish to try the most? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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What’s Kiev famous for?

In Eastern Europe, Kyiv is an important economic, scientific, educational, and cultural hub. Several high-tech businesses, higher education institutions, and historical sites are located here. The city boasts a vast public transportation and infrastructure system, including the Kyiv Metro.

Can you get chicken Kiev in Kiev?

Chicken Kyiv may be found on Khreshchatyk Street. This is a mono-product restaurant, a relatively new gourmet idea in Kyiv, which implies that practically all of the menu dishes include chicken.

Is Kiev a food?

Chicken Kiev is a Russian specialty that has become a global grocery staple. Chicken Kiev, according to the Russians, originated in the ancient Empire’s Muscovy province.

Is Kiev English friendly?

Speaking English should not be an issue if you are traveling major cities such as Kiev. This is due to the fact that many individuals here speak a foreign language. The idea is to utilize just basic terms that everybody can understand immediately.

Is Kiev Ukraine worth visiting?

Kiev is one of the most attractive cities in the world, with several well-known tourist attractions.

Can you drink tap water Kiev?

In Ukraine, tap water is chemically safe, although it is suggested that water be boiled before consuming. It is far preferable to use bottled filtered water, which is accessible practically everywhere. Nonetheless, we urge that you purchase water from stores to ensure that it is not contaminated.

Is there Pizza Hut in Kiev?

The European licensee of Pizza Hut, the world’s biggest pizza restaurant chain, plans to establish its first branch in Kyiv in the first part of next year. American Restaurants (AmRest), a franchisee, wants to fill the so-called middle-class restaurant gap in Ukraine.

Is Kiev red zone?

The Ivano-Frankivsk area entered the “red” zone on January 24, 2022. The first ten areas are in the “orange” zone, while the other regions and the capital of Kiev are in the “yellow” zone. The “Green” level assumes just one fundamental condition: this is a mask mode.

How far does a US dollar go in Ukraine?

The current exchange rate is around 8 Ukrainian Hryvnas for 1 Dollar.

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