Boston’s Top 10 Seafood Restaurants

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One thing about seafood: if you like it, you will undoubtedly enjoy Boston!

Boston is THE quintessential seafood destination, and the city’s recent culinary boom has made it a foodie’s dream for anyone eager to delight their taste senses.

If you still need persuading, these are the 10 places that have received my votes.

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Boston’s Top 10 Seafood Restaurants

Oyster from Neptune

Salem St. # 1, Boston +1617742347463

For nearly five decades, Neptun Oyster, nestled in a charming harborside setting, has provided the finest seafood in Boston. Served hot with butter, or cold with mayo, is all about the lobster roll here.

Nothing beats a sweetmeat bun that tastes nearly as nice as the sweetmeat it contained. Neptune Oyster, in addition to lobster rolls, has a limited menu of seasonal seafood delicacies.

Fried Ipswich clams and steamed Wellfleet Littlenecks in a wonderful wine sauce are two menu standouts. In addition, the raw bar offers a range of oysters and clams, as well as other delectable marine goodies.

Waterfront Daily Catch

Boston, +1617772440065 Atlantic Ave.

The Daily Catch offers one of the greatest vistas in Boston, which may explain why it is such a popular dating destination.

The window tables provide a wonderful view of the bay, necessitating early and late-evening reservations. Even if you don’t snag a table with a view of the sea, you’ll be in for a treat.

The Daily Catch offers traditional Italian pasta and seafood, as well as one of the nicest waterside views in town.

When eating handmade pasta with squid ink, lobster fra Diavolo, mussels, or littlenecks Siciliano served with fennel, thyme, and lemon, you may take in the views from the balcony or outside the bar.

Mooncusser Fishery

Boston, MA 02116 +16179175193304 Stuart St.

Mooncusser Fish House is one of the best seafood restaurants in Boston for a special occasion. Mooncusser serves a four-course seasonal tasting menu highlighting world tastes and local seafood. The cuisine here is intriguing while remaining accessible.

Try the Red Snapper Crudo with pineapple, salsa verde, and fried peanuts to start. Try venison carpaccio as a side dish. Lastly, serve with a lemon olive oil cake!

Mooncusser has the greatest taste of the sea in Boston, combining worldwide cuisines with local seafood.

Oysters B&G

550 Tremont St., Boston, MA 02116 +16174230550

A simple trip to B&G Oysters can quickly elevate you to a whole new level of crustacean-based meals. Barbara Lynch, the proprietor, has been a key figure in the Boston culinary industry for more than two decades, and B&G Oysters is widely regarded as her masterpiece. This eatery is unbeatable for oyster lovers!

This upscale diner near the South End is a dazzling tribute to classic Boston seafood dishes elevated to the next level, with dishes like Saffron Steam Mussels and Lobster BLT with lemon aioli.

This stylish oyster bar creates its own handcrafted Prosecco mignonette to go with the meals, in addition to its daily-changing oyster menu.

Not to mention the chive-and-celery-studded lobster roll, Bouillabaisse, and lobster salad, all of which Lynch created.

The ambience at this little restaurant is very wonderful, so make a reservation and bring fantastic company to thoroughly enjoy it!

Fenway Eventide

Boston, MA 02215 +161754510601321 Boylston St.

Eventide Fenway, the sibling restaurant of Portland’s Eventide Oyster Co., serves tried-and-true favorites popularized at the Portland location. Nonetheless, Eventide Fenway Boston, like its more renowned Portland counterpart, provides a fine-casual eating experience with a few variations.

A few feet from Fenway Park and within one block of the Museum of Fine Arts, the Museum of Science, and the Boston Common, this seafood restaurant caters to the citys sophisticated taste with freshly shucked oysters and brown butter lobster rolls.

This establishment is nothing short of spectacular, with eight oyster kinds served daily, clams boiled in butter, lobster rolls served hot or cold, beers on tap, specialty cocktails, and grand cry champagne.

This is traditional New England seafood done with precision and competence for those in a hurry or seeking for a place to celebrate, Eventide Fenway has wonderful cuisine and good fun.

If you’re hungry and in the area, you can simply walk in since they operate on a first-come, first-served basis.

Luke’s Lobster House

Boston, MA 02116 +1857350462675 Exeter St.

This is lobster lovers’ paradise! As you pull up to a shack, you’re surrounded by people excitedly awaiting the next round of lobster or crab rolls. You’ve arrived to Luke’s Lobster!

Established by third-generation lobsterman Luke Holden, Lukes Lobster is a family-owned, Maine seafood enterprise.

The firm sells traceable and sustainable fish in its shacks, grocery shops, and even ships it to your door. Its seafood is hand-selected by fisherman and sent straight to their own seafood firm, where it is steamed and chosen to perfection before being delivered to their shacks and consumers.

Lower prices for their fishermen, as well as the elimination of the intermediary, equals better-tasting seafood for you!

With their lobster, shrimp, and crab rolls, a swipe of mayo, lemon butter, and secret seasoning is served on a split-top New England-style bread, offering you the fresh seafood flavor and texture you know and love!

Visit them in Boston and get one of their iconic lobster rolls or a giant lobster roll loaded with even more seafood! They think that fish should always be pleasurable, and they do an excellent job of connecting you with the greatest seafood!


70A Commonwealth Avenue, Boston +161753672003

Set the culinary scene at Uni here, Uni’s partner. Tony Messina, the Executive Chef at Uni, and his partner Ken Oringer, the Executive Chef

Wonderfully prepared Japanese-inspired seafood meals may be eaten in the pleasant area, which has wide wine barrel tabletops and a good view of the kitchen’s counter.

There are several nigiri, sashimi, and makimono street food-inspired options to mix with sake by the glass. Uni, named after sea urchins, provides a variety of these species as well as some surprises such Spanish mackerel.

Hot meals such as shrimp tempura and shrimp fried rice with green curry are also available.

The Salty Girl

Boston, +16172670691279 Dartmouth St

Most Bostonians are unfamiliar with the pleasures of fish in a tin, but those who go to Portugal and Spain may be.

If you prefer seafood, you can’t go wrong with fried lobster and waffles on your menu.

The Saltie Girl restaurant serves anchovies, sardines, and octopus with artisan bread and house-churned sea salt butter, which is delicious!

Taqueria Loco & Oyster Bar

Boston, +16179175626412 W Broadway

At Loco Taqueria, the streets of Southie meet the streets of the south. Tacos such as blackened cajun tuna tacos, smoked brisket tacos, and delectable birria tacos are available on the menu.

Don’t miss out on their extensive tequila selection and a palette cleanser from the raw bar, which has raw tuna tostadas, oyster ceviche, and fluke unclean with horseradish and citrus.

Atlantic Fish Co

Boston, +16172674000761 Boylston St.

With new Chef Dan Billo, the seafood at this Boston institution has a new perspective. Every day, a fresh menu is produced at Atlantic Fish Co., where seafood is delivered directly from local docks since 1978.

I dropped here for lunch and got one of the best lobster rolls I’ve ever eaten. With huge bits of delicious lobster combined with celery and mayo, the bread was incredibly moist and buttered with a saltine cracker-type crust.

There are lots of healthy lunch alternatives at Boston’s greatest spot for fresh seafood without breaking the budget! Vegetarians may also find new favorite dishes at Atlantic Fish, which offers fresh juices, vegetarian alternatives, and a variety of salads.

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Along with lobster pesto pappardelle, lobster ravioli, and lobster fried rice with soy sauce, shrimp, and sriracha, you’ll discover lobster ravioli, fra Diavolo, and surf and turf, as well as fantastic desserts to combine with some of their after-dinner cocktails.

A List of the Top 10 Seafood Restaurants in Boston

In a city with a continually growing restaurant industry that is nevertheless extremely tradition-oriented, one needs cast a broad net to determine which Boston seafood restaurants are worth visiting. When touring your must-see, you’ll discover a diverse variety of culinary quality, styles, and diversity. Lobster rolls, for example, may be found at classic restaurants, as well as newer sandwiches produced from comparable (and perhaps superior) ingredients, but also excellent old-fashioned lobster rolls and their modern doppelgangers.

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