Buellton Restaurants to Try | Top Places to Dine in Buellton CA

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As I set out to explore a new place, the prospect of an adventure, meeting new people, and sampling the local food adds to my excitement. This time, I was traveling to a two-mile-square town with a population of 5,082 individuals.

Buellton, California is situated 43 miles north of Santa Barbara on California Route 101. Will the cuisine be centered on fish, given that it is just 10 miles from the glittering Pacific Ocean?

Would the local eateries highlight Danish cuisine if they were just 3.5 miles from Solvang, which is famed for its Danish heritage? Would I have enough of the delectable regional cherry Danish?

I couldn’t wait to tour Buellton eateries and find out for myself!

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The Top 5 Buellton Restaurants

AJ Spurs Saloon & Dining Room

Buellton, CA 805-686-1655350 E Highway 246

It had been a 4.5-hour journey from Palm Springs, and after checking into the Pea Soup Andersen Hotel, I was starving, since my lunch on the road had been quite poor. In hindsight, this was one of the Buellton Restaurants that was ideal for my eating experience. One cannot possible walk away from this restaurant hungry.

I recognized this would not be a daily occurrence the moment I parked my vehicle and headed to the front door. Western d├ęcor greeted me, and old-fashioned Western music assaulted my senses at the same time.

My eating experience started when I was led to a table in front of the fireplace. A cast-iron saucepan with a substantial meat soup and veggies appeared. Although it was great, I felt I needed to leave some space for the remainder of the dinner. It’s a good thing I stopped because the salad with the bleu cheese dressing was delicious. Maybe the nicest meal I’ve ever eaten in a restaurant.

When given the option, I ordered barbeque spareribs, both beef and pig. I was given a number of wet wipes. I can tell that the ribs I made with them were genuinely finger-licking wonderful.

A root beer float or an after-dinner liquor are two dessert options. I went with the root beer float, which lived up to my youthful expectations. This was one of the most distinctive eateries in Buellton, California.

Ellen’s Danish Pancake House is located in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Buellton Avenue of the Flags 1-805-688-5312272

As I was asking random tourists to the region about the finest eateries in Buellton for brunch or anything sweet, they noted how amazing Ellens Pancake Restaurant is. It was the first thing I noticed when I went there. It seems that I needed to add this to my list of Buellton Restaurants to try while there.

I had completed my notes by mid-morning. So I went to get some Danish pancakes. I looked through the menu and noticed it was one of the most diverse I’d seen in a long time. Surprisingly, they served 12 egg omelets. It smiled and said that it was for two or more individuals.

Ellens Special, incredibly thin, crisp Danish pancakes made on a frying pan, was my choice. A tasty treat with applesauce enclosed in a pancake and sprinkled with powder sugar.

Hey, I’ll confess it: I got the highly recommended thick bacon side. I devoured three of the five slices and wished I was at home so I could toss the rest into a salad later.

I had a look at the Lunch Menu. If I had more time, I believe this restaurant’s Rubens sandwich would be a great spot for a delicious lunch since everything was freshly cooked.

Hitching Post No. 2

Buellton 1-805-688-0676420 E Highway 246

When touring Ostrich Land, I asked my guide where I might have the greatest lunch in Buellton. Without hesitation, she said, Yeah, you have to eat the hamburger at the Hitching Post. Let me double-check. Every day, they don’t serve hamburgers. Well, hamburgers were being served today, so I knew just where my next destination would be just down the road. When I was leaving, she approached me and said, By the way, make sure you get a side of bacon. This has been noticed.

It was a gorgeous day, and I was thrilled to discover that lunch would be served outdoors. The menu was short, but that didn’t matter since I already knew what I was going to order: a hamburger with a side of bacon. I waited in line, placed my order, and took my number to one of the wine barrel tables.

Since the wine tasting area is just next to the restaurant, it felt only natural to enjoy a glass of chardonnay as I waited for my lunch. It wasn’t a difficult assignment to keep an eye on folks beneath the huge oak trees.

I could taste the slight touch of smoke as I bit into the hamburger, which had been grilled over an open-air grill. This is a great hamburger, tender and flavorful, with just the proper amount of lettuce, tomato, and onion. The French fries were hot and crispy, and they were an excellent addition to this filling dinner. PLUS, of course, the bacon. Excited, I tried it, but with the hamburger and fries, it would have been better to add it to the patty rather than eating it on the side. In any case, this is a must-visit among Buellton Restaurants.

Industrial Foods

Buellton Industrial Way 1-805-688-8807181

This industrial region is a must-see if you’re in the neighborhood. Wineries feature beautiful outdoor patios where you may sample some of the region’s best wines. Dorwood Distillery invites you to come in and sample some of their locally created liquors. Industrial Eats is just across the parking lot.

I’m happy I met a coworker here for my first supper. The restaurant’s popularity was evident, since there was a wait to order immediately inside the door. She pointed to the menu, which was tacked up on the wall in brown butcher paper. Then there were one-page specials in a separate location. Admittedly, I was a bit daunted.

She was fantastic at explaining the system and even inquired what I wanted to eat that night. I chose a seafood dish with white shrimp, pancetta, Chili, and garlic since I was near the beach and hadn’t tried seafood before. Everything is produced from scratch and with a distinct culinary touch.

When our entree and beverage were registered, we were given a number and seated at a communal table. We sat next to two ladies who were enjoying escargot and freshly made bread with a crisp Pino Grigio.

Our dinner was delivered. Oh my. My tastebuds were dancing with the flavors. The shrimp were cooked to perfection, and the sauce, which had a strong garlic flavor, was outstanding and will not be forgotten. We split the massive Caesar salad, which had unexpected characteristics that elevated the whole dinner to a gourmet level. In my view, one of the greatest eateries in Buellton.

Andersens Restaurant Pea Soup

Buellton Avenue of the Flags 1-805-688-5581376

When I walked inside the restaurant, I saw the bakery and immediately thought of breakfast, since one of their Danish pastries would be a perfect finish to any meal. But I was on a mission. I wanted to test whether the Pea Soup was as delicious as I recalled it being on a previous visit, maybe 20 years ago. Probably one of the best Buellton Restaurants.

I got the Travelers Special. A cup of pea soup, some bread, and a chocolate shake. Knowing I had a long trip ahead of me, I requested the waiter to hold off on serving the shake so I could take it with me.

The soup was delivered with a basket of bread. I dipped my soup spoon into the pea-colored liquid in front of me. As soon as the liquid hit my mouth, I thought to myself, Oh my my, this is so amazing. I sat there, relishing each mouthful. The bread was OK, but the soup was unquestionably the star of this travelers’ special. Yeah, I ate every last bite of delicious vegetarian soup. The assumption that split pea soup must include ham is no longer valid.

With the bowl licked clean (No, I really didnt lick it.) I approached the waiter and requested the shake so that I may continue my research of Buellton. Just a word of caution: the shake is really thick, so you’ll need a spoon to eat it straight away.

Explore Buellton and 360 PR View invited me to tour the town. Yet, being the inquisitive creature that I am, I discovered some of these Buellton CA eateries on my own and would want to relate how I ate my way across Buellton.

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