Canton, OH’s Top 6 Chinese Restaurants

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Finding a Chinese restaurant in Canton might be tough given the plethora of them. But, I was graciously linked with the best eateries on this list for your advantage.

Canton is a wonderful place to live because of its rolling hills, picturesque lakes, and charming downtown. But, in addition to Cantons breathtaking natural settings, countless amazing restaurants have consistently gotten top ratings!

These restaurants provide some of the greatest cuisine around, as well as a variety of local delicacies that we couldn’t find anyplace else.

Check out the list of must-visit Chinese restaurants in Canton OH below.

Canton, OH’s Top 6 Chinese Restaurants

Lees Panda Park

Canton, OH 44709, USA +133049221083619 Cleveland Ave. NW

If you’re looking for a top-notch Chinese restaurant in Canton, Ohio, go no farther than Lees Panda Garden. One of the region’s most well-known and lasting Chinese restaurants is this small hidden treasure.

My companion had General Tso’s chicken, which arrived with fresh veggies and spicy tofu off the menu that was just fiery, sweet, and acidic.

I ordered an egg roll, wonton soup, fried rice, and garlic chicken. The garlic chicken was cooked to perfection in my opinion. The ideal amount of heat.

The setting was beautiful, and the meal was relaxing. I highly recommend visiting this Chinese restaurant in Canton!

Chinatown Restaurant

Tuscarawas St. W., Canton, OH 44708, United States +133047738803828

You can’t go wrong with Chinatown Kitchen if you’re looking for Chinese restaurants in Canton Oh that provide great, authentic Chinese cuisine in a relaxed setting. It is conveniently located in the heart of Canton, at the junction of Broad and Main Streets.

The proprietors want a taste that was both fresh and home-cooked. It all started with firsthand experience gathered on their first trip to China. They made the decision to visit every street vendor selling real Chinese cuisine.

And now that they have their own restaurant where they expertly combine traditional and local cuisine, their customers may enjoy this delicacy while also saving money!

This location’s egg rolls were absolutely beautifully prepared and utterly grease-free. Similarly, the house lo mein was amazing, neither greasy or oily, and maybe the finest I’ve ever had.

While the pork fried rice had a little more fat than I would have like, the taste was powerful enough to compensate. They also provide the standard Tsos in both mild and spicy forms.

I tried the light version and it was delicious. I’m looking forward to trying the hot version the next time I have a chance. It’s a destination you won’t be sorry to visit, so give it a chance!

The Full Moon

+133049368783032 Cromer Avenue NW, Canton, OH 44709, USA

If you’re seeking for real Chinese cuisine in Canton, Ohio, look no further! Main Moon is a Canton restaurant that has been open since 2005 and is well-known in the community.

Its menu has a variety of delicious cuisine options and promotions, making it one of the top Chinese restaurants in Canton!

They provide the greatest egg rolls, crab rangoon, fried rice, and noodle dishes in the neighborhood. Finest tadting and massive numbers of boneless ribs. Nothing in town comes close to their Lo Mien or Mei Fun.

I got egg rolls, and they were the best I’ve ever had! Very hot and crisp, yet not soggy. I wished I had ordered more!

There was enough of food for the money that was hot and of excellent quality. I would highly recommend it for Asian cuisine in Canton.

Fung Loong

Tuscarawas St. W., Canton, OH 44708, United States +133045238082317

Loong Fung is a Canton neighborhood staple known for its exceptional Chinese food, good service, and pleasant employees.

This restaurant, located in the center of downtown Canton, provides a one-of-a-kind Chinese eating experience.

This venue is among the finest I’ve ever tasted. Instead of the customary egg roll, I got the General Tso’s combination and substituted a crispy spring roll with red sauce on the side.

Everything was fantastic. Crisp, clean, and tasty! Crispy yet delicate chicken with just enough spice. Probably one of Canton Oh’s greatest Chinese restaurants.

The cost was acceptable for the quantity of food supplied. Anybody who is undecided where to dine should certainly try this eatery!

Asian Bistro Jasmine

30th St. NW, Canton, OH 44709, United States +133049333311122

The Jasmine Asian Restaurant was an excellent choice for supper! If you’re looking for real Asian cuisine in Canton, Jasmine is worth your time and money. Of all the Chinese eateries in Canton, this is my favorite. Oh.

Jasmine Asian Bistro’s atmosphere truly pleased me. In terms of ambience, it was a cafĂ© with a lot to offer; it was incredibly warm, nice, and welcoming.

Considering how crowded it was, we were seated and served right away. On a cold night, we were greeted with hot jasmine tea, which was delightful and comfortable.

The cuisine was artfully arranged and served in just-right portions, making it a feast for the eyes and mouth.

The Chicken Coconut Soup (Tom Kha Gai) was amazing, with a subtle lemongrass flavor, just the right amount of cilantro, and enough of delicious chicken and straw mushrooms.

The spicy fried calamari was crunchy on the exterior and tender on the inside. The miso soup was delicious, and the Cheese Flowers, a gorgeous, unique take on crab wontons, were pleasant and unexpected.

We both ordered Shrimp Pad Thai as our entrees, one very hot and one moderate, and we each received precisely what we desired. The shrimp were large and plentiful, and the seasonings in both dishes were just as desired. With so much going on, mild was anything but dull, and extra-spicy stung, but it was delicious agony!

The dinner was rounded up with some delicious mochi ice cream. The dessert featured mango ice cream encased in a mochi shell and drizzled with chocolate syrup.

Overall, a really great evening, and I highly recommend visiting this location.


+133048438312815 Cleveland Ave. SW, Canton, OH 44707, US

Peking is one of the greatest and most reasonably priced Chinese restaurants in Canton, OH. Therefore, if you’re looking for fast and great Chinese cuisine, this is the place to go!

While the exterior of this place did not seem to be much, the interior was an entirely different story!

The eating space was spotless, and the service was lightning fast (I sat down and probably got my dinner in less than ten minutes). The desk employee was kind and efficient.

The meal was also excellent; it was both fresh and hot. My sesame chicken was flavorful and crispy. And the pricing were incredible!

I couldn’t eat the stuff I bought for lunch, which was just $7 and some change. So give it a try if you want a fast, nutritious lunch!

A List of the Top Chinese Restaurants in Canton, OH

What makes a fantastic Chinese restaurant? It’s the small things that count, and these amazing Asian fusion restaurants don’t disappoint.

I hope this essay has given you some ideas for your future wonderful Chinese dinners in the Canton region.

The sites I’ve selected will undoubtedly thrill you, whether you’re seeking for a romantic evening with your significant other or a new experience with your family.

It’s easy to see why they’re among of Canton, Ohio’s most popular Chinese restaurants.

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