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Cartersville, Georgia, a 22,000-person town in North Georgia, and its surrounding terrain may demonstrate Native American occupation dating back to 650 A.D. Hernando de Soto visited the area in the 1500s, and General William Tecumseh Sherman marched through Cartersville during the Civil War, only a few years after the city was founded.

Given all of these historical ties, it seems to reason that the residents would be intensely interested in preserving the evidence of their history. They also have residents that are interested in art and science. As a consequence, Cartersville has been recognized as Georgia’s Museum City and is home to numerous world-class museums.

The Tellus Science Museum is easily visible from Interstate 75 and covers a vast tract of land and museum space of 125,000 square feet, with key disciplines addressed within including minerals, fossils, transportation, and astronomy.

The Booth Western Art Museum is ideal for fans of cowboys and Indians, since it features the country’s biggest permanent display space for Western art.

The Bartow History Museum and the Rose Lawn Museum are two more intriguing museums close to downtown.

Old Car City U.S.A., a short drive from Cartersville’s core, is billed as the world’s biggest antique vehicle junkyard.

The Savoy Automotive Museum, on the other hand, is slated to open in 2021, where visitors will be able to discover the history of vehicles in a state-of-the-art building. Cartersville clearly offers a museum for people of all ages and interests.

The same may be said about Cartersville GA eateries. Cartersville and Bartow County try to impress, from historic cafes providing Southern comfort meals to a magnificent resort where the chef produces dishes that are visual and gastronomic feasts. Nine of the locations are within a few blocks of one another in downtown, while the other four are a short trip into Bartow County.

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Cartersville GA Places You Must Try


35731 East Main Street (770) 387-1357

Fred Garrison began serving guests in the same location where the restaurant is now in 1931, with burgers.

The eight barstools at the counter stools, famous for not having a telephone inside, are packed every day except Sunday from 5:30 AM to 3:00 PM with ravenous breakfast and lunch customers.

Don’t attempt to enter in a group or in a hurry. This is a site where folks dine and chat in the same area as their fathers and grandfathers did in the past.

Try this Cartersville eatery for a taste of history as well as a delicious dinner.


382-915917 North Wall Street (770) 382-915917 North Wall Street

One group of Cartersville residents is devoted to 4 Way Lunch, while another believes Ross Diner is the best. Ross, like 4 Way, is closed on Sunday.

Ross’s hours vary somewhat, opening at 6:30 a.m., shutting at 2:30 p.m., and remaining open until 8:00 p.m. on Fridays.

Ross Diner, which began in 1945 and features a u-shaped counter, is somewhat bigger than 4 Way. Breakfast options include hotcakes, biscuits, and a range of standard a la carte dishes.

The meat-and-three plate lunches, as well as hamburgers, hot dogs, and sandwiches, are highly popular with the lunchtime crowd. In front, there is a small space for alfresco eating. Sample each of these Cartersville restaurants and decide which side of the aisle you favor.


315-485120 South Wall Street (470) 315-485120

Table 20 is available from noon to 9:00 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday and is a terrific spot for appetizers or a unique dinner with a view of the train and Cartersville’s historic depot.

The company is dedicated to adhering to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recommendations for the cleanliness and sanitation of its kitchen and eating area. Seating capacity has been decreased, and all waiters are required to wear masks and gloves.

Table 20 serves a comprehensive menu of farm-to-table freshness as well as an extensive drink selection. They offer a food truck and complete catering in addition to the brick-and-mortar business.

During the pandemic, their lunch and dinner specials are available for dine-in or carry-out on their Facebook page. Live music is also performed on Wednesdays, and the schedule of performers may be found on Facebook.


607-535714 East Church Street

Given that Georgia has dozens of restaurants, it is astonishing and wonderful that Appalachian Grill was just selected the most lovely restaurant in Georgia by The mountain cabin feel inside surely contributes to its allure, but in this day and age, the provision of outside patio eating and curbside pick-up is extremely convenient. Reservations are not allowed, but the wait will be worthwhile.

On the appetizer menu, Southern mainstays with unusual twists, such as Chattahoochee Chili and Pickles and Pups (hushpuppies) served with Alabama white sauce, lead to an excellent selection of seafood, poultry, and beef entrees.

Preserve your daily calorie allowance for one of the delectable desserts. Kentucky Bourbon Bread Pudding or Kentucky Pie a la Mode are certain crowd pleasers.

If you’re seeking for a quality dining experience in Cartersville GA restaurants, this is the place to go.


387-1300501 Museum Drive (770) 387-1300501

For various reasons, the Booth Museum Caf, situated beside the gift shop within the wonderful Booth Western Art Museum, deserves to be on our list of gastronomic gems.

The most evident is that you will need to remain for many hours in order to truly appreciate the amazing works of art. You’re going to build up an appetite at that time. This caf is convenient, appealing, and fairly priced, with a variety of good options.

Burgers and chili complement the museum’s Western motif, although salads and sandwiches are also offered. Personally, I recommend the chicken salad croissant and the baked cookies.

It’s also a good spot for kids to get a quick bite. If you want to study while dining, this is the place to go in Cartersville.


334-381324 West Main Street (770) 334-3813

With a physical location on Main Street and interior decor reminiscent of the state of Maine, this is an intriguing and excellent option for eating among Cartersville GA restaurants.

Seafood is the main draw of Maine Street Coastal Cuisine, but there are lots of non-seafood options as well. The dinners range from a burger to linguine to a butcher-cut steak. The fish dip with pita points may be the most popular appetizer, while the salted caramel cheesecake and lava cake are also popular desserts.

Maine Street Coastal Cuisine provides lunch and supper seven days a week, as well as a fantastic Sunday brunch. John Pettinati, the owner, is dedicated to sourcing his seafood from sustainable fisheries and helping local farmers.

Cartersville may be a lengthy trip from either the Gulf or Atlantic coasts, but due to Pettinati and his staff, Cartersville customers can enjoy wonderful seafood without leaving town.

Maine on Main is the place to go if you’re searching for a seafood restaurant.


334-857610 East Church Street (770) 334-857610

BridgeHouse, a hybrid home décor exhibition, cafe, and wine bar, is literally positioned under the bridge. At least, that’s what the locals call it.

As you go through the front entrance, you’ll want to take a few minutes to look around at the furniture and accessories on show before walking to the back side of the building for unique lunch meals accompanied by coffee, wine, or a drink.

Diners place their orders at the counter, but staff handle everything else. There are various healthful salads, sandwiches, and flatbreads available, as well as several hot dishes such as chicken pot pie or turkey bolognese.

If you want to come in for a glass of wine with a group of friends, there are many sharing appetizers and a charcuterie board that would be ideal companions.

Tuesday through Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. The cafe is presently under redevelopment and expansion, but it is scheduled to return in early autumn. This Cartersville eatery will be worth the wait.


110 North Museum Drive (770) 334-3170

Locate the railroad that runs through the heart of Cartersville. Next to Young Brothers Pharmacy, look for the world’s first outdoor Coca-Cola wall advertising. The City Cellar & Loft is located just across the tracks from the sign.

The Loft section of the building serves as an event space for wedding receptions and gatherings, while the Cellar serves lunch and supper Monday through Saturday. In addition to the underground dining area, there is a big eating terrace in the rear.

Starters include fried green tomatoes, Cajun pork cracklings, and loaded potato soup, followed by five burgers or sandwiches and four huge dishes like shrimp and grits or buttermilk fried chicken. Buttermilk pie is the hallmark dessert.

This Cartersville restaurant should be on your list if you’re looking for hearty, flavorful southern fare.


Fite Street (770) 387-0059227

Moores Gourmet Market is a great spot to eat outside. A huge patio in front is shaded by dense flora, providing shade from the scorching heat during the day and a comfortable atmosphere at night.

Moores is located on a residential street, close to the Rose Lawn Museum and numerous other noteworthy sites in Cartersville. There is plenty of parking and a well stocked bar. The structure has clearly been there for a long time. It began as a meat store and deli, but it has now expanded to provide entire dinners.

The standard menu is excellent, but daily specials of hot meals, seasonal sides, soups, and quiches are also available. Moores provides lunch and supper every day of the week, as well as a full brunch on weekends. It’s clear to understand why this is a favorite hangout for the residents, many of whom can walk or bike there.

Starters such fried Brussels sprouts or a kale and goat cheese salad are appealing, as are the appetizing burgers, sandwiches, and Po-boys. Fish, steak, hog, and chicken dishes round out the supper menu, while made-in-house sweets tempt you to indulge.

Moores has a dish for everyone, from comfort to classic.

Here are four extra or bonus eateries for you that, although not in Cartersville, are close by and worth the drive:


White, Georgia (770) 386-99333167 Hwy 411 NE

While visiting Old Car City U.S.A., which is right across the highway, Wes-Mans Restaurant is an excellent option for lunch or supper. The restaurant’s ambience and attitude are a perfect complement for the surrounding junkyard of old vehicles.

When owner Wes Wesley initially opened, there was no money in the budget for advertising, so he painted the daily menu on an old truck and placed it in front. A client once asked Wes if he may paint his name on the vehicle. Wes agreed, and a custom that began twenty years ago is still going on today. After three years or so, the paint becomes so thick that it just slips off, and Wes starts again with a new canvas.

Both the front and inside are lined with license plates that Wes has gathered over the years, but inside he also has hung hunting and fishing trophies and Toy Story toys.

This is a meat-and-three lunch spot, similar to Ross Diner, except Wes claims to be prepared to fry anything. Fried corn on the cob, fried green tomatoes, and fried cheesecake piqued my interest on the day I went. Wes-Mans also serves breakfast.

You may have a view of garbage, but when you visit this Cartersville eatery, it will not be junk food.


Acworth, Georgia (678) 726-84645989 Groovers Landing Road, SE

Lake Allatoona is one of Bartow County’s outstanding natural treasures. The fish are plentiful, as are swimmers, skiers, and boaters.

Surprisingly, there is just one lakefront restaurant in Bartow County: the Allatoona Grill, which is situated at Groovers Landing and overlooks scores of boats returning after a day on the water.

Allatoona Grill seems rustic and little from the outside, but once inside, you’ll discover a nice-sized dining room, a terrace, and tables with umbrellas on the grounds adjacent.

The menu’s main attraction is seafood, and oysters on the half shell or Rockefeller style are the obvious first dish. Strangely, intoxicated mussels are the most popular appetizer.

There are a few chicken, beef, and pig meals on the menu, but with the beautiful vistas of Lake Allatoona setting the tone, you’ll want to go with something fishy.

Six different types of fish and sea scallops may be grilled, sautéed, blackened, or fried, but guests can also have shrimp and grits, crab cakes, or seafood spaghetti.

Burgers, soups, salads, and wings are all offered and are more likely to be ordered at lunch.

Arrive early if possible to see the stunning sunset, but keep in mind that Allatoona Grill is closed on Tuesdays. Allatoona Grill is the best high-end seafood restaurant in Bartow County.


(770) 382-9063696 Emerson, GA-293

A busy establishment a short drive from town but still in Bartow County may credit its success to a lucky diversion made while Interstate 75 was under construction.

What began as a roadside country shop has evolved into an ideal spot for hungry travelers to grab a breakfast, lunch, or supper of Southern comfort foods, finished off with excellent handmade sweets that originated when the proprietor decided to bake a few biscuits.

Dougs Place shuts at 3 p.m. on Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays, but is open for supper Wednesday through Saturday. To build up the meat-and-three meals, expect five or six meat options and around a dozen sides that rotate daily.

Try this Bartow County eatery for delicious southern BBQ.

WOODLANDS GRILL at Barnsley Resort

Adairsville, GA (770) 773-7480597 Barnsley Gardens Road

After many kilometers of traveling on rural roads, you will come upon a 3000-acre mirage that turns out to be the exquisite Barnsley Resort. This magnificent hideaway among the remains of the old Barnsley manor house and formal gardens erected in the 1840s has a world-class golf course, immaculately-kept lawns, big and small cottages, a spa, and an inn.

Nicolas Lebas, the Executive Chef from France, creates meals that are pleasing to the sight as well as the palate. Several of his recipes include fresh food produced on the grounds.

Woodlands Restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and supper everyday. For breakfast, I highly suggest the ricotta pancakes. Eat them on the screened-in porch overlooking the golf course for an experience that will satisfy all of your senses.

There are additional excellent, locally-owned Cartersville GA restaurants in the region, as well as a few well-known brands. These thirteen, on the other hand, I have personally tried and highly recommend. I hope I’ve given you lots of reasons to go. You’ll be glad you found this North Georgia treasure.

Which of these Cartersville GA eateries piques your interest the most? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

There are additional excellent, locally-owned Cartersville GA restaurants in the region, as well as a few well-known brands. These thirteen, on the other hand, I have personally tried and highly recommend. I hope I’ve given you lots of reasons to go. You’ll be glad you found this North Georgia treasure.

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