Charcuterie Battle-

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I informed my buddy about this restaurant with a charcuterie dish that would transform your life.

I know a better one, he said.

And so it began.

On our recent trip to Italy, I arrived in Pisa a few days before my buddy. We had never been to this city before, so I decided to wait for him to begin exploring. I started trying new eateries since I didn’t have anything else to do.

I normally avoid looking for locations on TripAdvisor. I’ve heard far too many stories of restaurant owners paying for phony ratings or similar schemes. Yet one day, when checking the TripAdvisor app in a restaurant-hunting district, I discovered I was less than 500 feet from the town’s top-rated restaurant. I decided to give it a go since the photographs seemed intriguing.

I knew I was in the correct spot the moment I walked into I Porci Comodi. The restaurant barely has six chairs, yet there are almost as many staff behind the counter putting together orders for the long queue of customers outside the entrance.

There is a big display case full of meats and cheeses, as well as placards covering the wall with sandwich descriptions. The men behind the desk are very genuine and polite. They all seem to appreciate what they are doing.

As I got to the front, I asked for advice on what to order. What kinds of meats and cheeses do you enjoy? Well, I’ll build something for you. I didn’t even have to utilize any of my non-existent Italian.

I retreated to the rear of the little eatery so that the next person in line could place their order.

Less than five minutes later, an employee approached me with the most beautiful charcuterie presentation youve ever seen. Paper thin slices of meat sit beside colorful cheeses, big chunks of roasted pig, raw sausage coated with truffle oil, fruit jams, and a basket of sliced fresh bread ready to be topped in various combinations.

Of course, there’s wine. This could not be eaten without wine.

Of fact, with just six seats, the restaurant is too tiny to accommodate all of the customers. Then the staffer took the tray outside to a little plaza where visitors may relax in the sun and eat their meals.

I emailed a snapshot to a buddy before diving into it. Is that only for one person? He inquired. Don’t pass judgment on me, I said.

Then, while sitting on a concrete bench in Pisa, having one of the finest meals of my life, I had a near-existential crisis.

I was still raving about this supper when my buddy arrived a few days later. Even before attempting my finding, he was still confident his apartment would be superior.

We’d made it to Florence by this time, and he directed me to La Prosciutteria for his entrance into the fight. I strolled in certain that I would win, but after one glance around, my confidence was shaken. The first thing you see is a worker deftly carving a massive portion of porcetta, or roasted pig.

Cured meats hung above a cheese counter stocked with some of the most beautiful cheeses I’ve ever seen. Workers were delivering platters of meats, fruits, and cheeses to eager consumers. There was also a wine counter, where we opted to sample a bottle of Chianti from the region.

We grabbed a tiny table, made our order, and waited while the staff put the trays together. They worked swiftly yet well. The platters flew out, each one like a piece of delicious art.

Shortly after, a staffer brought our tray to the table. It was enormous, bordering on terrifying. I was relieved that we had ordered a whole bottle of wine.

I knew the competition would be tough to determine after tearing into it. This was unbelievably tasty, but also unique.

Instead of raw sausage sprinkled with balsamic, there was fatty salami and prosciutto. While there were no gourmet jams, there was nicely seasoned roasted eggplant.

What are your thoughts? He inquired. Instead of responding, I opted to chew.

We return to I Porci Comodi a few days later, back in Pisa. I was ecstatic. This time, I knew just what to order.

I order the same plate as I did previously. My pal informed the staff that he had two glasses of white wine. I believe you’d appreciate a red, the staffer remarked. When my buddy replied that he preferred white, the worker handed him a sample of the color he had recommended. It is incredible. That’s two glasses of it. The people that work here are really knowledgeable and would gladly guide you to a good dinner.

I saw his eyes widen as the platter was placed in front of us. We took the required brief photo and rushed in.

This time was just as nice as the first. Maybe better. Second glasses were requested since the wine vanished quicker than the meal.

We couldn’t determine which was our favorite. He considered the uncooked sausage spread. My favorite was probably the porcetta.

Finally, we decide to declare it a tie. That was really close to call. They’re both great and similar in many respects, yet distinct enough to be appreciated.

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