Cheap Meals Around The Globe | 11 Most Inexpensive Foodie Destinations Throughout The World

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Is your slogan, like me, “will travel for food”? Do you plan you vacations based upon cuisine you wish to try? If so, you’ll like this list of my top 11 affordable foodie destinations from across the world.

I spent almost six years traversing the globe in search of the top gastronomic locations. At that period, I traveled to almost sixty countries on five continents. Today Ill discuss with you my favorite destinations that not only offer some of the finest cuisine in the world but are also inexpensive to go.

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11 of the World’s Most Inexpensive Foodie Destinations


Thailand is an excellent choice for people searching for a culinary vacation that is also reasonably priced. Thai food is popular all around the world, so what a fantastic opportunity to sample true, local Thai cuisine on your vacation.

Thailand’s street food is a popular cuisine. Noodles, dumplings, and sticky rice are among the most frequent varieties of street cuisine in Thailand. Most people say that Bangkok has the greatest street food in the world, while eateries in Chiang Mai may come in a close second!

Bangkok is teeming with street food sellers, and you can find them practically everywhere there are people. Most sellers have everything they need on their cart and prepare the dish in front of you once you make your order. Although some vendors provide a variety of foods, look for those that specialize on a single cuisine. They usually provide better and more genuine local cuisine.

On Bangkok’s streets, you’ll discover meals with a lot of curries, soups, noodles, and pad thai. Mango sticky rice is one of the most popular local meals. This is often eaten as a dessert, and there are several vendors that offer it.

Thai cuisine is often cheap. Most sellers offer their meals for $0.90 to $2.50 USD—much less than in many other regions of the globe! Thailand is an excellent culinary trip due to the low pricing and wide range of dishes offered.

Georgian Republic

Georgian cuisine is not as well-known as some of the others on this list, yet some consider it to be one of the world’s most undervalued cuisines. Friendship and family are important parts of Georgian culture, and this is reflected in their cuisine. The culture here is well-known for its love of comfort food and spending time with friends and family over a meal.

Khinkali, or Georgian dumplings, are a popular Georgian dish. These dumplings are made of twisted dough that has been packed with meat and spices. In general, khinkali are boiled or steamed. Although they are generally stuffed with pork, vegetarian variants prepared with cheese and veggies are also available.

Georgian cuisine has elements of both Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. There are several options available, ranging from eateries in Tbilisi (the capital city) to local markets in the countryside. Handmade breads are a feature in practically every meal in Georgia. Bread is eaten with practically every meal, along with kabobs and other spiced meats, and the bread itself might incorporate a variety of spices. The bread is often packed with cheese in certain circumstances.

The cost of a meal varies depending on where you are in the nation, but a normal lunch in the city is roughly $4 USD, which includes your drink. Although you may not be acquainted with Georgian cuisine, it is well worth the journey to sample this economical and wonderful cuisine.


Bulgaria is gradually becoming a popular gastronomic vacation owing to its rich cuisine heritage and low cost. Bulgaria, located in the center Balkan Peninsula, is also known for its high-quality wines that complement the cuisine. The capital city of Sofia is an excellent spot to sample some of the country’s cuisine.

Bulgaria is recognized for its fresh and excellent veggies, which are reflected in the majority of the meals served here. The majority of meals begin with an appetizer salad. In fact, shopska salat is one of Bulgaria’s most popular meals.

The shopska salat is a light salad containing tomatoes and cucumbers. It’s topped with a local cheese that tastes like feta. After the salad, you will normally be served a dinner of variously prepared meat and vegetables. In Bulgaria, stewing meat in clay pots is a typical culinary technique.

Dessert is often offered with meals here after supper. Cakes and tarts are popular treats. A local wine is often matched with your meal to round out the experience.

Bulgaria’s cost of living is around half that of the United States. As a result, a three-course supper for two at a restaurant might cost approximately $25. Bulgaria is a must-see for every gourmet because of its superb cuisine and reasonable rates.


Romania is another another nation that is rapidly emerging on the world culinary scene. According to some analysts, Romania might become Europe’s future food capital.

Several Romanian meals are based on meat, and pig is the most often used meat in Romanian cooking. Since sour soup is one of the most popular foods there, you’ll probably start your dinner with it.

Sarmale is most certainly the most typical entree. Many people believe this to be Romania’s national dish. It’s wrapped in cabbage leaves with minced pork and rice.

The cost of meals in Romania varies substantially depending on the kind of restaurant. You may spend up to $50 USD on a great restaurant lunch, with some places offering a full-course menu for $125 or more. Instead, you may eat at a typical local restaurant for $5-6, including a glass of wine! Romania should be on your list if you want to go on a gourmet vacation.


Vietnam, like Thailand, has a vibrant street food culture. The streets of Saigon’s capital city are teeming with street food sellers. These vendors provide a range of foods, many of which are inexpensive and good.

Pho and Bahn Mi are two of the most popular Vietnamese cuisines. The Bahn Mi is a Vietnamese sub sandwich that was created in Saigon. There are several sub sandwich types, all of which are wonderful.

Food in Vietnam is reasonably priced. Meals for less than $2 may be found from street vendor carts. At an air-conditioned restaurant, a regular supper for two costs less than $20. With the great variety of food offered at such affordable rates, a journey to Vietnam to enjoy their cuisine should be considered.


Albania is another country that is not widely recognized for its food scene; yet, it is beginning to climb the culinary ladder. Beef and vegetables are hallmarks of Albanian cuisine, and regional variations may be found depending on the place you visit.

Tave Kosi is widely regarded as one of Albania’s favorite foods. This meal consists of roasted lamb and rice and is accompanied with a yogurt sauce. The food itself is simple, but the taste is something everyone should try.

Mixed meat BBQ plates with salads and fresh breads are also popular.

Food costs in Albania are not the lowest, but they are not not the most costly. A normal dinner will cost roughly $5. In Tirana, you may visit a fine restaurant and have a three-course dinner for roughly $12. You should absolutely sample Albanian food before it becomes too famous and costs skyrocket.


Some believe Peruvian food to be the greatest in the world. With such a strong assertion, our list would be incomplete until we visited Peruvian cuisine. Peruvian cuisine incorporates a wide range of ingredients, from fresh seafood to fresh vegetables such as maize and potatoes.

Ceviche is one of the most well-known Peruvian foods. Ceviche is gaining popularity in the United States, but Peruvian ceviche is unparalleled. This meal is a must-try because of the freshness of the fish and the flavors of the marinade.

Considering the high quality of Peruvian cuisine, it is nonetheless quite reasonable. Most menu items are between $3 and $5, and you can usually have a dinner for less than $10. In Peru, you may get delicious street cuisine for much cheaper than these costs.


Anybody reading this list should not be surprised. With good reason, Greece is well-known across the globe for its cuisine. Salads and hummus, as well as meat and pitas, are common elements in Greek cuisine.

Grilled beef is a common ingredient in Greek dishes. Whether it’s a kabob, gyro, or souvlaki (all of which are technically distinct), grilled or roasted meat is often the focus of the dinner.

Baklava, a delicious pastry dish consisting of layers of phyllo dough and filled with honey and chopped almonds, is another popular Greek menu item.

Greece is one of the more costly destinations on our list, but the cuisine is well worth the expense. A lunch at a basic restaurant in Athens normally costs about $12, whereas a supper at a fine restaurant may cost up to $20. Souvlaki may be found on the streets for about $2.

It should also be noted that smoking is highly widespread in Greece. It might be difficult to locate smoke-free areas in which to enjoy your cuisine at times.


With its position at the entrance of the Mediterranean, Portugal is best renowned for its year-round availability to fresh fish. Portuguese cuisine also incorporates foods from various regions of the globe, resulting in a multicultural culinary scene.

One of the most popular seafood meals in Portugal is salt cod, often known as bacaloa. Cod is a frequently accessible fish in Portugal, and it may be cooked in a variety of ways. Locals claim to have a different recipe for it every day of the year.

Portugal has some excellent sweets. One of the most popular is pastel de nata, a sweet custard dessert with a flaky crust. It’s covered with cinnamon and is pretty tasty.

Prices in Portugal are very typical, with a restaurant lunch costing between $8 and $10. Street sellers with inexpensive meals may be found, but make sure there is a crowd. You should definitely sample the food of Portugal.


Morocco has an underappreciated cuisine culture as well. The food here is a fusion of several regional cuisines, including Arabic, Mediterranean, and Roman.

Couscous is a popular Moroccan side dish. This is often regarded as a national delicacy. Beef is very popular in Morocco, and it is often served with a variety of vegetables.

Morocco’s cuisine is rather inexpensive. A lunch at a low-cost restaurant may cost approximately $3, whereas a meal at a more upmarket restaurant can cost around $10. It is worth noting that Morocco has a significant wealth disparity in their nation. As a result, certain things are exceedingly pricey.


Although Mexico has long been renowned as a street food destination, its culinary landscape is beginning to evolve. There are currently numerous upmarket restaurants in Mexico that provide a broad variety of Mexican cuisine.

Mole sauce, a traditional Oaxacan cuisine, is often regarded as Mexico’s national food. It’s often served with enchiladas loaded with meat, chicken, or cheese. Tacos are still quite popular here, and they come with a wide variety of ingredients.

The cuisine in Mexico differs greatly since each area has its own particular culinary traditions. Mayan cuisines from the Yucatan peninsula are some of my favorite regional foods. Panuchos, cochinita pibil, and sopa de lima are some of my favorite Mayan dishes. Restaurants in Merida, Yucatan’s capital, provide excellent samples of authentic Mayan cuisine.

Mexican cuisine is reasonably priced, with a supper in the commercial center costing roughly $5. Street food, as in other locations, is typically less expensive, and Mexico still maintains a large number of street food sellers. This is certainly worth a trip on any gastronomic tour!

Which of these low-cost gourmet places intrigues you the most? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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