Chiang Mai’s 6 Best Brunches | Must-Try Restaurants in Chiang Mai!

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Chiang Mai is famed for its cuisine; it is a foodie’s delight. Everyone knows about street food and even local delicacies like Khao soi, but living here, the greatest breakfasts Chiang Mai has to offer were what I was missing the most.

My favorite time of the week was usually Sunday breakfast at home. Sundays are for sleeping in late and drinking with your first meal of the day. Thankfully, since Chiang Mai caters to a large ex-pat population, typical Western-style foods for my favorite supper of the week are easy to get. The top brunches in Chiang Mai are listed here in no particular order.

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Chiang Mai’s Top 6 Brunches

4 Thoughts on Food

Phone: +66 091 942 5355 Sudjai Alley

If you follow me on social media, you’ll know that I pretty much live at Food 4 Thought. I spent so much time there building up the blog that I started thinking of my everyday commute as my trip to work.

The Mexican wrap with the cheddar pancakes. The menu is extensive enough that there is always something new to try, the personnel is always kind, the quantities are generous, and the pricing are reasonable. Vegan choices are available at Food 4 Thought, and practically every meal may be converted vegetarian upon request. The delicacies are not to be missed: the ham and cheese

The Meridian

+66 53 253 666 108 Chang Klan Road

The Sunday brunch at Le Meridian is one of the most extravagant breakfasts in Bangkok, costing 1399 baht ($40). The all-you-can-eat seafood buffet includes crab, lobster, shrimp, and even hand-shucked oysters. Grilled meats, salads, a cheese table, a plethora of sweets, made-to-order specialties, and even a Bloody Mary bar are available. Crab legs and exotic meats and cheeses are must-order items.

The colors are rustic and blue.

Phone: +66 053 216 420 Nimman Soi 7

Rustic & Blue has been a go-to favorite eatery in Chiang Mai after being featured not once but twice in myMost MemorableMealspost. The restaurant follows an organic, farm-to-table philosophy. If you’re ever in town for one of their monthly Farm Feast meals, you should go. The fried chicken and waffles with sriracha maple syrup and the duck prosciutto three-cheese grilled cheese are must-orders.

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Hotel Shangri-La-

8 Muang, Chang Klan Road, +66 053 253 88889

Another all-you-can-eat brunch available in one of Chiang Mai’s most stunning hotels, Shangri-La, concentrates on seafood. Our waitress brought a freshly cooked lobster au gratin to the table without us even asking for it. That’s a great way to start any breakfast.

A chef will grill your meat and fish selections on the restaurant’s terrace and bring them to your table. This restaurant also has a wonton soup bar and pasta made to request. Another spend is definitely worth it at 1188 baht ($34 USD). Must-order items include foie gras and lamb chops, both cooked to order.

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World of Breakfast

Phone: +66 53 207 134, Moonmuang Road, Soi 2.

After spending some time traveling in Southeast Asia, one of the things you will begin to miss the most is cheese. Cheese is seldom, if ever, utilized in local recipes, making it difficult to locate and pricey when available. Breakfast World boasts an almost intimidatingly huge menu that includes a variety of exotic meats and cheeses. French toast, German pancakes, and a variety of light alternatives are also available.

Given that this is one of my most recent findings I’m just halfway through the menu, but thus far it hasn’t disappointed me. Must-order items include the smoked duck breast with scrambled eggs and the Gourmet Breakfast.

Dhara Devi is a goddess.

+66 (53) 888 88851 4 Moo 1, Chiang Mai-Sankampaeng Road

50 USD This is very probably Chiang Mai’s most costly breakfast. You get exactly what you paid for. The property is stunning, and upon arrival, a golf cart transports you to the restaurant. Within, there’s a massive selection of gourmet meats and cheeses, seafood, freshly prepared omelets and pasta, and so much more. I may have saved the finest for last. It is also the most costly since it is the greatest. At a cost of 1800 baht

On the patio, there is a grill where you may make your choices, which are subsequently brought to your table. On arrival, you are offered a lobster entrĂ©e, similar to the Shangri-La breakfast. This time, it was a fantastic lobster thermidor that left me craving seconds. The dessert options were endless, and the mango ice cream was arguably the greatest I’d ever experienced. Every mouthful tasted just like a juicy, luscious mango. This is a special occasion event, but it is well worth it.

Which of these Chiang Mai brunches appealed to you the most? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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