Chicago’s Finest Chinese Cuisine | 10 Must-Try Chinese Restaurants

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Searching for the greatest Chinese cuisine in Chicago? Then you’ve arrived to the correct location!

Whether you want real dim sum or a flawlessly cut Peking duck, dining at Chicagos greatest Chinese restaurants will leave you delighted.

It is hard to start your trip in Chicago without seeing Chinatown, which has an incredible concentration of foreign cuisine and attractions.

The top Chinese restaurants in Chicago can be found all throughout the city, from Uptown and West Loop to Avondale and Lincoln Park.

Some eateries provide classics like mapo tofu and shrimp crepes, while others offer inventive meals like wok-charred brussels sprouts and lobster dumplings laced with truffle. You can rely on the greatest Chinese restaurants in Chicago to deliver any order you place.

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Chicago’s Finest Chinese Food

Noodles Slurp Slurp

Chicago, +131298229692247 S. Wentworth Ave.

Taste sensations in traditional Chinese cookery include sour, bitter, sweet, and salty. A balanced meal is created by a harmonic combination of these four ingredients. Of course, the meat in almost every Chinese meal is intended to please a carnivorous appetite.

The same is true for the noodles on almost every Chinese menu, but few do it as well as this Slurp Slurp Noodles.

The noodles are hand-pulled and hand-shaved in-house and served in soup or stir-fried. Protein selections include beef spare ribs, pig belly, brisket, lamb, shellfish, certain offal cuts, and more.

Restaurant and Bar Dolo

Chicago, +131287751172222 S. Archer Ave.

Dolo has a lovely mood and a lovely setting. Several restaurants in China work similarly to this one, where you order at the front and the food is delivered to your table. Although they provide a variety of Asian cuisine, their Cajun-style boil is my personal favorite.

The venue is crucial for anyone searching for lunch or supper, with made-to-order dim sum and fresh seafood.

For lunch, try rice buns and potstickers, and for supper, try traditional Cantonese meals or Cajun-style boils. You won’t have to worry about finding a parking place since parking is accessible in a private lot.

Chicago MCCB

Chicago, +131288101682138 S. Archer Ave.

MCCB is the idea of well-traveled chef-owner Xie Bin, who has cooked in China’s best kitchens and whose eponymous first restaurant was in Amsterdam.

He uses his unique Chongqing style in a variety of dishes, including radish with fried garlic, hot fish soup with bean dumplings, and pickled mustard greens with dried fish. There are also dumplings galore, such as Jiangsu soup dumplings with pork and crab meat and Beijing duck dumplings with hoisin sauce.

You, Lao Peng

W. Chicago Ave., Chicago +187220686242020

Lao Peng You, launched in late 2019 by brothers Daniel and Eric Wat, soon received notice for its homemade food.

This isn’t your typical Chinese eatery. It’s a Lao Peng You restaurant, so you know the food you’re going to eat will be wonderfully different from anything you’ve experienced before.

They made outstanding dumplings floating in hot and sour broth and noodles accessible cold or in soups using family recipes and childhood memories as inspiration.

A must-try is their Spicy Dou Hua with silky bean curd, crunchy chile, garlic, and sesame seed. Remember to leave space for the lamb-cumin flatbread.

Phoenix Dining Establishment

Chicago, +131232808482131 S. Archer Ave.

From the minute you walk into Phoenix, the ambiance urges you to stay. It’s no surprise that many consider this 35-year-old Chinese restaurant to be Chinatown’s top dining destination, where multi-course, family-style dinners are provided on a daily basis.

The restaurant offers dim sum from pushcarts both inside and at your table, which is a terrific way to enjoy the meal without being trapped in Chinatown traffic.

Small appetizers and entrees such as xiao long bao (soup dumplings), chive cakes, shrimp rice rolls, barbecued pork buns, spare ribs, egg tarts, pan-fried pork buns, sticky rice packed with red bean paste, steamed potato cake loaded with seafood or pork, and much more are available at any given moment.


Chicago, +1773598409318 S. Wabash Ave.

Qing Xiang Yuan Dumplings (Jiao) is the newest dumpling shop to open in Chicago’s Chinatown. The crew behind the acclaimed Qing Xiang Yuan Dumplings, which has been serving genuine Chinese food for over 10 years, launched it in 2019.

Jiao provides quick-service ordering, so your meal will be served in minutes. The menu includes eight different varieties of dumplings that may be steamed or pan-fried, as well as a few appetizers and cold tea beverages.

Although Jiao specializes on dumplings, it also serves a variety of other traditional foods for those seeking for a full meal.

Barbecue King

Chicago +131232612192148 S. Archer Ave.

Nothing beats eating at a Shanghainese restaurant that delivers real home-cooked Chinese cuisine. I went to one of the city’s most known restaurants, BBQ King, and was pleasantly impressed by their pricing and entrees. Both traditionalists and newcomers can find plenty to like at Chinatown BBQ King.

A traditional Peking duck supper serves three to four people and includes side dishes like as fried shrimp and duck bone soup.

Soy sauce chicken, grilled pig, and roasted pork are among features on the menu. Moreover, there are no responsibilities to fill your stomach with additional food items since ordering one of their distinctive meals results in a reduction on your payment.

Golden Bull Tavern

W. Cermak Rd., Chicago, +13128081668242

Golden Bull is the place to go in Chinatown for no-frills homestyle food. It’s one of my favorite Chicago eateries. You’ll enjoy it if you prefer dark, divey, and affordable eateries with homestyle food.

The restaurant is stunning on the inside and out, with walls adorned with historical facts about other Asian Americans who have contributed to Chicago culture.

Golden Bull offers Sichuan-style homestyle food at reasonable costs that will please both your pocketbook and your tummy.

Its pan-seared beef and massive steamed oysters are fantastic, and those in need of late-night food will find solace in the rice casseroles. It serves some of the greatest homestyle Chinese cuisine in Chicago. Believe me!

Jia Da Mao

Chicago, +131292920882621 S. Halsted St.

Sichuan food is undoubtedly familiar to you. Nevertheless, in an area with over 30 provinces in China, each with its own distinct twist on meals, another form of cuisine is sometimes overlooked.

Da Mao Jia investigates Chengdu street cuisine, and the results are as delectable as the robust and spicy tastes.

This implies more offal and less emphasis on meats like duck and chicken, while many dishes are cooked in a spicy chile oil with a lot of heat.

Offal nibbles and regional specialties like as spare ribs, Zhong dumplings, and sweet and spicy noodles are also available. Just be prepared for intense and spicy sensations.

The Jade Court

Chicago, Illinois +177396641061516 E. Harper Ct.

Jade Court has been a popular Chinese restaurant in the city since former Tribune reviewer Phil Vettel praised it as one of the finest in 2016. Regrettably, the Cantonese restaurant closed in 2019 after the death of its owner, Eddy Cheung; however, his daughter Carol reopened it in a new location last autumn.

Tsingtao beer-batter fried tofu paddle with seaweed, lemon, spicy sauce, and pickled vegetables is on the menu.

Their Peking duck feast allows diners to enjoy a trio of duck recipes that highlight the musky, gamey fowl’s innate rich flavors. The charred ducks are then transformed into cold appetizer dishes of Peking duck soup dumplings.

The braised version is served with roasted chestnuts, scallions, and crisp beancurd skins on a sizzling plate. Delicious!

Final Thoughts On Chicago’s Top 10 Must-Try Chinese Restaurants

It’s no secret that Chicago’s culinary culture is thriving, and Chinese cuisine has never been better. Therefore, whether you’re in the mood for a precisely slivered veggie spring roll or some of the world’s most delicious chicken, these are the top Chinese restaurants in Chicago.

Chicken, beef and broccoli, Chow fun, and General Tso’s chicken are also available at these Chinese eateries. Apart from the standard offers of American Chinese cuisine, there are plenty additional delectable selections.

These eateries have something for everyone, from fiery Sichuan cookery to dim sum. Although while Chinatown is the epicenter, there are excellent restaurants on the North Side and in the suburbs.

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