Decatur AL’s Top 5 Italian Restaurants

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Decatur, Alabama, is well-known for its charming neighborhoods, prosperous small businesses, and close-knit restaurant and diner culture.

It is a wonderful city with a wide variety of traditional Italian cuisine and superb dining options for both tourists and inhabitants.

If you’re looking for the best Italian restaurants in town, I’ve got you covered. Continue reading to learn about my top Italian restaurants in Decatur, AL.

5 Italian Restaurants in Decatur AL You Must Try

Pizza & Italian Restaurant Alfonsos

+12563500211725 Beltline Road SW Suite E, Decatur, AL 35603, USA

The aroma of Italian herbs and spices has permeated Alfonso’s kitchen and dining area since 1977. The founder still makes the sauces every morning, but the restaurant is now managed by his daughter, Marie Barbee.

The new location includes a much bigger kitchen and eating area, as well as the same wonderful pizza, pasta, and salad dishes. That’s great news for the many customers who come to this historic Decatur restaurant for lunch every day.

Lunch deals, in particular, are quite affordable. On Tuesdays, I highly suggest the Spaghetti Bake. It costs $6.50 and comes with garlic bread. It’s incredible.

You may even customize your pizza, calzone it, or choose one of the pasta-heavy meals. Everything is tasty, but save room for dessert. Cannoli, cheesecake, and Coca-Cola cake will be impossible to refuse. If you’re seeking for the greatest Italian restaurants in Decatur AL, look no further.

Mushroom Mellow

+12563555161202 Moulton Street East, Decatur, AL 35601, USA

The best pizza in Decatur, Alabama is Mellow Mushroom. This eccentric diner is on Moulton Street East in Downtown Decatur.

Mellow is known for its one-of-a-kind pizza pies. The tastes and ingredients are as different as the design of the restaurant.

Stone-baked pizzas, appetizers, calzones, salads, hoagies, and even burgers are available at Mellow Mushroom.

The pizza at this restaurant was very wonderful! We went with the house speciality pizza with classic crust. The toppings were tasty and fresh, and the crust was tasty and crispy!

We also enjoyed a nice and fresh side salad. Our waitress was attentive to our every need and provided outstanding service.

The pricing were fair for what you received. We will certainly return if we are in the neighborhood, and I strongly suggest this place to anybody searching for wonderful pizza!

Marcos Pizza Company

+125682213002699 Unit A-1, Sandlin Rd SW, Decatur, AL 35601, United States

Marcos Pizza is a fantastic option for Italian food. Marcos Pizza has been serving delicious and authentic Italian food to Decatur residents since 1987.

They have a large menu featuring pizza, spaghetti, salads, and other options. Their service is great, and their personnel is polite, professional, and speedy.

Their main priority is food quality rather than speed, which I feel is sometimes ignored in eateries.

I ordered The Philadelphia, a gourmet pizza covered with melty white cheese sauce and loaded with delicious, superb meat, mushrooms, chopped green peppers, onions, and three types of cheese! That was wonderful. My taste buds were ecstatic!

My companion had a sub Chicken Club sandwich with grilled chicken, bacon, tomatoes, and three kinds of cheese. He declared it to be one of the finest sub sandwiches he had ever tasted!

That was a delightful and savory experience. I suggest this restaurant to anybody looking for wonderful Italian cuisine and pizza!

Francesco’s Italian Bistro

US-31, Decatur, AL 35603, United States, +125658467702613

Francescas Italian Restaurant is all you’d expect from a local Italian joint. The menu is broad, the food is delicious, and the atmosphere is delightfully traditional.

We started with garlic knots, which I had to stop myself from eating before our main meal came.

So we attempted to save room for the lunch that we happily shared, which consisted of a trio of spaghetti dishes that we gobbled in record time.

Our waitress persuaded us that a trip to Francescas would be incomplete without a plate of Tiramisu, and it didn’t take much to persuade me to have dessert. That was a brilliant concept! We had to be hauled out of there, however. We were totally satisfied!

Francescas was amazing overall. That is unquestionably delicious!


+12568222229109 2nd Avenue NE, Decatur, AL 35601, USA

Josies is conveniently situated across the street from the Princess Theatre, making it perfect for a date night that includes dinner and a live performance or a watching of a classic film, all while just having to find one parking place.

Josies provides dinners and breakfast on Tuesdays through Sundays. It is run by the same couple that own Simp McGhees.

At Josies, they chose a Mediterranean cuisine, and the restaurant’s name was inspired by a song by the rock band Steely Dan.

Pizza, spaghetti, wraps, salads, paella, tacos, falafel, chicken shawarma, nachos, tiramisu, limoncello martini, and other less odd meals are also available. Brunch favorites include avocado toast, eggs Benedict, and chicken and waffles.

Last Words on the 5 Best Italian Restaurants in Decatur AL

Restaurants in Decatur vary in price from inexpensive to upscale. Whatever your plans for the evening are, these Decatur, Alabama Italian restaurants will accommodate you, allowing you to sample some of the best food in the region. You’ll want to come back again and again since the food is delicious and the prices are reasonable!

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