Decatur AL’s Top 9 Mexican Restaurants

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Decatur, Alabama, is a lovely community in the center of the Tennessee River Valley with a small-town vibe.

You may eat Mexican cuisine at a variety of places in this picturesque city.

Nothing beats the flavor of real Mexican cuisine. The mix of maize, beans, meat, and spices with rice or tortillas is the perfect balance of salty and sweet that will make your lips quiver with ecstasy.

There are several Mexican restaurants in Decatur, Alabama, but these nine are the finest.

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Decatur AL’s Top 9 Mexican Restaurants

El Palomino Tacos

Decatur, +125635544641410 6th Ave. SE

If you’ve never had Mexican cuisine before, here is the place to do it. Taqueria El Palomino is just what you’re looking for.

When it comes to dining out, most consumers value excellent service. Visitors to Taqueria El Palomino always comment on how well-trained the staff is.

This is a great location to unwind while enjoying delicious tacos, tamales, and gorditas. Taco salads are also available on the menu. You may also sip delicious lemonade or juice.

Tio Juan Mexican Restaurant

Decatur, 6th Ave. SE, +125630699921318

Tio Juan Mexican Restaurant is in a league of its own. Not only is the service and cuisine excellent, but so is the environment. There is a nice, comfortable environment and lovely design here, making you feel at ease. Their Pozole Verde is excellent.

They provide handmade refrigerated beans and soup de fideo, which I like. They also provide a selection of freshly prepared soft tacos and fajitas. Every day, around 50 distinct margaritas are created.

All year long, the Tio Juan Mexican Restaurant crew will make sure you have a wonderful experience. They are committed to offering quick service.

Southwest Grill Moe’s

Decatur, Point Mallard Pkwy. +125658028171241

Moes Southwest Grill is one of Decatur AL’s most popular Mexican restaurants. It serves superb Mexican cuisine in an intimate environment.

The eatery is constantly busy. I suppose it’s due of their delectable Mexican cuisine. This restaurant is ideal for families because of its kid-friendly environment and food.

They provide a wide range of foods, not simply Mexican fare. Tacos al carbon, tacos al pastor, burritos, chimichangas, and quesadillas all on the menu.

The menu is well-thought-out, and the service is prompt and kind. Don’t forget about the salsa and chips.

Their vegetarian burrito with salsa and chips, guacamole salad, and rice and beans are my favorites. The most costly menu item is just $6.29.

If you’re searching for low-fat or gluten-free meals, this is the place to go.

Casa Santiago Mexican Restaurant

Decatur, +125655294992812 Spring Ave. SW

In the Decatur region, there is no better spot to taste amazing Mexican cuisine than Casa Santiago Mexican Restaurant.

The courteous crew at this restaurant will serve you within minutes.

One of their favorite dishes is the mango salsa! It’s created from sweet, juicy, and somewhat spicy ripe mangoes. The salsa is presented in a bowl fashioned like a mango.

Casa Santiago Mexican Grill’s greatest distinguishing characteristic is its well-prepared salsa and chips, taco salads, and chicken nachos. Savor their Carne Asada and Chile Verde, which are both delicious.

This restaurant has well-trained chefs who can make delicious tacos (pork or vegetable), burritos, quesadillas, and enchiladas. You will have a wonderful time! It is without a doubt one of the top Mexican restaurants in Decatur, AL.

Mexican Restaurant Ay Chihuahua

Decatur, +12564457007620 Hwy. 67 S.

Ay Chihuahua is well-known among locals as one of the greatest Mexican restaurants in Decatur AL. Its clean and uncomplicated interior, contained behind brick walls, creates a pleasant and unassuming environment.

You may order a variety of Mexican cuisine at Ay Chihuahua. Whether you like shrimp fajitas, cheese quesadillas, beef tacos, or pork enchiladas, there is something for everyone.

Stuffed tomatoes, grilled pineapple, banana pie, and ice cream are among the desserts available at this eatery. Light lager, green ale, and French beer are also available.

Las Calles

Decatur, +125668633442224 6th Ave. SE

Las Vias Mexican Restaurant was rated one of the top Mexican restaurants in Decatur, Alabama, by Decatur Daily readers. Everyone who like hot spices and south of the border cuisine should go.

This restaurant serves the greatest Mexican food in northern Alabama, with a lively decor packed with warm hues and a gorgeous covered patio lighted with paper lanterns.

For lunch, try one of Las Vias’ most famous meals, shrimp fajitas, or for supper, try carne asada, beef served with rice, beans, tomatoes, onions, and sliced avocado.

Mexican Restaurant Mi Hacienda

Decatur, +12563533233404 6th Ave. NE

Locals like Mi Hacienda Mexican Restaurant in Decatur. Traditional Mexican delicacies such as chile relleno and cheese enchiladas are constantly on the menu.

It offers a warm and inviting atmosphere. Birthday parties, anniversaries, and business meetings may all be conducted in private rooms.

There are a variety of delectable menu choices to suit every taste or inclination. You may have chicken fajitas, taco salads, and enchiladas here, as well as a fantastic salsa that rivals many restaurants’ soups.

El Paisa Taqueria

Decatur, +125658400751707 Central Pkwy SW # M

Taqueria el Paisa is the most popular of Decatur’s finest eateries. The hues inside will make you feel immediately welcome, vibrant, and joyful.

There are meals to suit everyone’s preferences. The quantities are generous, yet there will be space for dessert at the end.

My favorite meal there is the Carne Asada. For roughly $12, you can have a large dish of steak, beans, salad with avocado, and french fries, which can feed two people.

To be honest, the fries they serve here are fantastic.

The Maderense

+12563514031125 Decatur, Austinville Road. SW

If you’re looking for exceptional Mexican food in Decatur, go no farther than El Maderense.

The restaurant’s name was inspired by its creator, who operated a restaurant in Mexico and wished to reproduce it in Alabama. There’s no need to fly to Mexico to try it since he’s already done it.

Every item on the menu is prepared with great care and attention to detail; each meal is produced with fresh ingredients, and you can taste it. I also loved the careful service.

Nothing beats a cool margarita in the heat, followed by a great chicken fajita or one of El Maderenes’ numerous delectable entrees.

This restaurant provides something for everyone, whether your idea of Mexican cuisine is tacos or tortas. So stop by for some tacos or quesadillas and see what the fuss is all about!

The 9 Best Mexican Restaurants in Decatur AL in Summary

Several restaurants in Decatur, Alabama provide Mexican cuisine. This is hardly unexpected given that its inhabitants like cooking and are quite welcoming to guests from different nations.

As a result, the Mexican restaurants in Decatur AL are fantastic.

Thus, whether you’re wanting scrumptious fajitas, refreshing margaritas, or exquisite tacos and enchiladas, you’ll find them all here under one roof.

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