Downtown Los Angeles’ 6 Best Mexican Restaurants

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Los Angeles is situated in Southern California on the Pacific Ocean and is surrounded by natural beauties such as mountains, valleys, and beaches. It has a pleasant Mediterranean climate all year, with plenty of sunlight, low humidity, and a broad variety of daily temperatures. It has a total area of around 469 square miles (1,210 km2) and is the second-largest city in the United States in terms of population.

Los Angeles, home to Hollywood and the film industry, is a large melting pot of diverse cultures, with many different types of food, including Mexican cuisine. Go no further if you want to explore the greatest Mexican eateries in downtown Los Angeles.

Los Angeles, sometimes known as the City of Angels, is a thriving entertainment hub with lots to see and do. This vibrant American metropolis has a history that spans two centuries, from Santa Monica to Hollywood, from Venice Beach to Santa Monica Pier and beyond. It is a very diversified city with excellent weather, a diverse culinary scene, and more attractions than you can shake a stick at. From world-class museums to hike-able mountains and beaches that have something for everyone, there is always something new to discover no matter how long you stay.

Visit LA for the sun and landscape, but stay for the cuisine and culture!

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Downtown Los Angeles’ Top 6 Mexican Restaurants

There are outdoor pubs and taverns, as well as rooftop bars and clubs, so you’ll never be bored. Downtown Los Angeles is a gastronomic destination with something to suit every palette, inclination, and budget. The Downtown LA district is home to a variety of restaurants, including fine dining, upmarket cocktail clubs, and indoor/outdoor eateries.

The restaurant scene in Downtown Los Angeles is its crown jewel, a prime dining destination in the country and one of the most envied in the city. It has a plethora of renowned restaurants as well as many new ones that serve excellent cuisine, have a vibrant ambiance, and courteous waitstaff.

Foodies will be pleased everywhere they go!


Los Angeles, CA 90013 +12136277656541 S. Spring St. #101

Guisados is a family-owned and run restaurant that serves homemade corn tortillas filled with slow-cooked meats. Since then, they’ve grown to five locations and maintained their dedication to creating delicious meals using fresh local products.

Guisados, which translates to “stirred” in Spanish, is a very inventive dish. Their menu, which includes braises and tacos cooked with organic, locally produced ingredients, pays respect to the Mexican culinary heritage of cooking meat with chiles and herbs without sacrificing flavor. I’m not sure nothing says “one of the top Mexican restaurants in downtown Los Angeles” more than that.

Guisados’ beautifully portioned tacos are one-of-a-kind, with meats stewed for hours in their trademark chile sauce. Each taco is loaded with the best seasonal veggies and components of the greatest quality. The textures and tastes of their cuisine, including Camarones, Pescado, a variety of Quesadillas, Steak Picado, and many more, are a tribute to the love that goes into producing them.

Their visitors will notice all of this attention to detail as soon as they step through the door; they also aim to touch their hearts and remind them of basic home comforts like mum used to offer via the same craft.

They are there so that you may eat pleasantly! That is why it is regarded as one of the top Mexican restaurants in downtown Los Angeles.


+12136283710208 E. 8th St., L.A., CA 90014

Teo Diaz-Rodriguez and Jennifer Feltham, Mexican-American proprietors of Sonoratown in Downtown Los Angeles, provide a taste of Mexico City. The restaurant launched in 2016 as an homage to Teo’s little border town of Sonorama, as well as the restoration of Downtown Los Angeles.

The menu consists of classic Mexican meals with a focus on street food. The medium-sized plates provide customers with a wide range of alternatives, since each item may be ordered separately from the menu. With an emphasis on products obtained from local California farmers and vendors, Sonoratown provides an alternative to the eating options offered across DTLA. Sonoratown offers a broad menu of tacos, chimichangas, quesadillas, and burritos, as well as icy sodas and refreshing agua fresca.

Sonoratown was the type of community where relatives weren’t strangers and neighbors shared a closeness that couldn’t be found anyplace else. They’ve built a one-of-a-kind setting that fosters a varied and dynamic community for their customers. Sonoratown is home to everyone and then some, with a strong emphasis on friendly service and genuine Mexican food. Among the Mexican eateries in downtown Los Angeles, this one is a must-try.

DTLA Sonoritas

50 Flower St., Los Angeles, CA 90015 +12132751826

Welcome to Sonoritas, where you will discover cuisine made with love that is tasty and robust, a little sloppy, and always authentic.

Authentic tacos are cooked with only the freshest ingredients, all picked with quality and flavor in mind, as well as a respect for family traditions. Sonoritas chefs searched for the best recipes and worked tirelessly to offer you this unique take on an old classic. Every component, from premium hormone-free meats to handcrafted corn tortillas, has been meticulously selected, produced particularly for you, and cooked to perfection. Because they think tacos and their customers should be handled with respect.

Taste the difference of real Mexican cuisine the moment you bite into one of their exquisite tacos. Their chefs carefully pick each item in order to paint your tongue with the taste of Mexico’s rich culture.

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Visit Sonoritas for typical Mexican cuisine in a comfortable but dynamic setting. They provide tacos, burritos, enchiladas, and quesadillas, as well as interesting seafood and meat-based dishes. On the menu, there is usually at least one vegetarian taco. Stop, eat carefully, and savor: thats the magic of the border! It’s no surprise that it’s one of the top Mexican restaurants in downtown Los Angeles.

The Cholo

1037 Flower St., Los Angeles, CA 90015 +1 213-746-7750

Several restaurants in Los Angeles claim to provide the greatest Mexican cuisine. El Cholo, without a question, is one of the top Mexican restaurants in downtown Los Angeles, regularly providing a dining experience that lives up to its reputation.

El Cholo, which opened in 1923, is a Los Angeles institution. The family company has been in operation for six generations (98 years).

Their menu features classic Mexican cuisine with a contemporary twist that the whole family likes making and presenting to you, such as Enchiladas, Chimichangas, Tacos, Meat specialities, soups, burritos, and many more genuine recipes. The restaurant is recognized with introducing a Mexican regional delicacy, the burrito, to the United States in a full-service environment. Now, you may enjoy their wonderful burritos at any one of their six locations.

When you go into one of their restaurants, the staff greets you with a friendly grin and asks if they can get you a drink. Team members are dedicated to serving you in a fun and welcoming atmosphere.

Visit El Cholo’s eateries and get a taste of its rich heritage! It deserved to be included as one of the greatest Mexican restaurants in downtown Los Angeles.

DTLA Mezcalero

+12136283337510 S. Broadway, L.A., CA 90013

Mezcalero, named after the Mexican state, first opened its doors in 2016. The menu incorporates local products while capturing the spirit of Mexican cuisine and customs. They take pleasure in using high-quality products, such as fair trade coffee, agave spirits, and traditional margaritas. Although they are a local hangout, the inventive drink menu will have you wondering if you are on the Pacific or Gulf coasts of Mexico.

Drop by Mezcalero, Angeleno’s trendy Mexican restaurant. The cuisine features robust tastes and seasonal foods farmed, cooked, or obtained locally. The vast variety of Mezcal, manufactured in-house or imported, serves as a basis for every meal. Tacos, Burritos, and Bowls are must-order items on their menu.

Their objective is to provide an atmosphere in which this spirit’s production and distillation, as well as its coupling with local tastes, may be explored. They are dedicated to bringing you not only the greatest Oaxacan mezcal, but also mezcals from other areas of Mexico. Among the Mexican eateries in downtown Los Angeles, this is a must-try.

Bar Am

2118 W. 4th St., Los Angeles, CA 90013 +1 213687800

Josef Centeno, an award-winning restaurateur, is bringing his culinary abilities to Downtown LA with his unique restaurant, Bar Ama. Centenos spin on traditional Tex-Mex recipes he grew up eating can be found throughout the menu.

The menu focuses on traditional classics such as Chile Rellenos, tacos, enchiladas, seafood and meat Mexican meals, guacamole, and soups, using ingredients such as house-made masa, Texas queso fresco, and organic fruit produced locally. For true Mexican food, they offer both inside and outdoor sitting!

Bar Ama is the epitome of authentic Mexican flavour. The restaurant delivers an experience by transporting diners to Mexico via its cuisine, with chef Josef Centenos’ own childhood experiences carefully sprinkled in. The inside is lovingly designed with wooden walls, and the Latin, soul, and jazz music gives the place an intimate feel. In addition to its food, Bar Ama provides an unlimited selection of margaritas produced with 100% agave tequila, making it the ideal venue for any customer looking to enjoy a vacation without having to travel, and it deservedly takes its place among the top Mexican restaurants in downtown Los Angeles.

The Mexican Cuisine of Los Angeles

Downtown Los Angeles is a world-class eating destination. Just beyond the city’s busy skyline, the diversified culinary scene attracts visitors from all over the world.

There are few things more enjoyable than a lunch shared with like-minded foodies, and Downtown LA has dozens of eateries to suit every taste.

Explore the wide, unique, and unexpected array of Mexican food available in Downtown Los Angeles. Come in for breakfast, lunch, or supper seven days a week to enjoy intimate settings, incredible meals bursting with flavor, and service that elevates you from ordinary to exceptional.

Enjoy real Mexican cuisine anyplace in Los Angeles, and you will have a time to remember!

Which of these Mexican eateries in downtown Los Angeles will you try first? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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