Falling for Marrakech

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The city of Marrakech is portrayed in precisely the same manner in every article that you read. Busy. Crowded. Bustling. Winding medinas. When I first sat down to create this essay, one of my top priorities was to brainstorm original descriptors for one of my newest favorite cities. But there’s a good reason why we use these terms so often. As a result of the fact that Marrakech is a busy, packed, and bustling city. Additionally, the medinas have a meandering layout. However, there is also more to it than that. It seems like there is a great deal more.

In the most positive sense, Marrakech has the potential to be quite overwhelming. The sweltering heat, the throngs of people, and the sensory overload caused by all of the unusual sights and aromas. At first, it may seem like too lot to take in. In addition, it is perplexing and fascinating, but at the same time it may be quite aggravating. Marrakech is without a doubt one of the most picturesque places that I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. At every turn, there was a fresh photograph that was worthy of being framed. At first, I believed that maybe my photography abilities were becoming better. I rapidly came to the conclusion that it must be the city itself since it is just so beautiful.

And then there’s the cuisine, of course. Aside from a few tagine meals that I’d tasted at home, I didn’t know too much about the cuisine of Morocco before I traveled there. To my good fortune, one of the first things I did after arriving was to go on a walking food tour of the city. The trip was absolutely incredible, and I would strongly suggest that everyone who is going to be in Marrakech go on it.

My time in the city was not spent compiling an exhaustive guide to the location, despite the fact that I very much wished to do so. Instead, I spent the most of my time in the city walking about on foot, bartering for lower rates, sipping mint tea, and having conversations with people. As an alternative, I will show you some of my favorite photographs that I took on my tour of the city.

An astute use of available space in the medina:

A resourceful use of available space in the medina.

Doors in Marrakech are among the most unique and intriguing I’ve ever seen in a city. On my Instagram account, I had no choice but to post these pictures with the hashtag “doorporn.”

It’s got to be one of the tiniest bookshops I’ve ever come across. While I was exploring the medina close to my riad, I came upon this business tucked away in a little alcove.

Outside of a business just off the main plaza, butchers are preparing fresh meat to be sold to customers:

The medina was packed with these brightly colored shops that sold handcrafted items.

Every time you rounded a corner, there was a stunning new photograph waiting to be taken.