Fun Things to Do in Oklahoma City | 12 Top Things to Do in OKC

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Oklahoma City is a thriving city that celebrates its historic history and promising future with world-class attractions and exquisite restaurants.

If you’re searching for a great spot to visit, Oklahoma City is a great choice. Its urban revitalization has made the downtown area trendy and interesting. This enormous metropolitan metropolis has something for everyone, from museums to parks, the arts to entertainment.

So, grab your passport and start ticking off those vacation must-dos. These are the best things to do in Oklahoma City.

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The Top 12 Things to Do in Oklahoma City

Museum of Art in Oklahoma City

415 Couch Dr., +1 405-236-3100

The Oklahoma City Museum of Art is a bustling downtown center that exhibits works by local, regional, and national artists. Come inside to see styles ranging from bright colors and towering blown glass works to contemporary sculptures that inject fresh life into creative expression. This museum has three artist-in-residence studios where local artists may hone their skills.

Indulge yourself in art with a thrilling journey through time and space, complete with a Chihuly tower of bending, twisting, and brilliant glass.

My visit to this masterwork is dramatically brought to life by costumed docents who share their experiences and knowledge about each exhibited work of art.

There are also over 2,000 pieces by artists such as Georgia OKeeffe, Pierre Bonnard, and Edgar Degas in the permanent collection. If you like exquisite art, there is something for you at this historic gem, which is also one of Oklahoma’s top attractions. Join us at the museum for an amazing day of exploration intended to stimulate your senses.

Have a good time in the Bricktown Entertainment District.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma +14052353500111 S Mickey Mantle Dr

Bricktown, Oklahoma City’s vibrant entertainment area, is a hotspot for fun and interesting things to do. While in Bricktown, explore the pubs and restaurants, see a game at one of numerous live venues, or dance the night away at one of the regions famed nightclubs.

Bricktown Entertainment District provides a range of activities and things to do. With the Bricktown Ballpark, the Oklahoma City Farmers Market, the Gold Dome, and the Myriad Botanical Gardens all within walking distance of one other, you’ll never be bored.

Mickey Mantles Steakhouse & Saloon, situated just across the street from the AAA Texas Leagues RedHawks and Tinker Air Force Base, serves exquisite steaks and a vibrant sports bar ambiance.

You won’t be able to miss anything once you enter the district. If you ask me what my favorite part about it is, I would answer the restaurants and the great meals they provide at each one. Don’t ask me for advice since you can’t go wrong. Every meal is excellent in its own way!

Visit National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum

1700 NE 63rd St, Oklahoma City, +1 405-478-2250

Set your sights on the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, a magnificent monument to Americana that pays honor to the country’s cowboys and legendary Western film stars.

The contemporary city has its pleasures, such as restored cow paths and Western film studios, and if you have time, take a walk through history at the state capital or explore art galleries on College Green.

The American Cowboy is a legend unto himself, and Oklahoma City is a cowboy’s paradise. The Sooner State, home to the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum and a plethora of cowboys, artists, musicians, and more, provides plenty of western pleasure for all ages. At this historic American institution, experience a bit of cowpoke culture that embraces tradition and pays respect to cowboys past and present. Hello and welcome to the American West!

At the Oklahoma City Museum, you may learn about Oklahoma’s art, history, and culture. This state-of-the-art complex contains visiting Western art exhibits, rare and unusual American Indian artifacts, the worlds biggest collection of Frederick Remington prints and paintings, and a completely recreated turn-of-the-century cow town.

Pay a visit to Historic Stockyards City.

+1 405-235-72671305 South Agnew Avenue #2427

The Oklahoma City Stockyards is one of the world’s biggest cattle marketplaces. Tourists may enjoy shopping for western apparel and Native American art, as well as eating at one of the city’s numerous historic restaurants. During my stay, I was able to experience the age when cowboys roamed the West.

Bring the family to the famed cattle market in Oklahoma City’s Western district. There, you’ll discover real western apparel, Native American handmade things, some of the top eateries in the state, and a look into a bygone era’s lifestyle.

I visited Oklahoma City’s Stockyards City while visiting relatives and couldn’t get over how similar the location seemed to numerous cowboy movies I’d watched. Cowboy hats, boots, chaps, and leather products were on display at the stores, while classic comfort foods like meatloaf and biscuits were offered in the restaurants.

I felt like I was traveling back in time when cattle drives covered the plains as I went around the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum.

If you have some extra cash, Langstons Western Wear specializes in presenting the newest styles for the cowboy in all of us. They are happy to give their clients the greatest assortment and quality of western clothing at affordable pricing.

Thrills abound in Frontier City and Six Flags Hurricane Harbor.

Oklahoma City, +1 405-943-96873908 W Reno Ave

Frontier City is the ideal thrill-seeking theme park attraction for thrill enthusiasts of all ages. Welcome to the new frontier, where you may live out your greatest adventure with a plethora of rides and attractions, including one of the world’s most thrilling roller coasters.

Unfortunately, I was unable to sense the aura that this establishment provides. I had to pass by due to time constraints, therefore I’m here to urge you not to make the same mistake.

In The City of Frontier Heroes, take advantage of Frontier City’s stunning family-friendly, epic adventures. Guests are guaranteed to experience adventure every time they come, from the energy and excitement of their amazing rides and attractions to the diversity of Wild West performances.

Experience gravity-defying thrills on the world’s most renowned roller coasters, get up up and personal with the action by riding a gun in SharpShooters, or get wet as you rush through the pounding rapids!

Take a trip on the wild side, or relax by floating along a twisting river. This enormous adventure capital offers something for everyone to enjoy. Hang on to your stipend as you enjoy Oklahoma’s outrageous entertainment spectacle!

Whether it’s a business vacation or an excursion you’ve been planning for years, Oklahoma is the place to be. Camping at Caney Fork River Resort, tubing down the Big Kahuna with friends on the Whetstone Fork River, or bringing the kids to Shipwreck Island and watching them glide down kid-friendly water slides are all great ways to enjoy the outdoors.

Make time to visit Enid’s museums and galleries, which include the globally renowned Center for Western Folk Art and Cultural Heritage and Kintla Peak Observatory.

Pay a visit to the Oklahoma History Center.

+1 405-522-0765800 Dr. Nazih Zuhdi

The Oklahoma History Center in Oklahoma City has nearly 200 years of history to explore. The Oklahoma History Center, the state museum of history, has over 215,000 square feet of exhibits, interactive installations, and artifact-laden galleries to allow you experience Oklahoma’s past firsthand.

Visit the museum and see the intriguing lives of oil barons, pioneers, American Indians, and notable Oklahomans.

The Oklahoma History Center is a must-see for history buffs of all ages. It has exhibitions about the state’s colorful past, a large research library and archives, and it even sponsors touring historical exhibits.

In addition, the institution has a large genealogical library and archives for family tree researchers. The options are infinite at this stunning building, which was built to bring the past into the present, allowing you to immerse yourself in Oklahoma’s rich history.

The Oklahoma History Center, located right next to the Oklahoma State Capitol and the Governors Mansion, provides visitors with a one-of-a-kind chance to learn about our wonderful state’s history, present, and future.

See A Science Show At The Science Museum of Oklahoma

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma +140560266642020 Remington Pl

The Science Museum Oklahoma is more than simply a fun place to spend a few hours. The museum’s creators expected that scientists, innovators, and other aspiring scientists would want to give their displays. As a consequence, they created an environment in which anybody could offer interactive science-inspired activities.

Science Museum Oklahoma, located just north of downtown Oklahoma City, is a short drive from virtually anyplace in the city. Children and adults alike may explore and learn about science in an engaging, enjoyable, and hands-on environment. Kids will also learn about how science evolves through time, as the history of important scientific discoveries is shown. You will have a fantastic time here regardless of your age.

It is a great area for both youngsters and adults. The planetarium and the theater are my two favorite aspects.

The planetarium tells an ever-changing narrative of the night sky that keeps your attention without being too overpowering, and the theater, which seats more than 50 people, has a big screen that is amusing and instructive for both older children and adults.

There are outdoor activities (such as the Japanese garden) that are equally as enjoyable if you come during the warmer seasons.

See the stunning Myriad Botanical Gardens.

Oklahoma City, +14054457080301 W Reno Ave

One of the city’s most beloved attractions is Myriad Botanical Gardens. It took years for the original Myriad Gardens in Oklahoma City, formed by horticulture enthusiasts, to accomplish their goal of a botanically diversified public park. With the creation of this beautiful green sanctuary in 1993, their goal was finally achieved. Every year, hundreds of tourists come to enjoy the garden.

It’s a lovely park with wonderfully sculpted topiaries and colorful fountains where you may walk amid scented flowers.

Visitors traveling with a canine companion may also take use of an off-leash dog park (since the gardens have that option). The park has several seats, making it an ideal spot to unwind and leave work behind.

See the Museum of the 45th Infantry Division.

NE 36th St, Oklahoma City +140542453132145

The 45th Infantry Division Museum in Oklahoma City is a must-see for military history aficionados. It may be found at the old Lincoln Park Armory. You may explore the comprehensive museum displays of uniforms and guns on your own with a self-guided tour.

The sculptures show not only the history of the 45th Infantry Division, which was created in 1920, but also the history of various global wars.

I felt as though I had transported back in time when I first entered the 45th Infantry Division Museum. The uniforms on the walls and the military artifacts in each glass display took me back in time to when they were utilized in combat.

Visit the State Capitol.

+140552133562300 North Lincoln Boulevard, Oklahoma City

The Oklahoma State Capitol serves as the state’s administrative center. Frank Pierce Milburn, famed for the Oklahoma State Capitol, New Mexico State University’s Zimmerman Library Building, and Kansas City Union Station, planned and erected it in 1914.

The traditional Greco-Roman edifice is made of Indiana limestone on the outside and Oklahoma pink and black granite on the inside. The great central dome, regarded as Milburn’s masterwork, was not finished until 2002. Daily guided and self-guided tours are provided.

The structure itself is a source of great pride in Oklahoma. When a person enters into the Capitol Grounds, they have entered a new political and architectural domain.

Visit the Overholser Mansion.

Oklahoma City, 1521 North Hudson Avenue

In 1903, Henry Overholser constructed the house for his family, who were significant leaders in Oklahoma City real estate development.

Overholser was also the president of the Oklahoma State Fair and was instrumental in the building of the state’s first capital. Overholser was also instrumental in bringing railways to Oklahoma City.

A picture of Henry Overholser may be found when wandering inside the home. Oklahoma City residents love to recount his tale, and there is even a monument of him in front of the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, which is close to downtown.

The home was constructed of superior Kansas limestone. Within, you’ll find magnificent furniture, period antiques, and a helpful staff to assist you with your self-guided tour.

Pay a visit to the Oklahoma City Zoo.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma +140542433442000 Remington Pl

The Oklahoma City Zoo is a must-see destination for families and groups of friends. It has constantly been named as one of the best zoos in the country, and it does not disappoint.

Our zoo offers good environments for each species to meet their requirements, allowing you to have an instructive and enjoyable visit.

You will have a one-of-a-kind experience as you watch the rare and intriguing species that inhabit Oklahoma, both huge and little! At full capacity, the Zoo contains more than 3,500 animals from over 400 distinct species from across the world throughout 400 acres.


Oklahoma is a vibrant and exciting state. You may visit some renowned movie locations, such as the Oklahoma Wax Museum, and spend time touring in this wonderful state. There are museums devoted to cowboys, Indians, and oil derricks just waiting to be discovered.

If you like history, visit The National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, where you can learn about life on the trail in the 1800s. Oklahoma will undoubtedly keep you occupied and engaged for days!

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