Grapevine Restaurants You Must Try | The Top Grapevine, TX Restaurants

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Grapevine, named for the mustang grapes that grow here, is one of North Texas’ oldest communities. This traditional hamlet, located between the bigger towns of Dallas and Fort Worth, does not always get the credit it deserves.

Although Grapevine, Texas is just 36 square miles in size, it is a culinary powerhouse in its own way. Travelers may anticipate Mexican cuisine, chili, Barbeque, and wine, but imaginative chefs and entrepreneurs have everything and so much more to offer at multiple Grapevine eateries.

These are the 9 excellent Grapevine restaurants I constantly suggest to guests and residents alike, whether they are sprinkled along historic Main Street, situated on the route less traveled, or hidden in plain sight.

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Grapevine, Texas Has 9 Must-Try Restaurants

Mexican Restaurant Esparzas

E Worth St (817) 481-4668124 E Worth St

Everyone who isn’t eating supper is limited to three margaritas. You’re already delighted you came after nine easy words.

You can’t visit Texas without trying our most renowned beverage or dish. Nevertheless, if you don’t know where to look, you may be disappointed. Esparzas Restaurante Mexicano has been a Grapevine institution since 1985 and a particular favorite of mine.

Esparzas is a refurbished late-nineteenth-century mansion located just off Main Street. A large patio and noisy bar on the inside welcome both first-time visitors and residents to sample the finest of what Texas has to offer: real, handmade Tex-Mex and delicious, strong margaritas.

Everyone should try one of their famous margaritas. Swirl is my personal fave. A frozen margarita with a sangria swirl going through it. It’s not sweet at all; rather, it’s deliciously tangy with a touch of fruit. The ideal refreshment for relaxing on the terrace. And with happy hour rates from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday, there’s no reason not to sample one for yourself.

The Queso Flameado is advertised as an appetizer, but don’t be fooled. A big pan of melted cheese is covered with fajita chicken or beef, sautéed onions and peppers, and even more cheese. With tortillas, this could easily be a dinner in and of itself.

Consider one of the Rellenos. You will not be disappointed whether you order chicken, cheese, or vegetarian. They hit the perfect combination of smokey and creamy indulgence in a serving large enough to serve two. Try this Mexican restaurant in Grapevine for a flavor and feel of the south of the border.

Tolberts Chili Parlor & Restaurant

817-421-4888423 South Main St

The Lone Star State is also known for its chili. After authoring a book on chili, Frank X. Tolbert launched the Terlingua Championship Chili Cook-Off in 1967. He may be considered an expert. Tolberts’ menu includes many hearty southern classics, in addition to their famed chili.

Torpedoes is a great appetizer. Before being battered and deep-fried, jalapeo peppers are packed with spicy chicken and melty cheese. Put them in ranch dressing and youve gone to comfort food nirvana. I also like their warm Jalapeo Corn Bread Muffins with thick butter.

Lighter meal is provided as well, and it is more than simply an afterthought. The menu includes robust salads, a Vegetable Platter, and a Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich, but my particular favorite is the Fish Tacos. I get them grilled and on corn tortillas. Crispy cabbage gives a nice crunch, and a spray of lime brightens each mouthful. It’s a light yet full supper in preparation for the next dance celebration.

Every Thursday and Saturday, live music is performed, and dancing is strongly encouraged. Order a drink and stay as long as you like.

Around twenty beers are available on tap, including local craft beers and seasonal brews. The Community Mosaic IPA is very hoppy without being overpowering. This is certainly my favorite beer and I strongly suggest it to any IPA enthusiasts.

Meat U Can Have It Wherever

817-251-1227919 West Northwest Highway

Although several places claim to have the best barbecue, Texas is a strong competitor. Smoked meats come in a variety of flavors, but we’re best known for our brisket. And the brisket at Meat U Anywhere is among the greatest anywhere.

Andy Sedino, the founder, launched Meat U as a catering firm after being fired from another local franchise. He started the company to provide for his family and to be in charge of his own future. The demand to catered parties was amazing, and he just launched his first Grapevine restaurant. It’s a low-key, counter-service establishment that’s ideal for munching on your ribs in peace.

It’s simple to understand why they’re famed for their brisket. The flesh is soft and flavorful, but not too greasy. Their St. Louis Cut Ribs are also delectable. The sauce does not conceal the richness of the flesh, which glides readily off the bone.

I have to say that the sides are truly what make or break a BBQ establishment for me. Creamed corn is a popular side dish and a real southern classic. I’m always attracted to jalapeo stuff, so the Jalapeo Mac n Cheese is at the top of my list, and the Notcha Mommas Cole Slaw is a must. It’s vinegar-based, so it’s light and refreshing in between meats.

Just tell me where you want to meet for delicious BBQ from any of the Grapevine eateries.

Batter & Brew

410-2739106 E Texas St (817) 410-2739

One of Grapevine’s newest attractions is a one-block-off downtown Main Street coffee shop that is getting artistic with its coffee. The young owner successfully utilized her social media talents and ingenuity to not only survive the economic slump but to promote her creative coffeehouse as a must-try.

You may order all of your coffee-house favorites, such as lattes, cappuccinos, doppios, chai tea, and so on, or you can trust the Barista Suggestions and reward your taste senses. These more inventive mixtures alter periodically but never fail to wow.

The Lavender Honey Latte is creamy and flowery, but not too sweet. The Blueberry Matcha Latte is surprisingly light and flavorful.

Due to the large amounts of water required to manufacture almond milk, all drinks are produced using oat milk, an outstanding tribute to sustainability. By request, certain alternatives are available.

But wait, there’s more. Brewing drinks is just one aspect of their company. Homemade waffles are a delectable alternative. Waffles are available in both sweet and savory flavors and are made from cornmeal or a more classic European manner.

The Churro is a must-have. It’s made with a conventional foundation, then topped with cinnamon sugar and drizzled with cream. A delicious delicacy that goes great with french-pressed coffee or as an afternoon pick-me-up.

I can’t wait to try the Everything Waffle. It sounds like my ideal griddlecake, with a cornmeal foundation, filled with house-made sour cream and cream cheese, and dusted with everything spice. Try this fantastic Grapevine restaurant for great coffee and unusual breakfast foods.

The Old West Café

800 W Northwest Highway (817) 442-9378600 W Northwest Hwy

The instant you walk inside this Western-themed restaurant in Grapevine, you’ll know you’re in Texas. If the enormous horse mural and Lone Star stuff adorning the walls don’t tell you, the employees dressed in rural garb will. And, true to everything you’ve read about Southern hospitality, everyone greets you with a grin.

Fair warning: parking may be difficult, and you’re nearly always going to have to wait on any given day of the week. But if that doesn’t convince you that this is a must-try, believe me when I say that the meal is worth it. The menu alone reads like a best-of list of Betty Crocker recipes.

Try one of the meals that go well with the Cinnamon-Crisp French Toast. Since the bread is thick, it holds up nicely without becoming soggy. This toast also has enough cinnamon to balance out the sugar, making it not too sweet if that’s not your thing. It doesn’t even need syrup.

Try the Stagecoach if you want a dinner that has a little bit of everything. It consists of biscuits and gravy with hashbrowns, scrambled eggs, cheese, and jalapeos on top. Don’t worry, this restaurant doesn’t publish calorie counts next to its products, so you won’t feel guilty about indulging.

The omelets are a reasonable size, cooked with three eggs, and keep fluffy despite the vast amount of vegetables, meats, and cheeses that are added. The Lemon Blueberry Pancakes are a fan favorite, and the sides are authentically Texan.

We all grew up eating cinnamon and sugar toast, which we strongly suggest. The hashbrown casserole is very tasty, remaining crunchy without turning to mush.

Although they do offer lunch, they are most known for their breakfast, which is served from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. every day.

Daddy’s Ship Store

500 Oak Grove Loop S #200 (817) 481-12372

Big Daddys Ship Shop, located deep inside Scotts Landing Marina on Grapevine Lake, is BYOB and ideal for sunny days. Since 1997, people have kept this hidden treasure a well guarded secret. With its magnificent views, long, lazy hours, and live music, but limited seating, it’s a well-kept secret and a must-try.

The Ship Store is famed for its burgers, which are respectfully referred to as Local Legends on the menu. I love the Spicy Burger with a fried egg on top. They don’t mess around with this beast. Grilled onions, grilled jalapeo, grilled cherry peppers, spicy mustard, and pepper jack cheese are on top. The egg lends a creamy texture that makes it difficult to stop eating. Please request additional napkins.

If you prefer to relax by the water, they also provide fish sandwiches and seafood baskets, as you would imagine. For a lighter option, a selection of satisfying salads are offered.

This restaurant gets bonus points for having live music every Friday and Saturday night. Every Friday throughout the summer, from Memorial Day to Labor Day, fireworks are shown over the lake. If you’re looking for mudbugs, they have a great Crawfish Boil in March. The boils are held on weekends starting in mid-month and lasting up to five weeks.

Big Daddys is a seaside restaurant in Grapevine.

Winery Sloan & Williams

817-527-7867401 South Main St

Grapevine, as the name suggests, is home to various vineyards. Several of them may be found along Main Street and offer taster flights to sample Texas-made wine. Sloan & Williams also serves wine from other states, plus they have the greatest meals.

Tapas-style service means that the larger your group, the more you get to taste. The charcuterie is available in a variety of sizes, allowing you to construct your own masterpiece.

For cheese, the Balsamic & Cipollini Onion Artigiano should be at the top of your list. Tangy, sweet, and warm, don’t skip the rind; that’s where the magic is. The Garlic-Herb Goat Cheese is also excellent (isn’t that often the case with goat cheese?) and the Creamed Havarti produces a taste profile that ranges from sweet to savory to salty.

For a bigger company or those seeking to prepare a complete dinner, the creamy Spinach Artichoke dip combined with vegetables and bread is incredibly satisfying.

But if you only try one dish, make it the Bacon & Brie Naan. The combination of sweet fig jam, melty brie, smokey bacon, candied walnuts, and flowery basil hits all the right notes. This naan is the stuff of sweet dreams.

Lava 10

817-329-5282401 East State Highway 114

Lava 10 offers a wide menu with culinary creations you’ve never seen before, proving that fresh fish can be found inland and that Texas is more than just beef. The Grapevine restaurant, a spin-off of Lava Asian Grill in neighboring Euless, is a more upmarket variety of mixed Asian food, which is reflected in their pricing. Nonetheless, the inventive meals offered here are well worth the price.

The Tom Kha Soup is among the greatest I’ve ever had. It’s creamy and comforting, with a tinge of lime that adds umami and keeps you wanting more.

The Butterfly Kiss is a house specialty and my all-time favorite rice-free roll. Wrapped with luscious salmon, creamy avocado, and crab, then drizzled with a vibrant ponzu sauce. It’s heavenly.

If you want to go all out, the Gold Digger Roll mixes hot, tempura lobster with crab, then tops it all off with spicy tuna and avocado and is served with a house speciality sauce.

The vast menu offers steak and seafood meals as well as rice or noodle bowls, but I just come here for the sushi. It’s too fantastic to pass up. Looking for Asian-inspired seafood at Grapevine restaurants? Lava 10 comes out on top.

At Fabien’s house Main Street Bakery & Bistro

817-424-4333316 South Main St

Main Street Bakery, which opened in 2000, was an instant favorite with both residents and tourists. Encouraged by this success, chef Fabien Goury established an additional restaurant to celebrate Europe’s famed Bistro model. This Texan town has excellent French cuisine that will provide foodies with a unique experience.

Handmade drinks set the tone and assist you in settling down. The Gin Blossom cocktail includes elderflower, hibiscus, champagne, and a lemon twist. It’s light, stylish, and just right. The French Old Fashioned, prepared with cognac and walnut bitters in addition to orange, is a fan favorite. The wine selection is wide, as it should be at any decent bistro, with vintages from all around the globe.

Sunday brunch is a smash, with Mimosa Buckets and a Texan Bloody Mary stacked high with peppered bacon available.

The Smoked Ham Crepe is rich and creamy, slathered with mornay sauce. The Normandy French Toast is delicious, with fresh fruit and cream cheese frosting and a sweet Maple Pecan Granola Streusel on top. A Smoked Salmon Bagel Platter with all my favorite toppings is also available on the Healthy Start menu.

True enchantment occurs in the evening, when the hanging Edison lights that grace the tiled ceiling come to life.

Warm Brie with wild mushrooms, mornay sauce, truffle, parmesan, and arugula is a good place to start. It’s cozy, decadent, and a sensory delight.

The Short Ribs Beef Bourguignon is a tasty take on a classic, and the flesh melts in your mouth.

Yet, my all-time favorite is the Scottish Salmon Meunire. It’s difficult not to eat this dish, which comes with broccolini, potato puree, roasted heirloom tomatoes, and a lemon caper butter sauce. To showcase the freshness of the salmon, I suggest cooking it medium-rare. And anybody who like lemon will be pleased to know that it is a prominent flavor in this delectable recipe.

Reservations are strongly advised and may be obtained through OpenTable. This is the place to go in Grapevine for a European approach to excellent dining.

Which of these Grapevine eateries are you going to try first? Please let us know in the comments!

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