Greatest Georgia Food | 13 Georgian Foods You Must Try (USA)

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Do you want to know what Georgia food is? Then you’ve arrived to the correct location!

The Peach State is well-known for its fertile terrain and southern friendliness. It has nice weather, a significant historical past, and some famous delicacies!

Georgia is a cuisine lover’s paradise, with restaurants and delicacies from all over the globe. The famous feasts and exquisite cuisine of the Peach State can carry you across the world and through centuries of history.

Georgia’s complex tapestry of races, languages, and cultures gives it a distinct taste. Being a southern state, it’s no surprise that barbecue is Georgia’s most popular meal. As you immerse yourself in foodie culture, you will discover no lack of varied culinary experiences.

Georgia’s cuisine covers a broad range of tastes! The Peach State boasts food to suit every pallet, from classic southern staples to Mediterranean delicacies and Tex-Mex faves.

When hunger strikes, many farm-to-table restaurants attempt to deliver sustainable cuisine to their customers.

So, are you ready to discover what Georgia is famous for? Grab your appetite and prepare to feast your way across Georgia, whether you reside there or are simply passing through:

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You Gotta Taste These 13 Georgian Specialties

The Pimento Cheese

What better way to learn about southern cuisine than with pimento cheese?

Georgians regard pimento cheese to be a must-have party meal, and most have a favorite recipe. The pimento is a sweet cherry pepper that is often used to fill little green olives, and it is an essential ingredient in this Georgian spread recipe.

Pimento cheese is an unusual yet delicious combination of sharp cheddar, mayonnaise, pimentos, and spices. And it’ll most likely knock your socks off!

This Southern-inspired cheese spread goes well with grilled cheese sandwiches, fresh veggies, and in a dish with deviled eggs.

Try combining two of Georgia’s most famous meals with a personal favorite of mine: Pimento Cheese Stuffed Deviled Eggs! It’s a marriage made in heaven!

It is quite easy to make. Begin by hard-boiling your eggs and cutting them in half carefully.

Place the yolks in a basin after removing them from the center.

Mash the egg yolks with a dinner fork until they are coarsely crushed.

Then combine the remaining ingredients to make the pimento cheese, as well as anything else to your liking!

Using a rubber spatula, combine all ingredients and season with salt and pepper to taste.

Fill a piping bag or spoon with the deviled egg mixture and pipe it into the egg whites equally. If desired, garnish with bacon, scallions, or shrimp. And there you have it, it’s very fantastic!

Georgia is famous for many things, but pimento cheese is arguably the most well-known. Pimento cheese is delicious any time of day, whether smeared on a cracker, spread on a sandwich, or packed inside celery, so give it a try!

Try to locate some decent pimento cheese at your neighborhood farmers market or barbecue place while you’re there. You will not be sorry!


Is there anything more delicious than smoked pork? I don’t believe so.

There are barbecue restaurants in every city in Georgia, and they know what to do with every kind of hog. Georgian barbecue may not be as sauce-focused as that of other southern regions, but there is no lack of taste in their meals!

Pulled pork, ribs, and hog sausage all pay homage to Georgia’s rural heritage. As a result, I believe Georgia owns smoked pork hands down.

Do you want to know where you can enjoy Georgia’s famous barbecue meats? Chef Stephen Franklin’s DAS Barbecue in Atlanta will not disappoint. Some of Georgia’s greatest meals may be found here!

This counter-service restaurant in Atlanta’s Westside district has two giant smokers that make superb pulled pork, ribs, and pork sausage, which are best coupled with mustard-based peach barbecue sauce.

Try his highly praised beef brisket with the restaurant’s house-made red sauce, a sweet-tangy tomato sauce blended with Octane Coffee espresso.

Georgians are proud of their BBQ culture, and I strongly encourage any meat lovers to taste it while in the state!

Fried Chicken Biscuit

If Georgia is known for anything, it is for its fried chicken. Fried chicken is a mainstay of Southern food, savory and a touch sticky on the exterior with a juicy inside, and it’s tempting to eat it at any time: for breakfast, lunch, or supper.

A And one item they like making and that is well-known in Atlanta is the Fried Chicken Biscuit!

A juicy batter-fried breast and a scrambled egg are held together by fluffy biscuits. For added crispiness, the chicken is marinated, battered, and fried to a beautiful brown before nestling within a flaky buttermilk biscuit.

Bacon marmalade and pimento cheese are combined for a sweet and salty flavor punch. It’s the type of lunch that lets you know you’re in the south and may keep you going through the day.

The Buttermilk Kitchen’s fried chicken biscuit is renowned. This is the spot to go if you want to eat this legendary Atlanta dish!

Pie with Pecans

What about dessert? While you’re in Georgia, you always receive the same response. It’s Pecan Pie, of course!

Georgia has an abundance of pecan trees. Since they are the major component in Georgia’s hallmark dessert, Pecan Pie, practically every mom has a distinctive pecan pie recipe.

The meal blends salty nuts with homemade pie crust and crisp whipped cream.

If you’re looking for a place to taste this wonderful delight, I suggest stopping by Southern Baked Pie Company and ordering a piece of Caramel Pecan Pie!

I propose topping it with Cinnamon Ice Cream for a taste boost that will transport you to the warmth of the south. This creamy and crispy treat is a piece of paradise that is difficult to resist!

Tea with Sugar

This is not a food, but when discussing Georgia, the list would be incomplete without adding Sweet Tea!

If you buy iced tea here, you will be asked the following question: Sweet or sour? Non-Southerners may find cold black tea laced with sugar unusual, but it would be abnormal to leave Georgia without drinking it.

Sweet tea is the contentious middle ground between iced tea and lemonade. It’s also available in any southern restaurant or household. It is made in the same way as iced tea, but with additional sugar throughout the brewing process.

Sweet iced tea is a mainstay in the south, and practically everyone who visits Georgia wonders Whats it like here? To begin with, it’s hot. It’s quite hot. And the only thing that can numb your mouth in the afternoon is an icy glass of sweet iced tea!


Many individuals all throughout the globe have sampled the well-known fizzy drink Coke. The majority of them either despise or like it.

But did you realize that this globally recognized beverage was created in Atlanta? Yep, you read it correctly. The world’s most popular beverage began right here!


So, who was responsible for our favorite Coca-Cola? It would be John Pemberton, a pharmacist.

So, where precisely in Atlanta did he develop the soda? Well, literally in the center, at his chemical firm.

Coca-Cola was called for its two major ingredients: cocaine and kola nuts. Cocaine, on the other hand, was removed from the Coca-Cola recipe about 1903.

Pemberton used promotion to sell his syrup all over the globe and became a phenomenon!

Nowadays, you can go to any bar or restaurant and enjoy the refreshing drink on its own or as part of a creative cocktail—either way, you won’t be disappointed!

Coca-Cola is a household name in homes, restaurants, and convenience shops worldwide, and is something Atlanta is proud of—which gives us a fantastic reason to include it on our list of renowned Atlanta foods!


When it comes to Georgia’s most popular foods, we can’t leave out the state’s most famous delicacy: peaches! That is, after all, how the Peach State acquired its name!

When it comes to fresh food, it doesn’t get much fresher than the Peach State. The delectable fruit has long been a source of pride for Georgia, and as the state motto goes, Peaches make Georgia great.

Georgia offers perfect peach producing circumstances, with soils and temperatures comparable to China’s famed peach growing areas.

Georgia produces about 2.6 million peach bushes every year, more than any other state in the US. And the majority of those peaches are grown in central Georgia!

The ideal time of year to sample Georgia’s famed fruit is during peach season. These delectable fruity delicacies are not only Georgia’s ideal fruit, but also an iconic element of the state’s culinary legacy.

You’ll enjoy them on their own or in a dish for peaches and cream, peach cobbler, or a delicious peach pie. Here are just a few ideas for enjoying the season straight down to the pits!

Although peach cobbler is a popular way to enjoy our state fruit, it is vital to know that peaches are also utilized in savory recipes across Georgia.

What’s not to like about Georgia peaches?

Wild Shrimp from Georgia

Georgia is known for a variety of cuisines, but shrimp are unquestionably a staple.

What makes Georgia shrimp so special, you ask? It’s a blend of flavor and texture. Since they are a plentiful species, wild-caught shrimp are naturally delicious and sustainable. Their shells are extremely simple to peel, making them ideal for delicate sauces.

The south boasts 40,000 miles of coastline and consumes the most shrimp in the nation. They understand that fresh seafood is best, thus they favor wild-caught types.

The shrimp combined with some spicy curry powder is the ideal method to season these delectable treats!

The delicate yet firm meat of the shrimp is sweet, tender, and nearly buttery. This is a classic Georgia culinary dish, whether served skewered with cocktail sauce or in a low-country boil with head-on shrimp.

Green Tomatoes Fried

A regional delicacy that you can really get your teeth into! Fried green tomatoes are one of the most popular meals in middle Georgia, where they are often served with local favorites.

Although being a staple of Georgian cuisine for millennia, fried green tomatoes rose to prominence thanks to the film of the same name.

They are from Juliette, a town in central Georgia. Local menus offer sliced green tomato pieces gently coated and then fried to a crisp golden brown as an appetizer and salad. Nonetheless, it’s excellent with bacon, Swiss cheese, mayonnaise, and lettuce on rye bread.

They are the ideal accompaniment to any meal since they are small, light, and crispy on the exterior with a traditional acidity on the inside.

Fried green tomatoes are a great option if you want something with a bit extra taste.

Okra fried in oil

Since Southerners like fried dishes, it seems strange that a vegetable would be a mainstay. Crispy okra, on the other hand, is a local favorite.

Fried okra is a fantastic way to enjoy this traditional southern vegetable. It can absorb up just about any marinade or spice you can throw at it because of its modest crunch and mild taste.

Since there are so many various methods to cook okra, dishes including this traditional southern staple are many.

Okra may be creamy like mashed potatoes or crunchy like french fries. Serve your fried okra fries with spicy tomato sauce, or serve them as an outstanding appetizer on their own.

This Georgia cuisine speciality is tasty, healthful, and savory, and it provides a lot of variety to any diet. This delectable classic will delightfully surprise your taste senses.

Onions from Vidalia

The Vidalia onion is one of the most widely planted sweet onions in the United States. It is used in a variety of cuisines and can be bought in stores all across the country, but it is also farmed right here in Georgia!

They are not only delicious and juicy, but they also have a long history.

According to legend, the Vidalia onion arose from a planting error in Vidalia, Georgia. It all began in the late 1920s, when onion growers in Vidalia, Georgia, used dirt and cotton to cover over failing onion beds.

When they discovered them the next spring, the onions were sweeter than before! Flash forward to 1938, when onions were one of the few luxury products available.

And by 1946, when agricultural authorities realized that these onions were sweeter than regular onions, they made them so, giving birth to Georgia’s official state vegetable!

imageVidalia Caramelized Onions

The Vidalia onion’s distinct flavor is due to its soil, climate, and growth circumstances. Nothing beats the aroma of a fresh Vidalia onion steaming on the stoves, whether for a tasty cuisine or simply eating!

This traditional Georgian cuisine, whether fresh, dried, grilled, or caramelized, will make your mouth wet no matter how you cook it!

roasted peanuts

Georgia is well-known for its peanut production. There’s something to love about peanuts, from peanut butter to grilled peanuts. One method Georgians enjoy to serve them is as a boiled and seasoned snack.

Peanut plants thrive on sandy loam soils, which Georgia has plenty of! Theyre often cooked in salted water before being served with a few dashes of spicy sauce or vinegar, the customary accompaniment.

The simplicity of boiling peanuts is what makes them so delicious. And what’s not to love about a snack that’s both tasty and guilt-free?

In the South, boiled peanuts are a popular snack item. No matter how you make them, the salty, starchy, crispy nuts are nothing short of irresistible. Boiling peanuts are an excellent side dish for almost any protein, whether cooked long or short.

Boiling peanuts are a delightful southern culinary tradition. They’re a little chewy, with a soft texture that keeps their form. After you sample them, you’ll understand why people like these delectable peanut Georgia nibbles.

Apple Pies Fried

What do you think makes a delicious fried apple pie? From the state of Georgia.

Georgians like apples as a snack. They are most often found as pies and pastries. Georgians want their fried pies to be crispy on the exterior and soft and sweet on the interior.

The apples are hand-picked from orchards around the state. They are formed into apple pies, cooked till crisp, and then drizzled with a sweet glaze. The crust is homemade and then dipped in oil and marinated overnight. As a consequence, the crust is crispy and stands up nicely to the hot frying process.

The rolled crust is created from scratch and is wonderfully flaky for holding a large quantity of sweet-tart apples that have been fried to a crisp before being covered in a sweet glaze. The exquisite combination of sugar and cinnamon ensures that every mouthful is properly balanced. The completed pastry tastes fantastic hot or cold, making it ideal for any occasion ranging from breakfast to dessert.

A List of the Top Georgian Foods You Must Try

Food is an essential component of every trip experience. As a result, knowing the traditional cuisine of an area is crucial while visiting for a genuinely authentic experience!

In cities around the state, Georgia food provides classic southern cooking with regional tweaks. No matter where you dine in Georgia, you’re sure to discover a menu full of fresh fruits, meats, and seafood from the region.

Therefore, whether you’re cooking at home or dining out, these Georgia favorites can fill any plate!

We’ve selected the top 13 Georgia popular cuisines, each with a particular Georgia twist, so you may experience this Southern state like a genuine native!

Go to Georgia and have a memorable experience with these trademark Georgian delicacies. Your trip is about to become tasty!

What popular Georgia dishes will you try?

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