Ithaca Restaurants to Try | Top Restaurants in Ithaca NY

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Ithaca Falls and the surrounding environment will captivate you. It has gorges. There are gorges and waterfalls on Cayuga Lake, the longest lake in New York’s Finger Lakes area, including Buttermilk Falls.

Explore Ithaca Commons, a downtown pedestrian mall with shops, galleries, and restaurants located in historic structures.

There are hiking routes and places to explore. Cornell University, art, fantastic cuisine, festivals, and watersports may all be found in Ithaca, New York. They have more restaurants than New York City per capita.

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Ithaca’s Seven Must-Try Restaurants

Yacht Yard Grille

Ithaca, NY 14850 607-256-2628525 Taughannock Boulevard

The Boat Yard Restaurant is located on the Cayuga Waterfront, one mile from the Ithaca Commons. This is one of the Ithaca eateries that is particularly delightful in the summer. There will be live music, refreshments, and dancing outside. Relax in an Adirondack chair next to the outside fire pit.

If you ask me, it is the ideal environment. Live music near the lake enhances the flavor of the dish.

The clam chowder soup or coconut shrimp appetizer are recommended as starters. Get the Sizzling Garlic Sirloin Steak with cipollini onions, blistered tomatoes, rosemary roasted potato, and roasted garlic for your entree to add some sizzle.

Examine these Boatyard Classics.

Surf & Turf, grilled Maine lobster tail, sliced New York strip, lemon Chardonnay, a fresh vegetable, and rosemary mashed potatoes.

Seafood Fra Diavolo, giant shrimp, calamari, bay scallops, spicy arrabbiata, toasted capers, and linguine are just a few of the options.

Sticky halibut with Jasmine rice, orange segments, rice crisps, fresh veggies, and an orange glaze.

This one sounds like a Southern cuisine. Grilled Georgia Peach Chicken, sweet potato mash, peach chutney, and a fresh veggie.

Have a Godiva Chocolate Martini, which is prepared with Godiva dark chocolate liquor, crème de cocoa, and Absolut vanilla extract.

If you dare to have dessert, the Key Lime Pie is a fantastic option. The Molten Chocolate Cake is ideal for chocolate lovers. You know when you’ve discovered “the one,” don’t you? The combination of deep chocolate cake with a warm dark chocolate truffle core and Purity vanilla ice cream is really pleasant. Purity ice cream has been the Ice Cream of the Finger Lakes since 1936, when Cornell graduate Leo Guentert started it.


Ithaca, NY 14850 607-288-3472903 Hanshaw Road #13, Ithaca, NY 14850

You’ll be delighted you came here after being greeted with genuine kindness and an appealing environment. If it isn’t enough to earn a spot among the greatest Ithaca eateries, consider the following.

The brunch menu is full of inventive flavors. Vanilla mascarpone clair with Belgian chocolate and juicy raspberries. Pancakes with lemon soufflé, raspberry compote, and maple syrup. Quiche Lorraine and Eggs Benedict are two other options.

It’s a terrific small eatery, as these people remarked. The little kitchen produces delicious cuisine. The poached eggs were delicious. The espresso was delicious, with great dark chocolate overtones. The greatest was the Belgian hot chocolate. It is very dog friendly.

According to another consumer, Allchant is a memorable experience. The cuisine is both excellent and elegant. The service is exceptional and accommodating. The interior design is attractive and mid-century contemporary. The Francophile host was pleasant.


607-257-22332 Hickory Hollow Lane is located in Ithaca, New York 14850.

Ciao is a relaxed family-style restaurant with Old World traditions that serves wood-fired pizza, spaghetti, and other dishes. Ithaca Massage Station, which specializes in Italian cuisine with a real Tuscan flare, was the ideal location to dine after trekking and an excellent massage by Bec Haley. Thank you for the suggestion, Bec. It is without a doubt one of the top restaurants in Ithaca.

My mouth watered when I saw this appetizer. Grilled chicken wings with caramelized onions and Parmesan cheese on the side. I could have ended it then, but I didn’t.

My waiter recommended a Ciao original, the Chicken Parmesan over angel hair pasta, which sounded delicious. The handcrafted artisan pizzas are made to order. The Pear and Gorgonzola, which had freshly sliced pear, caramelized onions, bacon, and gorgonzola, sounded delectable.

I saw a Tenderloin Steak with caramelized onion aioli, roasted peppers, gorgonzola, and mixed greens on the dishes next to mine. Ciao Lasagna, stacked pasta sheets, beef sauce, and bechamel were on the other dish.

I requested a meatball for this dinner since I previously had the chicken wings. That way, I’d have enough space for dessert. That wasn’t an easy choice. What about some Limoncello or Tiramisu? Tiramisu was victorious.

Antlers Dining Room

Ithaca, NY 14850 607-273-97251159 Dryden Road

Antlers is nestled in the hills around Ithaca, New York. It began as a drinking spot for locals, hunters, and wayward college students and has now evolved into one of Ithaca’s top eateries.

Bill and Toby purchased the facility in 1972, just out of college, and decorated the inside with horse trappings and equipment. They began with a simple menu. Years later, they revamped both the structure and the cuisine. The Antlers fieldstone hearth is now the building’s heart.

Antlers is Ithaca, New York’s oldest single proprietorship restaurant. Bill and Toby are committed to providing delicious cuisine to everyone.

The ambience compelled me to order the Baby Back Rib Appetizer, which was slow-roasted in their special BBQ sauce. These were very delicious. After that, I took up my soup spoon in anticipation of the Lobster Bisque soup with big pieces of lobster.

Another opportunity to choose which steak to claim. What about a Porterhouse, NY Strip, Antlers Prime Sirloin, or Delmonico? After witnessing other orders and the scent pervading the air, they are all undeniably better. Delmonico was my delicate and flavorful pick.

Seafood is also available. Among the various selections are Glazed Fish and Scallops Au Gratin.

Without a sweet dessert, the dinner is incomplete. New England Indian Pudding, heated cornmeal sweetened with molasses, cinnamon, and ginger served with vanilla ice cream, was a distinctive delicacy. OMG!


Ithaca, NY 14850 607-273-9610215 North Cayuga St.

Moosewood Restaurant, situated in The Dewitt Building in Ithaca, NY, was created in 1973. They provide cuisine made of local, sustainable food with a focus on vegetarian dishes, as well as Finger Lakes wines and New York State artisan brewers and cider. Probably one of the greatest restaurants in Ithaca.

Seasonal lunch and supper items are sourced from Ithaca farmers.

Moosewood is able to give people wonderful food because of relationships with local cheesemakers, farmers, and honey providers.

Moosewood has traditionally played an important role in the Ithaca community. There is a collection of Moosewood cookbooks available. Maybe you have one.

During lunch, the daily special of soup, salad, and bread sounded appealing. I had the Creamy Corn Chowder Soup and the Moosewood Tossed Salad, which came with mixed greens, shaved root vegetables, red onion, and sunflower seeds drizzled with a creamy spinach and basil dressing. Garys bread from Wide Awake Bakery is provided with the special.

Moosewood’s reputation lives on with excellent people and delicious cuisine.

The Rogues Corner Pub

607-533-04002079 East Shore Drive, Lansing, New York 14882

The Corner Pub at Rogues is located on the Cayuga Wine Trail, which connects Ithaca, Lansing, and Aurora. It is open seven evenings a week and has a sports bar ambiance with booth-style seating. If you like, you may sit outside on the porch.

I was seated at a comfortable booth. I went for the pulled pork special, which came with a tasty homemade sauce, and Crme Brulee for dessert. The gathering in the pub was watching sports on the large screen TV. One man sat there with his dog in a pet bag. I joined the puppy petting queue. It’s adorable. It doesn’t happen every day.

A juicy burger is both food for contemplation and nourishment to fill you up. Popular options include the Rogues Burger with cheddar, bacon, and handmade barbeque sauce and the Bleu Burger with bleu cheese and bacon.

Sandwiches and supper plates such as the Reuben, Rachel, and Fish Fry are offered. If you prefer a snack rather than a meal, just order a beer with a basket of steak fries or onion rings.

That was the ideal suggestion for this tired traveler. The Rogues Harbor Inn Bed & Breakfast is just across the street from the Bar. This was a fantastic location to stay, and breakfast is provided. The following day, I was able to accessorize with a lovely turquoise necklace from Stouthearted Jewelry, which was also situated at the Hotel. I was now prepared for my next meal at The Pub next door. Without a doubt, one of the greatest restaurants in Ithaca!

Caf Heights

Ithaca, NY 14850 607-257-4144903 Hanshaw Road

Heights Caf will take you to new heights while also providing you with scrumptious snacks. Choose a beverage from their award-winning wine list, a specialty cocktail, or craft beer at this Ithaca restaurant known for being one of the outstanding wine restaurants in upstate New York and all around the finest among Ithaca restaurants.

This Ithaca, NY informal, modern restaurant serves Mediterranean-inspired American food with locally sourced and seasonal menu items.

The weather was ideal for dining on the Tuscan-inspired outside terrace. The Bounty Harvest, which included Brussels sprouts, roasted carrots, crispy broccoli, sriracha honey, candied almonds, beets, and bleu cheese, was a tasty appetizer.

Choose a Handmade Pizza, Grilled Atlantic Fish, or Brazilian Skirt Steak for your main meal. If you want to create place for dessert, hang onto your skirt or relax your skirt or belt.

The Lava Cake Souffl is a delectable chocolate treat.

That was a delightful restaurant tour in Ithaca, New York. I stopped at Myers Park to view the sunset before returning to Rogues Harbor Inn Bed & Breakfast. I took vivid photographs with my camera and in my head that would endure a lifetime.

Wrap-Up of Ithaca Restaurants

Ithaca, New York has an atmosphere that is unlike anyplace else in America. Discover it for yourself in this charming region around Cayuga Lake.

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