Los Angeles’ Top 9 Mexican Food Trucks

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Do you want to find the top Mexican food trucks in Los Angeles? Then you’ve arrived to the correct location!

Los Angeles is a vast and intriguing metropolis steeped in history and culture. It has a total area of 469.25 square miles and a population of about four million people, making it the second-largest city in the United States.

The City of Angels, located on the Pacific Ocean in Southern California, is surrounded by natural marvels with panoramic vistas of mountains, valleys, and beaches. The sunlight and hot temperatures make Los Angeles an ideal tourist destination!

It is an exciting, creative, and diverse city. Because of its cosmopolitan culture and liberal mindset, it is a vibrant area to live or visit in the United States. With its magnificent surroundings and numerous activities, Los Angeles, California, provides a diverse choice of things to do and see. There are several things to see, as well as numerous districts that provide wonderful traditional Mexican food.

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Los Angeles’ Top 9 Mexican Food Trucks

Los Angeles cuisine reflects the city’s diverse heritage. When you come, you will be able to sample Mexican cuisine such as tequila bars and a variety of meat and seafood dishes such as fish tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and more. For the adventurous gourmet, Los Angeles offers it all: farm-to-table performances, street cuisine, imaginative pop-up restaurants, and vendor markets.

Despite the fact that the city sprawls for kilometers, the primary entertainment zone is centered in Downtown. If you want something a little more casual, try one of the top Mexican food trucks in Los Angeles, where fresh ingredients are constantly available. This book has all you need to know for a street food Mexican gourmet journey.

Tacos El Tauro

Los Angeles, CA 90005 (213) 393-11703108 Wilshire Blvd.

The El Tauro Taco truck arose from a passion for genuine Mexican cuisine. This Mexican food truck serves a vast range of quesadillas, enchiladas, burritos, and tacos. All meats are fresh, handcrafted, and cooked to order.

El Tauro Tacos offers a very inexpensive and personalized dining experience. They make it simple to bring the tastes of Mexico to the streets of Los Angeles.

Preparing meals for friends, strangers, children, and, most importantly, people they love is vital to human existence and community. Cooking may be a lot of fun, and it might sometimes be the lone social event in a hectic day. Cooking with others feels good, tastes better, and creates wonderful memories. Food, according to El Tauro Tacos, is culture, habit, hunger, and identity!

Fish Tacos Ricky’s

Riverside Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90027 +132339562333061

Rickys Fish Tacos food truck serves up great fish tacos and shrimp tacos with a beer batter, which has been recognized by Deliciously. When it comes to beer batter, they don’t cut corners. It’s the traditional way to eat seafood: flavorful, not fishy, and devoid of artificial substances. These secret ingredients and freshly discovered family recipes will have you salivating! Food that is available at any time!

They provide a polite and prompt service. Ricky’s fish tacos food truck is the ideal answer for a quick lunch or happy hour.

Try their wonderful fish tacos and freshly squeezed lime agua fresca!

Los Carnalillos Tacos

Los Angeles, CA 90037 +13232283605467 W. Vernon Ave. #451

Los Carnalillos Tacos is a tiny, family-owned establishment that provides great and filling tacos, tortas, burritos, quesadillas, mulitas, and sopes in a tranquil setting. The restaurant’s founders are brothers, which is why this food truck is called Los Carnalillos, which translates to “brotherhood” in Spanish.

The recipes are made from scratch using only the finest ingredients. To meet the tremendous demand from their devoted clients, handmade tortillas and salsa are created everyday.

Their cuisine is produced with love and enthusiasm, and they are committed to providing the freshest and most genuine top Mexican food trucks in Los Angeles to its consumers. Los Carnalillos welcomes all consumers to their location to enjoy a pleasant street food experience.

Taco Truck El Chato

+132320269365300 W. Olympic Blvd., L.A., CA 90036

Right now, in the greater Los Angeles region, a number of taco trucks are contending for the title of finest in town. El Chato Taco Truck is one of these trucks, and it serves a large number of customers every day. But don’t worry, their personnel is incredibly speedy regardless of the throng.

Restaurants used to be the only place to obtain consistent Mexican cuisine. Tacos al pastor, carne asada, chicken, and chorizo tacos are now available from a food truck. El Chato Taco Truck is known for its quesadillas, tacos, and burritos.

Their mission is to provide the greatest tacos you’ve ever had directly to your door.

Taco Truck Leos

Los Angeles, CA 90006 +132334620012400 W. Pico Blvd.

Leos Tacos established its first store in West Los Angeles in November 2010. Leos Tacos delivers the taste of handmade dishes cooked to order while adhering to the highest quality and sanitary requirements. Leos Tacos Truck has become a local favorite for delivering only fresh ingredients, freshly produced sauces, and the most delicious spit-roasted tacos in town.

Tortas, quesadillas, burritos, tacos, mulitas, sopes, and more delectable Mexican dishes may be found on their menu. Leos Tacos provides courteous and quick service and invites you to experience their genuine cuisine. I would definitely return since it is one of the greatest Mexican food trucks in Los Angeles.

Teddy’s Red Tacos Van

Whittier Blvd., East Los Angeles, CA 90022 +132349071866438

Teddy’s family and Mexican heritage inspired these dishes, which are the ideal blend of genuine and traditional tastes. Teddy is able to make Birria Consume Tacos taste nothing like youd anticipate, starting with fresh ingredients and creating everything from scratch, and for a wonderful price!

Birria is a traditional Mexican meal made with beef and a variety of chiles, as well as dried guajillo peppers (chili peppers), garlic, herbs, and spices, and its preparation varies by location.

Teddys Red Tacos serves a wide range of Northern Mexican meals.

A crimson taco is an undeniably excellent taco. For those who are unaware, this taco type is quite popular in Los Angeles and is gaining in popularity.

Try a selection of quesadillas, tacos, tostadas, and more at Teddys Red Tacos! It’s one of Los Angeles’ top Mexican food trucks.

Taco Zone Mobile

2064 Montana St., Los Angeles, CA 90026 +18187634085

The taco truck is a fixture of Los Angeles street food culture, but there’s something to be said about a taco truck that parks in the same position every night. Tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and mulitas are created to order with your choice of meat (carnitas, carne asada, al pastor, or Cabeza) and the freshest fillings, such as tomatillo and avocado salsa, spicy pickled radishes or carrots, queso fresco or cotija cheese, and home-cooked beans. The vegetable menu is a little short in options, but the tacos are just as tasty.

This truck has been a well-kept secret among Echo Park’s taco aficionados. Every night from midnight to 2 a.m., the truck is a go-to for some good old-fashioned late-night tacos. This small taco truck is more affordable and of higher quality than other taco trucks. But be sure to arrive before two o’clock or you could miss out on one of Los Angeles’ top Mexican food trucks.

The Los Gonzalez Birrieria

+132367573332524 Maple Ave, Los Angeles, California 90011

In 2015, Oscar Gonzalez launched his successful taco truck, Birrieria Gonzalez, in a strip mall parking lot. Oscar has been selling his family’s beef birria tacos to an increasing number of customers since then.

Every time you get your hands on one of these Tucson-style birria tacos, cooked with meat that has been simmering for up to 20 hours. This isn’t your average taco cart; this is Tijuana-style beef birria served on freshly tortilla-pressed corn tortillas, topped with cilantro, chilies, and onions, and wrapped in the aforementioned corn husk cone.

The food truck revolution has allowed tiny company owners to start generating significant money, and Birrieria Gonzalez is one of the trendiest food trucks in town.

Oscar Gonzalez’s truck sits proudly on the bustling intersection, delivering birria tacos to a growing number of Angelenos ready to wait in line for a taste of something unusual. Sample their burritos, tacos, quesadillas, tortas, and mulitas, and you’ll want to come back for more!

Chiquis Taco Van

+132351414941029 Vine St, Los Angeles, California 90038

Tacos Chiquis is a tiny, locally owned and operated restaurant in the city. Among the various services they give include assuring the cleanliness and sanitation of their cuisine, providing a range of different tacos at low prices, and always ensuring their guests have a good time.

The chicken and steak are delicious and well warmed. You’ll always receive a generous serving that will make your mouth wet the moment you smell the carne asada or pork carnitas. Tacos are packed high to fill you up with fresh-made tortillas. They provide a variety of combos with real Mexican salsas or guacamole and chips on the side.

This technique seems to function effectively and keeps things going regardless of how long the line is or how busy they are. Strongly recommended as one of the greatest Mexican food trucks in Los Angeles.

Finally, these are the best Mexican food trucks in Los Angeles.

Mexican street cuisine in Los Angeles is a perfect blend of tastes, textures, and ingredients. There’s a decent chance you’ll discover a taco truck or two in every area. Learn about your neighborhood and what it has to offer, and don’t be afraid to go off the usual road; some of the greatest taco trucks can be located in less affluent areas.

Vendors selling tacos to the crowds set up shop on the streets of Los Angeles. The top taco trucks in Los Angeles provide the most delectable, genuine taco experience that only a taquero can deliver!

Which one will you try first now that we’ve showed you the top Mexican food trucks in Los Angeles? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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