Lviv Ukraine’s 5 Most Distinctive Restaurants | Top Restaurants in Lviv

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Lviv has quickly become one of my new favorite cities. If you haven’t already, go here to find out why I adore it.

One of the many things I like about the city is the variety of eateries. These are the top five most unusual eateries in Lviv, ranging from quirky to controversial:

Lviv Ukraine’s 5 Most Distinctive Restaurants

Galician Restaurant with the Highest Price

Lviv, Ukraine +38 (050) 430 878314 Rynok Sq., 2nd floor

This eatery is cleverly hidden yet definitely worth discovering. It overlooks Lviv’s main plaza and is actually positioned above Kryjivka, another renowned and distinctive restaurant on our list.

The sole indication of the restaurant above is a blue cloth with a yellow Masonic sign, identifying it as the secret meeting spot you seek.

If you don’t acquire a discount card or negotiate your discount when you enter, you can be in for a surprise when your payment arrives. Discount cards may be obtained at the gift store on the first floor, near the exit of Kryjivka. Otherwise, you’ll discover why it’s renowned as Galicia’s Most Expensive Restaurant.

Ascend the staircase to the second story and ring the bell. Eventually, a guy in a bathrobe will let you in. It is critical to be kind to this guy; word has it that those who are not will be sent away. Hell take you through his Soviet-style flat to a hidden door that leads to the eatery.

If you haven’t already obtained your discount card, now is the time to practice your negotiation abilities. You should strive for a 90% reduction off the total. Or, as the waiter said, just delete the last 0 from the advertised price.

As an appetizer, I ordered the salmon terrine, which was delicious. My main course, a very big grilled double pork chop with potato cream, was equally excellent. The wine was fairly priced, and the waitress was knowledgeable about wine pairings.

X&X Champagneria-

+38 (032) 235 81 63c Lesya Ukrainka str, 29 Lviv

Why not have champagne and hotdogs?

But these aren’t your average hot dogs. These dogs are not what you may anticipate, with several made-in-house components and locally sourced items. There are truffle dogs, caprese dogs, and even cheesy dogs to choose from.

Meals are produced in an open-style kitchen, allowing customers to see as their meals are created. When they’re in season, you’ll also find buckets of ice-cold oysters.

This is a lively spot with a youthful vibe that should be one of your first visits in Lviv.

Masochist Café

7 Serbska Street, Lviv, +38 (050) 371 04 40

A masochism-themed restaurant right off Lviv’s main square? If it seems scandalous, that’s because it is. As you go in, there will be porn playing, and when you sit down, there will be even more porn on your menu.

While none of the workers talked to me, they all carried whips and were scary. A lady in a bustier indicated out where I should seat with her whip and escorted me to my table. When I believed she was returning to take my order, she was really flogging everyone in the room. They were not happy taps either—they pricked!

I’d heard that waiters served drinks from their cleavages and occasionally tied visitors up and poured beverages down their throats. According to another story, guests would be tied up and have candle wax poured over them before being treated with ice cubes for wax burns. I even heard that some people were being brought downstairs to be locked up and abused.

I didn’t see any of it while I was there. To be honest, I felt a little let down. They were out of two of the four major meals available. I couldn’t capture nice photographs since the lighting was so poor, and the air conditioner wasn’t functioning properly, so we were all overheated.

Still, it’s an intriguing restaurant that you should intend to visit, even if just for a drink. On your walk out the front door, be sure to reach inside the statue’s pocket. There’s a surprise in there for you!


Rynok Square +38 (050) 430 635414

Kryjivka is the Ukrainian word meaning bunker, and the name fits the design of one of Lviv’s most renowned restaurants. Not only will you need to discover this location (which is generally indicated by the large queue of people outside), but you will also want a password to enter.

Look for the entrance off Rynok Square and knock on the wooden door. SlavaUkraine! screams the guard as the little window opens. (Hats off to Ukraine!) Be sure to react withGeroyam slava! (Hats off to its heroes!). You will then be given access.

Once inside, you’ll be in the subterranean lair of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA), guerilla troops who battled against the Soviets, Poles, and even Nazis.

Waiters will use their firearms to direct you to your seat. You’ll notice the battle photographs on display and marching music playing in the background after you’ve taken your seat.

I was surprised to hear my waiter’s cap pistol go off while I was dining.

. For 58 USD, you receive 10 photos, and you may keep the picture with the holes. Following the dinner, make your way to the rear of the restaurant to shoot a pellet pistol at a portrait of Putin. 15 UAH

Reservations are strongly advised, particularly if you have a big group. With nearly a million visitors every year, this is Europe’s most frequented restaurant.

The First Lviv Grill Restaurant of Meat and Justice-

Valova St. +38 (050) 430 282620 Valova St. (Bernadine Courtyard)

This restaurant, styled like a medieval beer hall, pays tribute to Lviv’s first municipal employee, the executioner. This guy was in charge of not only executions, but also rubbish collection and the municipal prostitutes.

Who understands more about meat than the guy in charge of the guillotine?

You may expect to eat among medieval torture tools and heavy metal music.

The executioner goes around and chooses a victim. He can either drag you into the cage on the floor and throw water on you before covering you with a blanket, or he may drag you outside and bound you to a wooden table while flogging you.

This was the greatest restaurant I tried out of all of them. The steaks and sausages are excellent. Be sure to wash it all down with a local brew from their great assortment.

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Which of Lviv’s distinctive eateries do you want to experience the most? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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