Must-Try Breweries in Stowe, Vermont | 7 Top Breweries in Stowe, Vermont

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Stowe, Vermont, is a picturesque, little town set in the Green Mountains, surrounded by Vermont’s famed Green Mountain range’s Mansfield, Powwow, and Sprague Peaks. The hamlet is beautiful and historic, and it has everything you might desire in a holiday, from quiet views to exhilarating activities, not to mention fantastic restaurants and breweries in Stowe, Vermont.

You’re in Stowe for a few days and want to check out some of the local breweries. In addition to all of the sightseeing and hiking, Stowe provides something for the beer enthusiast as well!

Vermont now contains more than 60 breweries, three of which are in Stowe and a few more nearby. Let’s have a look at each one!

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The 7 Best Breweries in Stowe, Vermont

The Master Alchemist

Stowe, Vermont +18028828165100 Cottage Club Rd

The Alchemist is well-known for its flagship double IPA, Heady Topper, and has become a sought-after destination for serious beer fans. Seasonal products, like the recently debuted Squidgy Black Stout, sell out fast.

These limited editions appeal to die-hard beer fans looking for bragging rights, but it is the quality of the beer that draws the crowds. Since The Alchemist is one of the closest breweries to Stowe Ski Resort, you have no reason not to pick up some beers to share with friends back home. You can’t beat the Alchemist, one of the greatest breweries in Stowe VT, for some speciality beers you won’t find anywhere else.

Von Trapp Brewing Company

802-253-57501333 Stowe Luce Hill Rd

The Von Trapp Brewery makes a number of lagers, all of which are named after the Von Trapp family, who inspired the film The Sound of Music (no IPAs here). Visitors who like real Bavarian-style beer as well as the history of the family lodge, brewery, and massive beer hall have made the historic family lodge, brewery, and massive beer hall a destination.

The beers created here can be enjoyed with a meal at the Bierhall without interfering with your ski day, but if a tour of the brewery is what you’re looking for, Von Trapp is close enough to visit during a lunch break and still make it back to the slopes for a few late afternoon spins.

The tour vans normally arrive at lunch and throughout the breweries’ working hours. When the tourists have gone home and dinner has started, late afternoon may be a great time to come and enjoy the views and beverages in peace. You won’t hear music, but you will hear the sound of pint glasses clicking at this hidden treasure in the heart of Stowe, Vermont.

Idletyme Brewing Company

Stowe, Vermont (802) 253-47651859 Mountain Rd

Idletyme benefits from a great combination of location, food, and beer. Begin your visit with six 4-ounce pours served on a ski. If you come upon a growler you like, you can buy it. You may now take some fresh brew home with you. Nevertheless, try one of brewmaster Will’s amazing brews.

The cuisine is farm-to-table, featuring a bar section (think burgers) and a more conventional restaurant section for a snack or to accompany dinner and drinks (think fish or steak). Idle Time is very close to The Alchemist, so you may visit both breweries in the same day or evening. Make the most of your downtime by visiting one of the greatest breweries in Stowe, Vermont.

Morrisville, Vermont’s Lost Nation Brewing Company

851-804187 Old Creamery Road (802) 851-804187

Lost Country is a great place to have a bite to eat and try some of their excellent brews. Many consider the restaurant to be the finest in Morrisville, with a rotating BBQ-style cuisine that focuses on locally sourced ingredients.

This is a small-batch brewery that, according to their website, takes inspiration for its beers from lesser-known European beer kinds as well as local Vermont culture.

Several of their beers are unique, such as the Gose, which is made with coriander and sea salt, and are only available at the brewery. So go ahead and choose your favorite and bring some home with you. This is just one of the many excellent brewers in the Stowe region.

Vermont’s Prohibition Pig Waterbury

S Main St (802) 244-4120

The phrase brings us visions of drinks and backyard barbecues. It isn’t a coincidence. The restaurant, Prohibition Pig, serves excellent southern-style cuisine and has a full bar, while the brewery, situated just behind the restaurant, offers a wide selection of lagers and ales. The brewery also offers a changing selection of guest beers.

This is the spot to go for a relaxed night out, and you won’t have to rush out of the elevators to get there before it shuts. Remember that this is a popular apres-ski destination owing to the outstanding food and beverages, and parking is restricted, so prepare ahead. With over twenty taps, you will undoubtedly discover some of the greatest beer in Stowe.

Morrisville, Vermont is home to the Rock Art Brewery.

LaPorte Rd (802) 888-9400632

Rock Art Brewery, which founded in 1997, is one of the Stowe area’s oldest brewers. The Ridge Runner Double IPA and Vermonster, both of which are classified as English Barleywines, are their most well-known beers. This signifies that they are high in alcohol and have a strong malt taste.

The Ridgerunner has 7.2 percent ABV, while the Vermonster contains 10.2 percent ABV. The tasting room offers any or all of the eight beers on tap, and some windows overlook the manufacturing area and guided tours.

While the eight beers on tap are changed on a regular basis, no two visits will be the same. If you discover one you like, take a few of cans home with you.

Vermont’s Ten Bends Beer Hyde Park

802-521-7139590 East Main St.

Ten Bends Beer is a tiny three-barrel brewery that launched in 2016 and is worth a visit if you want to try some unique beers. Since they are a small batch brewery, the beers on tap at any given time may change, so check their website for the most current releases or be prepared to be surprised when you visit.

With limited seating, the brewery offers a tiny, intimate feel to it, and you can fill a growler-to-go when you discover a beer you like. Tiny, but considering the brewing ability on display, this is a must-see brewery while in Stowe.

Several award-winning breweries, wineries, distilleries, and cider companies may be found in Vermont, many of which are near to Stowe, VT.

Are you getting thirsty yet? The good news is that all of these local attractions are close to Stowe, VT, making it a great place to stay and start your journey!

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