Must-Try Scottsdale Restaurants | 5 Top Scottsdale AZ Restaurants

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Scottsdale, renowned as a winter resort for snowbirds from all around North America, keeps cool even in the summer heat. The dry heat makes a significant difference, since temperatures of 100 degrees Fahrenheit cannot and should not dissuade tourists to the Kierland portion of town, where a cool mist floats down to avoid heat prostration. This neighborhood is also home to several of Scottsdale’s greatest eateries.

There are various eating alternatives throughout town, whether you’re coming from the golf course, the retail center, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West, ordinary vacation, life as usual, or medical treatment at the Mayo Clinic (we from Mother Mayo in MN fondly call it Baby Mayo).

Since I am celiac and my kid is a pescatarian, all of these eateries provide alternatives for these diets as well as more liberal diets.

Scottsdale has various parking garages that are strategically positioned so that you may park your vehicle in a shaded area while still having easy access to all of the shopping and restaurants.

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Scottsdale’s Top 5 Restaurants

The Soul Caf

E Pinnacle Peak Road (480) 515-62547615 E Pinnacle Peak Rd

We stumbled onto Soul Caf when we were both weary and hungry, thanks to an excellent day spa recommendation. It turns out to be the ideal time to go, particularly if it’s Happy Hour.

We were able to taste practically everything on the menu without falling into a food coma, despite our best efforts. Sean, our server, was amused as we ordered more and more and more.

Every mouthful delivers on their promise of Contemporary Arizona Cuisine, with varied dishes inspired by the tastes and cultures of Arizona. We were able to stay within our dietary limitations by selecting carefully and checking that the tortillas were made from maize.

This was the first time I’d had toasted tortillas to go with my fish tacos. The change it made pleasantly surprised me.

Cod tacos with chipotle cream, cabbage, queso fresco, and mango salsa. With half of the surf and turf, two tacos were the ideal serving size.

The surf and turf consisted of a three-ounce beef tenderloin (perfectly done, thank you! ), grilled asparagus (you can have it sautéed if you like), and a jalapeño bacon-wrapped shrimp that my kid adored. She said that the mild jalapeño cheese sauce was unnecessary.

She ordered that one shrimp on top of her eight coconut shrimp, which were served with pineapple jam and tamarind reduction. She took the most of them home since she was full and later warmed them up in the oven. Still delectable.

The steamed clams were her last dinner choice from the menu. She had a full bowl of clams with white wine, butter-garlic sauce; when she finished the clams, she pondered bringing the rest of the sauce home. Sourdough bread was left behind.

I definitely suggest their pies to individuals who appreciate pastry. These pies come in a variety of flavors, including cherry, blueberry, rhubarb, peach, and key lime, and are ideal for sharing with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. Take one (or three!) home to enjoy later if you don’t have enough space.

Soul Café is a terrific spot to dine in Scottsdale for a wide selection of southwest cuisine.

The Greene Residence

15024 N Scottsdale Road #100 (480) 889-9494

During vacation, you may find yourself returning to the same location again. That is exactly what happened to us with Kierland Commons. And there are still more restaurants to try.

We just made it in before the lunch rush, so we had our orders in but needed something to keep us going until the dinner arrived.

We ordered the sesame chicken potstickers, expecting them to be kabob-style. These were more like Thai dumplings, with scallions and radish for crispness and a young ginger soup.

As is customary, we had questions and sought advice from the server.

The grilled Mahi tacos with pico de gallo, salsa verde, and avocado or the Atlantic Salmon with fingerling potatoes and beets were my options. The server responded quickly. Atlantic salmon, he said confidently. The decision has been made.

My daughter chose the sweet potato ravioli with caramelized short rib and charred squash over a charred dish that the waiter loved but described as being so strongly blackened that she chose the sweet potato ravioli.

As we waited, the server inquired if we needed anything else. My kid like calamari and thin truffle fries. While their truffle fries were double the size of McDonald’s, she ordered the calamari.

Herb hummus, chicken tortilla soup, warm brie, smoked salmon and tuna tartare tacos, and a variety of salads are also available.

I’m pleased it was worth the wait. The braised rib provided a lovely counterpoint to the sweet potato ravioli. It’s a hefty platter, more than anticipated, including roasted brussel sprouts.

The Atlantic Salmon was delicious, although the beets were originally difficult to recognize. Pink cubes that looked like uncooked salmon. It took my kid a minute to figure out that they were beets. It contributes to the crispy texture. The grilled fingerling potatoes were fantastic, and the horseradish vinaigrette was a perfect complement to the meal.

This Scottsdale restaurant is a must-try for its great seafood options and extensive menu.

Frost’s Gelato Store

(480) 590-7263

Those of you who follow me know that I believe in eating dessert first. Thus, as a treat for our Winter visit, I’ve included a Gelato Store.

One sweltering summer in Italy, the proprietors discovered gelato and were motivated to develop a comparable taste in the United States. After they failed in their mission, they set out to construct a new one. They enrolled at Gelato University (yes, there is such a thing) and found an importer to provide their ingredients.

Since the business located in the heart of the retail area, it is not clearly visible from the street.

Inside, everything is streamlined, elegant, and pristine. It’s as if you’ve stepped into an Italian fairytale with every taste imaginable.

They also have the most creative spaghetti and meatballs display, which was initially created using gelato. The craftsmanship is nearly as impressive as having my own small gelato cone tree.

Side by side, my options are traditional, black cherry, and lemon. My kid picked chocolate and hazelnut.

We could go back every week and perhaps try all the varieties by Christmas.

Oh, and they have a chart that shows how many calories you save by eating gelato instead of ice cream. Don’t be concerned. They will produce more. When looking for the greatest restaurants in Scottsdale, make sure to experience this taste of Italy.

The Real Food Kitchen

Scottsdale (480) 265-450015191 N Scottsdale Rd #100

Their claim is crave-worthy cuisine that improves your mood. They also like to give their spin on summery classics, such as an avocado Key lime pie or the potential to increase summertime feelings one drink at a time with one of their smoothies or creative cocktails. All of this attitude hints to a pleasant Scottsdale restaurant.

We adore edamame (thanks to my kid), so I tried the edamame dumplings. If you like white truffle oil, you will enjoy them. The edamame was nicely cooked and seasoned with Asian seasonings. To equal up the servings for a two-person party, raise the order from five to six.

In addition to water, I got the wonderfully pleasant pink lemonade, and my daughter selected tea.

Salads and bowls are often a smart alternative depending on your other meal plans for the day. My kid like the teriyaki quinoa bowl, which has broccoli, rainbow carrots (which we don’t see as often as we do in Scottsdale), bok choy, green bean, snap pea, mushroom, brown rice, avocado, and toasted sesame. The waitress informs us that their quinoa is blended with brown rice, so we can’t choose just one.

Their Margherita pizza would entice me. A adjacent table of ladies split one, and it looked excellent. There wasn’t a single slice left.

Their burgers and sandwiches provide a more filling supper. Each comes with a kale salad or sweet potato hash as a side; the waitress also mentions that we may use a gluten-free baguette or pita to carry the grass-fed burger or grilled chicken avocado wrap. A turkey burger and a vegan double cheeseburger are also available.

So I chose the grilled, sustainable fish as my entree. The chef was kind enough to accommodate my request for well-done fish, which went well with the summer squash, carrots, farro, cilantro, and a hint of pumpkin. The seed pesto provided a light finish.

My kid had a poke bowl. Wild caught tuna, delicately grilled, brown rice and quinoa, crisp pickled jicama, snap pea, pickled shitake, and sesame seed flavor. She didnt finish the brown rice and quinoa but made a decent go of it.

Although the flourless chocolate cake topped with vanilla ice cream was tempting, we couldn’t resist. Maybe next time. And there will undoubtedly be another time. This is a must-visit if you’re seeking for the top restaurants in Scottsdale.

Kneaders Bakery and Cafe

N Hayden Rd (480) 355-074015505

The bread here is prepared fresh everyday and is perfect for eating in or taking away. With the selections offered, gluten-free bread on request, and the calorie value posted next to each choice, it’s simple to comply to your diet needs. You may also get a wonderful gift basket for anybody to whom you need to carry anything home.

Delicious sandwiches are made with great bread. French country sourdough, ciabatta, rosemary focaccia round, baguette, seeded baguette, rustic rye, hazelnut 12 grain, asiago cheese, whole wheat, country white and honey wheat, sweet bread, chunky cinnamon, soft rolls, orange rolls, and a French Country soup bun that can be used for soup or salad are all available.

Their cuisine is available all day. Breakfast items include ham, sausage, egg, and cheese croissants, as well as a kids combination of pancakes, sliced bananas, caramel syrup, milk, or juice. Adult-style chunky cinnamon French toast, sourdough pancakes, omelets, or cinnamon spice pecan pancakes are also available. Yum!

Lunch is delicious, with soups, salads, and sandwiches to choose from. Renowned for their club sandwich, turkey bacon avocado on focaccia, chicken, cheese, and ham on ciabatta, French dip on baguette, tuna on hazelnut 12 grain, or a hot panini, I choose my favorite French dip.

The roast beef, served with au jus, was nicely seasoned, with no need for extra salt. While I like it without the Swiss cheese, it is available. The chips are fresh, crunchy, and just slightly salty.

Dinner may be as easy as include a salad or soup, as well as a pastry for dessert. They often run specials such as Buy Five Pastries, Get One Free. They now provide family dinners, a huge box of sandwiches with brownies (or your preferred pastry) and chips, plus a large tray of beverages in whichever quantity you choose. It’s ideal for a picnic.

Other favorites are the turkey cranberry croissant (the hand-pulled turkey melts in your tongue), the chicken salad croissant (the water chestnuts and pecans offer just the perfect amount of crunch), and the chicken raspberry nut salad croissant (with or without the feta cheese).

Youngsters love having their own personal menu, which includes ham and cheese, grilled cheese, peanut butter and jelly, or a cup of green salad. They may not be happy with the tiny salad, but most youngsters I’ve encountered would happily eat it. Each of the children’s meals comes with applesauce or chips and a beverage option of soda, milk, or apple juice. Each one comes with a little sugar biscuit. This offers them additional energy for the rest of the day’s shopping or activities with you.

Their pastries are wonderful and fresh. The scent wafts our way as I watch others enjoy them. Cinnamon buns, particularly loaded croissants, a piece of cheesecake, pie, bread pudding, or a 6-inch cake, ideal for sharing by two.

While there is always a bit of a delay because the food is created to order, I normally purchase a fresh lemonade or iced tea to go with my dinner and start with a smoothie to drink while I shop and set up our table with napkins and cutlery you would get at a central station. The Razzleberry and Blueberry No. 5 are my favorites. I’m excited to hear about your favorites in the comments. This best-of-Scottsdale eatery has a meal ready for you whenever hunger strikes.

So there you have it: five of the top restaurants in Scottsdale, Arizona. We hope you had as much fun with them as we did.

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