Must-Try Seattle Seafood Restaurants | The Finest Seafood in Seattle!

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Seafood restaurants in Seattle are world-renowned. Nonetheless, several Seattle seafood restaurants stand out from the crowd due to their unique atmospheres, such as Walrus and the Carpenter or RockCreek, or because of their breathtaking vistas, such as Aqua by El Gaucho.

In certain situations, restaurants have carved themselves a specialty that has earned them worldwide acclaim.

Chefs are frequently artists who convert the wealth of the sea into magnificent and unforgettable meals, much as painters do with paints and canvas, like in the case of Manolin restaurant. So, let us investigate the Seattle sea treasure.

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The 11 Best Seafood Restaurants in Seattle

Seafood & Spirits RockCreek

Seattle, +120655775324300 Fremont Ave. N

If you’re in Seattle, RockCreek is the place to go for seafood. The food is delicious, and the atmosphere is much better. The inside reminds me of a cabin in my grandmother’s property, or even some of Stanley Kubrick’s work.

It also helps that their cuisine is refreshed seasonally. Hence, depending on the season, you may expect to find anything from oysters to filets. It is, of course, famous for its shrimp and cheddar grits.

This is an excellent alternative for a better date or supper with your parents.

The Carpenter and the Walrus

Ballard Ave. NW, Seattle, +120639592274743

If you want to start eating oysters, there is no better venue to do it than The Walrus And The Carpenter.

There are more fantastic spots in the Seattle region, but this is a good place to start.

Fresh oysters with shallot mignonette or fried oysters with cilantro aioli are available. Of course, if octopus is on the menu, you’ll want some, and a glass of sparkling rose while sitting at the marble bar watching the baskets of oyster shells is a must.

It’s a Seattle rite of passage to sit at the enormous marble bar viewing baskets of oyster shells, and it’s also where I’d taste my first oyster!


Seattle, WA +120629433313621 Stone Way N

Manolin is one of the top seafood restaurants in Seattle, a true discovery and a favourite with locals searching for something different from the regular meal available at adjacent eateries.

This seafood restaurant in the Fremont area provides a combination of subtle Southwestern accents and robust seafood.

They serve a comprehensive choice of delicacies that include spicy tuna ceviche salads, grilled octopus, tortilla soup, seared scallops, rockfish tacos, and fried shrimp, oysters, and mussels.

Oyster House Elliotts

Seattle, +120662343401201 Alaskan Way Ste. 100

Elliotts Oyster House may seem a little touristic for a fine-dining seafood restaurant, but the buzz is justified. The terrace boasts a beautiful view of the pier and Puget Sound and is excellent for al fresco dining on sunny days. If you’re gluten-free, they also offer GF bread.

This is a wonderful spot for oysters, and you can relax on the terrace with friends. If oysters aren’t your thing, Alaskan cod (or any fish for that matter) is a great substitute.

Kashiba Sushi

+1206441884486 Seattle, Pine St. Suite #1

There are several outstanding sushi places in the city, but the finest may be found right here at Pike Place Market.

Sushi Kashiba may be enjoyed in a variety of ways. You may either wait in line at the sushi bar or reserve a table in advance.

Nonetheless, you’ll be eating some really high-quality fish. Apart from omakase, the restaurant serves a few set meals as well as a la carte. The sushi here is unquestionably delicious.

This is an excellent choice for genuine sushi enthusiasts. But, if the sushi does not taste fresh, I am really unhappy.

This was definitely the case at Kashibas. During my stay, everything was really great. The fish was tasty and melted in my tongue, and the rice and sauces utilized in each roll complimented it perfectly.

Oyster Bar Taylor Shellfish

Seattle, +120650143211521 Melrose Ave.

Taylor Oyster Bar is another wonderful site to slurp oysters and Seattle fish if you’re seeking for the greatest oysters and Seattle fish.

Instead of drinking champagne and staring into your date’s eyes, you’re more likely to eat a fried prawn poboy and watch sports.

They also have a fantastic website where you can get oysters and other seafood online!

El Gaucho AQUA

+120695691712801 Alaskan Way, Pier 70, Seattle, Washington

Aqua, situated on Pier 70, is one of Seattle’s most aesthetically pleasing seafood restaurants. The restaurant’s decor was designed by David Rockwell. It is unquestionably an expensive seafood restaurant aimed to both tourists and locals.

The restaurant boasts a great view of the Puget Sound from its outside deck, which is available seasonally.

The restaurant’s atmosphere is lovely, and the cuisine is excellent. The menu varies with the seasons, so you may taste something different every time you visit.

My recommendation is to start with the prawn cocktail and then go on to the miso buttered black fish. If you’re with someone (or even by yourself! ), make a sharing crab mac and cheese.

Oyster House & Champagne Parlor Franks

Seattle, NE 55th St., +120652502202616

Seafood, seafood, and more seafood! Oysters, too. The brunch menu at Franks Oyster House in Seattle is all about the delectable marine animals and the incredible diversity that this restaurant has to offer.

It’s a fresh seafood restaurant that caters to those who love their fish raw, as well as those who want to experience excellent fried chicken or an oyster burger.

It’s a champagne bar with nice, romantic atmosphere, but it’s also ornamented with a weird nude mermaid statue that reminds me of art class in high school.

It’s a restaurant on every foodie’s bucket list, mostly because they offer fantastic happy hour deals on oysters. This Ravenna champagne parlor has something for everyone, from oysters to cheeseburgers.

In The Market For Matts

+1206467790994 Seattle, Pike St. #32,

For almost 20 years, Matts In The Market has served the best-fried catfish sandwich on their lunch menu.

Their sandwich is basically a crispy catfish, sambal aioli, and shredded romaine on untoasted potato bread, but is the most wonderful thing in the world!

I chose Matt’s in the Market since I’d heard nice things about it. It’s difficult not to like this eatery if you like fish.

To ensure that you are eating fresh fish, all of their fish is delivered in tanks. On my first visit, I ordered the roasted sturgeon with buttermilk spaetzle, delicata squash, brussels sprouts, and brown butter aioli. That was divine. The sauce was fantastic, and the dinner was light yet satisfying. I also suggest their fantastic clam chowder.

The Fremont Bowl

+120650430954258 Fremont Ave. N, #4262, Seattle

When seeking for the top seafood restaurants in Seattle, go to Fremont Bowl. It’s a fantastic fishing area!

Moreover, if you’re searching for delicious seafood in great numbers at reasonable pricing, Fremont Bowl is the place to go. Their speciality is donburi bowls, and you should get one with fish on top.

It’s difficult to top their seared salmon, but you can also have poke, broiled eel, or chirashi with tuna if you’re hungry. Absolutely delicious!

The Market Grill

+120668226541509 Pike Pl #3, Seattle

The institution has been established for more than a century, and it also contains a bar. Fresh fish is always offered here, and it is always well prepared.

If you need fresh fish for supper or lunch, you may stroll one block to Pike Place Fish.

This implies you’ll be able to eat fish caught an hour before you’d consider visiting a seafood restaurant!

You can view the fish without having to wait in line at Pike Place Market, which sounds more enticing to me than standing in line at the retail fish market or any other tourist trap in Seattle.

Synopsis of Seattle’s 11 Top Seafood Restaurants

When you’re in Seattle, it might be difficult to decide where to dine. There are so many fantastic seafood restaurants in town that it might be difficult to decide where to go.

Seattle restaurants are well-known for their excellent seafood. Whether it’s the freshness of the salmon, the sweetness of the shrimp, or anything else that piques your interest, Seattle is recognized for its exceptional dining expertise.

Based on my acquaintance with these restaurants and my experience eating out practically everywhere on a daily basis, I have compiled this list of the 10 best places to dine in Seattle!

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Which of these great seafood restaurants in Seattle do you want to try first? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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