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When you think about Natchez, the first thing that comes to mind is probably seeing the Mississippi River flow from the cliffs above. Maybe it’s the history that pervades every fiber of the city. Maybe it’s the antebellum mansions and massive oak trees. Whatever draws you to Natchez, know that the cuisine will not disappoint.

For the first time, I visited this lovely city. I can honestly say that it exceeded my expectations. The meal was fantastic, and I’d want you to join me in remembering these wonderful restaurants. I’ll stick to my suggestions for all of the restaurants. See the following places while in Natchez. You will not be let down. You may even say I sent you!

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5 Best Natchez, Mississippi Restaurants

The Little Simple

601-653-0774114 High St.

Look no further if you want a gorgeous spot to dine with a relaxed and welcoming ambiance. That is where all the locals go for their coffee. In the downtown core, there are no national coffee shops or fast-food franchises as in other cities. They are located on the outskirts of town.

The Little Easy is popular not just with residents, but also with visitors from other cities. Despite its modest size, The Little Easy’s cuisine and environment earn high praise. The majority of people congregate in the outside dining areas. People strolling, running, or riding their bikes will stop in, get a cup of coffee or tea, and converse before continuing on with their day. This is a really crowded restaurant.

They are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. most days of the week, but I really appreciated their breakfast menu. Their Boozy Brunch options vary from typical breakfast eggs and protein choice to Smoked Salmon & White Cheddar Grits Croquette. I kept it simple with The Simple Breakfast. The eggs are served with applewood smoked bacon, toast, and potatoes, whichever you choose them (scrambled, fried, or otherwise). As a finishing touch, fresh, edible flowers are used as a garnish. I paired it with an iced caramel latte and couldn’t be happier. The meal and service were both excellent.

The Little Easy takes pride in being environmentally friendly. They select recyclable and bio-degradable materials for everything from their to-go containers to their goods, such as T-shirts.

Pro Tip: When enjoying your lunch in the outside dining, request that your waitress set a Treva fan on the table. This is a small battery-powered restaurant fan that keeps insects at bay while you eat your breakfast. That worked so well that I ordered two for myself.

Natchez Brewing Co.

The phone number is 769-355-2225207 High Street.

Another hidden treasure in Natchez’s historic downtown neighborhood is Natchez Brewing Company, which is close to The Little Easy. Local beers created by people with a deep love of Natchez history and taste, as well as some of the greatest pizza in town, can be found here.

I confess that I was suspicious of their claim of Finest Pizza. In the northeast, where I was born and bred, pizza is taken extremely seriously. The dinner I ate here was certainly worth the hype! As you taste the result, you can tell that the dough is created fresh and by hand. No prefabricated shells could possibly provide such a strong basis for high-quality sauce and toppings.

Thin crust pizza is my fave, but if that’s not your thing, no worries. You may choose between Detroit-style and Deep-Dish pan pizza. The flavors vary from Quattro Formaggi (a four-cheese combination) to several with more kick, such as the Chicken Pesto, The Butcher (pepperoni, seasoned beef, bacon, and pulled pork), and countless more in between. You may also order a variety of small appetizers, salads, or calzones, as well as beverages and dessert.

The Motor City Supreme was my drink of choice for the day. House cheese mix, pepperoni, Italian sausage, green pepper, red onion, mushrooms, Romano, Italian tomato sauce, and fresh oregano topped this pizza. It was a vibrant display of deliciousness, and the whole pizza was swiftly consumed.

Let’s not forget the major draw: the craft beer and the environment. You sit inside (or outdoors, depending on your preference) amid the fermentation tanks that house their several handcrafted beers. Everything is beautifully informal, with picnic tables and a jazzy, comfortable vibe. Excellent music is pumped into the room, and there is often live music.

Depending on the recipe, this might take up to two weeks. Every brew tank is closely monitored, with clipboards hanging from each and experienced brewers monitoring the process on a regular basis. When I inquired, I was informed that the actual beer takes just one day to combine and make. The fermenting process 1-1 takes the most time.

Another unique aspect of Natchez Brewery is that their beer is exclusively accessible on-site. It is not available anyplace else. When you come and discover a new favorite, you may buy a growler or two to take home. They will fill and seal it, and you will be on your way!

Add some chile oil to your cuisine for a little more zing. Each table has a bottle of wine.

The Camp Dining Room

Silver Street 601-897-044621 Silver Street

Looking for a relaxed supper with a spectacular view? The Camp offers everything you need! It is situated on the banks of the magnificent Mississippi River in the city’s Under the Hill area. Having a historic history of being the rowdiest docks on the Mississippi River since the nineteenth century, the neighborhood is home to various restaurants and pubs, each with a spectacular view, particularly around sunset.

The Camp is a two-story brick structure with hardwood flooring and a few smaller rooms. It has a casual ambience and uses chalkboards to display the menu items. It’s a welcoming spot enjoyed by both residents and visitors. They offer amazing music, many Televisions on the walls, and a bar where local and national sports take center stage. It’s busy, with people of all ages and backgrounds gathering to enjoy wonderful cuisine and nice settings, including a beautiful view of the river.

A variety of appetizers, salads, tacos, quesadillas, burgers, sandwiches, and melts are available, as well as catfish or shrimp platters and dessert. There is something for everyone in your gathering, whether they are eating light or have a big appetite. At my party, the day’s selections were Philadelphia Cheese Tot-chos. This was a tasty combo of tater tots topped with queso, onions, and peppers, grilled steak strips, and cheddar.

Then I went on to The Hen-rietta. This was panko breaded and fried chicken breast on handmade buns with Swiss cheese, lettuce, and tomato and topped with Creole honey mustard. This is also served with the house hand-cut fries, which were just delicious.

For dessert, they provide Bread Pudn (in true southern fashion) and an original A&W Root Beer Float, to name a few options.

Pro Tip: The catsup supplied tastes a little different than you may think. I asked my server, Aleena, why, suspecting anything was wrong. I discovered that they spice up regular catsup by smoking it and adding a dash of jalapeño. Use moderately if you are sensitive to spice.

Reloaded Rolling River

Main Street (601-653-0747406).

I imagined a standard lunch location frequented by professionals and business people as I approached this tiny diner on Main Street. What I encountered was a magnificent restaurant with some of the greatest southern traditional cuisine, and true to their description, I departed having had a Soulful Southern Experience.

As you go inside the restaurant, you see a shotgun layout. On the right is what can only be described as a diner counter. The kitchen is at the rear, with booth and round table seating on the opposite side of the aisle. At the dining counter, there is a tiny yet elegant wine department. There is a mix of professionals in suits, locals stopping in for a quick lunch, and visitors soaking it all in. They also have a successful take-out business. When you take your seat to order, you see a second room set up for private parties.

Henson, my server, was one of the friendliest and most entertaining persons I’d ever encountered. He knew everything about the meal and even persuaded me to try something new, a dish I never believed would be interesting. He encouraged me to try a little sample of greens with onions and bacon chunks, as well as a variety of delectable spices. The little platter had almost been licked clean!

I ordered a Philadelphia Cheesesteak PoBoy and an order of Big Mamas Battered Fried Wings as a main dish. I can confirm that everything I ate that day was as tasty as it sounds. Although it wasn’t the healthiest option, my lunch was one of the most delicious I had throughout my vacation.

Rolling River Reloaded is the embodiment of a neighborhood, well-run institution in the middle of the commercial area serving traditional, fantastic meals.

The Castle Dining Room

Homochitto Street 601-897-630084 Homochitto Street

The Dunleith Historic Inn is one of Natchez’s numerous National Historic Landmarks. It’s an 18th-century home with a wrought-iron gate and enormous Greek columns. The Castle Restaurant and Bar is located in the old carriage house and stables, which were recently rebuilt. Since the structure was designed to mimic a castle, it is the closest many people (including me) will get to eating inside a castle.

Walking through the massive carriage house doors seems like going back in time. The dark wood surrounds you, with both flooring and walls mingling with creative lighting to make the restaurant really pleasant. The bar is large and well-stocked, and the seating is laid out in a casual and comfortable style. The stone fireplace, as well as the old rocking rocker to the side, provide a sense of the past.

Sydney, our server, works there when she is not in college getting her degree. I also got the opportunity to chat with Doug, the F&B Manager, and Ricky, the Bar Manager. Everyone had a passion for the Castle and a desire to see it flourish.

If the meal is any indicator, they are on the right track. To begin the dinner, a small serving of Gouda Cheese Fries was ordered. These hand-cut fries are topped with melted Gouda cheese, Momay, and Truffle Oil, as expected. From there,

I next proceeded to the Steak Au Frite. This seared chuck delicate meal with truffle potatoes and Sauce Au Poivre melted in my tongue. The tastes were complex and well balanced.

My dining buddy ordered the Roasted Chicken Piccata. The combination of capers, preserved lemon bay, fresh herbs, grape tomatoes, and caramelized onion gave the meal a distinct flavor.

As delicious as the main course was, the pièce de résistance came in the shape of dessert. The Brandy Roasted Pear with Lemon Mascarpone was delicious. Although I’ve tried each component several times, when combined in this amazing dessert, the flavors erupt and leave you wanting more.

When you exit The Castle, take a walk around their fresh herb garden, which has oregano, parsley, basil, rosemary, mint, and many more herbs. These herbs are cleverly used in the kitchen to enhance the cuisine. I can promise you that between the dinner and the atmosphere of The Castle, I will be back.

Pro Tip: I would strongly suggest staying in one of Natchez’s several Bed & Breakfasts. Most of these lodgings have given new life to ancient buildings in the region, and the chefs take satisfaction in serving delicious breakfasts with their own unique touch to visitors.

Natchez boasts a plethora of eateries, cafés, coffeehouses, and downhome pubs and diners that cater to both residents and tourists. Whatever your taste, you’ll find it presented with genuine Southern charm and warmth. Make time to go sightseeing and exploring.

Which of these Natchez Mississippi restaurants are you most interested in trying first? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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