Orange Beach Alabama’s Top 6 Bars

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If you’re among the many Americans who visit one or more states over the summer and want to hit the beer trail, go no further than the pubs in Orange Beach.

Orange Beach is a laid-back and delightful area to spend a day at the beach. It also has numerous excellent bars where you may try some of Alabama’s greatest beer.

There are lots of terrific venues to drink top-notch beers and exquisite wines while enjoying the superb meals supplied by some of the city’s highest-rated restaurants and pubs.

These are five outstanding pubs to visit after basking in the gorgeous sunsets, admiring the lovely beaches, and dining on some of Alabama’s best seafood.

Orange Beach’s Top 6 Bars

Courtyard at San Bar

Orange Beach, AL 36561, USA +1251273737427267 Perdido Beach Blvd. #102

Sun Bar Courtyard is situated in the Sanroc Cay shopping area, east of the Perdido Key bridge. The courtyard is an open space with seats, umbrella tables, and a fountain surrounded by boutique stores.

Its outside bar is well supplied, with speciality cocktails, excellent beer and wine options, and courteous bartenders.

It is an open-air pub located in a retail complex featuring a variety of beautiful tiny eateries and shopping alternatives. So we came in for some shopping and a little drinking.

It might be difficult to find inexpensive bar pricing at the beach. My companion requested a rum and Coke, and I got the nice whiskey on ice (Canadian Club). Our drinks cost $9.00 for the two of us.

They had an excellent drink assortment and could produce frozen concoctions like the ever-popular bushwhacker. In the future, I’ll probably stop here for a drink before going out to dine or shop. The first of many fantastic bars in Orange Beach.

Pour Smart Bar into a glass.

+125128467474851 Wharf Pkwy. E, Suite D-124, Orange Beach, AL 36561, USA

This is a fantastic addition to the Wharf and the Gulf Shores community. It boasts the most craft beer variety of any pub I’ve visited in the neighborhood over the years.

I was happy to discover Pour Smart Bar when looking for a spot to drink and dine in Orange Beach. The bar is not only outfitted with Televisions and sports, but it also features an astonishing number of craft beer taps.

They offer between 160 and 200 beers on tap, with an excellent selection. I strongly advise you to book the flights in order to locate your choices. The staff is also pleasant!

After you check in with the staff, you are given a pour card. This card is associated with your credit card. It’s all self-pouring from there.

You are charged by the ounce, and each beer has a distinct ounce pricing. This is a terrific method to experiment with various kinds of beers since you may receive as much or as little as you desire! Make a point of visiting this upscale craft beer pub in Orange Beach.

The Current

Orange Beach, AL 36561, United States +1251981333125025 Canal Rd

During the crawfish season, this is the place to be. This bar is quite inviting. I came to get away from the city and enjoy the beach atmosphere. Absolutely one of my favorite Orange Beach bars. Their laid-back, small-town atmosphere is excellent. The bartenders are quite attentive and kind.

There are a few pool tables as well as live music. We had a great time playing pool with a group of locals! Their all-you-can-eat bargain is excellent. Its jalapeƱo poppers and burgers are other must-order items.

A wonderful time, pleasant people, amazing bartenders, and reasonable prices are not a tourist trap. If you can’t stand smoking, don’t go; the rest of you who can will have a good time.

Sportsman Marina’s Pleasure Island Tiki Bar

Canal Rd., Orange Beach, AL 36561, USA +1251981845427844

You should be cautious when locals urge you to visit a location without first getting to know it. Then I did it. The one location I wish I had visited sooner is the Pleasure Island Tiki Bar.

As you drive into the parking lot, it seems like you’re driving into Weekend at Bernies. This is due to the fact that many residents come at this bayside pub on their own golf carts.

If they aren’t coming in an EZ-Go, they are most likely arriving by boat, floating up to the coast and just a few feet from from Orange Beach’s real beach bar.

The Pleasure Island Tiki Bar does exactly what it says on the tin. There’s nothing not to like about the fact that it’s a full-service tiki bar.

With some amazing cocktail offerings, including their rendition on the renowned Painkiller (a personal favorite), a solid beer selection, and live music beginning in the afternoon, you can’t go wrong here.

Orange Beach’s Gulf

+1251424180027500 Perdido Beach Boulevard, Orange Beach, AL 36561, USA

The Gulf is an East Orange Beach bar that serves imaginative drinks in a modern environment on the rim of the beautiful Perdido Pass. The Gulf’s whole structure is made of repurposed shipping containers and wood embellishments, resulting in a modern but peaceful open space where you may enjoy a martini with friends all year.

You may either watch the sunset from a higher deck or get a birds-eye view of the friendly crowd. Below, there is a large wooden deck that leads outdoors to a landscaped outdoor area with capacious chairs, wooden benches, and hammocks.

Craft drinks made with seasonal ingredients, such as the blackberry mojito, are available from the bartenders. Whenever you are hungry, The Gulf has a range of menu choices to choose from, such as fresh oysters, seafood sandwiches, and salads.

Without a question, this is one of my top five favorite Orange Beach pubs that I’ve ever visited. Everything, from the ambience to the beverages and food, is outstanding.

I had their Mahi tacos, which are excellent. The salsa and sauce are delicious, and the fish is fresh and of good size. The dip with smoked tuna is delicious. I have no clue how these are prepared, but they are the best pitas I’ve ever tasted.

My companion was quite aback by the shrimp and lobster roll he ordered. Even the children’s menu is excellent! The chicken tenders are some of the best I’ve ever tasted. My buddy and I often talk about them.

Their blackberry margarita is also a must-try. They don’t scrimp on the tequila, and it’s delicious! I could go on and on about how wonderful this site is, but you should go check it out for yourself!

We’ve come three times and it’s always busy. Hence, in order to make your order, you must wait in line and keep an eye out for open tables in case someone stands up and offers one.


Pensacola, Florida 32507, 17401 Perdido Key Dr

Flora-Bama is one of Orange Beach’s oldest and most well-known bars. This restaurant will never let you down, whether it’s for refreshing drinks during the day or live music at night.

They host a variety of activities, including beach concerts, bingo, ladies evenings, and, believe it or not, every Sunday, they transform the bar into a church!

Since the sea is clear and blue, you may go swimming or hire a jet ski or a boat. At their shop, you may get one-of-a-kind Flora-Bama t-shirts, mugs, caps, and other gifts.

There is nothing better than eating seafood on a beach. Flora-Bama is well-known for its oyster bar, which serves the finest oysters and shrimp on the island. We had the McClellan Oysters, which were seasoned with garlic butter, cheese, bacon, and green onions. If you like raw seafood, their raw oysters are fantastic.

There is also a barbecue bar and a yacht club with lots of dining options for grill aficionados.

Overall, Flora-Bama is an interesting destination to visit with numerous entertainment options, such as listening to amazing live music with friends, tasting spectacular oysters, and enjoying a broad selection of drinks.

Final Thoughts on the Six Must-See Orange Beach Bars

If you’re searching for a vacation with a twist, put Orange Beach on your list of possible spots. This Alabama coastal town is a great spot to get away from it all, with over ten miles of golden beaches and crystal clear turquoise seas. And some of Alabama’s top bars!

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