Packing List For Mexico: Guide to What to Take for a Trip to Mexico

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Travelers and vacationers frequently choose Mexico as their destination of choice. Mexico is an enjoyable destination for a variety of different types of trips, including those with the family, those with a significant other, those celebrating anniversaries, and those who just want to get away from it all.

However, if you have never been to Mexico before, it can be difficult to know how to pack for the trip and what items you should bring with you. It is essential to have a plan for what to wear in hot places like Cancun and other locations with similar climates.

In order for you to have the best time possible on your trip to Mexico, our tour guide will assist you in making the best decisions regarding what to bring and what to purchase there. If you use it to create your packing list for Mexico, you won’t leave anything important behind.

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Packing List for Mexico

Pack Light

To begin, you should strive to pack as little as possible. Whether you’re only going away for the weekend or for a longer period of time, you don’t want to bring too much luggage with you because it will be a hassle to carry through airports and on cruise ships.

Additionally, you may be subject to additional fees at the airport if the total weight of your checked baggage exceeds a predetermined limit.

This might be simple for people who live a minimalist lifestyle, but for others it might be challenging. The key to successfully enjoying your vacation is to pack only the items that are absolutely necessary and to leave everything else at home.

Include the following items on your list of things to pack for Mexico:

  • Bring along simply the bare necessities.
  • Don’t bother us with your shiny possessions.
  • Be careful not to bring anything that is excessively heavy.


Now that we’ve established that you should pack as little as possible, let’s talk about what kinds of things you should bring. We’ll begin with toiletries because, no matter where you go, you’ll always need some basic toiletries.

The majority of hotels, restaurants, and shops, as well as the cruise ship you might find yourself on, will provide all of the necessities for your stay in their establishments.

But there are a few things, like sunscreen and bug spray, that they won’t have with them at all times. It is required that you bring biodegradable sunscreen with you to popular parks and cenotes, so make sure you pick some up before you go. This is especially important if you intend to swim in the cenotes.

When it comes to insect repellant, you have a lot of different options to pick from. If you decide to use a spray, we suggest finding one that is made from natural ingredients; this way, you won’t have to worry about dealing with any harsh chemicals.

Keep in mind that the Transportation Security Administration requires that any of these items that are brought in a carry-on bag be contained in a bottle that is 3.4 ounces or less in capacity.

You can also get bracelets that repel mosquitoes and wear those while you travel throughout Mexico. It is less cumbersome to carry around and put to use, and you won’t have to worry about leaving behind the recognizable odor of bug spray wherever you go.

Add these to your list:

    • Sunscreen that is reef-friendly and biodegradable (this is very important if you plan to visit any cenotes; you must have biodegradable sunscreen or they will take it away from you! Although not all of them do, I’ve had my bag checked multiple times, so I recommend bringing along a large bottle just in case.
  • Bug repellent bracelet (or a small spray bottle of repellant)


If you take any medications that require a prescription, it is imperative that you remember to pack them. Even though you may be thinking, “of course, it goes without saying,” believe me when I say that in the flurry of trying to pack for a trip, it is very easy to forget something that is extremely significant. Particularly so if you have a condition for which you require medication that, in its absence, could result in your death.

However, in addition to these, there are a few options available without a prescription that you should think about purchasing for your trip.

First things first, ensure that you have some acetaminophen or ibuprofen on hand to treat headaches and muscle cramps. Even though traveling is a fun experience, there are times when it can be very stressful. If you are not accustomed to being in the sun for long periods of time or swimming in saltwater, your body may go through some strange changes if you participate in either of those activities frequently.

In addition to this, you should ensure that you have access to medication that can soothe an upset stomach, indigestion, or heartburn. Mexican food is notorious for being extremely spicy and heavy, both of which are known to wreak havoc on the digestive tract. Bringing along a bottle of Pepto Bismol or some Zantac tablets with you on your trip could prove to be very helpful in the event that you experience any stomach upset.

You should probably also bring along some anti-diarrhea medication such as Imodium.

Add these to your list:

  • Prescription meds
  • Ibuprofen/Acetaminophen
  • Pepto Bismol
  • Zantac
  • Imodium

Water Bottle

Invest in a water bottle that can be used more than once, preferably one that is free of the chemical BPA and is kind to the environment. You should be aware, however, that the water that is available from the tap in Mexico is not considered to be safe to drink. Because of this, you should either purchase a small bottle of iodine tablets to purify the water that you put in your bottle or buy a water bottle that comes equipped with a water filter.

Include the following on your list:

Add these to your list:

  • Water container that may be reused
  • Iodine pills (or get a water bottle with a filter)


We strongly advise against taking a large number of electrical items with you. The most important thing to bring is usually just your mobile phone, but you could also bring a digital camera if you’d rather use that rather than the camera on your phone.

When it comes to mobile phone service, the vast majority of plans sold in the United States will not function in Mexico, and the cost of extending coverage for other countries to those plans is exorbitant.

Instead, we suggest that you bring an unlocked phone with you (whether it’s an iPhone or an Android, it doesn’t matter), and then after you’ve arrived in Mexico, you should get a local SIM card to use while you’re there. I personally use Telcel.

The next step is to get some travel applications for Mexico, such as Uber, Restorando (to reserve restaurants), and Google Translate, so that you can communicate with locals despite the language barrier.

Chargers for both your mobile phone and your camera should be at the top of your mental list of things to remember. You are going to want to protect your valuables, such as your phone, wallet, camera, and passport, using a waterproof bag as well as waterproof cases for each of these items. When you are at the beach or swimming in the cenotes, the waterproof bag will come in very helpful.

If you are traveling from the United States, you do not need a power converter even if you are worried about the compatibility of the electrical outlets. If, on the other hand, you are coming to Mexico from a country other than the United States, you will need to purchase a power converter. In addition, I never leave home without a power bank that has been completely charged so that I never find myself stuck with a mobile phone that has a dead battery. This is of the utmost importance if you rely on your phone for Uber rather than taking use of the public transit options available.

As a last recommendation with respect to gadgets, I would propose a portable fan or misting spray. Because it may become quite hot in Mexico, you should do all in your power to keep yourself cool. You may also purchase one that is powered by USB and rechargeable, which eliminates the need to bring along a large quantity of batteries.

Add these to your list:

    • Phone (ideally an unlocked phone so you may use a local SIM card in Mexico to avoid communication expenses) (preferably an unlocked phone so you can use a local SIM card in Mexico to save communication costs)
    • Camera
    • Laptop (if you need it for business) (if you need it for work)
    • Cords used for recharging devices
    • Transformer of power (only if traveling from Asia or Europe)
    • Power bank (I use and suggest the Anker power bank since it isn’t very hefty and can withstand numerous recharges throughout the day.)
      • Handheld fan or mister


It is imperative that you travel with appropriate footwear, and it is in your best interest to select footwear that will also provide you with a comfortable experience.

When swimming in the ocean or cenotes, wearing water shoes can be an excellent way to stay safe and protect your feet from rocks, fish, and anything else that might be interested in munching on your toes while you’re submerged.

Because the deck might be wet and slippery, water shoes are another fantastic accessory to bring along on a cruise. They come highly recommended by us for any children who are a part of your group.

You should also grab yourself a pair of inexpensive sandals or flip-flops to wear on your vacation. These are wonderful for use in the shower, for dashes to the restroom in the middle of the night, and for rambling around on the sand at the beach. You don’t need to worry about getting the most expensive or fashionable kind because the roads and beaches in Mexico will put a lot of wear and tear on them.

If you have plans to go to nice dinners in the evening, you should be able to get away with wearing a pair of sandals that are uncomplicated, affordable, and will look good with the majority of dresses and outfits in your closet.

Flip-flops and sandals aren’t going to cut it if you plan on doing a lot of exploring around the towns, visiting Mayan ruins, or hiking around Mexico. You should rather wear shoes that are comfy for walking if you plan on participating in any of those activities.

Include the following on your list:

      • Water shoes
      • Flip-flops
      • Sandals
      • Walking shoes/sneakers


When deciding what to pack for your trip to Mexico, keep in mind that discretion is of the utmost importance. This is especially true for the women in your party, regardless of their age, who should avoid wearing clothing that is overly revealing. It is best to err on the side of caution, even though there are some spots where it is appropriate to wear a standard bathing suit or clothes that don’t cover quite as well as others.

Bring along your bathing suit, but don’t forget to add some longer shorts and a light coverup to your suitcase as well. Steer clear of anything that has a low-cut or plunging neckline, as well as shorts or skirts that are too short.

Nevertheless, certain parts of Mexico, like the Yucatan Peninsula, the Mayan Ruins, and popular tourist destinations like Cancun and Cozumel, can experience extremely dry and hot weather. Maxi dresses and other forms of clothing that are lightweight and breathable, such as light and airy tops or shirts, should be worn. Anything that is made from a gauze-like material or from lightweight linen should work just fine.

In addition, we suggest wearing sunglasses and a hat with a broad brim when you go outside.

You should bring a light jacket or sweater with you because the evenings and nighttime can be chilly despite the fact that the daytime is very hot. You’ll need something even warmer if you plan on going into the mountains, so keep that in mind.

In the interest of traveling light, you should make every effort to ensure that any outfits or items you bring can be worn in more than one way. You won’t have to adopt the mindset that you “need an outfit for every single day” if you do it this way.

Add these to your list:

      • 1 or 2 pairs of shorts, or a skirt
      • Dresses such as the maxi or other lightweight dresses
      • Sarong or other beach cover-up options
      • Swimsuits (at least 2- so you can have one to wear while the second one dries) (at least 2- so you can have one to wear while the second one dries)
      • Wide-brimmed hat
      • Shirts and tops that are not cumbersome and are rather breezy
      • Nothing that would be overly revealing.


We went through a few things that were important in terms of safety, such wearing water shoes and dressing modestly. There are other safety concerns to take into account as well.

Theft is a major problem in Mexico’s tourist hot spots, so be sure to keep an eye on your belongings if you go there. Maintain close watch on your most important possessions at all times, including your cash, passport, other forms of identification, credit cards, and so on.

A money belt is one thing that we recommend you get for your vacation. A money belt is something that you will wear below your clothes in order to store all of those items. You won’t ever have to worry about where your belongings are, and it will be quite impossible for someone to steal anything from you using that method.

A second wallet that contains no more than twenty dollars or such is something else that need to be done. In this manner, if you find yourself in a crowded marketplace, taking out a wallet containing just a tiny bit of pocket change will make you a far less likely target for thieves than taking out your large wallet with all of your credit cards and a large amount of spending money all at once.

Bring a padlock with you if you want to stay in hostels since this will allow you to secure your belongings while you are out exploring throughout the day. If you and any other women will be traveling alone, you should all be sure to have a whistle with you just in case any of the local guys try to harass or assault you.

Include the following on your list:

      • You should wear a money belt underneath your clothes.
        • a separate cash wallet or bag with no more than twenty dollars in it
        • Padlock

Reading Material

On any vacation, regardless of where you go, you can expect to have lengthy wait times and a lot of free time in between different activities. In addition, some people take a trip to a remote location specifically for the purpose of finally completing the one book that they have been reading for quite some time.

It is a good idea to bring some good books with you to read on the flight, while waiting at the airport, while sitting on the beach soaking up the sun, or while lazing away in your hotel room. Whatever your needs may be, it is a good idea to bring some good books with you. You are welcome to bring either a traditional book or your preferred electronic reading device, whichever is more convenient for you.

Include the following on your list:

      • Book(s)
      • Magazine(s)
      • E-reader (I always have a Kindle Fire with me, but if you plan on doing a lot of reading outside, such as by the water or on the sand, you may want to look into the Paperwhite. This particular type is watertight.

Lightweight Daypack

Even if you took our very first piece of advice and packed as lightly as possible, you will still want to bring a daypack with you so that you can leave your larger bag in the hotel room.

Only the things you will need for that day should go into it. You have the option of purchasing one that can be folded up easily when it is not in use or something that is a little bit more sturdy to hold items such as your camera and possibly your laptop if you need it while you are traveling.

Include the following on your list:

        • Backpack that can be folded up or used to carry a small laptop or other pieces of equipment.

A Few Other Necessities

Although some of these may be self-evident, it is important to point them out nonetheless. Getting ready for a trip can be a stressful experience, during which you may find that you forget the most basic of necessities.

      • A copy of your passport and other identifying documents (keep them separate, just in case something happens to the real copies)
      • Underwear and Socks
      • headphones, earbuds, or both
      • Glasses
      • If you wear contacts, you should also bring contact solution.
      • Toothbrush and dental paste respectively
      • Shampoo
      • Soap

Enjoy Mexico and Be Safe

You should have a better understanding of what to pack now that you’ve read this article about Mexico. Make sure that you have your medications with you, that you have some way to protect yourself from the heat of the day, and that you are following our safety tips. First and foremost, I hope you have a good time, and when you get back, please let me know how your trip went.

Did I leave anything off of this packing list for Mexico? Let me know in the comments section below!


What clothes to bring on all inclusive Mexico?

Dressing for dinner can be made simple by bringing along some sundresses, maxi dresses, or rompers in your suitcase. They are easy to transport, comfortable, and do not require a lot of space. Simply finish off the look with a pair of wedge sandals or flat sandals. In most cases, the “resort-style” attire that is ideal for men consists of a button-down shirt, a pair of jeans, and either white or black sneakers.

Should I bring jeans to Mexico?

Even during the hottest months of the year, the majority of Mexicans dress more modestly, including wearing pants and jeans. Especially if you are going to be traveling away from coastal areas, it is a good idea to bring along some capris, dresses, and lightweight long pants.

What should I bring on a trip to Mexico?

Mexico Packing List

  • Backpack for traveling. There is no need that you travel with just a daypack as I did, but it is much simpler to explore Mexico without lugging a bag behind you…
  • Shorts or Skirt. …
  • Sandals and sneakers are what’s on my feet right now…
  • Shirts such as tank tops or T-shirts…
  • Bathing Suit. …
  • Spray for mosquitoes and sunscreen….
  • Medications, in addition to a sarong or a quick-drying towel.