Salt Lake City Burgers You Must Try | The Top 10 Burgers in Salt Lake City

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Burgers. Nothing says comfort like a thick, juicy beef burger enveloped in melted cheese, encircled by two fluffy pillows of carbohydrates, and topped with anything you desire. Maybe some bacon? Avocado? Onions grilled? Everything is fantastic.

Even though Salt Lake City is a tiny city, some of its burgers will blow you away, from the traditional to the inventive, and from the basic to the ridiculous.

You’re doing it wrong if you can’t locate a delicious burger in Salt Lake City. From north to south, the city has everything from inexpensive and cheery mom-and-pop establishments to luxury gourmet restaurants.

Burgers in Salt Lake City seem to be in great demand. These are five of my favorite burger spots in the city known as the Western crossroads.

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10 Best Burgers in Salt Lake City

Burgers from Crown

Salt Lake City, +18015325300.118 N 300 W

This Utah original is well-known for a reason. For more than three decades, the Katsanevas family has been running a tight ship with a combination of American and Greek fast cuisine.

There are multiple Crown Burger shops in town, with several claiming to be the greatest, but their distinctive Crown Burger is what you’ll see flying out of order windows. This burger is topped with zesty pastrami and paired with a grilled burger patty, and it’s fantastic!


Salt Lake City, E 200 S, +18015399999418

Handle, their first restaurant, was situated on top of Park City and was owned and operated by Briar Handly.

Their cuisine is constantly seasonal, which means they are reliant on local farmers and producers.

One constant is their quality beef cheek burger, which is served seven days a week. HSL Burgers are also served during lunch and supper and are genuinely memorable.

This burger isn’t fancy or frivolous; it’s simply a great beef patty topped with the tastiest American cheese you’ve ever tasted, pickled red cabbage, and tomato jam.

Lucky 13

W 1300 S St., Salt Lake City +18014874418135

For years, Salt Lake City has been gushing about Lucky 13, and with good reason! Since their restaurant is only a block west of Smiths Ballpark, there is often a line of people waiting to get their hands on some of their tasty (and massive) beef patties.

They provide some of Utah’s greatest house-smoked bacon. A menu full of fantastic concoctions makes it difficult to suggest a particular burger, including a mind-boggling burger challenge that few can overcome.

My preference was the Celestial Burger. House-smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, grilled onions, and house barbecue sauce top the huge beef patty. That was fantastic!

Proper Burger Corporation

Salt Lake City, Main St., +18019068604865

Do you know those places where you’d happily spin in circles and point to random things on the menu just so you could taste everything? Proper Burger Co. steps in to help.

This restaurant has the greatest Salt Lake City burgers to suit every taste, whether you want something sweet or savory, spicy or creamy. It’s a little off the beaten route in downtown, but these guys make incredible burgers.

It’s no secret that I like a good burger, so this came as no surprise to me. As I stepped in, I took a look at the menu and realized I’d have a hard time picking what to get. There were so many tasty alternatives!

Fortunately, the staff was kind, patient, and inviting. It was a lively and pleasant workplace that reflected the staff. I bought the Hipster and the Proper Style after some recommendations, and I also received a side of fries!

Therefore, if you’re looking for the greatest Salt Lake City burgers today, tomorrow, next week, or every day, stop by Proper Burger Co. They offer a wide range of products to suit every taste. Yet, as the saying goes, they’re never prim and always proper!

Coppercreek Pub & Eatery

West Valley City, Utah +180196960263451 S 5600 W Suite A

This wonderful pub food place is located west of downtown. If you haven’t already, the Chubby Burger at Coppercreek Pub & Grub in West Valley should be on your list.

A ground chuck patty is crushed between two grilled cheese sandwiches to make the burger. It comes with grilled onions, mushrooms, and Thousand Island dressing on the side.

I had a Chubby, and it was just what I expected: glutenous, flavorful, cheesy, and juicy. Although my waitress cautioned me that I wouldn’t be able to complete it on my own, I did! That was an exhilarating experience!

Beck Avenue Garage

Salt Lake City, +180152139041199 Beck St.

The Garage on Beck, housed in a former auto repair shop that has been converted into a roadhouse bar, delivers comfort cuisine that complements the environment.

The Garage serves over a half-dozen outstanding burgers, but they’re most known for its Fried Mormon Funeral Potatoes and Southern Fried Chicken.

The Cowboy Burger was my decision, and it is without a doubt one of the greatest burgers in Salt Lake City. This hand-pressed patty is topped with a dab of BBQ sauce and served with golden-brown onion rings, bacon, cheddar cheese, leaf lettuce, and fresh tomato. Incredible.

From the Ground Up

Salt Lake City, E. Gallivan Ave., +1801961900062

From Scratch’s cuisine has quickly become one of my faves in town! It lies on Gallivan Avenue, a lesser-known street in downtown Los Angeles, right off State Street and Broadway.

The new-ish SLC eatery stands true to its name by producing everything from scratch, even the ketchup.

A locally sourced menu of bistro cuisine, including pizza, salads, spaghetti, and burgers, is also available. I highly suggest the Egg Burger.

Apart from the lovely d├ęcor, excellent location, and exceptional service, the cuisine is outstanding. From Scratch was formed on the idea that food should be tasty and handcrafted, produced with the greatest and freshest ingredients.

On my first visit to From Scratch, my waitress persuaded me to have the risotto cake. The consistency, wonderful savory taste, and mild zing from the roasted pepper sauce are all distinctive.

Also, the pizza at From Scratch is incredible. Scratch’s pizzas boast exquisite tastes and high-quality toppings while not following the typical wood-fired pizza style. To be honest, I was quite pleased with their pizza.


Salt Lake City, 900 S #2, +18015323760402

There are many different burgers on this list, but the lamb burger from Manolis has to be one of the greatest Salt Lake City burgers.

The red pepper feta spread, garlic aioli, and fennel slaw complement the lamb and beef burger well.

All are served on artisan buns with a light side salad. Small meals and sharing are favored in Manolis eating culture. Nevertheless, this burger is not designed to be shared. It’s delectable!

Big H has been hired.

Salt Lake City, 700 E, +18013644582425

Hires Big H is recognized for its outstanding Big H, fresh-cut fries, handmade onion rings, unique dipping sauce, and cold mugs of root beer, making it the ideal spot to join friends and family from all walks of life.

They don’t do anything out of the ordinary or extravagantly fancy, simply nice, old-fashioned burgers.

They sell the Big H burger, which is cooked with ground chuck and topped with fries, lettuce, tomatoes, and American cheese. My favorite toppings are grilled onions and avocado.

When eating your Big H, don’t forget to get an Oreo shake and some of their handmade onion rings and hand-cut fries.

BGR Burgers grilled to perfection

Salt Lake City, 202 Wilmington Ave. #120, +180148763011

Although BGR is a national chain, it has a small, boutique vibe, focuses on quality, and is well worth your attention and effort. The Sugar House area in Wilmington is home to Utah’s lone BGR.

This gourmet burger joint’s moniker already gives you an idea of what to anticipate. BGRs burgers are cooked to your preference, whether it’s rare, medium, well done, or anywhere in between.

You can also choose brioche buns, gluten-free buns, pretzel buns, or lettuce wraps.

It is a restaurant that is pleased to provide you burgers to your requirements. You can anticipate quality, which is why it serves some of the greatest Salt Lake City burgers.

BGR’s premium 6 oz. beef patties, chicken burgers, turkey burgers, sushi-grade ahi, and hand-made vegetable burgers are all top shelf and fresh.

In addition, they provide a variety of free and premium toppings, all of which are produced fresh in-house whenever feasible. It’s incredible!

The 10 Greatest Salt Lake City Burgers in Summary

Salt Lake City is well-known for its burger culture.

It’s no secret that this town boasts some of the best burgers in the state, whether you live here or simply come to visit.

Salt Lake City boasts a plethora of local burger eateries worth visiting, whether old or new, basic or outlandish. Have fun with your burger!

Which of these Salt Lake City burger joints are you going to try first? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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